Double Trouble Ch. 2

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Ch. 2: The Morning After

I awoke the next morning around ten. Aunt Gen was asleep next to me and as soon as I looked at her naked body my rod started to rise. She looked beautiful lying there. Her breasts rose and fell with her gentle breathing. Her red haired pussy looked so sexy. I bent over and started to gently lap her exposed nipples. I barely touched them, just teasing the tip with my tongue. She stirred slightly but did not wake. I sucked the whole nipple into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. It began to harden in my mouth. I could see the other nipple respond alike. Next I saw a smile spread across her face and her eyes opened.

“Oh sweetheart what a wonderful way to wake up. My handsome boyfriend waking up my nipples and my pussy too.”

She pushed my head away and moved her head down to my cock, which was at full mast. She looked at me and said, “Relax stud! I want some cream for my coffee, and I want it fresh from the source.” She sucked my shaft into her mouth and commenced giving me a wonderful blow-job. It only took about three minutes and I was h flooding her mouth with my hot spunk. She swallowed it all and smiled, licking her lips.

“Your mother is going to think she died and went to cock heaven when she sees this big fuck stick!”

“I wonder what she will do when she finds out who is attached to this big fuckstick!”

We took a shower together and had a quick lunch before I left. I didn’t want mom or dad to know I had been at aunt Gerri’s. It was about four o’clock when mom and dad got home. I was out in the back yard mowing the lawn so I didn’t hear them. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I almost jumped out of my skin. I turned around and there was aunt Gerri or so I thought. I grabbed her and gave her a kiss and a hug. She returned it but she seemed hesitant. I looked behind her and saw dad. BOING!!!!! Bells and siren’s went off and I broke the embrace.

“Well I see you must have missed your dear mother,” she said.

“Hi mom. You kinda startled me. Brandy was over a little while ago and she did the same thing. I thought it was her again. Sorry if I spooked you.”

“That’s OK honey! I don’t get many hugs from you anymore. It was nice.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned back towards the house. Dad waved and motioned for me to join him for a beer after. I signaled an affirmative and finished cutting the lawn. After putting the lawn mower away and finishing the yard work I was ready for a beer. Dad had a chair and a cold one waiting for me when I came back out by the pool. Mom and aunt Gerri were gabbing like lost friends and dad was biding his time sipping on his cold one. I sat down and took a long pull on my beer. Mom looked over and said.

“Dear did you hear your aunt Gerri has a new boyfriend?”

“Yeah I met him already. He’s a pretty nice guy. Aunt Gerri must like him a lot. She can’t keep her hands off him!”

“Jack!” mom said, “Don’t embarrass your aunt like that. She deserves a good man, it’s been so long. I’m sure we will just love him. When do we get to meet him Gen?”

“He’s coming to spend the weekend with me. He’ll be here Saturday afternoon!”

“Oh….. That’s to bad. Bill will be gone for two weeks starting tomorrow. Oh well I guess he can meet him later. Tell me sis what’s he like?”

“Come on dad let’s go for a swim and let these women gab.”

“I’m with you son.” Dad and I left the women to talk and we went swimming. We were in the pool for about a half hour when the ladies went in the house. They came back out about an hour later, and they were in identical bikinis. I had to look at mom’s ring finger to be sure which one was which. They were knockouts. They waded into the pool at the shallow end a pirouetted, showing off there suits or should I say lack of. They were very skimpy hiding only what was required by moral standards. There tits were outlined perfectly and the bottoms were just barely covered.

“What do you think dear?” mom said to dad. Should we go back and change? Your sister-in-law talked me into wearing it. She bought them while we were away. I think it’s a little to risqué for a woman my age. What do you think?” I looked at dad and I could swear he was had a woody. I was standing there with my mouth agape when aunt Gerri said.

“Well Gerri! It looks as if you son likes the way we look. If he doesn’t close his mouth the birds will start to make a nest.”

Mom looked at me a blushed. She was a little embarrassed, that was certain. I did notice that her nipples as well as aunt Genni’s were trying to poke holes in the top of the suits.

“I like! I like a lot dear,” said dad. Aunt Genni dove under the water and made her way towards me. As she passed she reached out and grabbed my cock through my trunks. I stepped back and dove in behind after her, trying to catch her. I caught her in no time and I grabbed her right by the pussy and massaged it for a few seconds. She stopped and held her place in the water opening her legs as if to give her OK. Mom and dad were bağdat caddesi şişman escort far enough away and it would have simply looked like we were playing tag. Aunt Genni broke the surface and smiled a wicked smile. We had completed the first phase of our seduction of mother dear. We finished the dad up with a barb-b-que. Mom and dad went to bed and aunt Gerri and I stayed out on the deck for a while longer. When about a half hour had passed aunt Genni looked at me and said, “Come on Jack let’s go peep on your parents. I left the blind open just enough to peek in. I bet they will be just about to the good parts by now.”

