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EXPLICATION: This is a strange story combination that I thought of a while back; it combines the two types of stories I release: Dragon sex, and Breast milk fetishes. I thought it was a bit crazy at first, but it actually worked well for me, and as a result I’ve put some good effort into making this. Also remember, if anyone wants to send me any pictures or drawings they create showing scenes from my stories, you can send them to me at my email, which should be in my profile description. I would greatly enjoy pictures or drawings of this particular story (and I believe others would too). Enjoy!


Anna awoke with a start, the pain in her chest had become unbearable for her to stay asleep. Then amidst the pain she looked down and found the reason for her suffering. Her breasts had expanded to a great proportion.

“Father!” she screamed loud enough for the entire building to hear, “Father, come quickly, please!”

Anna’s father, Michael, rushed into the room and almost screamed at the sight of her daughter’s enlarged chest. Her breasts had enlarged to the size of large urns and seemed almost three times the size of a watermelon each… and they were lactating. But not just lactating, Anna’s stretched nightgown became completely soaked before it popped off, and milk streams began flying out of Anna’s enlarged nipples. But how was this happening, and why?

In the past month Anna’s breasts had been feeling progressively uncomfortable, and with each day they had seemed to be growing a little, but never to this size or this quick. The reason behind this event stems behind a dark tragedy about five weeks prior to this. Anna’s family was rather wealthy in the area (mainly a wealth of books), and a group of her friends and their siblings were having a dinner party at one of their estates, it was more of a garden party as nearly all of the food was home grown, however Anna’s family soon left while she stayed behind. But within an hour, most of the guests lay dead. The culprit was determined to be a strange, reddish-purple root originally thought to be an onion; the cook who placed it in the salads was later revealed to be with the Occult and was executed.

But for some unknown reason, Anna, along with the owner of the estate, did not perish, but simply fell asleep for a day. When she awoke she immediately complained about the pain in her breasts, and when her parents began to notice the increase in their size, they feared the unknown herb had cursed her with some form of Occult black magic. As the days went by they only became more painful, and about a week before this event she started lactating slightly. This was when they truly started to worry; they wanted to find her some sort of remedy, but this was 16th century Albania, and most medicines around were only based on speculation and unproven possibility. Essentially, they did not know what to do.

As Anna lie on her bed whimpering as milk began to shoot out of her gargantuan mammaries with unprecedented force, splattering itself upon all the walls and furniture. Anna’s father crawled upon the ground to try to reach her, but only ended up getting soaked and had to turn back. After about ten minutes of this ordeal, her father returned with a group of about ten men and they carried her out of the milk-filled room, into a latticed chamber in the dungeon. As the milk poured from her breasts into the sewer-grates on the floor, Anna’s father was debating with some men on what needed to be done. A few of the men were simple servants, but some were friends or scholars, some were philosophers of trade, and one thing they all had in common is that they were now all wet from Anna’s lactation explosion. They all gave dark looks at each other as they watched Anna moan in her restless sleep as milk still poured from her nipples.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Michael, “what kind of twisted curse did that Cultist put upon my daughter.”

“Come now, we must not turn to all this talk of magic for an explanation,” said one of his more philosophical friends, “surely there must be some plausible reason for the events here. What if that herb had-“

“I don’t care what caused this mess,” Michael interrupted, “all I want is my daughter returned to normal!”

“Well there must be something we could do?” said another man.

“Do you have any ideas?” said Michael shortly, “Because right now my daughter is suffering and I’m afraid her chest is going to explode! None of you are any medical men, so I don’t expect you to know how to fix this but…” Michael paused for a moment and then, tearing up, he said, “I.. I just can’t lose her. Not like this. She’s only 20 years old, I can’t lose her now.”

The men paused, incensed at Anna’s moans of terror an Michael’s rousing fear, trying to think of some way to end this madness. But then, the philosopher had an idea.

“What if he could solve it?” he said.

Anna’s father was confused at first, but then when the güvenilir bahis man stared into his eyes, he caught on, “Him? Y-you mean Lacitus?” he said surprised, “What do you mean?”

“You remember the debt you owe him.” said the philosopher.

