Do Not Disturb

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Author’s Note –

Here’s a story I wrote many years ago. The inspiration came from another Literotica story (Maid in India). I took the premise and had a little fun with it…


Some days you just wake up horny. It doesn’t necessarily follow an erotic dream, you just wake up ready to go.

In Kate’s experience it was a much more frequent occurrence for guys. She had discussed it with her friends, who had all agreed. They also all agreed that a woman was much more likely to achieve “fulfilment” when she did. No red-blooded guy was likely to resist his woman coming on to him whilst still in bed.

Until this morning, Kate had not missed Brad once in the six months since she had dumped him. Today, alone in her queen size water bed, she wished that she could roll over and find him there, naked and ready – like herself.

Or Tony. In fact – stuff Brad. Given the choice she would definitely prefer Tony. Of all her boyfriends, he had been the best root by far.

Her hands moved to cup her breasts. As she ran her hands over them, she felt the nipples stiffen under her touch. She tweaked and pinched them gently. One hand went down to play in the soft furry down between her legs.

Did she have time for this? Kate looked over at the small digital clock on her bedside table. Shit! She was nearly ten minutes late already. She knew she was already aroused and that it wouldn’t take too long to bring herself off, but she couldn’t afford even that little time. She would have to wait.

Three mornings a week Kate worked for her parents. They ran a small motel in an inner city suburb. It was a small affair with only fifteen rooms. In return Kate received free board and her parents paid her university expenses plus a small allowance.

In the shower she enjoyed the soapy feel of her hands on her warm body, but again she had no time to linger as she would have liked. She quickly dressed in her usual cleaning attire. During the colder months it was always tracksuit pants and a polar fleece sweater, but during summer it was just a tee-shirt and a plain short skirt. She slipped on her sneakers and headed down for a quick breakfast.

Soon she was heading out into the warm morning air, across to the main building complex. The day was going to be hot. Five minutes later she was ready to start. Her main job was cleaning and restocking the guest rooms.

As was her habit, she began at the top and worked her way down. Room 15 was at the very end of the corridor and was the only room vacant today. Kate pulled up her service trolley outside the opposite room, number 14. There was no sign on the door, which generally meant the room was to be made up. Just before opening the door, she heard noises from within. A female voice was moaning loudly. Perhaps she was in pain or upset, but Kate immediately suspected she was sexually aroused.

Kate moved closer. She could hear a faint buzzing noise. The woman’s moaning was undoubtedly from sexual pleasure. There was also a soft male voice, though Kate couldn’t make out the words.

Kate quickly glanced down the corridor. It was empty. She quietly moved the trolley so that it was partly shielding her from view. Her arousal, which had been simmering all morning, now erupted into a powerful hunger, demanding fulfilment. She put her ear right up to the door, the noises becoming clearer. Obviously a vibrator was being used. Kate had never tried a vibrator, though she had heard all about them from some of her friends. She would love to use one but just couldn’t work up the courage to go into one of those sex shops.

The female voice now called out, “God, turn that thing up! Faster. Faster!”

Kate heard the unmistakable sound of a woman reaching orgasm. She moved away from the door. She would hate to be discovered eavesdropping on guests. She would get in serious trouble from her parents.

Kate decided to begin cleaning at the other end of the corridor, a plan forming in her mind. By the time she had worked her way back up the corridor, surely the couple in room 14 would have gone out for the day. Then, while cleaning their room, she would find that damn vibrator and seriously check it out. She was really feeling randy, and the idea of doing something daring only added to her excitement.

She launched into her cleaning job with gusto, her mind mostly filled with sexual fantasies as she carried out her menial tasks.

After finishing with the first room she was back in the corridor when she saw a couple come out of room 14 and lock the door. The elevator and the stairs next to it are the only exit, so they had to pass Kate on their way out. Rather than re-enter the first room, she fumbled with a few things on the trolley. She was curious for a close up look at the woman who had been using the vibrator. As they approached her down the corridor, Kate’s heart was beating fast and she felt nervous. She tried to relax, telling herself that they had no reason to suspect her of anything.

