Deborah Gets Her Man…

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I’m motionless underneath, as the out-of-shape body lies heavy on top of me, thrusting hard, its owner grunting and groaning into my ear, hands groping and fumbling at any soft flesh he can find…

This was the usual Friday night routine nowadays, gone midnight when he rolled home drunk from a night out with ‘the lads’. Smelling of beer and smoke and something disgusting consumed from some greasy late-night takeaway, it was all I could do to avoid being repulsed.

As I lay there being plowed into, I fantasized instead that this was John’s cock, driving hard into me, relentless and mechanical. As the image planted in my head I started to enjoy the sensations and rubbed Steve’s neck in encouragement, all the while imagining it to be John’s blonde hair my fingers were running through.

I move my hands lower and grab both of Steve’s arse cheeks, encouraging him to do me harder, as the thought of John fucking me becomes more vivid and I start to softly moan. Barely before I get to enjoy the fantasy though its brought to an abrupt end, as a couple of loud grunts signifies that my boyfriend’s already shot his load inside me.

Bastard can’t even let me enjoy a fantasy without ruining it…I think to myself, as I shove him off me and he slumps to his side of the bed, seemingly already falling asleep…


Today’s the day, I think to myself…

I’d been building up to this moment for several weeks, even months now, but today I was determined I’d get my man.

It was Friday and another beautiful hot summer’s day, so I thought I’d dress accordingly with just a thin, tight white blouse that I knew John liked and a black balcony bra underneath to push up and squeeze together my large breasts. I round it all off by sliding into black panties and sheer black stockings, worn underneath a tight black skirt. Then I focus on my still-drying hair, and decide to have it up in a bun, just the way he likes it, as I reach over for my hair grip and dark rimmed glasses on the bedside table.

I wasn’t normally the kind of girl to hunt a married man down, in fact I’d never done it before, but over the last 6 months of working for John, I’d gradually found myself growing more and more attracted to him. He was everything my boyfriend wasn’t; kind and considerate, attentive, and always paid me compliments on my work and appearance.

I check myself in the mirror and smile in self-satisfaction, yep, looks good, even if I do say so myself! The final touch; undo a couple of buttons on the blouse to reveal the cleavage and I’m ready for work.. Resist that, you bastard!

Friday afternoon’s were always pretty relaxed affairs at our office. Our company traded in Europe and consequently we were 2 or 3 hours behind with most of our customers and so as we hit lunch time, our customers were already starting to wind down for the weekend.

“Do you fancy a pub lunch, Debs? Its such a lovely day…we could go to the pub up on the Moor…?” John asked.

As we drove out of town I couldn’t help but look at John. He was a rugged, handsome man quite a lot older than me in his mid forties, not spectacular looking, but he had a certain presence about him and people generally liked being in his company. He also had a son too, who often called in to the office on a Friday afternoon on his way back from University, to cadge a lift for the final journey home. I probably should have focused my attentions on him, but in common with my boyfriend, lads of my own age just seemed so immature halkalı otele gelen escort nowadays…

As I daydreamed away, his eye caught mine and he smiled, “What?” he asked.

“Your wife’s a lucky woman.” I replied…

“You should tell her that..!”, he quipped, before quickly adding, “…second thoughts, maybe not..!”

“Why ever not?” I inquired.

“Because she’s already jealous of you, as it is!” came John’s reply.

A little surge of excitement shoot s through my veins at this statement, “What of?” I ask.

“Oh probably just the fact that I’ve mentioned you a few too many times in our end of day conversations.” came the answer.

“Really…? What have you been saying…” I probe.

“Oh nothing much. In fact I had to underplay you a bit…told her you were a flat-chested Plain Jane, but even that didn’t work” he laughed.

” And what do you think I really am?” I push..guilty as charged in fishing for a compliment! “You’re an intelligent, beautiful young woman,” John replied, “with a stunning figure to boot!”

