Dr. M’s Files. Husband’s trick

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Dr M’s Files:

By Lees and Smiths (Pam, Sam and Rosie)

Maggie — Mother, 39yo, 5’7″, dark brunette, fair skin

David — Father, 40yo, 6′, dark complexion

Will — Son, 19yo, 6’3, dark hair, fair complexion.

My husband was always quite adventurous in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to sex. We met when I was a first year Uni student. We were married when I was 20 and had William the same year. During the 2 years we were going out, we experimented with sex parties, 2 on 1, many on one, assorted sex tools, S and M and what ever you can think of. We calmed down and had William, and for the first 10 years of William’s life, David worked hard to provide for us. Sex was alright but not exciting.

David, at 35, had a health scare. Under doctor’s advice, he cut down his work load, and worked from home occasionally. With a bit more spare time, and his vitamins and exercises, his health improved. It’s about half a year after that that our sex life picked up again. With William out with friends on the weekends, we used the private time to rekindle our sex life.

Soon, David started thinking of having threesomes. But with our standing in our community, we decided that it’s not worth the risk. Instead we travelled interstate to nudist camps and those massages with “happy endings”. I like girls as well, so in some rare occasions we picked up girls and had threesomes. I know David like to see me having sex with girls and guys. We did a German backpacker once in some remote town. I remembered his very cute cock.

After couple of years, we had a scare, so all these activities had to stop. Instead, we purchased more sex toys and doing it around the house. Amongst the games, David got a kick out of me exposing myself to strangers, “accidentally”. He started asking me to buy sexy cloths, short skirts and tank tops and singlets to wear at home, half exposing myself to delivery boys or girls. At times he would ask me to wear something sexy, or go without a bra when Will’s friends came over. Somehow, they never got to stay long. Will always seemed to hurry them away. Dav and I had a laugh about how protective Will was towards me. Gradually, I started wearing skimpy cloths all the time because I like the feel and Dav’s attention, any maybe the occasion amazement from Will. Dav and I joked about being “almost” nudist at home.

When Will was doing his final year of high school, he spent most of his time in his room studying or at his friend’s, presumably studying. His grades were very good and we were very proud of him. In fact, he got into University doing Law. Since Will is not around most of the time, Dav and I, well, Dav most of the time, openly fondle me when ever he can. We had sex almost every where in the house and even in the kitchen, the pool and steam room. Will caught us a few time and made his groused out expression, but Dav always laugh it off. I was a bit embarrassed the first few times but I suppose I got used to it. Will did not protest, instead he just rolled his eyes at us.

Will finished his high school and found a summer job in Dav’s company, in a different division, of course. He spent his weekends clubbing with girl friends or at friends. He had a few girl friends that we know of. We made a pack that if he brought someone home he would call us first, in case we were in the middle of love making, any where in the house.

Few weeks into his holidays, Will came home early and we were making love in the lounge room. Dav was humping me from behind with one hand massage my tit. I had my hands out stretched, pushing back, close to coming. We usually stop until Will moved on, but this time Dav continued despite my protest, so I tried my best to cover up and moved away from Dav. Dav’s cock slipped out of my pussy with a loud pop as I pushed away from him. Completely naked with nothing to cover up, I kept my legs together and cover my tits with my hand. Dav on the other hand stood up, unperturbed, with his fully erected penis.

To our surprise, Will sat down on the lounge, smiled at us and said “Don’t stop. I’ve seen it so many times it doesn’t bother me.”

Dav smiled and said “Ok.”, and moved towards me.

“Not in front of our son!? That’s way to kinky.” I protested. My expression must be quite funny because my husband and my son both laughed.

“I don’t mind, really. It’s like watching erotic art of work. It’s beautiful, and full of love.” Will sounded so sincere. “I’d like to learn more of how to make love like you guys.”

“See, our son is so mature about it, I don’t think you have to worry.” Dav said, moving to spoon with me.

I must say I was quite turned on by the situation and being so close to coming before we stopped didn’t help. So when Dav sat behind me and pulled my hands away from my tits, I let him. Letting out an unconvincing protest, “It’s still not right”. My tits were completely exposed to my son, for the first time.

