Daughter’s Love

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Sammi’s introduction

This is a story with a difference to most, well two differences actually.

I have photos of all the outfits that Sammi wears in the story. If you send me an interesting feedback and of course give the story a high score, then I will send you some of the photos. If I find the feedback particularly interesting you might get the lot!

If you read the story you will find out the second difference as you go.


They made a lovely couple. She was gorgeous and he was handsome. She was of average height with stunning blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was nearly six feet tall with longish, dark hair flecked with grey at the temples. Both had slim, fit-looking bodies; his was athletic and well-trimmed hers combined the firmness of youth with her burgeoning womanly curves. She had small breasts, a pert butt and long, long tanned legs that were vividly on show beneath the tight, mid-thigh length, blue dress she was wearing. They were in a hotel ballroom dancing to a small group. It was a slow number a Nina Simone song so they hardly moved; it wasn’t really dancing more just swaying on the spot in each other’s arms. They were holding hands in the classic dancing position. Their other hand was round the other’s body, hers was on his waist, his was on her bra strap. Her boobs were pressed against his chest, their stomachs were touching and as they moved so their thighs rubbed together. He felt himself getting hard and moved away from her. She moved back so they were again touching. He moved away again as his cock fought with the material of his boxers and the folds of his shirt in an endeavour to rear up his belly as an erection should. But the material and the boxers won so instead of standing up straight his rapidly developing erection became simply a bulge in his thin trousers. Not just a bulge, though, but a large bulge. A bulge that had now reached the dimensions where it could not be ignored, it could not be missed and both became acutely of its existence.


It wasn’t a sudden thing, but then on the other hand it hadn’t always been there. I suppose it was something that built up over time. Something that reacted to changing circumstances, a feeling that responded to what was going on around me or maybe us. I can almost, but not quite recall when it first hit me, my first inkling, my first inclination, my first surge of feelings. But having said that I rejected those first sensations, stirrings and feelings. I cast them to one side for I couldn’t accept that I was having them. It was wrong, terribly wrong, it was taboo and unhealthy both physically, but more so mentally. Yes it could not be right that I wanted to fuck my daughter.


I suppose it was just after I turned eighteen that I first experienced a change in my relationship with dad. Not just in our relationship, but more so in how he treated me and even more so in my feelings for him. I suppose most daughters at some time in their lives have feelings for their father that go beyond what society prescribes that they should. Mine started at my eighteenth birthday party and built up rapidly over the ensuing months.

I have a great family. We are a loving unit, but also we are good friends. Whereas many of our friends try to avoid being with their parents, my brother Mark and I relish being with ours. We enjoy being at home with them, going out to dinner and going on holidays as a group, well as a family; we have always liked that and we still do.

Dad is a successful business man owning a few companies that must generate good profits for we have an affluent, upscale life-style. Mum and he both have swish cars, hers is a Merc sports and his a big BMW and Mark and I both got brand new Mini’s for our seventeenth birthdays.

We live in a lovely house, five beds and a swimming pool, in Essex, just outside London to the east and we have a holiday home in Florida. Part of dad’s business is a property development company that operates in Spain so we always have a villa available out there.

Mum’s gorgeous, though she is a bit of a bitch, but then so am I, I guess; maybe we are both spoiled rich bitches. With me that comes about in liking to do what I want to do and wanting all the good things in life. I am not nasty to other people, I am generous and caring, but don’t suffer fools gladly and I have a sharp tongue. Mum’s similar, but I think she is also promiscuous, flirtatious and unfaithful to dad. I think he probably knows that, but he indulges her for he loves her. I think that he too has his flings for he is away a lot and I can see by the way that he sizes up girls and women that his interest is more than mere admiration or theoretical. Lately I have noticed other things too. During my early teens when I had friends to the house I had no feelings at all that he showed any interest in them other than in a ‘parentis in loco’ way. Recently, however, when my now older, women as opposed to girl, friends are there antalya escort his attitude seems different.

Whereas mum seems to have a high sex drive, mine is low. I can go ages without sex even without masturbating. She loves flirting, particularly when we are in Spain. She relishes the attention of waiters or creepy guys in the restaurants, bars and clubs she drags me to I am sure just to hear those words that are so magic to her ‘you must be sisters.’


