Dreams, Blackmail and Fire

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Big Tits

Edited by: Sam. Thanks!


I had been sure I was awake but then I startled awake as I felt something move on my bed. I opened my eyes but my room was still pitch black. There was someone on my bed, crawling up towards me but I was too groggy to do anything about it. I took one deep breath, trying to clear my head but before I could, I felt my face being smothered.

For an instant I panicked, having watched too many movies where people get killed with pillows during their sleep. But I quickly realized that what was smothering me wasn’t a pillow. It was much hotter, much firmer and yet incredibly softer. I groaned nonetheless and heard a female voice whispering “Shhhhh!” Reflexively I opened my mouth and suddenly something warm and rubbery slipped in it. When I closed my lips around it, I realized that it was an engorged nipple.

So I was still dreaming… I was a virgin and there wasn’t any girl that could just jump into my bed and offer me her breasts. I grinned and decided to enjoy the dream for as long as I could before waking up fully. I wrapped my hands around those breasts and opened my eyes wide as I felt their size. Damn! These were large breasts! Large and firm!

I heard my imaginary companion gasp as I sucked her nipple deep in my mouth, then giggle slightly as I released it. Burying my face between those mounds, I pressed them against my cheeks and shook my head. When I did, the girl sat on me, my hard cock pressed against her crotch. There was a thick blanket between us but the feeling of a girl on my cock was wonderful nonetheless.

I could smell her, could hear her soft cries of pleasure, could taste her… This was an amazing dream! But why the fuck would I dream this fantasy in the dark? Usually we don’t taste and smell much in dreams but we see everything. Now it was the opposite… In any case, all I wanted to do was enjoy those breasts as much as I could.

When I reached for the other nipple and sucked it into my mouth as well, the girl whispered “Are you going to be a naughty boy today?” The voice seemed familiar but everything was hazy as I dreamed. Everything but those breasts. Shit! I had never even touched breasts in my life, not even by accident, and there I was feasting on two breasts that I couldn’t have imagined any better. They were bigger than most, heavy on my face and their thick flesh seemed beyond what was possible. Then again, I was dreaming!

The girl placed one of her hands behind my head and pulled me against her generous flesh, guiding me to her other nipple again. As I woke up more and more, the feelings became even clearer, more powerful. Upon the breast I wasn’t sucking, my hand opened as wide as it could and clamped down on the mammoth flesh. I felt it bulging between my spread-open fingers before letting my hands slip down until I could pinch her nipple.

I wondered if I would taste milk in this, my favorite dream ever. But as I sucked and bit slightly harder, I didn’t. I somehow had the feeling that this was a lucid dream, yet I couldn’t quite control it. Then again, having a busty girl waking me up with her breasts was just about as good as life could get! I forgot about the milk and switched back and forth between her breasts, licking their many curves, the line under them where her abdomen began, then higher up until I reached the girl’s collarbone.

As I explored what felt like extraordinarily real breasts, the girl began breathing faster. As she did, she also ground herself harder against my cock. By now I was fully hard and my cock was pointing upwards. She whispered “So big…” She was pressing her pussy against it, rubbing it up and down my length. Again I wondered why I was dreaming with a damned blanket between us. With one roaming hand I had discovered that the girl was completely naked. What was wrong with me? I dream of a naked girl in my bed and put a blanket between us! Fuck!

I opened my eyes and looked up but my room was still too dark and I couldn’t even get a rough idea of what my dream girl looked like. She spoke again, whispering “Are you going to take me again in the garage, on your car, naughty boy?” Once more the voice felt familiar, and I thought that the dream was taking a strange turn. Take her again in the garage?

I replied, gasping, “I’ll take you anywhere!”

And then everything abruptly stopped. “Theo?” I heard the girl cry out as she pulled away. “Theo, is that you?” she asked again, this time moving off the bed. I reached for my bedside lamp but hit a wall instead. I reached to the floor for my iPhone and turned its light on. For a fraction of a second I saw my sister Paula, my naked sister Paula, running out of my room saying “Oh my gods!”

But it wasn’t my room. More awake than I had thought, I looked around and remembered that I had slept in my Dad’s room last night. Obviously my sister wouldn’t wake me up with a glorious breasts feast but if she had done that here, in our dad’s room… Oh my fucking gods! My sister had thought that I was Dad! And she had done… Shit! I knew Dad bahçeşehir escort had been single for a while now but… Damn!

