Dream Fantasy Inc.

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Though it had been another long week, it could definitely be described as a good one. All of my long-range work projects had progressed reasonably, my emergency requests had been mostly completed and only a couple of them were going into the weekend unresolved. I smiled to myself, feeling as though I had earned the weekend with its extra day off. I had some extra days to use before the end of the year and this weekend seemed like a perfect time to take an additional day.

During my almost hour-long daily commute, I took advantage of the time to enjoy the drive, the scenery and the quiet country roads. It was almost harvest time in the fall. Soon the roads would be clogged with harvest equipment and supporting traffic, but that time was still a couple of weeks away. The weather had definitely let everyone know that the growing season had come to it’s annual end. The nights were cool but the sunshine still had enough power to warm the days nicely.

It was hard not to let my mind wander, back to pleasant fall memories. These were memories that filled my past during this, my favorite time of year. But there was a special memory that came back to me, a memory that had come back a few days ago when I stopped for gas at the small station on the edge of the freeway.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I was making this very same trip and needed to stop for gas at this half way point. Pulling into the small town’s station/truck stop, the bright red, new and very shiny Mustang stood out, both for its color as well as for its ‘look’. Even before I noticed the car’s driver, I noticed the trick wheels, tires and low sitting stance of the car.

“Obviously a motor head,” I told myself. “Someone that cares about a great car owns that one, has some money and can put together a special machine.”

As I pulled up beside the pumps on the opposite side, I looked through between the pumps and noticed the driver’s side door opened wide. A single, very long, very shapely leg wound its way out of the car’s open door and at the distant end of this leg, a bright yellow high-heeled shoe wonderfully anchored the leg to the pavement.

“Ohhhhh myyy!” was all I could say.

Trying not to stare, but only briefly able to resist, I continued watching. Smiling to myself, I suddenly wished that my gas tank held 100 gallons instead of 10. Just as I was beginning to wonder if the leg was real, it moved. The leg no longer made an almost perfect right angle out and down but instead now lifted the shoe onto the door ledge with the knee angling upward. And still no sign of what was at the top of the leg.

Shifting my position slightly and making me crazy with anticipation, I could see the leg move once again, but the mystery of what was at the top of the leg continued on. My assumption was that she had to be wearing pants or shorts to be able to have only one leg singly out the door in that fashion. After all, how could a dress or skirt allow her other leg to be so far away? But it did look as though her legs were not bare, once I looked more closely. Quickly becoming lost in that thought, I smiled just as I saw the other leg shoot out and appear adjacent to the first.

Under my breath I said, “Finally, there’s the other one and just as lovely.”

Briefly, I managed to see the bit of lace at the top of her stockings as her very short skirt drifted higher. She leaned forward and then struggled to stand up, as the skirt drifted higher still. After a very quick glimpse, I looked away to avoid being caught staring at her. I then reached for the gas nozzle, released the waiting trigger and pulled the spout from the filler. As I reached the pump to return the nozzle, out of the corner of my eye I noticed her approaching me, still on her side, the other side, of the pumps.

“Hi, do you know anything about car stereos?” she asked.

By that time, she was so near me that it was difficult to observe her outfit, but not too close for me to tell that she was definitely a lovely woman. Trying to not be too obvious, I backed away slightly and made an attempt to look at her from a step or two back since I was still so very curious about those legs and what she had on.

“Not very much really, have you got trouble?”

She was lovely, nicely shaped and looked very attractive. Her short, straight blond hair made me think of the word ‘perky’. In fact, I would use that word to describe many things about her; her outfit, her style, the way she carried herself, everything.

“I do,” she said. “The guys put in my new sound system yesterday, but now some of the speakers aren’t working or at least I don’t think that they are. I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a loose wire or something but can’t find anything. Do you have any ideas?”

“I don’t know much of anything about the big new systems and it sounds like you’ve done the obvious troubleshooting by assuming loose connections. Do you know if there are any fuses or circuit breakers that maybe kağıthane escort protect the individual components?”