We jumped up and quietly made our way to my parent’s bedroom window. We bent down and peered through the one inch gap at the bottom, just in time to hear dad say.

“Honey it’s not you it’s me! I have this big contract I have to close this weekend and I can’t concentrate on anything else. Please try to understand. Listen when I get back I will make it up to you, promise.”

“That’s what you said last month and the same thing before that. I was hoping this would be different. I was hoping what I did today would turn you on. I’m beginning to think there may be someone else in your life, and there’s no love left for me!”

“Oh gosh no sweetheart! There is no one else, honest. I love only you.”

Dad bent and kissed mom on the forehead and turned and went to sleep. Mom rolled on her back. There was just enough light to make out the contour of her beautiful body. Her arm draped over her forehead, her soft pillowy breasts looked like they were quivering, as if she were crying. I looked at aunt Gen and we quietly moved away from the window. When we were out of ear shot I asked aunt Gen what mom was talking about.

“Today when we were in the house for so long, I convinced your mom to wear the bikini. I also talked her into shaving her pussy hair into a big heart. She agreed after I told her your dad would go nuts when he saw it. I shaved her and when I was done I gave her pussy a few good licks. She half heatedly scolded me but that was all. I told her to shave me the same, and when she was done she gave me a few lick and smiled, so I knew the fire was still burning from our earlier days. Poor dear must be frustrated as hell. It looks like we have our work cut out for us this Saturday night sweetheart. No more fuck, sucking and definitely no jacking off when your alone. I want you to save all your cock and cream for he big event. Understand!”

“Yes aunt Gen…. I mean Gen”

“Good. Now give me a big tongue kiss and I’ll see you and your hard cock tomorrow night at eight sharp”

I bid her good night and headed up to my room anticipating tomorrow. I woke up early Saturday morning and went with mom and dad to the airport. We saw dad off and mom and I went for lunch together. I could tell she wasn’t in the best mood. She was very melancholy, not caring what she was doing or eating for that matter. I tried to cheer her up add did manage to get a smile or two but it look as if her funk was pretty deep. We got home about four and she said she was going to have a couple stiff drinks and lay out in the sun in the back yard. I told her I had to get ready for my date tonight so I would see her later. She looked at me and asked me if I was taking out Brandy.

“No not tonight mom. I’ve got a new girl friend. She’s really nice”

“Oh good for you honey. When do I get to meet her?”

“You might meet her tonight as a matter of fact.”

“Super dear. Have a good time and be careful, if you know what I mean. I’m too young to be a grandmother yet.”

“Don’t worry mom I take all the necessary precautions. See ya!” It was hard talking to mom and making sure I didn’t let the pussy out of the bag. I came away in fine shape and smiled inwardly as I made my way to my room to get ready. I took a shower, shaved and used my favorite and mom’s cologne. She said it gave her goose bumps when she smelled it on me. I didn’t bother with under ware, just jeans and a silk shirt. At eight thirty I went back downstairs and outside to say good bye to mom. I went outside on the deck and found her laying on the chaise lounge with her eyes closed. She had on a pair of shorts and a halter top. I bent and kissed her on the lips to say goodbye. She opened her eyes a bit startled.

“Oh my I must have dozed off. What time is it?”

“It’s seven forty five, and I’m outa here.” I noticed that the cologne was working as the goose bumps appeared and……. Her headlights came on, poking at the front of her halter. Interesting, I thought to myself.

“Mmmmmm you smell good honey. Lucky girl who gets you tonight!”

“You got that right mom. Bye! Love you!”

“By dear! Have a good time. I’m jealous!”

I smiled knowing what was to come…..I hope. I’m sure the drinks she had would help but couldn’t be sure. I opened the back door and went in aunt Gen’s house. I went to her room where I found her primping at her dressing bağdat caddesi ucuz escort table. She was still wet and naked from the shower. I made my way up behind her and looking at our reflection in her mirror I told her.

“It looks as if you’re ready for our little party already!”

“You betchya!”

“I don’t think mom will go through with it”

“What makes you say that babe?”

“Well I just left her on the deck and she has had a few drinks. She will probably go up to bed soon. She was in a deep funk all day and I don’t think she will want to socialize.”