I stood up naked and tried to wrap my head around what had happened. Had I feasted on my sister’s heavenly breasts for long minutes? Had I really done that? And then, had she really been thinking that I was Dad, and that this was something that happened regularly between them? My first instinct was to go to her room and confront her about it. But I was naked myself and hard as a rock.

So I decided to do what any guy in the world would have after such an incident. I fell back down on the bed and masturbated, my mind filled with my sister’s breasts. I had fantasized about her breasts ever since she started developing but as her cup size kept increasing through the years, my interest turned into a fascination, then into obsession. My sister had amazing breasts, both huge and firm, defying the laws of the fucking universe.

And I wasn’t the only one who thought that. There was a secret “Paula’s Breasts Appreciation” webpage, run by a couple of my friends. There was a password on it and about fifteen people had access to it. There was no nudes on it but the site was filled with pictures of my sister’s breasts in thin dresses, tank tops, swimsuits and bikinis, all taken by guys at school with their cellphones. At first I had been horrified about the site but then again, I agreed that they deserved the attention.

A minute after falling back to bed I climaxed all over my chest as I relived the storm of feelings that had assailed me just two minutes earlier. I hadn’t had such a powerful climax in months and usually I had to work up to it by masturbating for a long time. This was one of my quickest yet most powerful climax ever! I cleaned myself up, put on a pair of jeans and paused, trying to make sure I fully understood what had happened.

Paula hadn’t known that I would be in Dad’s room as the decision had been made late last night. I had arrived late from an evening at a friend’s house and found my Dad packing a suitcase. Paula had already been asleep. He had to leave for my grandmother’s house as her health was taking a turn for the worse. She had been sick for a long time but now he had gotten a call and feared the worse.

He had asked me to sleep in his room because he’d had to use my computer. Dad worked in a 3D company and he sometimes had to use my computer to do night-long and sometimes even day-long renders when he couldn’t do them at work for some reason. When he did that, the fans on my computer had to rev up at 100% and it was very noisy. At night I had to wear earplugs. Given that he had paid for half of my sick gaming machine, I didn’t mind. $1500 and be forced to wear earplugs two or three times a month? No problem!

But Paula didn’t know that. So this morning she had come to wake Dad up in her very special way… Shit, that was crazy! I took a deep breath and headed up for her room. I walked in front of my own room’s door, which was just next to her’s upstairs. I knocked on her door. Paula didn’t answer. I knocked again, saying “Paula… Please open the door. I won’t enter if you don’t want me to but I think we need to talk.”

“What is there to talk about?” she cried without opening the door. “You deceived me and abused me.”

“Paula…” I sighed. “Please let me in.”

“Ok. Come in.”

I found her sitting cross-legged on her bed. She was dressed and had a huge pillow in her arms, hiding most of her body. She looked angry, yet despite her words, she knew she was the one in trouble. But as we talked and I confronted her about Dad, she became angrier and angrier. I tried to make her understand that I hadn’t done anything wrong but she kept insisting that I had. Even though she was a couple of years older than I was, she was obviously shaken beyond logic right now.

I was ready to get out of her room and tell her that I would forget it ever happened. But she misinterpreted my words and in her following tirade she called me a pervert. Well that was too much. The straw or the drop, I didn’t much care but it was one affront too many. I froze on the spot and stared at her with an angry expression on my face. I saw Paula’s eyes opening wider slightly. She was surprised at my anger. I slowly grabbed her chair and sat right in front of her. As I explained that she was the one in trouble, that I could tell Dad, that I could tell her friends or even my friends about what had happened, fuck that, I could even tell the police, her expression changed.

Her anger towards me vanished, and she was left with shock, frustration and fear. She now knew I had the upper hand. I interrupted her before she could talk and said “Listen, and listen carefully.” I did my best to look calm and menacing but my heart was pounding. “I’m going to ask you to do something, and if you even think of saying no, I’ll tell someone what you did.”

“Who?” she asked, very nervous.