I think it first came home to me when I was fucking my wife Kelly. She is quite a looker with a very curvy, heavily breasted, wide hipped figure. By no means really overweight at around one hundred and forty pounds her body is chunky I suppose you could call it, or Rubenesque maybe. Being polite you could say she has full breasts, I know they are double d and she is a thirty six inches so being slightly basic I always think of her as having big tits. And that is fine with me. I love tits, full or big, I don’t care. I don’t mind a bit of sag, but not witches tits that seem to be trying to get down to waist level, ugh.

Kelly is a good fuck, probably as good as I have ever had, and I have had a few for I am quite a naughty boy with the girls. My redeeming feature, well I think it is, is that I don’t piss on my own doorstep, I only stray when I am away from home. But having been away from home quite frequently during our twenty-five years of marriage I have had ample opportunity to stray. I am pretty sure that Kelly is similar. We never discuss it for we don’t want to know, I guess, but I think she puts it about quite a bit as well. Fortunately, I suppose, she has similar standards to me and has never embarrassed me by fucking anyone at the golf or tennis clubs, a neighbour, work colleague or a friend, well as far as I know that is.

I have, though, noticed a change in my ‘admiration’ of women recently and that’s with Sammi’s girl-friends most of whom are a little older than her, around twenty to twenty five or so. When she and a few of them are at the house, especially when they use the pool, I get very aroused and my imagination starts to go into ‘vivid’ mode; in the past six months I have mentally fucked most of them!

So back to fucking my big-titted wife. I had gone down on her and licked and nibbled her lips and clit until she was moaning deep in the early throes of her first orgasm. As I did that lying between her almost lewdly spread legs with her knees raised so I looked up as usual and revelled in seeing her playing with her tits. She seems to get as much, if not more from them than I do! As well as having oral sex with her cunt I had also gradually eased a finger up her bum. Not too far, just enough to open that hole and send sensations up that passage as well as the other; Kelly likes that and it put her over the top and made her cum.

It was the night of our daughter Sammi’s eighteenth birthday party. We were staying at the hotel where we had held the party and we had staggered into the suite the hotel had given as gratis, just because I had spent over five grand with them, generous lot, but a nice touch, at around one. We both felt horny as we got into bed so we kissed and sex became inevitable. After making her cum with my tongue and fingers I needed either, to fuck her or, have her give me a blow job. I knew for sure what she would prefer so turning her onto her front, I lifted her by her waist until she was kneeling on all fours. She put her head down on her arms leaving her ample sized bum, open legs and glistening pussy in the air. I was surprisingly hard given what I had drunk so I easily got it up her, she was soaked. Grabbing the slight saddlebags on her buttocks I started to fuck my wife. It was then and I have no recall or reasoning as to why it was, but as I started surging up and down inside my wife, my daughter came into my mind. And suddenly it wasn’t Kelly to whom I was making love, but Sammi. That made me cum hard and quick.


I guess in many ways eighteen is a watershed in many peoples’ lives. You can vote, drink in pubs, get married, make contracts, fuck and go to war for your country. It is the age when girls become women.

Mum and dad threw a big bash for me to celebrate my eighteenth. It was at a nice hotel and a load of us stayed the night including Luke my boyfriend, my best girl-friend Kim and her casual boyfriend Carl. Kim and I and the two boys were supposed to be sharing separate rooms, although I think mum and dad suspected that I occasionally slept with Luke; they are very liberal-minded. Kim really is a good mate and demonstrated this by volunteering to share with her boyfriend who she says she hadn’t had full sex with yet, so that Luke and I could sleep together.

When Luke and Kim swapped rooms and Luke started kissing me, for some reason I didn’t feel that horny. With us lying on the bed as Luke kissed me and caressed my little boobs something was wrong. I know my sex drive is on the low side, but antalya rus escort usually when a boy is kissing and touching me, I get worked up, my boobs seem heavy and I feel a glow go through me as my womanly juices start to flow. Tonight for some reason none of that happened.