Indeed yabancı escort they only seemed to have eyes for each other. Kate didn’t pay much attention to the man, though she had impression of a well-built figure dressed rather smartly. The woman had long lustrous brown hair with multiple blonde streaks through it. Her figure was not exactly voluptuous, but the tight fitting dress she wore displayed her natural assets to full advantage, being very low cut in the front, and coming only halfway down her thighs.

With a rush and a snatch of whispered conversation they were past her and gone. Kate suppressed a sudden urge to rush straight down to their vacant room. All in good time though, she thought. She guessed she had at least an hours work in front of her. After that she could just take her time.

She was feeling very horny and quite ready for action by the time she finished the second last room. She closed the door and pushed the trolley towards room 14 at last. It was only then that she saw the sign as hung from the door handle: Do Not Disturb.

Kate’s mind was racing. She felt like she needed to sit down. How could this be? After all this planning, and all this preparation! She had teased herself all morning, only to be let down at the final instant. Her arousal level had been ready to be thrust into overdrive – now it looked as though it might stall. She kicked herself for not checking the door before starting on the other rooms. But wait a minute – she had seen the occupants leave. She was prepared to swear that they hadn’t returned to their room since that time.

Should she risk going in anyway? Her mind was urging caution but her body was screaming for action. In her frustrated state she was prepared to risk more than she normally would. She knocked hesitantly. There was no response from within. Quietly, Kate unlocked the door and turned the knob. She slowly opened the door. There was no-one in the main bedroom section and she could hear nothing from the bathroom beyond. She quickly tip-toed across the room and peeked around the corner into the bathroom: no-one. She was alone.

Relief flooded her, and with that the return of some of the excitement that had dissipated in the last few minutes. She sat down on the bed but she knew she shouldn’t tarry too long in here lest the couple return.

The double bed was in the same disheveled state that it had been in yesterday. Some pillows were at the head of the bed and some in the middle. Heaven knows what they had been up to, Kate thought. There was no vibrator anywhere to be seen. Desperate, she ruffled through the woman’s overnight bag but to no avail. The heat inside her was rising, and what she had come for could no longer be denied.

She was drawn to the little purple bag of goodies, which now lay open on the spare bed. Kate reached in and pulled out a sleek vibrator. She ran her hands over it, vaguely wondering how it worked. There were no switches, but the base seemed to contain something that could be turned. Immediately the thing began to buzz in her hands. The further she turned, the more it buzzed! She had been aroused already for some time, but now she was really there. She could feel the moisture gathering between her legs. She was so damn hot! Kate placed one hand over the shaft and felt the vibrations course into her hand and up her arm. She let the waves of anticipatory pleasure run through her for several moments and then switched it off.

Quickly now, she ran with it to the bathroom and rinsed the device under some warm water and then dried it off. Returning to the bedroom she kicked off her shoes and hurriedly undressed, her clothes falling into a pile on the floor beside the bed. She clambered onto the bed and opened her legs wide. She could smell her own arousal. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Just at that moment, she heard giggling at the door and a jingling of keys. Kate froze in panic. The couple had returned! Here she was about to be caught completely naked in someone else’s room! There was no way out other than the front door. She realised her only hope was to hide. The bathroom was useless. There was really only the cupboard near the foot of the bed. She jumped up then stooped and snatched up her pile of clothes. There was a sound of a key scratching at the lock. She opened the cupboard and squeezed inside, closing the door just as the front door burst open. In the darkness of her hiding place, Kate heard the front door slam shut.

Then a woman’s voice rang out, so close it seemed she was standing right in front of the cupboard, “Get those clothes off right now! I want that piece of meat inside me.”

The man laughed. “Baby, you are insatiable.”

“That’s right,” she said. “Insatiable for your cock. Come here.”

There was a silence for a time, and Kate wondered what could be happening. Her heart was thumping so loud she was afraid it might be heard. How on earth was she going to get out of this? It yeni escort didn’t sound like these two were going to be going anywhere for a while. Then she heard some slurping noises and heavy breathing. She imagined the couple kissing passionately.

Then the woman’s voice, rather breathless, “Let’s get you out of these clothes, shall we?”

“Oh, yes, baby.”

