Dominated Pt. 02

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I tried to shift up to my knees, but my hands were cuffed tight behind my back and my feet were bound.

I looked up at the master and he repeated his command,

“get up on your knees whore”

I tried again and this time rolled up onto my shoulders than my knees. I struggled but managed to pull myself up. I stared at him with naive optimism that he would be pleased at my efforts.

“You’re going to get what you tried to take behind my back and it will be the last time you get what you want, unless I say. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Show me by bowing your head!”

I quickly lowered my head and waited.

I heard him get up and walk slowly towards me. He lifted my head with his finger.

He stood before me resplendent, magnificent. A powerful bear of a man, with powerful legs coated in a nice layer of soft brown and grey hair. I looked up past his diamond cut thighs and feasted on two luscious balls, stretching a tight latex thong, riding high up on his hips, a massive erection straining the tight material. He had a trail of hair leading up from his bellybutton to a tight mass of salt and pepper curls billowing across his carved pecs.

His eyes, were a crystalline blue, so pure they shone and froze you in their penetrating grasp.

“Cedric come here.”

I mecidiyeköy escort heard heavy foot steps coming out of the kitchen towards us.

He came into the room and walked around the couch towards the master.

“Cedric, go and get the toolbox and come back dressed for the occasion.”

When he left, he turned to me and said, you can watch and wait for whats coming. In the meantime, I want your mouth on my cock.”

I nodded willingly as he walked towards me. I could sense his male strength and powerful personality as he made his way close, his cock a foot, then inches, then almost touching my willing mouth. He stood in front of me, for what seemed like five mins. I could smell the thick, rich musk of his cock and balls and it was intoxicating.

“Open wide slave.”

He pulled up his thong stretching it over his thick, pulsing cock. Grabbing me by the hair, he stuck his cock in my mouth. I parted willingly, leaning back and taking in as much of him as I could. He grabbed me hard by the hair and started pumping, his thick cock in and of out my mouth.

“Take it all you whore!”

I opened wide and tried to let it slide down into my throat, but it was too thick and as much as I tried not to, I gagged and coughed, wrenching my head back and going into a coughing spasm.

I istanbul escort looked up into the enraged face of the master. He was seething and worse, his cock was covered in my hacked up drool.

“Lift your head slave.”

I lifted my head slowly, ashamed and embarrassed.

“Never, ever do that again, or it will be the end of you. Do you understand?”

I nodded slowly and flinched as his hand sped through the air smacking me hard in the face. I fell to the floor, my face stinging with pain, but more from the shame of being incapable of handling the master’s beautiful shaft.

“Cedric, teach this fool, what happens to those who disobey me.”

I heard heavy footsteps and then a huge hand lifting me up by the hair. I thrashed against my restraints and cried out with a gasp of pain as he lifted me to my feet, trembling with fear and pain.

“Use the lift and don’t drop him till I tell you.”

He swung his massive black hand hard into my tight latex covered crotch and curled me up into the air, lifting me off of the ground, my weight entirely supported by his massive hand, that was now squeezing harder and harder on my balls.

“Harder Cedric”, he yelled!” “Make him scream!”

I felt an incredible, crushing force on my balls as he lifted me over his head. I twisted şişli escort and turned, screaming from the pain. As I felt myself drifting into unconsciousness, he dropped me hard onto the floor. I lay curled up in fetal position, that nauseating feeling in my stomach, coupled with aching balls that felt like they were crushed.

“Fuck his mouth. He can’t take mine, I want to see how he handles your, assets!”

Again the hand on my hair, pulling me to my knees and then in front of me, a massive bat of a black cock moving aggressively towards my mouth.

“Open slave”

I obeyed and felt the thick, black cock driving into my mouth. I tried to slow it with my lips, so that I could adjust, but he was too strong and it rammed down my throat. I couldn’t even gag.

“Breath bitch. I need to cum and you’ll do nicely.”

I gasped through my nose, my mouth stretched wide and taught, Cedric, pumping in and out down my throat, hand on my air. He started grunting like a crazed animal and fucking me like a rag doll, back and forth I was thrashed in and out of that huge cock. Finally after what seemed like hours, he grunted and his whole body trembled as a bucket load of warm cum gushed past my tongue deep into my throat and down.

I swallowed as fast as I could but it leaked out of the sides of my mouth and down my chin.

He pulled it out with a pop and I slumped back onto my knees, my jaw aching.

“Stay there, I have a special surprise for you slave. Cedric cut off all of his clothes, but leave the thong on. It’s time for his first whipping.”

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