Delayed Reactions

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Christmas time around our house was always spent near the tv, and it was the one time of year my parents called a halt to their usual daily arguments long enough to celebrate. This year though things had changed slightly. This year dad had gotten snowed in while on a business trip and he wouldn’t be able to catch a flight home until the day after Christmas.

My mother and sister were both very down about having a Christmas without dad, I couldn’t say I was thrilled about it but it would mean that I was the man of the house this year and the one to play Santa the on Christmas Eve. We had this usual tradition that dad would sit in his chair all dressed up in his Santa outfit and then he would have us all sit on his lap and tell him just one present we had really had our eye on that year. It never failed the next morning our present would be there. So even though we all knew Santa wasn’t existent anymore it still left a little magic to this holiday for us. The funny thing was dad had never gotten that one gift he had his eye on and we knew it, he would get the traditional items like ties, gloves slippers and something for his tool collection that he rarely if ever had used.

This was my chance to fulfill quite a few longtime dreams and fantasies I had if I played my cards right. I called dad at his hotel and talked to him for a little while to work out a few details and then managed to get a hold of a few of my own business contacts I had made working for the old man to ensure my own gift to the family.

“James come down here honey, it’s time for the eggnog and movie,” mom called up the stairs to me.

“Be right down mom,” I hurriedly replied as I finished putting on the Santa costume after digging it out from dad’s hiding place.

Slowly I walked down the steps to take the place in his chair, my mother and sister both laughed and giggled as I approached them obviously having already started on the eggnog my mother had made. She always went a bit heavy on the rum, but since the time my sister and I had become adults we had never complained.

“Oh so we have a new Santa in the house,” Amy, my 20 year old sister teased.

“No young lady, you just have a well rested Santa at your disposal this year. Come on girls before the movie starts come sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what your little heart’s desire.”

Mom was the first to approach and as she leaned in she whispered that her desire to me, “I would really love to have my husband home, and also that little diamond bracelet I had my eye on antalya escort all summer at Tiffany’s,” she said as she sat upon my lap.

I don’t know why but it was then I noticed that my mother’s robe had fallen open just a bit and I could see in and down the swell of her breasts to the succulent nipples that were hardening under the silky fabric. I quickly tried to regain my composure and told her Santa would do his best and ushered her off my lap before she had a chance to notice my cock hardening beneath her.

That was a mistake I soon realized as my sister immediately took up her place on my lap. She wrapped her little arms around my neck and whispered in my ear how she wanted nothing more than that vibrator from the catalog she had shown her mother, and a pearl necklace. As she whispered the words pearl necklace her hand reached down to grasp my hard cock and I felt her stroke up and down for a minute or so before releasing me and lying down on the floor.

I had been given a glimpse of my sister drunk before and she was definitely on her way now. But I still wasn’t sure if she was just being a bit naughty with her words or if she had meant to convey truly erotic images into her brother’s head.

“Oh, and Santa,” my mom said as she looked at me from her seat on the couch, “the real Santa always comes to tuck me in at bedtime on Christmas eve, this year should be no different.”

Now, I will admit the thoughts that rushed through my mind were all of the lecherous sort. I had images of my mother nude and thrashing beneath me, her legs splayed wide, her full breasts with there erect nipples pressed against my chest. I knew my cock was rising and the girls if they had glanced would have been able to see it adjusted my Santa pants enough to try and hide the sight.

Prior to watching the movie I gave dad a call and asked him where he had hidden this year’s special gifts. He told me that where they were and that I could find mine later that night if I was really good and thought about it. I hung up and went to secure the gifts and hide them in my room before changing clothes and heading downstairs. Once down we started the movie and drank a little more eggnog. I watched as the movie was about halfway through both my sister and mom were laying on the floor in there silky pajamas now and I could see their tight ass’. My mind went back to the lewd ideas I had been having and I knew that it was going to be a long movie if they didn’t move soon.

It was then that I saw my mother lean over and alanya escort whisper something to Amy, I couldn’t hear but they both turned around and giggled as they looked at me sitting there on the couch in my sweatpants and t-shirt. That was when mom announced she was a bit tired and that she was going up to bed, she kissed Amy and I on the forehead and then gave me a wink and said she would be waiting for Santa to come tuck her in.