Then came rustling, more kissing, and finally a zip being pulled.

“I want you inside me NOW”

“You know me, always happy to oblige.”

Kate heard them climb onto the bed. The initial shock was beginning to recede. She realised she was still holding onto the vibrator as well as all her clothes. She prayed fervently they wouldn’t go looking for it. At the moment though they sounded rather occupied.

“Come on, darling, get it in!”

“You little slut, you’re so wet!”

“I want you. I want you. Oh, that’s it! Yes!”

The bedsprings began a regular creaking as the couple got into the rhythm of fucking.

“Deeper!” the woman begged. “I want you deeper.”

She squealed with pleasure. “Oh, that’s my g-spot. You’re right on it!”

Kate was trembling all over. She had never before witnessed another couple’s love-making. She was finding it more arousing than she would have guessed. Though she was terrified of being caught, she couldn’t resist trying to have a peek. She carefully nudged the cupboard door slightly ajar.

Peering through the crack she could she them clearly on the bed before her. The man was on top, his woman writhing with pleasure underneath him. Looking each other in the eye, he was slowly pumping into her. Both were softly moaning. Their lips drew together now in a passionate kiss.

The man’s ass was directly in front of Kate, no more than two metres away. She was mesmerized by the sight of the smooth butt cheeks clenching and unclenching rhythmically as he gradually built up the speed. Kate felt some moisture escape from her cunt and run down her inner thighs. She longed to touch herself.

The kiss ended. The man spoke.

“I want to fuck you from behind.”


They began to move, and Kate retreated further into the cupboard, hoping she wouldn’t be noticed.

“I want to fuck you like the animal you are!”

“Yes! You know I want it! Give it to me now.”

“You’re like a bitch in heat!”

“Oh, I am. I’m yours. Treat me like a bitch…that’s it… YES!”

The sound of fucking recommenced, and Kate edged closer again. The pair were side on to her. She was on hands and knees; her head slumped on the bed, her ass in the air. He was pounding her from behind. He appeared to be in his early forties perhaps with dark hair slightly greying at the temples. He had a full beard and had an expression of ecstasy on his face. He was pumping her with long, deep strokes, the shaft of his rigid cock could be seen each time he half withdrew before each thrust. She could see it glistening with juices before it plunged to the hilt in the woman’s bush.

She was groaning aloud, and each thrust rocked her whole body, her breasts dangling and swaying beneath her. Kate’s own juices her were seeping out of her in record amounts.

“Faster, honey, faster,” the woman in front of her cried. The man responded by upping the tempo.

“Grip me with your cunt, babe. Grip me hard. Oh, that’s good. That’s so good.”

He stopped thrusting and held her hips tightly.

“Milk me with your cunt!” he cried out. “Shit, your cunt is so tight! It’s like a fist! Oh, I can’t hold back.”

Suddenly he slamming into her for all he was worth. They were both screaming out with pleasure, and Kate wanted to cry out loud too.

With a final deep thrust, and a shout of “YES!” the man came. They collapsed in a heap together on the bed. For a minute or so neither one moved. Then the man began to drag himself up.

“Baby, you are the best.”

The woman smiled happily. “I try.”

They both giggled.

“Let’s have a shower,” she said.

They climbed off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Soon Kate heard running water and not long afterwards there was the unmistakable sounds of at least one person in the shower. This was her big chance, she knew. She couldn’t be certain that both of them were in the shower, but she was unlikely to get a better opportunity. As quietly as she could, she opened the cupboard door and crept towards the door.

Half way there she realised she still was carrying the vibrator. With more than a twinge of regret she replaced it in the small purple bag. Now she realised she had a choice to make. Should she rush out into the motel corridor naked, or take a few moments to dress while still in the room. She could hear water running, and hear the low murmur of voices in the bathroom, but really she dared not spend any more time in here. A happy thought stuck her: the room opposite was vacant! That settled it.

She quickly opened yenibosna escort the front door and rushed across the corridor to Room 15, clutching her shoes, socks and clothes to her body. She allowed herself a glance down the corridor: no-one. The maid-service cart was still parked close by, and Kate located the master key hidden on the second shelf.