“You- are you implying that- that you want Lacitus to… drain the milk from her breasts?” he said, bewildered.

“What is there to be afraid of?” said the philosopher, “It would settle your debt and fix your daughter’s problem. Besides, I’m sure he is capable of-“

“He’s not even human,” Michael pronounced, “Capable or not, I still don’t understand what you are implying.”

“What I’m implying is that you know very well that you’ve betted and bargained your ass off to Lacitus for the past year, and if you don’t pay him with something soon it’s likely that he’ll kill you.” said the philosopher, “And besides, you heard what he asked you, he wanted to know if there were any lactating women in town. Don’t you see, as ironic as it is it’s the perfect situation, so I don’t know why you-“

“Because he’s a Dragon!” Anna’s father screamed, “If I put her in front of him for only a moment, what is keeping him from tearing her apart out of lust!”

“You know him better than that, Michael,” said the philosopher, “he’s not a monster. And when did you suddenly get so short on him, all the past year you’ve been defending him every which way and with every busybody who dares to criticise him in front of you?”

“Look, I…” said Michael, but he soon lost his words and had to develop a new strategy, “I know that I’ve been… damn it, there has to be another way! I won’t risk farming my daughter out to a reptile for a night, even if it’s Lacitus.”

“There is no other option, Michael,” said the philosopher, “look now, you can see her breasts are still growing, even from all the milk they’ve put out. We can’t do anything other than offer advice, and frankly that’s all we’ve ever been good for. Face the truth, Michael, if we don’t take her to Lacitus soon she’ll die.”

Michael paused for a moment, trying to find some way out of this situation, but the philosopher was right, he had known Lacitus for a long time now. Everyone in the town knew about Lacitus’ existence on Mount Halstead, but very few people ever encountered him, mostly because they found no reason to. Michael once visited him for a survey imposed by the local Baron, and it was then that he discovered Lacitus’ preference for gambling, one which Michael shared. For the past year Michael, Lacitus, and a few of Michael’s acquaintances had been gambling in all manners once a week in Lacitus’ cave-home. Unfortunately for Michael, Lacitus turned out to be a better gambler than previously thought, and as a result Michael was now heavily indebted to Lacitus. Lacitus had always been a considerate creature, but when Michael went as far as to suggest that they leave their debt behind, Lacitus told Michael to pay him by the end of the year, or else he would eat him. Michael would have thought it to be another one of his jokes, but he knew that as compassionate as Lacitus may seem, he would not hesitate to make him his next dinner if he did not stay true to his word.

This wasn’t a good situation for Michael, as very few people of the time had what would be today’s equivalent of around $100,000. And once word got out of Michael’s debt to the Dragon, nobody wanted to help him, and by this point Michael’s life seemed dangerously in question. But he remembered what Lacitus once said, after Michael asked him if there was any alternative to his debt; how he asked him if there were any women in the town that were currently undergoing lactation. As this was before the dinner-party incident, Michael confusedly said no, and had forgotten about it until the philosopher just brought it up, and now here we has, in this tense situation of questionable consideration. Michael wanted to think of the positives of this situation, but there were too many negative questions floating around his head. What if his fangs puncture her breasts? What if he loses his temper and tears them off? What if he brings her back in ashes? Though most of these questions would likely not apply to Lacitus’ personality, Michael still thought them, and almost quivered at the thought of losing his daughter in such terrible ways. But in the end, he knew in his heart that there was no other way.

“Fine then,” he finally said, “have my messenger relay the question to Lacitus. Let’s hope he’ll consider.”

Michael’s messenger was gone for the rest of the night and most of the next day. By the time he returned it had been around twenty hours, and Anna’s breasts still hadn’t fully stopped lactating. She was able to sit up now, but the immense weight of her giant breasts was sometimes too much to bear on her poor legs. The message the messenger returned had Michael elated: Lacitus accepted, and what’s more, he wanted to see her tonight. Michael and his acquaintances bundled Anna türkçe bahis into a carriage with difficulty, and at once set out to the mountains, along a road nearly as old as the town itself. Along the way Anna’s breasts left a wet trail on the ground as they still lactated without cease, but Anna felt better knowing that she was going to someone who could help her. Well, actually, her father had not told her exactly what Lacitus was, out of fear that she would refuse to go, but he figured it would not be a problem once they got there.