“Flattery will get you everywhere!” I half-jokingly reply, slapping his thigh, but enjoying this conversation and feeling myself getting quite turned on…

As we approach the brow of a hill, I suddenly shout up “Take a left here John, there’s something I want to show you!”

I knew of this little lane and the quiet spot overlooking the town, because some 5 years ago, when I first met my boyfriend, we used to come up here for some fun together, away from our parents prying eyes…

As we pulled up at the empty lay-by at the end of the lane, I hopped out of the car. John followed me and we stood looking down on the town where I’d grown up and lived my whole life. John had only recently moved to the area, so I started to point out some of the sights for him.

“Look, I can see my road..” I suddenly said, pointing.

John, leaned in to my arm as if looking down the sight of a gun, as I tried to guide his eyes towards my house. We were as close as I’ve been to him and I could swear he could probably hear my heart pounding under my chest as I prepared to make my move. A breeze suddenly blew and I took the opportunity to shiver, though in truth I wasn’t really cold.

In an instant, and being the gentleman that he is, John took off his jacket and standing behind me, placed it over my shoulders.

Bingo! I thought to myself, but “Thank you” was what came out of my mouth.

“You’re so kind, John.” I added before plucking up the courage to seize the moment. With his hands resting on my shoulders to keep the draped jacket in place, I moved my left hand on top of his right, and left it there for a brief moment to see if he would pull it away…

Pleasingly he didn’t resist, so I leaned back into him, resting my head against his and luxuriated in our closeness. Again, no resistance..

With that, I turned my face to look into his and register his intent. Lust was brewing inside me by now, and I am pretty sure it was already showing in my eyes as I moved closer to his and hesitated, again trying to gauge whether the feelings were reciprocated…

Seconds later I had my answer, as our lips touched tenderly and I felt a surge of electricity shoot through my entire body.

Our mouths opened and our tongues began to slowly probe each other, and I turned my body to his, pressing myself against him. I didn’t want him getting cold feet at this stage, halkalı rus escort so I made sure to press my large breasts against him for added persuasion…

As I did, one of his hands moved to the small of my back and brought us closer together at the hips and I felt his hardness for the first time, growing against my inner thigh. He’s mine now! I thought…

I was rapidly losing control of my senses now, months of fantasies morphing into reality, as my arms encircled John’s head my fingers running through his blonde hair as our kiss grew ever more passionate. I really wanted that big cock inside me, and the sooner the better! So extricating from the kiss, I grabbed his hand and started to walk back to the car. To my delight looking around I saw that we were still alone in the small lay-by.

Let’s sit together in the back, I suggested and John needed no persuasion…

Once the door was closed behind us, I quickly began kissing him again, this time with more urgency and lust. Quickly John had undone the buttons of my blouse and unclasped my bra to reveal my right breast.

Oh my god Deborah, you’re wonderful!” He proclaimed as he stared at my semi-nakedness.

I grabbed his hand and guided it onto the fleshy mound, encouraging him to explore my body, imploring even.

“Fucking hell, Debs!” he gasped, “your tits are incredible!”

He’s not the first man to have said as much, in fact I’m well aware they’re my outstanding attribute, men just go ‘ga-ga’ when they see them!

Whilst John pleasured himself with my breasts I moved my hand around to his groin and felt his manhood for the first time. It was rock hard underneath his trousers, and I gently stroked up and down the shaft with my open palm, before moving down to cup his balls which felt surprisingly large. Slowly, I unzipped his flies and delved in pulling out the prize, already glistening with pre-cum.

I smiled and remarked about how big it was…In truth it was probably just average, but nothing strokes a man’s ego quite like telling him he’s got a big cock. As I bent down to kiss it, I noted it was possibly a little shorter than my boyfriends, but with a thicker girth, which I knew I would enjoy inside me.

It was certainly very hard, as my lips encircled the perfect bell-shaped head and started to go to work. I knew I was very good at giving head, I could bring Steven to orgasm in no time with my tongue action and very quickly I received John’s approval.