I took that as my cue and told Amy to pause the movie or go ahead and finish it either way I would be back in about half an hour, I lied telling her I had a quick phone call to one of my friends to make about a report that was due when we got back to school after Christmas.

“Alright James, just hurry up I don’t want to miss Santa coming,” I noticed the emphasis she put on coming as she spoke, “and not delivering me my presents.”

As I walked into the bedroom there sat my mother, what was strange to me was she was in just a thin wispy pair of panties and a matching bra. I had managed to quickly slip into the santa suit and, figuring mom would be impatient for me to come into her room I had nothing on beneath. I had decided that I didn’t want to be changing back and forth with sweats on the whole time.

I slowly walked up to her sitting on the bed and asked her, “Have you been a good girl this year young lady?”

“Well, Santa,” she said with a naughty smile, “I have been a good girl but I think that I have more than likely ended up on the naughty list. You see I enjoy naughty things so much better than being a nice girl.”

I could barely contain the smile beneath my faux beard and knew that my cheeks did indeed right now have that rosy tint that Santa was always said to have. I went to stepped a little closer to my mother and told her that it was time to tuck her in. As I slipped the sheet up her body she flung it away from her and in that instant I saw a flash of naked nipples and a hairless pussy that I had long fantasized about.

My mother never said a word only grabbed my beard and pulled me down reaching down beneath my red pants and grabbing the rigid shaft beneath. I don’t know what overcame her or what was coming over me but I wasn’t about to let this chance slide right by me.

I quickly slid my hands down her body as I came face to face with her and kissed her deeply. My fingers slid between her widespread legs and I felt the warmth radiating from her pussy as I pushed between those swollen lips below. belek escort

“Yes, Santa son, take your father’s place tonight,” she begged and ordered at the same time while stroking me.

As I moved down her body, pulling away from her kiss, I felt swollen nipple brush past my lips and I caught it and started to bite down hard bringing a moan from my mother that was extremely erotic to my ears. As I pulled away to disrobe I felt a pair of hands behind me tugging down my pants. My ears and mind didn’t play tricks on me as I had feared when I turned enough to see my naked sister there on her knees helping me out of my Santa pants.

She never needed to say a word as she wrapped her little hand around my prick and stroked it as I fingered our mother not two feet away. Slowly Amy pulled away and swung between my open legs and looking up at me started to pull my cock down towards her open mouth as she licked my balls and reached up to rub my stomach. Mother was meanwhile going crazy as I fingered her. She was panting and begging me to fuck her and when she sat up just enough to see what was going on she smiled and said she understood the delay, that it was the same for the last two years. My sister had been getting into Santa’s pants too, damn where had I been all this time.

Amy pulled away from the brief cocksucking she was doing and flashed mom a smile. “Oh, mommy, you know that I love Santa’s cock just as much as you do and considering that this is James first year I wanted to help him out a little bit and give him an idea what he is up for during the rest of the night.”

With that she pulled away and slid up between our mother’s outstretched legs and put her tongue right up into her very core. “MMM,” they both panted as I watched my sister eat her mother’s pussy for the first time. She didn’t seem to hesitate at all so I’m guessing that this was a regular occurrence. Just as it had begun my mother decided Amy would be the recipient of my cock first tonight. “James, fuck your sister as you watch her eat mommy’s pussy.”

Who was I to complain, I slid behind my sister and grabbed her hips and without hesitation pushed the head of my cock inside her tight hole. At once I was surrounded by the wet and warmth of her horny little snatch and she was soon moaning as she sucked on our mother’s clit and pushed her hips back against me. I wasn’t going to last long and before I could even complete that thought my cock was spewing its warm contents inside my sisters womb.

“Oh god yes, James, I love being cum in,” she cooed.

She slid down from our mother as I pulled out my cock and I immediately felt two sets of hands below my waist. Mom and Amy both were stroking me and keeping me erect…What more would happen?

I guess you’ll have to wait for installment 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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