Dav reached over from behind, cupping both globes of 36C and bursa eskort bayan lightly brushing over my nipples. Shamelessly, I let out a moan. My head turned to find my husband’s mouth, kissing it passionately. Dav pushed my shoulder forward without breaking the kiss. I put my hands on the table for support while Dav entered me from behind. From where my son was sitting, he could see his father’s 9 inches going in and out of me. I looked at Will and he was looking at me panting with pleasure. I saw his eyes moved down to my swaying tits and then towards where the wet slapping sound came from. Dav pulled out slowly and ram it back in with force, causing my tits to bounce and moans from my mouth. Within a couple of minutes, I came hard, letting out a loud sigh.

Dav slowed down and gently put me on the floor. He gave me a minute to rest and turned me over, lifted my legs and entered my missionary style. We are now positioned with my head pointing at my son. From where he’s sitting, he could see my full nakedness, shaved pussy and his father’s cock slowly entering me. Looking up at him, I see him smiling down at me. With his approving look, my worry was gone. Dav took it slow, moving in and out of me with circular hip motion, the way I liked best. Dav slowly picked up pace after a few minutes. I could feel another orgasm building. The wet slapping sound became louder and louder as Dav fucked me harder. Dav started panting and I knew he’s close to coming. With a few more thrusts, Dav and I both came. It was very intense. When I came back to my senses, I noticed I was holding Will’s hand, and he was smiling. I rested in that position for a few minutes, not worrying about covering myself. Finally, I managed to get up. A globe of semen leaked out of my pussy, dripping down my thigh. Will reached over for the tissue box and passed it to me. Dav just watched with amusement.

Will stood up while I was cleaning up, gave me a kiss on my cheek and said “Well, now I will go have a wank, since it’s now too late to call Emma.”

Despite being naked and fucked in front of my son, I still blushed.

Dav got up, gave me a kiss and said “Guess what he’s thinking right now.”

The next day, Will was making breakfast when I got down stairs. I thought it would be awkward, but Will’s cheerfulness made me feel at ease again. Dav came down soon after, ate and left for the day. I was in a very happy mood, so I went to do some lingerie shopping. I did want to talk to Will about last night, but he seems and acted normal, like last night didn’t happen at all. When I got home, I had 2 new outfits, a bikini and had a message, facial, manicure and pedicure.

It was Thursday night. To my surprise, Will came home with his dad. I had a short robe on with my new white bikini lingerie under that.

“Not going out tonight?”

“No. Emma’s going on a trip with her family over Christmas and Rob is sick at home.” Will said, didn’t sound disappointed.

“Oh, I forgot about Emma going on holidays. Good, I made more than enough dinner.”

Conversation during dinner was normal. Will talked about his new job, some office gossips. Dav talked about possible family holiday locations. Not until dessert time that we talked about sex.

“Are you alright? You know you shouldn’t watch you parents have sex. I’m sorry about what happened last night.” I said.

Dav raised his eyebrow, but Will spoke first “It was beautiful, mum. I’ve never seen anything so sexy before. Besides, don’t worry about me. I think I’m balance enough to cope.”

“But it’s almost like participating…., and we let you!” I complaint, shooting a quick it’s your fault look at Dav, although it’s partly my fault too.

“I’m old enough to know, don’t you think? Besides, many of the kids in school talked about catching their parents making love. We all know that everyone does it, everyone knows and everyone wanted to pretend not to know.” Will said, with a sigh as if the whole situation was so ridiculous.

“Well, what we did should be between your father and I but ….” I didn’t want Will to feel hurt and left out so I couldn’t finish my sentence

“Not all the time, as I recall.” Dav added.

The surprised look on Will’s face said it all. “Wow, that’s so kinky, mum. Please, do tell.”

I didn’t know what to say. My face must be blushing like mad. Somehow, I felt a bit turned on as well, with 2 male concentrating on me.

“I’m proud of you son. One day you’ll be a great lawyer. What are you wearing under your robe?” Dav said.

“DAV!” I was not prepared for the change of direction of our conversation again.

Dav and Will chucled.

Dav and Will finished up their dessert and went upstairs. I was thinking of an alternate plan to show Dav of my new purchase. Knowing my devious husband, he would mind showing my goods to our son.

As I finished cleaning up, Dav came down with only his shorts. “Let’s go to the steam room.” He said.

Checking that Will was bursa otele gelen eskort bayan not around, I smiled at Dav and untie my robe. “You like?” letting the robe fall to the ground and strike a pose. The white see through bikini was just like my second skin. It hugged the curve of my breast and showed off my light brown coloured nipples. Exercises and good nutrient helped my breast to stay in shape. At the bottom was a G string with very little in front. Have I not shaved, my pubic hair will show.

