Digitalis Gets A New Couch Pt. 03

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Group Sex

Arthur was out of the shower when Digitalis entered the bathroom, wearing Digitalis’s bathrobe and drying his dark waist-length hair. Arthur’s jet black crow-like wings were spread slightly, drying in the humid air.

In contrast, Digitalis was fully-clothed in a university sweatshirt and a pair of flannel pants. His short, blunt-feathered bluejay wings were still a little damp from showering, as was his short, wavy blue hair.

“That was fast. Did you need help with the rice?” asked Arthur. “Or did you decide to take me up on my offer to help you out with that boner-…Digit, what’s wrong?”

“It’s not…wrong,” said Digitalis apprehensively. “Your brother’s at the front door.”

Arthur inhaled sharply and muttered to himself, “Dammit Rabb.”

“Bear…” Digitalis gulped. He’d been meaning to ask this question all morning, but Arthur had been so worked up that he hadn’t, and there wasn’t any way around it now without messaging Rabb or Milly. “What happened?”

Arthur took a deep breath.”Do you remember the camping trip we took this summer?” Digitalis nodded. “When we ruined that blanket, then I called you a dork and said my dad wasn’t dead?”

“I remember,” Digitalis approached Arthur and put a hand on his forearm.

“Well…” Arthur steeled himself and grasped Digitalis’s extended arm, squeezing it for comfort. “He is now.”

Digitalis gasped, “Bear, I’m so sorry!”

“I’m not, really,” said Arthur dispassionately. “Since he’s already dead, I’m guessing that my brother is here to try and get me to go to the funeral.”

“Do you want to go?” asked Digitalis. Before Arthur could answer, the bathroom door opened. Arthur’s brother stood in the doorway to the hall. He looked almost exactly like Arthur, though his dark hair was cropped short and graying around the temples, his wings were gray and the same color as a magpie’s, with a wide white stripe. His freckled face was flushed and his jade green eyes were wide, giving them the same curious, awkward look that Arthur had given Digitalis over a cup of that awful blue fruit punch on the night they’d first met.

“Looks like I forgot to lock the front door,” sighed Digitalis, glancing at Arthur. He noticed that Arthur had turned pale, so he took Arthur’s hand and squeezed it. Arthur squeezed back tightly.

“Uhm…Hi Arthur…M-mister Digitalis?” Arthur’s brother stammered. “I wouldn’t have barged in normally, but two guys came to your door and said they’re here to pick up a couch?”

Digitalis ran out of the bathroom and gaziantep escort hurried to zip the soiled couch into the furniture bag before letting in the men that were there to pick it up. They were very quick, and within five minutes, the couch was in the hall and they were apologizing for showing up early.

With that done, Digitalis turned his attention back to the bathroom. A loud, awkward silence seemed to emanate from the partially-open door. Inside, Arthur and his brother seemed to be staring each other down; Arthur’s face was as flushed as his brother’s was pale, and they both looked like they were bout to either shout at each other or burst into tears. Digitalis reluctantly approached.

“So, you must be Fox,” said Digitalis awkwardly. “Like Fox Mulder?”

Arthur’s brother – Fox – turned to slowly look at Digitalis and sniffed, “Who’s that?”

“Nevermind,” said Digitalis, looking between Arthur and Fox. “Is everything alright?”

The two brothers blurted out “yes” and “no” at the same time and Digitalis couldn’t tell who’d said what.

“You’re Digitalis, aren’t you?” sputtered Fox.

“Yes,” said Digitalis, bemused.

Fox looked Digitalis up and down, assessing him in his university sweater and flannel pants. “What’s your surname?”

Digitalis tensed up, but answered: “I don’t have one.”

“You’re illegitimate?” said Fox. He looked at Digitalis a little closer, focusing on his pupilless amber eyes. “You’re part human, aren’t you?”

“We’re not on our homeworld, Fox,” snapped Arthur, puffing up his wings a little. His freckled face reddened. “It doesn’t matter here.”

“It’s not like that,” Fox said quickly. “I’m…you’ve just talked about him so much on the phone, but you’ve never really told me anything about him. Not even that he’s a him-“

“I didn’t want it to get back to our father,” said Arthur. “He abandoned me the night before I turned nineteen. He didn’t even tell me that he put in for a transfer, he just left some money in an envelope and never came back from work.”

“Arthur, it wasn’t about you,” Fox sniffed. “After Mom died-“

“He blamed me for it and you know it,” growled Arthur. “He told me it was my fault she’s gone, and I don’t care that he was ‘better’ with his new family.” Fox’s eyes were full of tears, and Arthur grasped his shoulders. “Listen, Fox, I’ve heard it all before, I don’t care to hear it again. I love you and I want to spend time with you, but I’m not going to Dad’s funeral. I let go of him twenty years ago.” Arthur turned to Digitalis. “Digit, may I have a moment alone with my brother? It won’t take long.”

