David and Annie Ch. 01

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Hey David, that thing we talked about, are you still up for it? Send me your address. Time? Will you be alone?

Yeah? Cool. Looking forward to it.

Ah, there’s the street, what number again? I check the scribble note on the dash. I pull up down the street a little, and walk back to his place. Might as well be discreet. Oh look, a condo with what looks like a communal pool. Nice. Good for the kids, and must be nice for the neighbours too, pleasant scenery with a bit of luck.

Just push the door open and shout, he’d said, I’ll hear you. So I do. But I don’t shout, because I’ve heard a noise. A noise I’m familiar with.

Alone, huh?

He’s not alone. Not alone at all.

I duck back into the entry hall where I’m hidden in shadow, not that these two are going to see me. Oh no. Facing away from me, I recognise the shape of David’s back, but only from the cut of his hair. I’ve never seen the guy naked, I’ve never seen him in anything but chinos and a plain shirt, but here he is front of me, butt naked. I immediately see his gesture, fuck it’s more than gesture, it’s unbelievable articulation. His body is curved in two extremes; his head is arched back and I see the veins in his neck, thick and strained. Even from behind, I can’t see his face, but I know, I just know, that his eyes are closed in ecstasy or agony. It’s so difficult to tell the difference sometimes. His head arched back, the tendons on his neck are tight right down to his back and arms.

The moan, my god, the moan of pleasure from the woman, “Fuuccck, fuucck mee.” I can smell her pleasure from across the room, that high sweet scent of sex, pussy and the sweat of a well fucked woman. My nostrils flare, breathing her in.

And the other tension, I did not expect this either. The cheeks of David’s ass are like hard balls of muscle, tightening and clenching with his rhythmic pump, pump, thrusting his groin against…

I feel my cock thickening in my jeans. I shift my weight from one leg to the other to ease up some space in the tight cloth, but I know the inevitable is creeping in on me, which means something will need to be done. I can wait a while. My cock feels good, pressing against the tight cloth. I brush the sensitive inside of my wrist against the denim, that soft inch of skin that’s nearly as soft as the skin on my plum red cock head. It feels good. My nipples are tight on my chest, that beautiful familiar ache I get when my body’s nerves all start to join up.

My vision sharpens, and again I smell cunt, liquorice, sweet and dark. And musk, is that the added spice of a sweating, clenching ass? I know it immediately, she’s fingered, one finger, two fingers, up his ass. He’s pounding her because she’s filled his ass and taken it away. That’s why he’s clenching his ass cheeks so tight, he’s trying to keep that filled right up feeling, but he’s empty.

She’s not empty. And she’s tiny, bent forward over the kitchen table, and he’s pounding her cunt like a dog, fuck, fuck, the slap of his thighs against her round ass cheeks. David has mentioned he’s got a little wife, but he’s never said just how little she is. David isn’t that tall, not compared to me, but powering into this doll of a woman, he’s huge.

She’s leaning forward, bent over the table, her breasts flattened on the table top. Her legs, tightly muscled and straining, are taut and firm, lengthened by the high heels she’s got on, black heels with a red sole. Click click on the pavement, women wear their red soled shoes so men know the colour is the same as their inner lips, up the crotch of their business skirt or the just too short dress they keep tugging down. Their fuck me heels. I brush my hand against my nipples, and undo a button. My nipples ache, my cock feels so thick.

The little doll of a woman is gripping the edge of the table with both hands to give her leverage against David’s thumping fuck. She’s wearing black nylons, one leg rolled down to just below her knee, the other still high up on her thigh, a wide band of black against her pale skin.

I move back against the wall, leaning against it, and I reach for the belt of my jeans, to ease the pressure on my cock. But the buckle of the belt knocks against the wall, and she’s in between moans, and she hears it. I grab the buckle to stop its movement, and at the same time she looks up, looking straight ahead. I realise that she’s facing a window looking out over a small courtyard, and the movement of my hand caught her eye. She can see my reflection!

David is still fucking hard into his wife, but she’s not moving, she’s looking at my reflection in the glass. She looks at me for a good five, ten seconds, and then I see in her reflection, a tiny smile. We’ve seen each other. She places her head down on the table, and I see her relax, lose the tension in her body. David senses the difference, she’s not resisting him, not fighting him any more. He slows, and I see him sink deeper into her pussy. She’s sucking sarıyer escort him in now, opening up her body to him and urging him deeper. He leans forward and covers her back, and his fuck is slower, less frantic. She reaches around his ass, and places her little hands on his tight cheeks, and pulls him into her.