“I’ll pick one at random. Either dad, bakırköy escort your friend, my friends, the cops, even the damned principal at school.” I paused, and saw that she had understood. “Now. Tomorrow morning you’re going to come to my room and wake me up just like this morning. Understood?” She paused for only a second before nodding. “Good girl…”

As I walked back down to the kitchen, I took a few deep breaths and grabbed the edge of the counter. Shit! All I had wanted to do was make sure that she was alright, tell her that her secret was safe with me and even tell her that she was stunningly beautiful and that I had profoundly enjoyed it. And now, instead, because of her misplaced anger, I had gotten a promise that she would do it one more time.

Paula walked down a while later, and wouldn’t look at me. Before she left I told her about grandma and the fact that Dad was gone for a few days. She looked sad, nodded and left. I spent the rest of the day lost in a daze of pleasure and expectations. I kept watching the time and counted the hours until tomorrow morning. Dad sent me an update telling me that grandma was doing better than he had feared but that he would stay there for a few days to help grandpa around the house.

He asked me to open a port for him to be able to transfer his work from my computer and asked me how things were going at home. Grinning ear to ear, I simply wrote “Fine. Everything’s just fine.” He had no idea that I knew his little secret.

Much later, close to dinner time, Paula came back home and sat in front of me at the kitchen table. She seemed a lot calmer.

“Look, Theo, I’m sorry for this morning. I just came back quickly to tell you this.” She still had trouble looking me in the eyes. “I… I know you did nothing wrong.”

“Ok. Thanks for that.” I said calmly. “But this doesn’t change the—”

She interrupted me “I know, I know… I deserve it, I deserve being blackmailed. Can you imagine how scared I was…” She looked at me briefly before lowering her eyes again.

“Maybe… I’m not sure I can but I have a rough idea.”

“You’re not… not disgusted?” she asked, her eyes staring at the table.

I was surprised by her question as her breasts on my face had been one of the highlights of my entire life! Then I realized that she was talking about the fact that she was having sex with our Dad. She didn’t know, and didn’t need to know, that I was reading incest stories on Literotica at least once a week. Neither did she need to know that I have been fantasizing about her for years. I was not going to tell her that.

Instead I took a deep breath, paused for a minute and said “Look. I’ll grant you that it’s strange but hey… We all have quirky fetishes and secrets…”

Paula looked up briefly again, a small smile on her face. “And you want… you really want me to come to your bed naked? You don’t find that strange? You’re not repulsed by the idea?”

This time I couldn’t keep a straight face and lie to her. “Listen Paula… Heck! This is our strangest conversation ever…”

“By far!” she said, laughing nervously.

“You’re gorgeous and sexier than any other girl at school… So yeah it’s a bit weird but damn… I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t do…” I pause, wondering if it was a good idea to tell her this. Yet as I wasn’t a mafia boss trying to swindle a politician, I finished my sentence. “…anything I wouldn’t do to kiss your breasts again.”

Paula looked at me longer this time. Quite a bit longer in fact. Just as our stare was starting to be very awkward, one corner of her lips rose up and she said “Well. This is the strangest compliment I’ve ever had, brother, but thank you.” She stood up and headed for the door again. “I’ll be at Mary’s place tonight but I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I couldn’t quite read her expression before she left but she didn’t seemed as pained as she had this morning.

Today was the longest day ever. Nevertheless I managed to get to 10 o’clock at night and even managed to fall asleep before midnight despite my nervousness. I don’t know if I dreamed or not that night but when I was woken up by that same amazing pair of breasts, I was grinning into her exquisite flesh. Fully aware that I was awake this morning, I enjoyed the experience even more than yesterday. I had also let the blinds opened and could now see her. I moaned and groaned, sucked and licked, massaged and squeezed her breasts until I was ready to count the number of beauty marks she had on them!

Paula wasn’t as sensual as yesterday, nor was she saying naughty things to me. Yet she giggled a few times as I devoured her breasts, which was a good thing. I didn’t want her to feel like a sexual slave. Like yesterday, I eventually guided one hand down her side, to her hips and to her ass. Where, unexpectedly, I found a pair of panties.

“Hmmm…” I said, my mouth still pressed against her flesh. “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“What?” she said. “You want başakşehir escort to fuck me?”

“No!” I replied, gasping at the thought. “I just want this morning to be exactly as it was yesterday.”

