Dear Diary Ch. 04

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Tuesday September 14, 1988 10:55 pm

Here I Go Again.

Oh God oh fuck oh God.

The locker room. Today. I still can’t fucking believe it, my hands are shaking so bad I almost can’t write this.

Coach was really pissed because we had such a bad practice. Mostly he was pissed at Travis and me because we kept screwing up the snaps. I was too distracted knowing he was right behind me with his hands between my legs. Hunched over me. I couldn’t keep my mind on the plays no matter what. We dropped the snap about ten times.

When practice was over Coach made me and Travis stay late. The rest of the team hit the showers while we had to run laps – in our pads – in the hot sun. We ran for awhile until we realized Coach wasn’t even around anymore. So we decided, fuck this, and we headed for the locker room.

It was empty. The coach’s office was empty. Travis jabbered away to me like nothing ever happened Sunday (and nothing did, really) but it was all I could think about, the way he ground his hips into me. I’ve dreamed about it every night since. I can’t think about anything else. In the dreams he closes his eyes and brings his lips down to mine but before he kisses me I wake up! I never get to see what happens!

But now I don’t need to dream!

Travis still has the locker next to mine. I stripped with my back turned so I wouldn’t drool like an idiot when he took his clothes off. But I could still smell him. He didn’t stink, even with all the sweat under the pads in the hot sun. It wasn’t a bad smell; it was just strong and sexy and masculine and it was so HIM, it made me hard.

I kind of pushed into the open locker so he could see me from the side. Like that from the corner of my eyes, I could see his sweaty body in just his jock. God he was gorgeous. I closed my eyes and forced myself not to look. But I could hear him pull off the only thing he was still wearing. He was naked. He threw the jock strap in the locker and walked off toward the shower, whistling. I HAD to look at his incredible, beautiful tight ass as he went around the corner to the shower room. His butt cheeks were tender and white while the rest of him was all tanned and rippling.

My cock was hard, full staff, sticking straight up. Travis’ smell lingered in the air, coming from the sweaty clothes in his locker. I needed relief so bad. If I didn’t get it I knew my cock would explode. I had to do something… the only thing I could do.

I looked around. Empty. Coach was probably in the teacher’s lounge smoking a joint. Water ran in the shower room, telling me Travis was still in there. I was getting desperate. Yeah, maybe it was stupid. But when I wrapped my hand around my dick it felt so good I just fucking forgot where I was and what could happen…

And while I jerked it, something must’ve happened in my head; I wasn’t thinking straight, I didn’t care about anything but getting off because it was SO GOOD. It was just something I did in that moment without thinking. I reached in Travis’ locker, grabbed his jock and brought it up to my nose. I breathed gaziantep escort in his strong, heavy, salty scent while I got closer and closer to cumming – imagining my face was buried in his crotch and I was licking his balls instead of the damp, funky cloth that had just been holding his package up close to his body…

I came so fast and so hard I think I almost fell. I bit down on Travis’ jock strap to keep from screaming. And just when I was squirting into my hand and whimpering in and out through the jock strap in my teeth, I heard a sound that made me look up.

Travis, standing right behind me at the end of the lockers. Buck naked with his towel in his hand, staring at me standing there with my cock in my hand and cum dripping out of it, with his jock strap in my mouth. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t hide, I couldn’t lie my way out of it. He was going to ruin my life now and probably beat the shit out of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop him.

I always thought it would probably happen someday. Somebody would find out. I wouldn’t be able to hide it forever. And now I was going to get what I deserved so there was no point in fighting it.

I went limp, I dropped his jock strap and I just stood there and waited for him to do what he was going to do to me. The cum was all over my right hand and I wiped it on my leg. What did it matter anymore what he did?

But I was still scared when he walked up to me and grabbed me roughly by the shoulders and shoved me back against the lockers. I looked in his eyes but they were still just pieces of sky, he didn’t look mad or disgusted or anything, really. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to start.

“Smells good, huh? You like the way that smells? You like sniffing it and sucking on it, don’t you?”

His naked body pushed me back against the wall and his voice growled. It was crazy – it was sick – but as scared as I was, I was also turned on. I was shaking so bad. What was he going to do to me. I opened my eyes a peep just in time to see him mash his face forward into mine and attack my mouth with his.

Oh fuck! He was kissing me. He wasn’t beating my ass – he was kissing me – really kissing me – tongue and everything. Even though I just came my cock was rock hard again in no time, even though my head didn’t really understand what was going on my dick sure did! And it knew exactly what it wanted to do!

I loved feeling him pushing me hard against the lockers, attacking my mouth with his tongue. I kissed back for all I was worth. I wasn’t taking any chances! If I never got another chance I wanted as much of him as I could get! We battled back and forth. It was the hottest thing I’d ever done and I was shaking and I think he was too as I slipped my arm around him and touched his lower back. Oh shit! Rob is cute and all but he never made me have this urge to just fall to my knees and worship him like this…

I wanted to suck his cock. I needed it! I needed it buried deep in my throat. I didn’t care where we were. I scratched at his back, pushing against him, grabbing at him. He crushed me back harder against the lockers and I felt every muscle in his body straining against me. I felt like I was starving and now I was finally getting food. He was letting me – he was joining in.