David is slumped over her back, covering her completely, his head down on her shoulder. She looks up, and in the glass reflection she’s looking straight at me, looking straight into my mirrored eyes. I’m holding the thick bulge in my groin now, one hand cupping my thickness. With my other hand I undo the buttons of my shirt, and pull it out of the waist of my jeans. Then I see her hands move quite deliberately to the cheeks of David’s ass and she pulls the cheeks wide, showing me the darker shadow of his crack. She slowly lifts one hand from his ass and makes a circle with her forefinger and her thumb. And with her other hand she completes the gesture, and finger fucks the circle. Her meaning is obvious.

She brings her finger up to her lips, and in the reflection I see her purse her lips, ssshh.

She watches me as I undress, her gaze steady on the reflection in the glass. David is really slow into her now, and she alternates between caressing his back and opening up his crack, so he’s getting used to the sensation of cooling air on his tight hole. Every now and then he nuzzles into the side of her neck, and his fuck is long and slow, the type that can go on forever, until she decides or he decides to speed up and thrust, to fuck till he comes. When he spurts, she’ll come like a rocket taking off, fireballs in the sky. But she’s not tight and clenching on him, she’s wide open for him to sink into, her pussy getting wetter and wetter, white frothing cream glistening all around his fucking cock. No, she’s not clenching him, she’s looking at me like a dream.

I undress slowly, taking care to make no noise. First I slide my shirt, all buttons undone now, off my shoulders and drop it to the floor. I twist the pointed tips of my nipples, small tight tips surrounded by brown circles of my areola, and run both hands through the short, silver hair on my chest. It’s fine hair, curled and kinked. She licks her lips, and I see the lighter reflection of her teeth as I move closer. Her lips are open, and I see she is breathing to the same slow pace of David’s leisurely fuck. She’s looking at me, and her eyes are wide. Momentarily, I wonder what stranger fantasy goes through her head. Shouldn’t she be afraid, or is that the thrill? Not knowing what the tall stranger will do, but wanting him to do it, whatever he wants.

What I want right now is the clench of a tight ass around my long cock. The doll’s ass is hidden underneath David, so there’s only one hole accessible to me right now, so I’d better get to it. I crouch down to undo the laces on my shoes, and shuck them and my socks to one side. My jeans are tight, so I undo the button and zip, and ease them down my thighs, pulling down my jockey shorts at the same time. “Take them off at the same time,” a wise girl once said to me. “Boys take off their jeans and turn away to drop their underwear,” she said, “but I want to see a man reveal his cock right before my eyes, thick and hard, thrusting straight up for me.”

So I do, and am rewarded by her widening eyes, and I see her fingers stretch wide, as if gauging my length against the span of her fingers. I’m fully erect now, her gaze pulling blood into my shaft. The prospect of tight, hot heat surges to my cock, and my balls tighten. As I look around for something to use for lube, she whispers something in David’s ear. He looks up, opens his eyes, and his body freezes.

“Hi, David,” I say softly, “I said I’d be here, so here I am.” I reach out and place my hand on his shoulder, giving him a soft squeeze. Hello David, I think. “Ahh, shouldn’t there be introductions or something?” I smile. “I guess this is Annie, then? We met ten minutes ago, out beyond the window glass…you seemed to be busy, so I didn’t want to interrupt.” I pause. “Hello Annie, I’m Adam. David might have mentioned me?”

“Um, yes, he did, yes.” Annie pushes back from David’s cock.”Honey, get me a pillow, I want to see Adam properly now, not a ghost in the mirror.”

“No, no, don’t move,” I say, reaching back for two cushions from the lounge, and placing them on the table before David. Annie lies on her back, spreads wide her legs, and I see the swollen darkness of her sex, lush plump lips with a soft covering of short black hair. But not for long, as she takes David’s thick cock back deep into her pussy.

“Come to me, my darling, kiss me deep, while Adam looks after things.” Annie looks me straight in the eye over David’s shoulder and winks. All of a sudden I wonder who’s orchestrating who, here? Somehow, just quietly, I don’t think it’s David, he’s silent, speechless through all of this. It might not maslak escort be me, either. It might be this little doll, lying on her back, her husband’s thick cock deep in her cunt.

I kick David’s feet apart, and lean the weight of my body over his back. My groin presses hard against his ass, and my cock is hot heat down between his thighs. David moans.