“Oh my God, Deborah. That’s incredible!” he gasped as his hands held my head. As I continued to slurp away, I felt John loosen my hair grip and let my long hair tumbled down my back, then felt his fingers grab a handful of my thick locks, quite aggressively, and I felt my pussy ,moisten in response…

As I sucked his cock from the side, John’s hand came round over my back and hitched my skirt up round my hips. I helped him with his goal by pulling my little black panties to one side to allow his fingers access to my wet slit and gasped as they entered.

John was becoming increasingly aroused and I started to sense his balls tightening. This was all well and good, I thought, but I don’t want to finish here…

“I want your cock inside me, John” I declared. “I want you to fuck me, right now!”

With that, John lay back in the seat, his reddened, spittle-covered member twitching away in anticipation, as I slowly lowered myself inch by inch onto his fat, married, cock.

“I’m halkalı türbanlı escort fucking you, John! I’m finally fucking you.” I declared, as my walls gripped his thick hardness and I slowly started to buck on top of him.

“Oh, Deborah!” he gasped, “You’re incredible…!”

“I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long…” I added

“So have I…” he replies, and on that revelation I’m encouraged to double my efforts to please him, bouncing even harder on his cock, whilst letting out a primeval groan that surprises even myself!

I’m going at him hard now, so much so that his cock pops out the back and I squeak with disapproval whilst fumbling around for it, desperate to relocate it in its warm and rightful home. Once safely inside me again, I opt to slow the pace.

Leaning forward I encircle his head again, pushing my breasts into his face, hoping he’ll enjoy the novelty of a full breast in his mouth, instead of the meagre offering his wife can provide, and I’m not wrong!

I feel John eagerly sucking and then nibbling my nipple, before taking in a larger greedy mouthful of my mound. I hear him groaning with pleasure as he suckles on my left breast, slopping and slurping hungrily, his other hand grabbing by arse hard, encouraging me to ride him harder again.

I oblige and start to buck furiously on top of his lovely swollen penis. I’m rapidly reaching the point of no return now, but don’t care and hope that we can cum together.

This is far from a romantic liaison now, more an animalistic coupling, with all the repressed feelings of lust we’d harboured from the past few months rapidly bubbling up to the surface ready to over-flow like a volcano.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, John!” I squeal as I grip his head and then lean forward to look into his eyes…

Gripping my head too now, our faces inches apart, I feel John thrusting back up at me furiously, his cock driving deep inside my pussy with an intensity and desire I’ve rarely felt before, certainly not from my boyfriend…

” Oh Deborah..” he moans and then follows it with a slow groan as I feel his first heavy cum-load shoot up inside me, the first of several.

This is enough to send me over the edge too and I shriek to orgasm myself, gripping his head like a vice, my breasts and long hair smothering his face as we both cum in shuddering, clamouring, unison.

As our orgasms subside, we hold each other tight for a minute or so, neither of us saying anything, desperately trying to stay in the ‘now’. Its a long time since I’ve had such an intense fuck as that!

Finally, I sit up and look into John’s eyes again. He’s smiling back at me and I lean forward to kiss him on the lips once more. As I do, his cock pops out of me and I feel our juices run down the inside of my thigh and on to John’s trousers and his seat.

“You’re a beautiful girl, Deborah..” he declares, whilst brushing my hair back from my face.

“Thank you..” I reply coyly, privately, revelling in the compliment..

“It’s me that should be thanking you!” he replied, “I must be the luckiest man on earth…!” He laughs.

As we put our clothes back on, I venture about the fact I’d like to do this again and whether John felt the same…

“I’d be mad if I didn’t!” he replied…”though maybe get somewhere a little more comfortable next time,” he added and we both laughed…

As we left the lay-by and headed back to town, I looked at John, and reached up to gently stroke his cheek…It was the first time I’d ever been unfaithful, let alone started an affair with a married man, and I was flooded with a mixture of emotions, including excitement, guilt, satisfaction and dare I say it, even love…I’d finally got my man, I thought, as I day-dreamed happily about our next liaison and started to hatch my plans to extricate him from his wife…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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