“Leave it to me handsome. I’ll go over there and convince her to come over. You get on the bed, strip and be ready when I get back here. We are going to have a no holds bared threesome tonight. Guaranteed!”

Aunt Gen put on her robe and went next door to our house and was gone for about a half hour. When she came back she found me naked on her bed sporting a semi.

“Your mom will be here in twenty minutes. Just enough time for me to get my pussy muffed out by you.”

She threw off her robe and jumped on the bed, straddling my head. She looked between her legs as she lowered her red cunt towards my waiting mouth. I left the back door open and the only lights on are ones that will lead her to here. So you have a few minutes to get my cunt all wet and hot. I’ll take that big beauty and get it nice and hard for your mom.”

Her wet hot cunt touched my lips and I went to work devouring her succulent snatch. The wetness drooled all over my face. Her pussy smelled sweet and tasted the same. At the same time as I sucked her cunt I felt her lips engulf my cock. We were in the classic sixty-nine position. Her mouth on my cock was pure bliss. Her face was pressed into my groin and her nose was tight against my balls. She had all eight inches buried in her throat. In and out in and out, time after time. I wondered if my mom could do it as good as her sister. We continued to eat one another when I heard a yelp. My aunt raised her head from my cock and started talking to who I hoped was my mom. I had a hard time hearing as Gen’s thighs were wrapped around my ears. I was able to make out most of the conversation.

“Hi Ger!”

“I’m so so sorry Gen I knocked and no one answered so I followed the lights and and….”

“That’s OK sis My new honey was waiting for me on the bed when I got back and we sort of got carried away.”

“I’ll come back later when you’re…….”

“Gerri-Aaaaann! Looky what I got!” She had my cock and was waving it back and forth trying to entice my mom. “Wanna share like we use to back in college?”

“Genni! I can’t do that! It wouldn’t be right!”

“Big fucking deal! I’ve got a gorgeous long hard cock in front of me, there’s enough for the both of us. Besides! You told me only a few minutes ago that you were frustrated because Bill wasn’t coming across in bed. I’m in bed with this nice….hard….mmmmmmmmm cock!” She was licking the shaft of my cock tempting mom.

“Come on sis! It’ll be fun, and no one the wiser. I promise I won’t tell your old man either. Come on! Come and run you hands over this beautiful hard cock!” I waited for what seemed like hours, then I felt a warm fingers surround my cock. My mother had her hands on my cock at last!

“I spoke into my aunts thigh to disguise my voice.

“Fey faby fyou fgrow ffffanother fffffhand!”

“Shut-up stud and get back to eating my cunt. I’ve got a nice surprise if you make me cum!”

She turned her attention back to mom.

“Well what do you think sis. Nice hunk of cock flesh eh!”

“He’s so big! I have never seen on this big before. It’s so soft yet hard. It’s magnificent.”

“Go ahead Gerri! Taste him. I know your dyeing to suck it!”

“Oh gosh no. I couldn’t. What if Bill finds out.”

“Fuck Bill! He’s probably fucking that young cunt as we speak. Go ahead suck this big….hard….cock!”

Then I felt the new hand slowly jack my cock. Then I felt a tongue touch the end of my shaft. Then more and more the new tongue began to swirl around my cock head licking and kissing the hard pink shaft.

“My god Genni-Ann it’s so fucking huge! It must be at least seven inches!”

“He’s eight and one half inches long and five inches around and he belongs to us for the whole weekend. Now show me what you remember about sucking cock sis. I’m going to enjoy his tongue while you enjoy his cock.”

“This seems so funny. I don’t know his name or what he looks like or any thing.”

“Don’t worry honey. After you swallow his load, fuck him and take some of the starch out his cock I’ll introduce the two of you.” I felt mother’s mouth suck my cock. Her hot lips circled my shaft and her hungry mouth was voracious in it’s attack on my rod. Her head was going up and down taking more and more of my cock flesh with each plunge. Soon she had succeeded it taking the whole thing in her throat. Her nose buried in my pubic hair, her head shaking bağdat caddesi yabancı escort back and forth sending tremors up and down my spine. I ate my aunt pussy like a wild-man sucking her cunt cream swallowing it all in as my mother continued to eat my cock. I felt my aunt lean forward and wrestle with something. She dropped something on my face from over her shoulder. I looked and saw that it was my mother’s halter top.

“Gerri honey Why don’t you tit fuck his cock like we use to do!”

“My oh fucking my. I thing I have died and gone to heaven. This is one beautiful cock. Watch sis as I put this big cock between my tits and fuck him. Why don’t you suck the end when it comes through and we can make him cum all over my tits then we can lick it off!”