Yes, it is me, after all, I’m in control. Annie is guiding me somehow, I sense two kinks here, David with his to be discovered, and Annie with hers, her stranger thing. Looking over David’s shoulder I look deep into Annie’s black black eyes, and nearly fall into them, but she blinks just as I tumble, and I remember where I am. This woman doesn’t even know me, but I know she wants me. Her eyes have that half rolled back, I’ve been fucked look, that fuck me more look. David is in a world of his own, I think; his lover, wife, and mother of his child, all three embodied in this vibrant, heated, perfect doll of a woman.

There aren’t enough coherent thoughts left, not any more. My cock is huge hot hard, and I’m moving into a zone where, if David and Annie want their own pleasure here, they’ll have to work it themselves, make their own way. Watching them fuck, smelling the hot, sticky, metallic smell of fucked pussy, sweaty, straining cock slicking up a cream all over her cunt lips and his buried cock, is arousing me beyond sensibility. I’m here now to take my own pleasure and if that means this man’s ass instead of this woman’s pussy, then that’s what it’s got to be. But I’m considerate enough to go find lube, because my cock’s thick and long, and David isn’t the tallest guy. Still, Annie is finding space for him deep in her body, and he’s filling her. It’s only fair, if I can’t get pussy now, I’ll get the ass of the guy getting pussy.

Fuck. I find a bottle of olive oil, and laugh. “Says here, David, on this bottle, virgin olive oil. Can that be true?”

David whispers, “no da…” and catches his words, but I’ve caught the first sound, the “da”, and I wonder if Annie did too. I glance down at her face, but her eyes are closed, and I get no clues. He’ll tell me, when my cock is sheathed inside him. I’ll fuck the words out of him, if he dares speak what I think I heard.

“David, man, I’ll be slow, nice and slow. Lots of lube. Let’s assume the guys who pressed this oil know their game, yeah, and labelled the bottle right.”

But first, because I’m at heart a gentle man, I lean over David’s body, pressing my whole weight against his back, the heat of my shaft against the base of his spine; and whisper in his ear, “I’m horny as fuck here. I’ll try not to hurt you.” I kiss the lobe of his ear, biting gently, and he moans.

“Yes, yes, it’s ok. I’ll know you don’t mean to.”

“Just say ‘stop’ and I’ll stop. Say ‘more’ and I’ll keep going, ‘kay?”

He nods his head, but I think he’s got no idea what I’m about to do.

“Trust him, David,” whispers Annie. “Adam’s your friend, so I trust him too.” She reaches up to me and caresses my cheek, and it’s the first time Annie has touched me. I hold the palm of her hand to my mouth, and kiss her there. Annie takes her hand and clutches her fingers round. In my head I hear a child’s voice, blow me a kiss daddy, and I realise that’s the movement she’s making. Annie catches my kiss in the palm of her hand and puts it her lips. Sealed with a kiss, then, whatever it is we’re promising.

I slather a good slop of the oil on my cock, colouring it a golden honey colour and slicking it till oil drips. For good measure I let a stream of oil pool in the crack of David’s ass, and I ease it into his tight hole. He’s still now, not moving in Annie. As I probe my forefinger into him, first knuckle, second knuckle, ease it out and do it again, I feel him relax and the tight sphincter loosen. I do it again, faster this time, and he moans, jerking forward into his wife.”Unhh,” he groans.

“Ahh ah,” she echoes him, and I know that his cock has throbbed into her, or she’s clenched around him.Two fingers this time, three swift fucks, and a twist each time, screwing my knuckles past the clamp of his asshole. I fuck him some more with my fingers, and Annie’s eyes open wide, he’s moving into her, passing on my finger fuck. I do it for thirty seconds more, until the grip of his hole is less, and I finger fuck him till he’s loose.

“Ready David, ready for me now?”

“Fuck yes, do it Adam, do it. Please, now. Fuck me?” And his voice rises, it’s a question. Sweet David, he can’t believe this is happening, and if he opens his eyes the dream might stop.

Annie soothes him by stroking his hair as he lies motionless on top of her, and every now and then his whole body jerks, as my fingers push. “Sshh, honey,” she whispers, “mommy’s got you.”

Ah fuck, my cock surges when I hear the endearment, and I know it’s time. I place the thick red plum of my head up against the wrinkled pucker of beyoğlu escort David’s ass, shining with the oil, and lean my weight into him. I don’t thrust, I just let the weight of my body ease my cock into him until I feel a resistance and a grip around my head. So tight. I stop, and ease back, letting his hole adjust to my thickness. I lean forward again, letting my weight do it. David moans, “ohh, ohh, stop.” I clench and hold myself still. His resistance eases, and I push forward some more. David moans, “more,” and I push some more. Again, another inch. Fuck, he’s tight, tighter than any grip from any hand.

