Down By the Lake Pt. 01

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Big Dick

My first story, lemme know how shit or fantastic or absolutely in between it is!


We were out in the woods, running free as if we were teenagers again. Well we weren’t much older than teenagers but just the same, it felt good to be free of all restrictions if just for a while. We had the entire weekend out here to ourselves. We could do whatever we wanted out by the lake.

I looked over to Brooke, who was sitting down by the water’s edge. Next to her was our car with camping gear piled outside of it atop a jumbled mess of a tent. Brooke was my High School crush, always just out of reach for me. It took more courage than I think I’d ever had in my life to stand up and ask her out on that last day of school. And it turned out just fine. Here were the two of us, a married couple with a nice house and good jobs, ready to start a family.

She was gorgeous, of course. She was wearing these short cargo shorts that teased mercilessly and a thin white t-shirt that covered, well, nothing really. I could see her back very well from this angle. There was no bra, no straps to obscure. She knows it tortures me when she played hard-to-get. She really does enjoy it.

I walked over to the shore, over by my wife and sat down next to her. She was staring out at the other edge of the lake where a family was packing up to set out. We would be alone for the next few days with this lake as ours. I looked over at Brooke again, up and down and focused in on her breasts. It was always her breasts that put me over the edge.

They were perfect orbs, made of soft flesh that could be kneaded like dough. Her thimble-sized nipples sat atop them like crowns, semi-erect. They were heavy on her thin frame, but she showed no sign of stress. She’d always had large breasts, but in the past few months they had gained considerable size. Her breasts held our greatest secret that we were struggling to keep from everyone in public. Out here, we had freedom, hence the lack of bra and a partially see-through shirt.

The secret behind Brooke’s rapid growth and the fact we kept hidden from everyone was milk. Brooke had been lactating for practically as long as she could remember. Yet it was always just a small tiny bit that only manifested itself when she squeezed her breasts as hard as she could. Then she’d get just a few drops. Ever since we’d been in a relationship together, though, we’d been fostering her lactation. Both of us were obsessed with the idea of an adult nursing relationship. We simply wanted more milk out of her breasts and they were more than willing to provide.

Why we find it hot, I can’t exactly say. We both had a sneaking suspicion that deep down, most people wanted this. Maybe this was just our way of feeling like less of outsiders. Still, she had milk. She went from producing a drop a day to a month later making 30 ounces of creamy milk. She pumped five times a day and I helped out whenever I could. Just recently she’d passed 50 ounces of regular production. This was with us working around the clock, so we felt we’d hit a roadblock on production. Still, 50 ounces leaves gay seks hikayeleri a ton for us and a ton to sell for money. The market for this stuff was willing to pay well.

We went to work setting up camp. I moved Brooke’s milk kit over next to a tree. It was a portable little crate that we brought around with an ice chest to store milk in and a number of pumps, ointments, creams and medicines to promote milk production. We even had a “milk keg” that we could fill up for milk on tap. More of a novelty really, since I had breast milk on tap in my wife’s breasts, and we really did not have a large crowd to feed. I put the stuff up and set up our little solar panels for the camp and the milk kit. Going completely without electricity was simply not an option with breasts like hers.

We set up our two-person tent in a small clearing about twenty feet from our car. Brooke bent over to put a stake in the ground and I saw her beautiful ass curving over. I wasn’t much of an ass man but I sure could appreciate one when it was staring me right in the face. I ran up and gave her a good-hearted smack and she laughed and reached over and tugged on my dick through my shorts. I’d had a hard-on for about half an hour now, trying as hard as I could to hold on so we could finish setting up camp.

Finally, we’d had the tent set up and the gear stashed away. As the sun set, the family who had spent the day across the lake departed. The sky had turned a beautiful shade of red with streaks of burgundy and clouds swirling around, reflecting light off of themselves in a stunning manner. We lay side by side watching as the stars slowly appeared in the night sky. We turned towards each other for a kiss and a warm embrace.

I wrapped my arms around her back and to me she did the same. Her chest was pressed up against mine, partially flattening it. Our legs interlaced and my knee rubbed up against her crotch. She let out a moan and squeezed me tighter. We looked into each other’s eyes again and decided that tonight was the night, we were going to have a child.

I pulled my pants off and she did the same. I gazed at her shirt, slowly being soaked by a thin drip of milk that had appeared. This was probably because of the squeeze we just had but they also had a habit of going off whenever she was turned on. My dick was the hardest it ever had been. She sat back against the tree stump with a lock and a pose that said to take her now.

I ripped her shirt open and started sucking the milk out of her left breast. Her left arm came around to caress my head as I suckled. Her right hand squeezed her other breast, causing a small fountain of milk to spurt out. It cascaded down her chest and pooled on her thigh before dripping off onto the ground. Thin, creamy milk was gushing out of her breast, filling my mouth almost faster than I could swallow. This was was a deeper love than any couple could ever hope for. Milk was utter perfection.