“Hmmm, hubba hubba!” Dav walked over and hugged me. His hands went down to cup my butt cheeks. We kissed passionately. I felt his hand wend down even further. “You’re so wet. That soon?” He said.

“I was waiting for the whole day.”

“Nooo. Must be thinking of Will looking at us?” Dav said.

“No?” I said defensively.

We cuddled for a few minutes and we went into the steam room. Dav already had it turned on.

We sat down in the steam room and Dav removed his shorts, showing off his shaved cock. Without a word, he went for my breasts.

“Wait. Will’s here.”

“Never stopped you before.” Dav said.

“I thought it’s too soon, having just seen us fucked last night.” Putting a hand on his chest.

“I don’t mind fucking in front of him. He’s an adult now and he’s right about hiding around doing that’s obvious.” Dav said. “Don’t worry. He’s a perfectly balanced young man and matures enough to handle it. Remember, he’s not a baby anymore.”

With that, I stopped resisting. Not that I put up a fight. It excites me too showing myself to my son.

Dav’s hands were roaming on my breasts for a while. I knew the bikini won’t stay long, but for now Dav didn’t remove it. We were in the middle of a passionate kiss when I heard a knock on the glass door. Dav let go of my breast and wave Will to come in. Will had his swimming trunk on with an impressive package showing. He’s hairless all over, unlike his father with a little bit of chest hair. He wore swimmers quite low. He must have shaved.

“Ah, good. I got bored on the net.” Will said, sitting down next to me.

The steam room was quite small, only suitable for 4 people.

“Wow, mum, you look hot!” he said as he was eyeing me up and down.

“You’re a 10 out of 10. I didn’t have a chance to look at it, can you show it to us again?” Dav said.

I looked at Dav, then Will, and Dav again. Dav gave me an encouraging nod. I stood up, a little shy, with arms around my breasts. Both men smiled and drank in the sight. I slowly let go of my breasts and show it all to them.

“Wow, mum. I have no idea.” I looked down and his trunk was streaching.

“Take off you trunk son. You looked like you’re busting out.” Dav said.

I shot a quick look at Dav and turned back to Will. He whipped off his trunk and let out a sigh. My heart was pounding seeing my son’s 9.5 inch clean shaven cock for the first time in years. It’s only semi erect, and it looked a little bigger that his dad’s, with smoother skin. His balls are sagging because of the heat, but that looked so sexy to me.

I tried to talk myself into seeing this as normal. Nudist family does it too, right? But I can’t lie about getting turned on, even though Will’s my son. “Alright then.” I said, and unclipped my bikini top and slide down the bottom.

As I sat back down the two men were look at me. Dav went for my breasts again, his favourite. We kissed as he fondled my breasts and nipples. I stopped myself from touching his cock. As Dav lean more and more towards me, I felt my thighs are touching my son’s and my shoulder was leaning on his. Will didn’t move as Dav pushed for me to lie down. Dav started to kiss my breasts and slowly moving down to my naval. Because of the small space, I need to support myself. I had to lie on Wills thigh and felt his cock on my shoulder, rock hard. Still, he’s gentleman enough to keep his hands to himself, only provided support when I was off balance.

I pushed Dav’s head away when he was going for my pussy. I was amazed that I still have some self control. “Let’s go for a shower.” I panted

The steam room is part of a big shower room attached to the indoor pool. It’s an open shower with no blinds or glass or partition, with only two 18 inch rain shower heads in the middle. Dav pulled me up and we walked hand in hand to the shower. I can feel Will’s stare on my full butt. I’m not a petit girl like Emma, but a full figured woman.

I felt a bit sorry for leaving Will in the steam room by himself. As I turned over my shoulder to look at him through the glass door, he must have taken it as the signal of my invitation. Will got up and moved out of the steam room. He was fully erect. His cock beautifully pointing up, slightly bend to the right. Dav started to kiss and fondle me as we walked into the shower. I kissed back and this time, I didn’t resist touching his already very hard cock. Will went under the other bursa eve gelen escort shower head, in full view of his mum and dad.

Dav turned me around as if he was going to enter me from behind. Instead, he reached for my breasts again, massaging and playing with my nipples. I was facing Will and he was looking straight at his father massaging my breasts and nipples. His hand went down to his cock and slowly, he moved it up and down, jacking off looking at his naked mother getting pleasured.