At last they arrived at the cave entrance and Michael helped Anna into the cave. It was fairly dark and musty, but had quite a large amount of space inside; they eventually reached an area with some torches on the wall, and it was what she saw there that made Anna gasp. A large Dragon was standing in the room of the cave: his scales were a forest-green color, he had sharp black claws at the ends of his feet, spines ran from his head to the end of his long tail (which itself was spiked), he had two broad wings coming out of his back carefully folded along his sides, he had a number of horns emanating from the jaw-sides of his face, and he had two large, curved horns protruding from the back of his cranium. He was quite an imposing creature, and he looked as though he was patiently waiting for something. But then his pupils widened at the sight of Michael, and greeted him as one would an old friend.

“Michael! I was starting to wonder if you’d ever arrive. I do hope that you have this-“

But he stopped at the sight of Anna, the sight of her gigantic breasts that were calmly dripping milk onto the cave floor. Lacitus’ diamond-shaped pupils expanded to make his eyes look almost completely black at their sight, immediately Anna could notice saliva dripping from his fanged snout. He looked as though he could tear the cave apart with his building excitement, and for over 10 seconds of silence he could not take his large eyes off of Anna.

“This- this is your daughter?” said Lacitus, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Yes, Lacitus, this is Anna.” said Michael, “This problem has gone too far, she’s now lactating out of her own accord, and her breasts have… grown, exponentially. I was hoping that you could assist in this matter.”

“Problem?” said Lacitus, surprised, “Why, this is godsent! You daughter is producing a precious gift, I don’t see how you can view-“

“Please refrain from all the poetry for now Lacitus,” said Michael, impatiently, “This is a serious matter, and I am looking to you, as a friend, to help me in my time of need. So now could you keep her for a while and… drain the milk her breasts?”

Anna could physically hear Lacitus’ large belly grumble at the mere mentioning of these words, and he finally said, “Oh, yes… I certainly accept this proposition, Michael. This should pay your debt tenfold, I dare say I feel as though I’m now indebted to you.”

“Thank you, Lacitus. I was worried for her life before this.” said Michael. But then he turned to Anna and said, “Now, you will need to stay with him only until your breasts are back to normal. Unless you want to stay longer, I say it should be no more than a night or two.”

“B-but, you didn’t tell me he was a Dragon!” said Anna, sounding a little panicked, “I mean, what if he-“

“I assure you, Anna, Lacitus is an old and very dear friend of mine,” said Michael, “he will not harm you at all. Isn’t that right, Lacitus?”

“You have my word, Michael,” said Lacitus, still sounding extremely excited, “no harm shall come to her while she is here. And once again, I thank you for providing me with this opportunity.”

“I am much obliged, Lacitus.” said Michael, ” Goodbye, dear, I will see you soon.”

Then Michael and the rest of the party left the cave and went to head back to the town. Once they were gone, Anna and Lacitus just stared at each other for what seemed to be a long time. This gave Anna time to notice Lacitus’ physicalities; he looked just like she thought a Dragon should: those two large wings coming out of his back, the four paws each with four sharp-clawed fingers, and the long, snouted head with two large, bent horns coming out of the back of his skull. His eyes, orange and very much like a snake’s, were constantly staring at her, but she could see that his eyes were not looking into hers, but rather looking further down. He was intently watching her breasts, still dripping milk quickly, making small white puddles on the floor. But watching her breasts made a profound impact on Lacitus: his shining saliva was still dripping from his fanged mouth, his belly still grumbled with an unearthly sound, and she thought she saw some odd movement at the spot between his hind legs, but she wasn’t sure. But after staring for almost three minutes, Lacitus finally spoke in his deep, reptilian-sounding voice.

“P- please come and sit over here, i- if you would.” he said, with a very nervous undertone.