“Maybe, I didn’t watch them put it in. Do you have any idea where they might be?”

“I might be able to find it, is there a central box or overall control for the system?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I would know where to look. I was trying to reach the wires without taking anything apart in the back seat, but I could only partly get at them. Can you come and take a look?” she wondered. As she turned and walked back toward her car, it now became very clear as to how she was able to move around in the car and still able to have her single leg outside. She had on the shortest skirt that I have ever seen. I also noticed that her legs made perfect use of the skirt’s micro length. Since I had already seen the tops of her stockings, those tops must truly be up pretty high up her legs. It looked to me as though the movement of just walking, to say nothing of sitting down, was almost enough to expose the part of her stockings that were normally intended to be hidden. Somehow, very few things about this woman seemed to be normal.

Following her back to the car, I got a chance to take a better look at the bright yellow skirt, her white T-shirt type top and her yellow shoes. I quickly found myself wondering how many other articles of clothing she could possibly have had on since it didn’t really look like there was even a single seam under her T-shirt. If she was wearing a bra, it certainly couldn’t be very substantial. I hadn’t noticed seams or anything else in front either, but there didn’t appear to be signs of the undergarment on her back.

Approaching her car, she re-opened the door and sat down in the driver’s seat. I followed, hesitating slightly to allow her ample opportunity to sit down inside her small red car. I found myself thinking that there must certainly be an art to entering a car with her outfit. I was really curious about how she was going to sit down and not be concerned about having me near enough to witness the event. But I wasn’t worried concerned, if you know what I mean.

She followed the suggested method of entering a car by sitting down first, then swinging her legs in only after lowering herself into the seat. But she didn’t swing them both in, only one. There it was again; the lacy stocking top plainly visible as her skirt rode up to make allowance for the spreading of her legs. Pausing for a moment, I assumed that she’d pull both legs inside the car to allow me space to stand next to the door, but after only a brief moment she turned and looked back at me, obviously encouraging me to come forward and look inside. Between the look on her face and the turn of her head, it was plain that she expected me to stand beside her and look inside. Not wanting to disappoint this poor woman, I moved forward towards my expected spot next to her.

Surprisingly, her left leg remained motionless as I approached. Expecting her to withdraw it at the last moment, I was amazed that she did not. Moving forward, I got as close as I thought I dared (ok, maybe just a little more than that) and bent down to look inside the car. As I bent forward, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the entire lace pattern must be uncovered at the top of her leg. I wanted to convince myself that in my blurry peripheral vision, I could see above the top band of stocking, seeing bare leg. But my vision was limited enough that I couldn’t be sure. No matter, it was a wonderful thought, even if not quite totally true.

“This is new and so is this,” she said as she pointed to two small panels in the dashboard.

It looked to me as though both units were sophisticated sound system components and if they contained fuses or circuit breakers, they must be located behind or underneath. There was no obvious indication on the front of either unit that something might be wrong or that there was access to any kind of cure for her problem.

I asked her, “Do you know which of your speakers are working or which ones are not?”

Trying to maintain eye contact with her to avoid looking at her lap, I pointed at the sides of the doors and in the back seat. After looking up at me, she followed my hand and mentioned that she had just had four speakers installed in the doors and an additional four in the back. She turned towards the back seat, twisting in the seat and leaned between the seats to show me which speakers seemed to be dead.

“I don’t think any of these back ones are working,” she said.

With her head facing the back seat, I allowed my gaze to look closer at her. My face was near her as I was leaning in through the window. I noticed that in fact it did not appear as though she was wearing a bra, her skirt for all intents and purposes was covering only the very tops of her legs and the view from my vantage point was breathtaking. Before I moved my gaze from her lap, she turned around kartal escort and noticed my devout attention to her lap. Wondering about this and then realizing that I had been caught, I quickly looked up, hoping to convince her that I was thinking about her problem, lost in contemplation. You know, starting the trouble shooting process.