Luke tried getting into me, but I froze, my body stiffened and my mind was totally out of sync with the rest of me. I realised that I wasn’t wet and as Luke tried to enter me it hurt so I rejected him.

“What is it” Luke asked?

“I don’t know I’m sorry.”

“Is it me Sam?”

“No Luke it’s all me” I sobbed. “Don’t worry it’ll be different another time. It’s all the party and everything” I went on lying.

“You want me to go?”

“No just hold me and go to sleep.”

He was snoring within minutes. It clearly didn’t mean as much to him as it did to me I thought as I lay there fully awake my mind in turmoil. So many thoughts were going through my mind. I couldn’t make sense of them, I couldn’t bring order to the jumbled memories that kept filling my mind and I couldn’t bring myself to accept what was uppermost in my mind and that was my dad. Just what it was about him that was making my mind whirl I didn’t know at the time or probably wouldn’t accept.


“So did you enjoy the party” I said to Sammi a few days later as we drove into London.

She was working in the marketing department of my property development business as she waited to go to university.

“Yes it was lovely, thanks dad” she replied stretching out on the big seat.

Her skirt seemed to whizz up her straightened legs. I couldn’t stop myself looking.

“Everything seemed to go well” I suggested.

“Yes everything, just everything was perfect” she said quietly making me wonder whether she had realised that I had got an erection when we danced together.

‘Surely she wouldn’t have said everything was perfect?’ I thought as we sat in the traffic in High Holborn on our way to my head office in Covent Garden ‘If she had realised I had got a hard on.’ I wanted to find out, but couldn’t think of a way to do that. I mean I could hardly say. ‘Sorry about my cock getting hard when we danced luv.’ But then another, wilder, weirder thought entered my head. ‘What if she had noticed it, but still felt everything was perfect?’ That beggared belief, but shit could it be the case, I conjectured?


It was great working for dad. Well not just for him, but working generally. I was having big worries about going to Bristol University. That wasn’t about whether I would cope for I was confident I could. After all I got four A’s and studying always seems to come easy to me. It was mainly about having to spend the next three years mixing with kids, I wanted more than that, I needed the stimulation of older people. But lately I had very reluctantly began to admit to myself that there was another reason; I didn’t want to leave being with dad. I had for as long as I could recall hated it when he went away on business and I so looked forward to being with him.

This had become more intense since my eighteenth. I still wasn’t sure, how could I be, but a part of me (my tummy lol) my mind recalled that bizarre few moments when we had danced together very slowly late in the evening. We actually just swayed on the spot with him holding me very tightly, probably tighter than was really necessary, but it felt lovely. From my earliest memories I had always loved being held by him. My modest b cup boobs were squashed against his firm chest that I knew was fairly hairy having seen him in swim wear many times. Our tummies were pressed together and our upper legs touched frequently as we made the very slow movements required by the smooch dance in the near darkness. He had one arm round me, the hand on the other was holding my hand, quite lightly, and that was a nice feeling. My other hand was resting on him just below his waist, just where his bum flares out; a place I find very sexy on men. His other hand was on my back. His thumb was pressing against my thin bra strap with the rest of his fingers spread out down my back. He moved his hand now and then, almost imperceptibly, but to me noticeably gently plucking at my bra strap; something I have noticed that men do to a girl. Is that a seduction technique I have often wondered or, is it a sign of him wanting an invitation to go further? I had no idea. We were into the second song of our dance when I got the first shock, the first hint, the first impression. Could my dad really be getting an erection dancing with me?


Kelly was out; golf, tennis, gym, zumba, bridge or somewhere, I never really know. She could even be out getting laid, but then good for her as long as she keeps it discreet.

