Early Morning Pleasure

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It is early morning, and I am curled up behind you, right arm over your hip. My breasts snuggle against your back, keeping you warm, as do my legs, twined with yours. I wake slightly, smiling as I inhale your scent and hear your deep, regular breathing. I stretch against you slightly, and you move in return, sighing in your sleep. I can feel my pussy is swollen from the fucking you gave me earlier. All of my abdominal and thigh muscles have memories of it, too.

Thinking about how amazing you make me feel, I smile again and my right hand drops to your cock, warm and slightly stiff. I can feel the ridge of the head through your underwear. I cup your cock and balls lightly in my hand, savoring the feel of you. The head has already gotten bigger since I first touched you, and I slide my hand up the shaft. Feeling it stiffen up, I stiffen my own resolve and slide down next to you, gently rolling you onto your back. You wake slightly, and peer at me as I kneel between your thighs with a sleepy grin. You smile back at me and put your head back down on the pillow and close your eyes…but the smile remains, I notice. I gently pull your shorts down, freeing your cock. I slide my hand up the shaft and your smile gets a bit bigger. I pull your shorts off then, and get comfy on my stomach. I look up to see your eyes open now, still sleepy but most definitely interested in what I’m about to do. As I’ve done before, I stare into your eyes as I take the head of your cock completely in my mouth. As you’ve done before, your eyes glaze over as I sink down beşiktaş anal yapan escort your shaft. I feel your hands reach for my hair and you caress my head as I slowly suck you into my mouth as far as I can go.

I sigh contentedly as I settle to my task: pleasuring you. Gripping your cock gently with my right hand, I run my tongue all around the tip of your cock, playing with the slit and flicking the sensitive ridge with my tongue tip. Once more I engulf the head with my mouth and begin to suck, making it bigger and almost cherry red. I slide my tongue down the underside of your shaft, tickling you; I hear a sigh of pleasure from the head of the bed. I don’t stop at the base of your cock; I lick and suck on your balls, taking them one at a time into my mouth and laving them with my tongue and lips. While I do this, I am stroking the sensitive skin between your scrotum and your asshole, using my saliva to make you slippery. Then I walk my lips back up your dick and take you into my mouth again, pausing only to lick the flat of my tongue across the tip of your cock. You take advantage of my change in position to pull my camisole off me and I shuck off my undies too…now we’re both naked again. Mmmm, skin on skin…my favorite.

Nestled between your legs, all sleepiness burned away now with the adrenaline of sexual excitement, I take you in my mouth again. My right hand stroking the base of your cock, I massage your balls with my left, occasionally sliding my index finger up and beşiktaş bdsm escort rimming your ass. You widen your legs for me; I can tell you like it. I have you hand me a small bottle of lube from the bedside table, and I put a drop on my finger…then I slide it back underneath you and continue to massage your tight asshole while I rhythmically suck up and down on your dick. I gently work my finger inside you and I can feel your cock jump with each movement….soon, I’m working my finger and my mouth with the same rhythm…stroking, stroking. Your cock is larger and harder than I’ve ever seen it; the head is almost purple and the veins are standing out all over. I want to fuck you so badly but I also want to taste your cum….I’ve been sucking and stroking you, and I feel your balls tense up…you moan gently and I feel the tip of your cock get bigger a split second before you explode in my mouth. Two gulps and I back off a bit; I want you to cum on me. I’m still stroking you with my finger, massaging your prostate….your eyes are closed in abject pleasure as you spurt for me again and again, hitting my chin and my breasts and my cheeks. You open your eyes as I suck the head of your cock again; the look in them is more than enough to tell me how much you enjoyed yourself.

Your cock is still hard, and slick with my saliva and your juices…I crawl up the bed towards you and straddle it. I’m so wet and turned on from sucking you, and I lower myself onto your cock. You slide into me easily, but I take beşiktaş elit escort it slow, descending on you inch by inch. You feel my heat surround your dick and you reach for my nipples, stroking them. I feel your hands roaming all over my body…your hands cup my ass and begin to move me on your cock. I rock my hips as I arch my back, grinding my clit against you as I hit bottom each time. I can feel tingles inside me and I know I’m going to cum…I begin moving faster and you feel my pussy throb around your cock as I whimper and moan. You catch my rhythm and being to move your hips, too…I brace myself and lean down for a kiss as we fuck slowly. You pull me down on top of you, and roll me over, your cock never leaving my pussy. Now on top, you raise my legs over your shoulders and begin to fuck me hard…going deeper inside me than you’ve gone before.

You stroke my clit with your fingers…running them all over the lips and folds of my pussy, working my juices all over me. I start gasping and bucking my hips against you…I’m cumming again, this time from your fingers on my clit, and it’s a more intense orgasm than before. All my muscles tighten up and I scream into a pillow from the pleasure. You keep thrusting into me, but it’s harder to do while my pussy is gripping your cock in the midst of my orgasm. The intensity dies down a little, but I’ve reached that state where I can’t stop cumming and I feel your cock swell again and your movements get wilder as your own orgasm approaches. You hold my legs apart and thrust deep into me as you cum…i feel your load hit my walls and fill me. I’m still tight but it feels like my pussy is filled with warm oil it’s so slick as you keep fucking me. As our orgasms subside, I slide my legs back down on the bed and you lay across my chest. We kiss as our bodies cool down and we roll over side by side, and drift off to sleep.

It’s only 6.30am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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