And then, suddenly, he’s not tight any more, and I slide into him deep until my belly is right up against the cheeks of his ass. He’s got my whole length in his body, and he clamps around me. I can’t move. Fuck, he so fucking tight. Sweet god, I’ve wanted this. I’ve waited so long for this.

I’m gripped tight inside David’s body, my long shaft pounding with my own heart beat, and I can feel a faster rhythm under mine, god in goodness it’s his heart thundering. My cock is impaled so deep, I can’t move. Sweet fuck, he’s tight. I dimly become aware that David is moaning incoherently, “Unnhh, unnh, ohhh, ohhh.” His hand is flailing out behind him, he’s trying to touch my flesh to prove he’s awake, not dreaming. I take his grasping fingers in mine, and I stretch his arm out above his head, pulling my own body down on to his hot, sweating back until all my weight is upon him. I kiss the side of his neck and, oh, sweet David, my sweet boy. There’s a tiny curl of hair on his neck, and my heart breaks.

Ten minutes ago all I wanted was to fill his body with my fuck, a hot hole for my pleasure, but seeing that little coil of hair, oh sweet man. In that moment my heart fills with love for him. I caress his cheek with my hand, and the softness of his skin, oh, I could have cried. I begin to move in him, slowly easing my throbbing prick from his grip and beginning my slide. I lean forward and whisper close to his ear, “David, I want to fuck you slowly, let daddy fuck you slowly, my sweetest boy.”

At my words, forbidden dark and from his longing dreams, David lets loose a long keen, some primal thing, and pushes back against me. We grip and tangle our hands and slowly find a natural rhythm, the length of my cock moving within him, finding its natural place. Our pace quickens, and with every thrust he pumps forward, and over his low moans I hear a higher cry, and it’s Annie he’s fucking into, echoing every long pump I surge into him. The familiar feel of heat and thickness in the base of my spine begins, and I fuck faster.

I feel a soft caress on my cheek, and I open my eyes. Below David’s shoulder I see Annie’s black, black eyes looking straight into mine. Her gaze is intense, she’s not blinking. Her mouth is slightly open and I see her little white teeth. Her hand lies still on my cheek, touching me so gently it’s just a whisper in my mind My nipples sharpen, it’s as if she’s biting with those sharp teeth. I arch my head back, and she still keeps staring into my eyes. Her body is lurching with every heave David makes into her, and his every heave is from me. I’m faster now, fucking hard. The slop of his asshole is liquid tight, and my cock pounds him. And still she’s not blinked, and my mind rises up and it’s like my body is shifting up and outside my flesh, and then I’m falling. I’m falling into the deep well of Annie’s black eyes and still she doesn’t let me go.

And then I get it. Annie wants my deep fuck into her, her tight sex, her wet, deep pussy , my hair tangling hers. Oh fuck yes, lovely Annie, take my fuck.

And I take them both. Every surge and fuck into David is me trying to get to his wife’s body, my cock, my cock, take it take it, fuck, fuck, yes, yes. Unnh, unnh. David is whispering, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” but I’m not his daddy, I’m the man who’s fucking his deep asshole because I’m trying to get to his wife wife wife, fuck, her, that’s right, you, Annie, me, David, and now I feel my orgasm building deep in my spine, my prick thickens thickens and all I am is my huge long prick its my entire being…

…and Annie comes first.

With a long cry, nearly a scream, Annie’s tiny body lurches and quivers, and then she shudders, long waves rippling her body. All through the first part of her screaming come, she’s somehow staring into my eyes, holding my gaze, her eyes huge astonishment at the strength of her orgasm. And then her eyes roll back in her head and she slumps. Her orgasm sucks the seed from his thick cock, and as David surges his thick load of cum into Annie, I feel every pump around my own cock, and my own surge begins, jetting hot in three huge spurts into David’s ass, and then two more, and I collapse my weight on to him.

My cock begins to soften, and I pull myself out of David’s asshole, my creaming come spilling from him. I collapse back onto the couch, and Annie is on me, her mouth around my cock, lapping at the taste of my cum and her husband’s ass. “David, come here,” and I pull him to my face by his cock, and I lick and clean his spunk and her cunt cream from his cock. The scent of our bodies rises through the room, and all I can hear is the suck of mouths on cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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