With my free hand I pushed my penis inside of her. Her left hand pushed my face so far into her breast that I could not see or breathe. I continued to pump my hips and eventually she relaxed, but her right hand flew to her crotch to massage her clitoris while my left hand took over to relieve her right breast. There was now a large pool of milk all over the dirt next to her, likely several ounces now. Her milk was flowing faster than ever, likely due to her recent hormone treatments and the sex she was receiving.

Brooke massaged her clitoris faster as I pumped faster, and we were both working at incredible speeds. My balls slammed against her legs every time I thrust, which made her giggle a few times. I sucked up a mouthful of milk and leaned over to her mouth. She opened up for a kiss and our lips locked. Her milk and our saliva mixed and our tongues interlocked. She swallowed as much of the milk as she could take at a time and gave me a look that said “more”.

I went back to her breast, and using my right hand, kneaded her flesh in an attempt to squeeze some more milk out of her nearly empty breast. I managed to coax some out and sucked it up and repeated the process with Brooke. She gratefully accepted the warm milk and gave me a hug with her left hand. I went back to empty that breast entirely and continue fucking her.

I’d been ramming her for several minutes now and finally we both felt we were approaching the brink. Her body had been quivering for some time now, and finally with a jolt, she achieved orgasm. Her left breast spurted out more milk than ever, and of its own accord. It was followed by several “aftershocks” as her breast letdown. Her right breast, still in my mouth, had a delay and finally emptied itself almost entirely into my mouth. I struggled to keep up and finally I swallowed it. She’d sprayed all over me with milk and her juices and it was all just too much. I locked eyes with her and squeezed both breasts with both hands as I gave one last mighty heave and exploded into her. Soon we would be with child.

I grabbed a towel from our gear and we set to work cleaning up what we could not lick off of each other. As a consequence of these sessions where only one breast was finished off, her chest could end up looking a bit lopsided. I laughed at the sight of her. Her right breast, barely drained, was dropping some milk out of it. It had retained its shape. Her other breast was a different story. It was almost completely empty of milk (she was never completely empty, always making more and more milk, it was a constant battle). It sat flat and deflated. It was an empty, wrinkly, deflated fleshy sack of skin. And it was the hottest thing ever.

I grabbed one of her electric pumps for her and she got to work emptying the other breast. I watched, as fascinated as I was the first time I had seen her do this. It never got old to see her slowly deflate her melons. She had grown to more than twice her size prior to our relationship and when engorged with milk, could almost approach three times. We were having a hard time hiding this fact from people. This, coupled with her having to run out of the office to the bathroom to pump at random intervals left some suspicious.

Still, we carried on, knowing nothing would stop us from this romance of ours. Finally, her right breast was “emptied” of the offending fluid. I’d been so hypnotized by her milking that I didn’t even notice until now that her other breast was already partially refilled. How long had we been sitting here, playing with milk? It was dark now! We decided to go to the tent and continue to pump both her breasts empty so she could get a few hours of sleep before engorgement woke her up. At home I was working on a system to pump her in her sleep, but I couldn’t use it out here.

We sat in the tent and joked about her floppy breasts while we struggled to squeeze them dry. I prepared a “dinner” for us, in the form of two glasses of her milk (freshly squeezed) and some trail mix and an apple each. Not the greatest as neither of us had the energy to go barbecue up some burgers, but it was good enough for us. She took a break from pumping and we both toasted our glasses and drank them down.

After dinner and Brooke had determined that her breasts were emptied to a satisfactory level, we got into our sleeping bags and rolled up close to each other. We wore only our underwear, I wore boxers, she wore a thong and a tank top. A tiny milk stain appeared over each nipple. No rest for the weary, I suppose. Brooke of course did not mind. We settled into bed and kissed each other goodnight.

I woke up in the morning with a warm feeling on my face. Then it was a wet feeling. Then it was in my eyes as I opened them. I heard laughing. Opening my eyes revealed a breast in my face, dripping milk down its exterior. It was a full breast too, showing early signs of engorgement. Brooke loved to wake me up like this, it got me every time.

“Ready for breakfast?” she asked as she hefted up both of her breasts.

“You know me too well!” I replied as I pulled my boxers down only to have my penis, rock hard, fly out of them.

I sat on a small camping chair we had and Brooke leaned over. My penis stood like a tower, and her two breasts were dripping milk as they moved closer. She sprayed down the exterior of my dick and placed her tits around the shaft. I was in heaven and the day had barely begun.

Her tits oozed milk as she went up and down my shaft. I leaned back in my seat, struggling to take it all in. She smiled at me and started going faster, up and down and up and down. Milk was splashing all over my chest and running down to my legs and off onto the chair. Our sex was very messy but so rewarding.

She craned her neck over my penis, ready to catch up every last drop of semen that spurted out. I could barely hold on any longer. My hips jerked and my mind went blank for what seemed like ages. I came back to reality to find Brooke lapping up the milk and semen that was left.

We weren’t done yet, though. I tackled her to the ground and decided it was milking time for us. Brooke giggled and hoisted a tit up to her mouth and started slurping up the nectar. I kneaded the flesh on both her tits and squeezed them so they would release their juice. We were going to have a very, very pleasant vacation. I leaned in and placed my lips around her nipple, and took a drink of heaven.

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