“Sounds yummy to me.” I felt my mother’s tit flesh close around my cock, then I felt her move up and down fucking my cock between her globes. Aunt Gen leaned forward and sucked the tip of my cock as it popped out between strokes.

“That’s it sis suck him. Make him shoot all over my big tits.”

I was at the end of my rope. There was no holding back. My load of cock juice erupted sending buckets of cum out the end of my cock. I could here the women as my seed was spitting out of my orgasming cock.

“Oh fuck Genni he’s shooting all over my tits. Oh fuck it feel so hot on my skin.”

“Stick it in your mouth Gerri! Suck the hot cum from is cock!” I felt her mouth close on my spurting cock. My mother was swallowing my hot load. Her tongue was washing my cock as her sucking action drew the rest of the seed from my shooting rod.

“Yes Gerri eat all that delicious cum baby! Suck that big hard cock dry! Mmmmmmm his cum does taste good and so do your tits honey. It’s been so so long since I have had the privilege of licking these big beauties. Oh yes that cum is so sooooooo sweet That’s it baby milk him dry, and when your finished I want you to take those shorts off and sit that pretty red pussy on him and keep him hard.”

“Oh fuck Genni he is so fucking big and hard! Yes I want him in my aching pussy now. I need a cock so very much!” Her mouth was gone in an instant. I could here aunt Genni urge her on. Then I felt the bed sag from added weight. Genni sat up straight blocking my view. I could feel warm flesh on either side of my legs. Then a hand grabbed my still rampant cock. Aunt Genni guided my mother down to my cock.

“Get ready for the fuck of your live Gerri. This is one cock you will never forget. Once this baby opens up your cunt you’ll have to have it again and again.”

“He’s so fucking big Genni. He’ll rip me wide open!”

“Yeah! But what a fucking way to die!” I could feel a new wetness at the end of my cock as my aunt guided the head into mother’s pussy. The head was sucked in then the shaft began to disappear inside mom’s juicy fuck hole. It took about there minutes to sink the whole length and mom’s pussy felt like a velvet vice around my cock.

“Your balls deeps honey! Now show your sister Genni how much you love to fuck!”

“Fuckin bastard I feel like I have a fucking telephone pole up my cunt, but it hurts soooooo fucking good! Let me see him Genni. I want to see this beautiful the stud who owns this magnificent cock!”

“OK Gerri! Gerri I would like you to meet my new boyfriend.” Aunt Gen lifted her pussy from my face and swung her leg over, managing to hide my mom’s eyes until she was completely off me.


“OH MY GOD!!!!. NOOOOOOOOOOO…… can’t be!”

“It is sister dear! Your wonderful son has his cock balls deep inside your hot little cunt and that’s where he is staying until he fills you with his hot fucking cum. Now fuck him sister. Fuck you son’s big, hot, cock. Feel him in your pussy, stuffing you full with that wonderful cockflesh. Tell me he doesn’t he feel good? Tell me that you don’t like that big pole in your hot little hole!”

“Oh shit I…..I…..Oh god it does feel good! It feels so hot and bigggggg! Yes I want his cock! I want my……my….my son’s big fucking cock in my tight hot cunt!!!!! Fuck me son! Fuck mother’s hot pussy baby! Make me cum baby! Fill mommy’s pussy with that hot white seed. Ohhhh fuccccckkkkkkkkkk! Yesssssssssssssss. I love your cock Jack I don’t ever want to stop. Fuck me baby! Fuck me fuck fuck fuckfuck my hot cunt.”

“I love you mom! I love your hot pussy around my cock! I am going to fill that sweet hot cunt with my juice. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you ’til you can’t walk. Oh fuck yessss mommmmm your pussy is so fucking tight. Squeeze my fucking cock bitch! Fuck your son! Fuck your cunt on my cock!”

We were slamming into one another like animals. We didn’t care about anything except mutual release. We wanted to cum together. I unfortunately could not hold back and exploded inside her hot cunt.

“Oh god Oh fuck I can’t hold back I’mmmmm cummmmmiiiinnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! UNGH……..UNGH………..UNGH……….UNGHHHHHHHHFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!”

I blasted my load into mother’s wet gripping pussy. Jets of hot cum spewed from my cock. I never thought I could cum that strong. It felt as if my body was being electrocuted, so strong was my orgasm. Mom shouted out her feelings as well, telling me she was enjoying it as well. Aunt Gen’s head was buried in our groins and she was lapping at mom’s clit trying to bring on her orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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