“I know, I know, my skirt’s too short,” she said with a slightly naughty smile. “Please don’t let it offend you, I never expected to be stuck like this. Let me move a little bit so that I can pull it back down to where it belongs.”

“I’m trying not to notice, really. But it is pretty short. I’ll say that it looks great on you, how about that?”

“Fair enough,” she said with a huge smile.

Surprised at myself for being so honest and open about her clothing, I found myself thinking more about how comfortable and uninhibited she was. The fact that she was able to joke about the subject seemed like a good thing.

Trying to focus again on her speaker problem, I asked her if the speakers had worked right after they had been installed. But it was tough for me to switch subjects again.

“Yes they did, they were working perfectly. I’m starting to wonder if it is just a simple connection, maybe its just that a wire came loose.”

“That would be very possible and the most likely cause if you ask me. It should be easy to find since more than just one speaker is affected.”

“Have you got a couple of minutes to help me look for it,” she asked? “I know you are on your way somewhere, but I’d really appreciate a few minutes. It just seems as though it should be something simple and I’m not really sure what to look for. Even if you can just get me started, maybe I could finish on my own.”

Afraid to even look her in the eye, I fought to keep my gaze on the rear seat. “I’ve got a few minutes I guess. Let me go in and pay for my gas, then let’s move over there beside the building to get out of everyone’s way.”

I pointed over to the edge of the parking lot, behind the building where it was quiet and shady from some very large old oak trees. This was a spot normally used by truckers as access to the much larger parking area behind the building.

“Ok, I’ll pull over there and wait for you,” she answered back.

After walking inside to pay, I returned to my car and pulled it over to the edge of the large parking area, circling around her car. Her Mustang was parked parallel to the edge of the lot and I noticed as I parked behind her car that the passenger side door was open. This was the side of the car facing the nearby cornfield, beyond the fence and up a steep bank.

I looked in the rear window as I drove up, but was unable to see her profile through the window. Assuming that she had moved over to the passenger side of the car to have more room without the steering wheel in the way, I approached the driver’s side door. As I got to the door, I saw that she had tipped the driver’s seat back and was mostly prone, lying on her side and reaching for one of the speaker covers just above the rear bench. She was stretched out across the center console and was fumbling with the speaker cover, her body diagonal across the passenger compartment. Standing outside the door and looking in through her open window, I carefully noticed that her top had come out of her skirt and the skirt itself had worked its way up so high that her uncovered thigh was again very visible to me. She caught me looking at her leg as she looked up, sensing my presence near the car.

“I know, I know, we covered that problem already,” she said with a slightly guilty smile as she made a token effort to work the skirt back down, but she put only a slight effort into the task. I remember thinking to myself that it would take a lot more than that to solve the ‘problem’.

“No, over here, help me with this speaker cover, please” she said as she motioned with her hand to move over to the other side.

Moving around to the open passenger side door, I wanted to keep the picture of her uncovered leg, the skirt and her bare midriff in my mind for future use. Bending down, I reached back through the open side window to crank the rear window down. My idea was that with the rear window down I would have better access to the speaker panel. But just as I got the window cranked down, she had managed to get the cover back onto the speaker housing with her own efforts.

“Why don’t you sit down inside, maybe you can find something loose on the back of the unit itself. I’ve tried, but everything feels fine to me,” she said as she struggled to sit up.

“Damn, that hurts,” she complained as she looked down at the center console, moving her hand up along her right side. As she did so, she lifted the edge of her top, exposing her side, almost completely, with a tantalizing view of the base of her breast. “Look at that,” she said as her fingers traced on her skin the impressions of objects küçükçekmece escort that she had just been lying over. “Branded,” she succinctly said with a huge smile on her face.

