Dominated By Feet Ch. 01

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I had seen her car approaching from the end of the street. This was a familiar routine by now. I had been on the look out for twenty minutes anticipating her return. She finishes her part time work at three, it was twenty past she is always back at this time but I am alert, ready and hoping that she returns earlier.

As the car pulls onto the driveway I am a little apprehensive but it is the excitement I am mostly feeling. Her cock is already hard. I was always to refer to it as her cock as by rights it was her property. As I was kneeling at the door naked, except for my luxury sheer lace top hold up stockings. I feel a little sweat on my forehead and check that everything is in order, how she wanted it. I had all the rooms as was required, all clean and tidy. I also had her slippers at the ready for as soon as she entered her house.

Those slippers are blissful. They are pair of black fluffy mule slippers size 5, that when she wears, walks in, dangles or whatever, look heavenly on her, enhancing her already perfect stocking feet.

The key pierces the lock, the door opens and she enters. There she was, she looked magnificent. My 43 year old Mistress, Mistress Tina, always looks magnificent. She is five foot two, brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a white blouse a navy blue skirt that finished just above the knee with a matching jacket. I do not know how she had her hair today as I was not permitted to look at her face yet. I could see here stunning legs, she was wearing black stockings as usual and four inch black pumps, which were covering her perfect feet. As a 22 year old who had fantasised about this lady ever since I had moved into the street 5 years ago, you can understand how besotted I was.

She did not speak to me but lifted her right foot. I knew the routine so I got to work. I carefully placed a kiss on the toe of her right pump and softly removed it from her foot making sure I did not touch her. She placed her hand on my head for support. I could now make out her painted canlı bahis şirketleri toes through the stocking but tried hard to concentrate which was not the only thing that was hard at that moment in time. I quickly placed her pump on the floor reached for the slipper and delicately placed a kiss on it before putting it in position so that she could slide her perfect foot into place. I then followed the same procedure for the other foot before she leaves me and walks towards the living room. I can only stare and be mesmerized by the sound the slipper makes quietly slapping against her heel.

I wanted to follow her but I had yet to finish. She had been out in those pumps all day. I first select the right pump. My mouth dries as I slowly lift the pump and bring it towards my nose. I take a deep sniff, the smell was truly superlative. I knew had to be careful, I could easily become captivated by the smell. I longed to keep smelling but knew the pumps had to be cleaned, which in itself is not a grievance as I could imagine my Mistress’s delight at seeing her clean pumps, although she would never let on. As I am in the conclusion of my task my concentration is broken by her beautiful voice, “Slave, tea”.

I had already put on the kettle prior to her return so the tea did not take long to make. As I crawled into the living room concentrating not to spill any of the tea I see my Goddess as whole for the first time today. I brought her cup of tea over to her as she read her book.

“Here is your tea Mistress”, I said hoping for acknowledgment.

“Good boy slave”, she replied, “kneel in front of me, I require a table.”

I crawled into position making sure I would be situated correctly, not too high or far away. She placed her tea cup on my back followed by her feet. She knew how this would make me feel, knowing her feet were on me but I could not see. As I stared at the floor I just hoped I was pleasing her.

After around half an hour to forty minutes she removed her feet canlı kaçak iddaa from my back, and placed them on the floor beside me. “Aren’t my feet beautiful slave?”, she said.

“Yes Mistress, they are truly gorgeous.” I replied. “It would be an honour if you would allow me to massage them.” I begged hopefully.

“Do you think you deserve that?”

I know had done everything my Mistress had asked of me, but I knew I did not really deserve it. “No Mistress, I know that I do not deserve that privilege but it is what I live for”, I continued to beg.

“That is true. But I do deserve my feet worshiped and you are the only one here so you may massage them for a little while, until I tell you to stop.” My Mistress said making me very happy.

I knelt down in front of her feet, still very hard at this point. I lifted here right foot and removed her slipper and placed it to the side. This is truly what I live for. I had her stockinged foot in my hand. I had to smell it, I brought it to my nose and took a deep breath. Before the had finished I felt her foot push into my face. “I said you could massage them not smell them. Now massage them.” She order.

I massaged her right foot for fifteen minutes making sure to gentle and paying extra care on her toes. She then pulled her foot away and lifted her left foot. I removed the slipper before massaging the her foot for another fifteen minutes. She then pulled her foot away and I thanked her for allowing me to massage her feet. She acknowledged this and left to go upstairs, but not before her ordering me to make the dinner.

I had not been living with my Mistress as a full-time for long. It had only been a few weeks, but in only this short period my housekeeping skills went from nothing to exceptional thanks to my Mistress’s kindness.

My Mistress can always tell when I have finished making the dinner. I hear coming down the stairs as I am putting her dinner out, and I quickly get into position under the table next to my bowl. canlı kaçak bahis My Mistress takes her seat at the table. She is now wearing high heels with stockings. It kills me having her feet so close to me but not being able to worship them.

My Mistress has little signals so that I know what is required of me. If she wants my to massage her feet she extends them out to me. Sometimes however, she wants me to pleasure her other ways. When she so wishes all she needs to do is open her legs slightly and this is what she did on this occasion, not a word needs to be spoken. It is at this point that I feel most honoured, I can’t help but feeling that I am the luckiest man in the world.

As I look up towards her ‘divine temple’, as she calls it, my mouth dries with anticipation. I know this task is meant to be more pleasurable for my Mistress, but I am ashamed to say that I think I receive more pleasure from it.

I see up her skirt past the tops of her stockings. There it is. I approach it, it smells truly wonderful. I begin by slowly placing soft kisses around the top of her thighs. I then begin to speed the kisses up and reach her ‘temple’. I then penetrate with my tongue and slowly use it to brush against her clit before using it more passionately. I am not aware how long these situations last, as all I am aware is that I am there to stimulate her.

I then feel her hand touch the back of my head and without warning thrust my head further into her to a position where I struggle to breath. Then I feel her hips start grinding into my face and I start to lap even harder knowing that at any moment I was going to taste my Mistress’s juices. At the point it happened, as she came she covered my face with her juices. I had to concentrate hard not to cum myself as I lapped up her juices, my favourite taste in the world.

After a brief pause my Mistress reaches down with her plate and without a word scrapes her leftovers from her plate into my bowl, which is on the floor. This is my dinner and as I am about to start I see my Mistress rise from her seat and leave the room.

This is only the first chapter of my encounters with Mistress Tina, I will add more depending on the response to this one. I would love to read your comments about it.

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