Paula pulled up and removed her panties. As I stared at her small, nicely trimmed bush, she pushed me back down on the bed, reddening. She was smiling now but a shy smile. It was the prettiest smile I had ever seen but I didn’t want her to feel so shy or ashamed. I wanted this unique morning to be pleasurable for her as well.

“Shhhh… You don’t have to be shy, Sis… As I told you, you’re gorgeous and are just about perfect.”

“Shut up and suck on my breasts, brother…” she said, giggling.

And I did. Eventually I felt her shifting above me and felt her pussy pressing against the underside of my cock. Of course, the blanket was still there but I had chosen a thinner blanket last night. I could feel her warmth and even felt her lips spreading around my shaft. When I felt her pussy getting hotter and wetter, I knew I would go crazy if I kept going.

I let my head fall back on the bed, grinning like an idiot. Paula climbed down from the bed and stood there, naked, letting me stare at her. I was ready to thank her for this opportunity and that I would keep her secret. But before I could, she said “How many times do I have to do this for you to be satisfied?”

Had my eyes not already been open wide to drink in her beauty, they would have betrayed me. I was expecting this to be a one time thing and I had to think fast. I feigned a long yawn and an idea popped up in my head. Instead of replying, I asked her “How badly did you hate doing that?”

“What?” she was surprised. “What kind of question is that?”

“A simple one.” I said calmly. “Look, Paula. I think you know that these last two mornings were amazing for me. You walk around with that pretty face of yours, with that remarkable body and those magnificent breasts every day. I dream about girls that look as beautiful as you do knowing that I won’t ever get a girlfriend as hot as you are.” I paused, took a breath and added “I will remember these two mornings for as long as I’ll live but I don’t want to make you do this if you hate it.”

Paula looked at me, still surprised. She hadn’t expected this at all. Frowning, she asked “So if I never came back to wake you up or didn’t do any other sexual thing with you, you would keep my secret?”

“Of course I would. I only blackmailed you yesterday because I was angry.” I said, sighing, knowing that my words meant that such a morning would never happen again.

“Oh. I said I’m sorry…” she replied. She was still standing naked in the morning light, looking like an angel.

“I know. And if you hated doing this, this morning, I’m sorry as well.”

“Yeah, sorry with a huge grin on your face!” she said, smiling herself. “Look, Theo, I don’t know if I’m going to do it again… Please don’t wake up every morning expecting this.”

As Paula left my room, she said “Don’t hurt yourself now…” and winked at me before closing the door behind herself. I did masturbate and came in buckets like yesterday but I didn’t, as she had asked, hurt myself. I stayed in my room afterwards and took the time to write down everything that had happened, everything I had felt. I was grinning and almost hard again as I finished. Paula had left a door open but I wasn’t expecting anything else. If she woke me up again, great. If not, at least I had these memories and was convinced that I hadn’t hurt her in the process.

I was in a great mood when I got out of my room later. The sun was out and so was Paula. I hadn’t heard her move about the house for a long while. A quick shout confirmed that she was gone. I put on my swimsuit and headed for the pool. To my surprise, I saw that Paula was there, gardening. It had become quite a hobby for her this summer, and I knew she enjoyed every second of it.

I stopped in my tracks though. She was kneeling over her herb garden, and while she wasn’t in a sexually suggestive pose, her clothing told a different story. Usually when she was working in the garden she wore old sweat pants, a dirty t-shirt over a sports bra. One could always conjure up fantasies about a sexy gardener but that clothing made it hard to do.

Today, though, was another matter entirely. I truly hadn’t expected anything else from Paula after our little chat earlier. But this… This couldn’t be a coincidence. Instead of old sweat pants, she was wearing a pair of very short shorts, old jeans that she had cut herself. Short shorts, if you catch my drift. Her long legs were just about completely exposed, especially since she was barefoot. And instead of her old baggy t-shirt, she was wearing a small and loose tank top with a bright blue bra beneath. With her long hair pinned sexily atop her head, with loose strands gleaming in the sun, she now looked like a gardening fantasy.

When I finally closed the door behind me, she turned around and grinned. She stood up, walking towards me acting as if she didn’t look like a goddess of nature walking our earth. I could see most of her bra, a sexy blue lace number speckled with white flowers, as the tank top was pushed aside by the soft wind. Paula had blotches of dirt all over herself. Working under the sun, her skin was now covered with sweat and she seemed to glow.

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