Dav lift one of my leg up by the knees with one hand and reached around to my clit with the other. Expertly he played with my pussy, open me up for my son to see. I was very wet and very close to coming before, this tipped me over the edge. I lifted my arms over my head, holding my husband’s head for support as I came. I came so hard that I almost lost consciousness. I came through in time to hear Will panting hard. He’s about to come. To my surprise, I heard Dav said “Come on your mum’s pussy.”

Will didn’t need another invitation. He took a step forward and came hard. I felt his semen sprayed onto my hairless pussy again and again. I thought I felt his cock head pressing the entrance too, but I was not sure. He collapsed on me, pressing his chest on my breasts. Dav, for a few seconds was supporting both of us.

Now, it’s clear to me what Dav wanted. But I have to draw my line on incest. Although Dav never asked me to do anything I won’t do, he will try his best to persuade me. David was always a schemer. Maybe that’s how he managed to climb to the top of his company so quickly and have such good connections politically. All these happened without me even noticing, until he told me after he met his ultimate objective.

As we were finishing off our shower, I whispered to Dav, and made a compromise. “Now, I know what you’re trying to do and this is how far I’m willing to go. There will not be penetration for Will. Ok? I will not fuck my own son. You have to agree or I will not allow this again.” Dav nodded in agreement.

I walked out of the shower holding Dav’s and Will’s hand. I kissed them both and went back to my room. I know Dav’s will need to be satisfied, but we can do it in our room. I fried my hair and put on some light makeup and lipstick. I draped a small sash over my waist to enhance my nakedness. I walked out of our en-suite, father and son are both on each side of the bed, waiting, smiling at me mischievously. Will was already sporting an erection.

“Dad told me about the conditions.” Will said, I nodded, looking at Dav suspiciously.

“No penetration. What about touching and kissing?” Will said, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t think of any thing other than penetration. I was caught off guarded.

“Mum said just no penetration. Anything else is fine.” Will’s father said.

Will let out an excited yell, came over and swoop me off my feet. I let out a yell of surprise. He gently placed me in the middle of the bed, looking into my eyes, lovingly. “I love you mum. You are my goddess.” With that, he planted a kiss on my lips. His tongue probed my lips prying it open. I looked at Dav and he nodded. I let go. Opened my mouth and kissed him back with ferocity. I made muffled sound as I felt someone’s hands on my breasts. I didn’t care whose hand it was, I just enjoy the moment. Then I felt a hand on my inner thigh. Dav was moving in on my pussy. My son broke off our kiss to move towards my tits, sucking each nipple into his mouth and flicking them with his tongue.

“You’re so wet, you must be so turned on. Naughty girl.” As Dav took his first lick on my pussy.

Will moved up to have a closer look at my pussy. His very stiff penis was almost pointing at my face. Dav pushed my legs further up to my chest, Will put his leg over the other side of my shoulder so he could have a closer look at his dad licking me. Now, his penis was right above my face, occasionally toughing my jaw. I had a close look at his beautiful penis, but not wanting to go too far. My mouth was opened, desperately wanting to suck it into my mouth, but I stopped myself. I did however, let myself in on a little pleasure of caressing my son’s muscular butt. Suddenly, I felt something different. I felt a tongue on my anus and the other on my clit. I looked down pass the tip of my son’s cock. I saw his strong triceps lifting his upper body and his head lowered, tonguing my pussy. I was so turned on that I had to steal a lick on my son’s cock.

Will let out a moan, “Oh mum, that feels so good.” He positioned himself so all I need is to stick my tongue out. Instead, I grabbed his thick 9 and a half inch cock and sucked it into my mouth. “Arrrrrr.” He let out a grunt. As if on queue, Dav entered me in one swift move. With my husband’s cock in my cunt and my son’s in my mouth, I quickly reached the point of no return. Everyone must be so turned on that we all came at the same time. I felt my son’s eruption in my mouth. The force was so strong that his semen leaked out of my mouth and down my cheek. My husband came inside me with a forceful jerk of his cock. I came hard, so hard that my pussy spasm for a long time.

My son rolled to one side, lying up side down on the bed, while my husband collapsed on top of me. Without a thought, Dav kissed me deeply, tasting the remanence of our son’s semen.

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