Something more would’ve happened right here in the locker room for sure if we hadn’t suddenly heard a noise. It was Coach! Fuck! We pulled away from each other fast, but I saw his eyes look down at my cock standing fully hard just when I looked at his and saw he was in the same shape. We grinned at each other and he whispered at me, “Hurry up,” while we looked as innocent as we could and raced to put our clothes on. Coach went in his office and shut the door and we ran out to the parking lot.

This can’t be happening! He did want me. He at least wanted to do SOMEthing with me and that was enough! I didn’t care what it was. At that moment I really wasn’t sure if I was going to laugh or cry or pass out or piss my pants, but I really didn’t care as he opened the passenger car door from the inside and told me to get in.

I really thought I was dreaming. A tornado was going in my head. He’s queer! Or… or something. Bi maybe. Whatever. What did it matter? I didn’t care what he was or what I was or where we were headed off to in his fast car. I looked over at him and I remembered my fantasy of us being boyfriends, and I actually grinned at him. It was just a fantasy but I didn’t care! And he grinned back because he knew exactly what I was thinking … exactly what I wanted to do and what I was GOING to do as soon as I got the chance!

He didn’t drive far. Just around the corner to the empty bus shed behind the school. When the car stopped we went for each other. The radio was playing Def Leppard, “Love Bites.” He shoved his tongue down my throat and his hand clenched in my hair, pulling it. He was rough and it turned me on so hard! I wanted him to manhandle me in every way he could think of. I kept moaning and grunting and whispering his name while he bit my neck. Oh shit it hurt but it was so good… Oh God I was so fucking hot.

He grabbed my shirt and yanked it off me. The seat was too small and the parking brake was in the way. Frustrated, I grabbed him, and he suddenly climbed over the console and straddled my lap, facing me. His beautiful ass was right on my legs, waiting for me to grab it! I know my mouth was hanging open like an idiot when he looked down at me.

He whipped his shirt over his head and smiled. I just stared at his chest in awe – his delicious sexy abs – his yummy bellybutton – his tight little nipples – I just had to bite them and lick them and suck them until he threw his head back and groaned. Yeah you gorgeous stud, I want you so bad, you sound so sexy when you do that, I just want to lick every part of you! Just hearing him! Shit it made me so hot I was panting like a thirsty dog.

Travis pulled my head back by my hair and then he fell forward and started biting me, licking my shoulder, sucking and biting hard. I’d have a mark and I loved him marking me. Just like the radio said, love bites, all down my neck and my shoulders. I was almost about to cum just from our skin touching, his mouth, his tongue and his teeth.

Time! There wasn’t enough time, but I HAD to suck him. I had to have his cock in my mouth, at least for a minute. He might never want to do this again. Even if this was the only time I ever got to do it, I could live on just that for the rest of my life. But I had to be quick because I was already late and my mom was going to ground me. What the fuck though, some things in life are more important than mothers. So I reached up and grabbed the button of his jeans, ripped it open, pulled the zipper down and grabbed his cock through his underwear! It was big… hard… bigger than mine, bigger than Rob’s. It was so beautiful, I felt my own dick ooze in my pants and make my underwear wet.

“I gotta get home,” I said. Then I grabbed his ass in my hands – incredible, tight, squeezable – and pulled his dick up to my face. I got to sniff that incredible smell while I licked his cock through his briefs – I nosed open his fly and licked whatever I could get at, as fast as I could. I didn’t care if I got in trouble. I really didn’t. I just didn’t want him to change his mind!

I pulled his dick out and licked it. I was in heaven and I think Travis liked it. He grabbed at my hair and talked to me while I gave him the best blow job I could in his car, before someone drove up. “I knew you’d be good at that, I knew you wanted to do it from the first minute I saw you.”

He thinks I’m a good cocksucker! Even though I had to hurry. I used my hand to get him off faster. I wanted to taste his cum… I HAD to taste it. God his dick felt good in my mouth… it smelled so good… his pubic hair tickled my nose. He started pumping his hips back and forth, pushing his cock into my mouth and making me swallow it. Yes! Yes! Shove it in!

He started to cum. I knew the moment and I grabbed his hips and held him still so he squirted into my mouth! I love the taste of cum, I‘ve only tasted my own since Rob and I stopped getting together. It was so sweet… so sexy… and I swallowed it all, just like that wimpy little Missy couldn‘t! I didn‘t let one drop drip down my chin.

Travis smiled down at me when he stopped cumming and I was so proud that he liked it. Maybe he’ll let me do it again since I swallowed it all. I told him I had to get home. My mom was gonna kill me. He zipped up his pants and went over to the driver’s seat again with a big smile on his face I knew I’d put there.

He took me home. Mom’s pissed but she didn’t ground me. Just told me I had to watch Amy all day Saturday while she went shopping. Dammit! I told her Coach made us run laps… lots and lots of laps! And I have a really big hickey on my left shoulder. I can’t let Audrey see it. But I don’t care! Travis put it there! I hope it stays forever!

I don’t wanna touch you too much baby, making love to you might drive me crazy… the song says, it’s so true. Travis is making me crazy, I can’t think about anything else, I don’t know how I’ll live till the next time I can touch him.

Travis your cock is so sweet and so big, it’s so hot in my mouth, I can’t wait to taste your cum again!

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