“Of course, Bear,” sighed Digitalis.

Digitalis gratefully scurried off to the kitchen and started cooking. It was a soothing activity, and he got into it for what felt like a very short time before he heard the front door close.

Arthur padded into the kitchen and stood next to Digitalis. Some scallions sat waiting to be cut on the counter, and Arthur began cutting them.

“Fox went back to his hotel,” said Arthur. “I’m meeting him for breakfast tomorrow. I’d like you to come, if that’s okay.”

Digitalis took a deep breath. “After everything you’ve told me about your brother, I’d like to meet him. I can see why you don’t like talking about your dad.”

“Thank you, Digit,” sighed Arthur. “I think Fox knew what happened, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it.

Arthur finished cutting the scallions and handed them to Digitalis. He slid them off the clipboard onto the rice. The food was done, but neither of them really felt like eating. Digitalis felt Arthur’s hand on his butt as he set down the pan.

“What’s up, Bear?” asked Digitalis.

“Me,” Arthur said. “I’m feeling really pent up all of a sudden. Would you be up for it, Digit?”

“For what, exactly?” Digitalis looked up at Arthur, who was gazing at him intensely.

“Fuck me hard,” said Arthur, deadpan. “Please?”

Digitalis scoffed, turning and embracing Arthur. Arthur’s erection throbbed between them, pressing hotly into Digitalis’s belly. “Well, how can I refuse? You did say please. And these carbs aren’t going anywhere. Let’s do it.”

Digitalis didn’t wait for Arthur to reply, stretched up, and kissed him. Arthur returned it fiercely, pulling them both toward the door. They crossed the hall quickly, pushing through the bedroom door. Arthur pulled off the bathrobe he was wearing before falling back onto the bed. Digitalis climbed on top of him, feeling a wet spot of precum forming in the thin fabric of his pants. He pulled them off, leaning down to kiss Arthur’s clavicles while one of Arthur’s large hands cupped his genitals. Digitalis gasped, and continued kissing in a line up Arthur’s neck and back to his mouth. Digitalis lingered there for a few seconds before rising onto his knees, undoing the back strap under his wings, and tossing his sweatshirt onto the floor with his pants.

Beneath him, Arthur touched himself lightly, pulling back his long foreskin. He watched intently while Digitalis took a condom from the nightstand and slid it on over the swollen head of his dick. Arthur’s jet black wing twitched in anticipation while Digitalis spread the lubricant on both of them, caressing Arthur’s balls lightly before taking his hip and positioning himself to thrust.

Digitalis inserted himself with practiced ease. Arthur was tighter than usual, which made it slightly more difficult to thrust, but it felt good. Arthur gave a small moan, and his fully-hard erection throbbed restlessly against his belly while Digitalis started moving his hips.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you were pent up,” Digitalis breathed. He ran a finger from the top of Arthur’s balls, up his swollen shaft, and over the head. It made Arthur shiver. “May I?”

Arthur gasped, “I wouldn’t recommend it just now. Keep thrusting, I’m already so close.”

“As you wish, Bear,” grunted Digitalis, speeding up. After the stress from that morning, the sensations took a bit longer than usual to build up, and it helped that Arthur was moaning aloud. Digitalis kept thrusting, feeling Arthur writhing around him.

Arthur began panting, and some white fluid seeped out of his urethra. His straining cock twitched, and he came in a series of bursts, spattering his face, chest, and belly. Digitalis found it intoxicating to watch, and he could suddenly feel his orgasm coming on.

“Come on me,” gasped Arthur, still twitching. Digitalis complied, pulling out and hurrying to get the condom off before blowing his load. He tossed it into the wastebasket and let loose all over Arthur, stroking until the thick white fluid had stopped coming out of him. The last of it dripped from Digitalis’s cockhead onto Arthur’s balls, and Digitalis slumped forward as his body relaxed, leaning to his left to fall on the bed next to Arthur. He landed partially on Arthur’s good wing, and the dark feathers were smooth and damp against his face. Arthur turned his head toward Digitalis and kissed him on the forehead.

“Thank you, Digit,” breathed Arthur. “I feel much better.”

Digitalis lay with Arthur, for several minutes, beginning to doze off when Arthur nudged him.

“I’m going to clean up before all this dries,” said Arthur, kissing Digitalis’s forehead again. Digitalis stretched while Arthur got up, and sat up himself.

“Wait for me, Bear. I need a rinse in the shower,” said Digitalis. He felt warm, shaky, and clammy from sweating, and Arthur held out an arm to help him up.

“Such a gentleman,” Digitalis yawned, taking Arthur’s arm. Digitalis stretched up to kiss Arthur on the mouth briefly before following him into the bathroom.

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