Nervous! güvenilir bahis siteleri She almost couldn’t believe he was, such a large, powerful creature that almost seemed to be quaking in fear at the sight of his greatest desire. But anyway Anna made her way over to the stool-looking rock Lacitus designated with difficulty, practically dragging her extremely heavy breasts over to him; it was clear to her why he did not try to help carry them. Lacitus then moved in front of her, still staring at her breasts, but had moved his long neck down to make his head more to their level. Anna could feel his breath on her, smelling vaguely of blood, wool and some strange metallic or gas smell, almost like burnt saliva mixed with iron. Anna became more tense as his horned head came even closer to her, fearing for what would happen next.

“Could I?” Lacitus said, directing his claws at her breasts.

Not quite sure what he was intending to do, Anna replied, “Yes, please. B- but what exactly are you going to… do to them.”

“First I’d like to get a feel of them,” said Lacitus, “they’re simply beautiful.”

Anna did not know whether to give thanks or give a different reply, so she didn’t. Immediately Lacitus’ black, bony claws began feeling her breasts all around; they felt cold and smooth, but had some sort of… underlying edge to them, and some slight warmth radiating from his paws. Anna could see his pupils dilate as he felt their softness, and she could almost not believe it but, as softly as he was touching them, the slight pressure from his claws caused the milk to flow out more. It began to flow onto his claws, where it slid down and touched where they met his fingers, which made him shiver, as if the milk was cold even though it was as warm as bathwater. His belly made more noises, and Anna knew what he was going to ask for next.

“Could I… taste it now?” Lacitus said with underlying excitement.

“Yes, but…” said Anna, with uncertainty, “how do you plan to… get the milk out?”

“I’m only going to taste it first.” he replied.

Then, still shaking, Lacitus moved his head down to them, and opened his jaws, revealing his curved, yellowish fangs, each as sharp as his claws and almost as long. Then out moved his tongue, darker than that of a human’s but larger and longer, and at that point he touched it to her nipple. Anna felt a reaction to this, and this time she shuddered, it was a strangely… pleasurable feeling, and it almost seemed like his tongue on her nipple actually aroused her. This made the milk shoot out even harder, and Lacitus’ tongue became like a slide as the milk flowed down it to the back of his mouth, until his mouth was sufficiently filled with the sweet cream and he swallowed. As she saw the bulge that was her breast milk go down his long neck into his belly, and Lacitus shivered so severely he almost fell over. Excess milk was still dripping from his snout as Anna heard his belly make more dark noises, and this time she definitely noticed movement between his legs, but could not clearly see anything.

“It’s absolutely delicious,” he said in awe, almost half gargling with the milk still dripping out, “I think we can move on to the… next step.”

“So… how are you going to get it out? What are you going to do with it?” Anna asked.

“I plan to drink it.” said Lacitus, as if it was obvious.

“Drink it?” said Anna, quizzically yet excitedly, “do you plan to… suck it out?”

“I don’t know if I can.” replied Lacitus, “Biologically, I don’t think I was made to, but we’ll see if that can happen. For now, I’ll probably just use my claws to squeeze it out, don’t worry it shouldn’t hurt them too much, but I’m sure you’ve already been hurting by the building pressure. Come now, I’ve already prepared a little harness for you up here.”

Lacitus directed her toward a rock outcropping in the cave just large enough for him to reach; from her view she could see that he had somehow hammered a harness into the rock for her to be… suspended on? She was not sure how this “harness” would position her, or where it came from, but her breasts were still hurting with the unreleased pressure, just as Lacitus said, and she figured that if a Dragon was going to get the milk out of them she should probably not be too picky on how it happens.

Lacitus picked her up in his muscular and clawed hands with ease (though he seemed to be struggling with the weight of her breasts) and placed her on the outcropping. Then he forced her breasts through two leather loop-holes that were barely big enough to fit them through, and latched the rest over her. She was positioned at the edge of the outcropping, chained in to make it to where she could not fall out, but with her breasts hanging out over the side. They immediately started to drip out and make puddles on the stone floor, and quickly the floor became a mixture of milk and Dragon saliva. Lacitus brought two of his paws up to the rock face and leaned on it, eyes glaring; and then he placed those giant tits between his claws and moved his head closer. Then he opened his jaws wide again, wide enough for Anna to see his esophagus, and then he started to squeeze.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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