I smiled back as I sat down in the seat, now convinced that her bra, wherever it might be, was definitely not anywhere near her chest.

“You didn’t see anything under the speaker cover back there, did you?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t, but I was curious about how or where the wires might be connected.”

Reaching up and behind the new components, I lightly felt for a loose wire or something that felt wrong, but didn’t feel anything that was obviously loose.

“I better go back to my car and get a flashlight,” I said as I began to stand up.

“So that you can look up underneath?” she questioned as I started walking back towards my car.

I nodded my head yes back to her, then walked over to my car and found the small but powerful flashlight that I carry for emergencies such as this. Checking that indeed the batteries were still good, I was relieved that the light was both white and bright. Walking back to the Mustang, I was surprised to see that she had slid over and was now sitting on the center console with one shoeless foot on each floor mat.

“I thought maybe I could help you hold something,” she said with a very large smile. “I only want to help.”

She was making this fun, if nothing else that was for certain.

I smiled back, saying, “Thanks, let’s see how this goes.”

I just happened to notice that at this point, she was no longer being bothered by her skirt’s position on her lovely legs. Of course, neither was I, at least not in a bad way. It was becoming very obvious that we were both becoming at ease with the skirt’s location, no matter where it was. Not wanting to even think about it first, I got down on my back, across the open sill of the car’s passenger door and tried to find the most comfortable position for my head, shoulders and back. Her Mustang was actually not too bad with its rather large legroom area and allowed me a relatively comfortable position. Many of my smaller vehicles or trucks had more vertical space as opposed to horizontal space with much smaller floor areas. Feeling quite comfortable, I turned on the flashlight to zero in on the components and hopefully, the easy to detect new wires.

As I got into just the right spot to look up into the mass of wires and components, I shifted my position slightly and felt her bare foot brush up against my side. Simply reacting, I looked over at her foot and then up towards her face.

“Do you see anything?” she asked.

I absolutely lost my train of thought as I quickly realized that by looking up at her face I was looking up at something else as well. My glance up towards her that was intended to make eye contact only turned instead into a penetrating stair. With only small shadows from her short skirt, the skirt that once again had wandered very far from the position in which it belonged, I saw obvious pink lace, almost in natural daylight. It was lovely pink lace that was very clearly visible to me. Her face was only in the periphery of my gaze.

After a pause that was obviously long to us both, I answered with a very feeble, “Not yet.”

“Too bad,” she said with an exasperating sigh. “Aren’t you hot under there? I’m feeling extra warm today I guess, even here in the shade.”

Fighting the temptation, I didn’t answer. I did smile to myself however; a nasty smile. Desperately trying to focus again on the wiring, I guided the flashlight with my left hand, hoping that it would help yank my concentration back to the job and grabbed onto a wiring harness with my right hand, trying to detect if the cables and harnesses looked original or if in fact, they might be new and related to her new sound system.

She was moving again and I could tell on two counts. I was feeling her foot pushing against me and I heard a some small creak up between the seats, in the console. “Do you see anything now?” she asked again with a teasing concern in her voice.

“Nothing new, but I’m still looking,” I answered back, fully expecting another comment after not moving a single muscle. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. And then she quickly followed with, “I don’t think you even looked, did you?” She was so close to laughing out loud that I found myself absolutely loving her sense of humor as much or more than her hot eroticism.

By now I was almost afraid to look out from under my ‘safe’ place, there under her dashboard. I was almost afraid, but not quite. Trying to focus on her problem, at least the one that I understood, I found what looked to be a large wiring harness, more colorful than the others around it and with different wire markings. Following it’s main wires up to their source, it felt as though it might very well be the correct cable leading into her new components.

“How about now, do you see anymore?” she asked again, this time almost laughing out loud. You have to answer me, you know.”

“I do, I do, I’ve found the harness and I think it looks, or rather feels, like there might be some connections inside that have come apart. It’s kind of hard to tell, but it feels like there’s something loose inside.”

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