Dressed in beige coloured shorts and a loose white tee I was working on some papers to do with a planning appeal just outside Valencia in Spain. It was a big one and deserved antalya ucuz escort my full attention. I was giving it that until Sammi came into the dining room where I had spread out loads of plans and documents on the large table. The room looks out onto the patio along the left side of which is the open air part of the in/out pool we had recently put in. Sammi was clearly going to swim and sunbathe for she was wearing a tiny, pink bikini. It was strapless with the bra held together by a something that looked like a shoelace. That was white and was threaded through three holes either side that ran along the insides of each of her boobs. The ‘shoelace’ was tied in a bow, which liked so fucking inviting I almost pulled it open. The panties were like little shorts with a white belt that ran round her just an inch or so above where I guessed her pubic hairline began. She looked fantastic, exciting and incredibly desirable. All of those adjectives were emphasised by her golden, blonde hair that she was wearing in two pleats.

“Hi” I said pushing my reading glasses up onto my forehead and looking at her.

I think this was the third seminal moment in my lust for my daughter. The first was the hard on as we danced, the second was imagining making love to her as I fucked my wife and now I was looking at her with such want that I was sure it would show.


I didn’t know what was happening to me, what was getting in to me and why and how I was changing. But I knew that I was changing and that I was having thoughts and feelings that probably I shouldn’t have. But here the spoiled, rich bitch comes into play for I very much believe in ‘if you want it, get it’ and ‘if it feels right then it is right.’

I knew mum was out for the whole day and evening at a golf thing, or so she said and I knew that dad was working from home, something he often did on a Sunday. The weather was lovely and I had nothing to do. I had got up late as Luke and I had spent all the previous evening up to two in the morning smoking spliffs and shagging; it had been a nice though tiring evening. I showered and decided I would have a swim and work on my tan.

“You up yet Sam?” I heard dad call from downstairs who would have heard my shower.

“Yes just getting dressed, be down in a mo” I called back.

“Want some breakfast?”

“Just some toast and juice” I called back.

For some reason that little exchange triggered something in me; it was as if we were partners, as if we spent time together just the two of us, yes it was as if I lived with him as a lover. For some reason I felt nervous and apprehensive yet excited and, in a way, confident, the rich bitch thing again kicking in. Sitting naked at my dressing table looking into the mirror I put my hair into two pleats, why I have no idea; trying to be daddy’s little girl perhaps? I suddenly thought ‘Wouldn’t it be fab if dad walked in now?’ As I thought that I felt, and then saw in the mirror, my little nipples explode into their full hardness. I had just bought a bikini from Agent Provocateur that I was planning to use when mum and I went to the South of France in a few week’s time to one of dads business colleagues weddings; dad couldn’t go as he had a meeting in the US that he couldn’t change. It was a raunchy number, just right for the Cote d’azure and all the pseuds that inhabit that area, but hardly the thing for your back garden with just your dad as a companion.

Again I had no idea really, or did I why I wore it? Was I supressing accepting the reason? Was I kidding myself, was I avoiding acknowledging that I was wearing the slightly outrageous pink job to impress my father, arouse him even and maybe seduce him?


‘Why the fuck isn’t she wearing a wrap or some form of cover up’ I asked myself dragging my eyes away from her. As I had taken in the sex on legs vision that strolled into the dining room through the open patio door I couldn’t help looking at Sam’s breasts covered by the tiny bra. Although she wasn’t showing that much I saw the inside and a little of the top of each orb, but more significantly I saw so clearly the outline of her nipples, both of which appeared to be hard. Jesus Christ were they erect?

“Er hi luv, going swimming” I totally inanely asked feeling as nervous as I usually do when I am ‘pulling’ a bird in a bar or club.

“No daddy darling I am going shopping” she beamed back playfully punching me lightly on my arm.

“Well you would certainly wow them at Bluewater dressed like that.”

“Like it?” She asked doing a twirl and showing me her taught, pert bum. God she looked fantastic.

“Yes luv, it’s lovely” I stammered drinking in the sexy beauty of my daughter. “Is it new?”

“Yep bought it for the wedding that you aren’t coming to” she replied pulling on one of her pigtails.

“Sorry about that, but can’t be helped.”

“Never mind, mum and I will show the flag.”

“Well dressed in that it will be quite some flag won’t it?”

She looked up and our eyes met, she looked a little flustered.

“I got it at AP.”


“Agent Provocateur.”

“Of the sexy undies shop, I didn’t know they did bikinis.”

“Ah well stick around me and you’ll learn all about such things?”

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