For a moment it seemed as if the key wouldn’t open the lock. “Come on, come on,” she muttered. This door, as Kate now remembered, was always a bit stiff. Finally the locked clicked, the handle turned and she was in!

She closed the door behind her with relief. The room was fairly dark since the curtains had not been drawn. Stepping further into the room, Kate dumped her clothes onto the double bed, then sat down on them. Again she found herself trembling. She tried to take slow deep breaths to calm her racing heart. In a moment, she thought, once I’ve recovered, I’m going to give myself a well-deserved orgasm, than clean myself up and get the hell out of here.

She placed a hand down to her cunt lips – they were saturated. She began to slowly rub herself. She was a mass of juices. Never before had she been so hot and wet and sticky. She gradually began to relax, and in her mind she replayed the scenes she had just witnessed. Her fingers built up the speed.

Suddenly she heard a noise outside the door. Her mind snapped back to reality. Was that someone just outside the door. It was too early for someone to be checking in surely. A key was inserted into the lock. “This can’t be happening,” thought Kate miserably. She grabbed her things. Whoever was at the door was still struggling trying to turn the key. Kate was suddenly thankful for that stiff lock. She fled into the bathroom, where with trembling hands she quickly put on her short skirt and then slipped on her tee-shirt.

With a burst, the door to room 15 finally opened and someone entered, shutting the door after them. Kate’s shoes, socks and underwear were still on the bathroom bench. She grabbed them and shoved them under a towel.

Evidently she was heard, for a male voice called out, “Hello? Is someone there?”

Kate emerged barefoot and rather sheepish from the bathroom to face a lone male guest, luggage in hand. He seemed quite startled at her appearance.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t realise anyone was here. Obviously there’s been some sort of mistake. I apologize profusely.”

“No, it’s alright,” she began, but he cut her off.

“I was told room 15. Look, here’s the key!” He held up his key.

He was a young man, dressed formally in a suit, and aged in his mid-twenties. Clean shaven, deeply tanned and well-built, he looked like a model. Kate was only too aware of her own dishevelled appearance. Her mind was racing, and she struggled to say something comprehensible.

“Er, it’s ok. Really. I’m the daughter.”

The man looked bemused.

“Of my parents,” Kate said lamely.

“I see.”

“I mean, my parents own this motel. And…I’m their daughter.”

“Oh, right!” The man smiled with relief.

“Yes,” said Kate grinning back. “Just making sure you settle in ok. You know, find where everything is.”

“Well, that’s very friendly of you. You don’t get too much personal service these days. I like personal service. Especially from someone as incredibly gorgeous as you.”

“Thank you,” she stammered. What was this? Was he trying to crack on to her or something? She must look an absolute mess. He on the other hand was an complete stud. She wished she could have met him under different circumstances. Right now she was busy trying to work out how to get her underwear out of the bathroom without him seeing.

“Perhaps you could give me a little tour.” He said this politely, but Kate rather suspected he was laughing at her on the inside.

“No problem. Well, this is the bedroom, obviously. You’ve got your television and video here, there’s a bar fridge in that little cupboard under the bench. You’ll find a dressing gown in the large cupboard, as well as extra towels and blankets.”

He began to edge past her toward the bathroom.

She tried to block his way. “That’s the bathroom in there. You don’t want to go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Um,” she stammered and lowered her eyes. Suddenly she realised she was staring at his crotch. She blushed, now really frazzled. “It’s just a typical bathroom. I’ll just make sure your TV reception is ok.”

Kate moved to the television and pushed the “on” button. Nothing happened. She pushed it a couple more times.

“That’s funny,” she said. She stepped back and looked under the shelf it was sitting on. “Hang on, someone’s knocked the plug out from the wall that’s all. Let me get it.”

She got down on hands and knees and crawled under the shelf. In a moment she had found the plug and reconnected it. She got back to her feet and turned around. The young man was staring at her and wore a grin from ear to ear.

“It was no problem,” she said.

He said nothing but continued to stare at her. After several moments Kate began to blush again. She began to get a bit uncomfortable under the man’s hungry stare.

“I, er, if you don’t mind, I might just, um, use the bathroom to, er…”

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