Eleanor’s Lustful Spell

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New series I have started due to requests. Annie & Her Tentacles chapters will still be going, just need to finalize my brainstorm on it though.

Bekka stood at the foot of the bed waiting to be called in by Eleanor. Eleanor was already lying down in bed, and when she saw Bekka standing there awkwardly she rolled her eyes.

“How many times do I have to say it Bekka! You don’t have to wait for me to call you in, just take off your dress and come in.”

Bekka has had that habit ever since she could remember. It only started when she served Eleanor. You see she was an Elven servant. But, let me take you back further. Back when Eleanor was just an infant, she was the daughter of the king and queen, making her a princess. Now, her father, the king, ruled his and also the Elven kingdom. Just a week after Eleanor’s birth there was an attack by the Witches. One of the witches had cast a spell upon Eleanor, although nothing had happened at the time, so they assumed it was a distraction. So when the battle was won by Eleanor’s father, everything was normal again.

For Eleanor’s fifth birthday, she received an Elven servant, Bekka, who was 12 at the time. Eleanor’s parents never had time to spend with her, so Bekka basically raised her herself. The two were very close, and still are today. Eleanor never called Bekka ‘servant, slave etc,’ and neither did Bekka call Eleanor ‘mistress or master.’ They always called eachother by their names. Servants would usually sleep on a separate bed or on the floor if there was no bed for them to sleep on. Bekka did this for awhile, before Eleanor decided she wanted Bekka to sleep in her bed with her, because she thought it was cruel. But on one peaceful night, Eleanor had just started going through puberty, when bright lights and whispers were emerging from her body. Bekka awoke just before it had finished and was in shock, this must’ve been the spell set upon Eleanor 12 years ago. There was a huge bulge under the blanket from Eleanor’s crotch area. Bekka slowly moved the blanket and then there it was… a penis. It was over her vagina, replacing her clit.

She couldn’t believe it, and neither could Eleanor when she awoke. They decided to keep it a secret between them. Eleanor’s new appendage didn’t seem to have any use during her teen years; it was more or less just inconvenient. However, years later during the night when Eleanor was turning 18, she started to get extremely aroused for no apparent reason at all. The urges were intensely strong, beginning on the morning of her birthday. She had to stop what she was doing (usually gardening), go to her room and masturbate. It happened several times a day, so Bekka had to do all of the gardening work herself basically. During the night, Bekka would wake up to Eleanor’s moans and coos, and strangely, she would get turned on. One time though, when Eleanor had her urges and was excusing herself from gardening, Bekka grabbed her arm before she could leave.

“Let me help you, Eleanor.”

Eleanor could only see the worry in Bekka’s eyes. Bekka knew how it was so frustrating and annoying to have to get up every couple of hours and relieve herself. So holding hands, Eleanor and Bekka went to their bedroom where Bekka would give Eleanor head while fingering her too. After that, it would be atleast 5 hours before Eleanor would get another urge, and Bekka would relieve her again. This went on for awhile, but every day, her urges would come back faster and they didn’t know why. During this time, Bekka had revealed that she had a foot fetish, and Eleanor was fine with it. So foot fetishism was incorporated into their relationship. After each gardening session, Bekka was allowed to ‘tend’ to Eleanor’s sweaty, tired feet, which she loved to do. Eleanor was quite curious as well, so she ‘tended’ to Bekka’s as well, much to her enjoyment.

Now, Eleanor was stunning at the age of 18. Her sandy blonde hair flowed half way down her back in waves, her bright blue eyes caught the attention of all the men (some women too) in the kingdom. Her breasts were the perfect shape and was a C cup. Her body wasn’t very curvy, but she had long, smooth legs and beautiful feet. They were a size 5. She had high, slender arches, perfectly aligned toes and soft, plump heels. She was 5″3 in height and, lest we forget, her cock was 7 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth.

Bekka on the other hand was beautiful as well. She was 25 now and had auburn hair that went down just past her shoulders in curls. She had almost glowing green eyes, her body was very curvacious having a big bust and butt. Her breasts were a D cup, and they were extremely squeezable. Her legs were long and smooth too, but they were longer than Eleanor’s. Her feet were much like Eleanor’s, except being a size larger. She was 5″5 in height. Obviously being an Elf, her ears were pointy too, and she also had a special power, unique to every Elf. Her’s was that she could silence things, and cause things to stop working temporarily.

Present kaçak iddaa day…

Bekka quickly undressed to reveal her luscious naked body and shuffled over to the side of the bed. Eleanor had her arms and legs stretched out across to Bekka’s side of the bed, ready to embrace her. Bekka slid under the blanket butt first, up close to Eleanor’s (also nude) body comfortably. Eleanor pressed her face against the back of Bekka’s head.

“Mmm, your hair smells nice.”

With her arms, she played with Bekka’s breasts and with her right thigh, which was between Bekka’s legs and under her pussy, she gently moved back and forth. With their feet, they played footsies and Bekka’s butt rested snugly atop of Eleanor’s cock. This was usually the ‘setup’ every night for the couple. Then, Bekka started to feel something poking against her butt and she turned around and looked into Eleanor’s blue eyes.

“I’m getting hard, will you..?”

“Of course I will.”

Eleanor smiled then lay on her back. Bekka threw the blankets to the foot of the bed and got in between Eleanor’s spread legs. Immediately she lowered her mouth over Eleanor’s now rock hard cock. Eleanor bit her lip as the warm wetness of Bekka’s mouth surrounded her cock head, and her soft hand stroked her shaft. She then moaned aloud as Bekka, with her other hand, stuck her fingers in Eleanor’s pussy. Moaning and cooing, Eleanor wrapped her legs around Bekka’s head, her soft thighs rubbing against it, and her feet sliding up and down her back.

“Keep going, I’m almost there!”

Bekka continued to use her tongue to circle around Eleanor’s cock as she sucked on it, and thrust her fingers deep and quick into Eleanor’s wet pussy. She was getting extremely turned on herself, especially because she could feel velvet like feet sliding up and down her back. Then, without warning, Eleanor came. Bekka felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat, so she slowed down her sucking, stroking and fingering to let Eleanor finish her load inside of Bekka’s mouth. With the cock still inside her mouth, Bekka moved her head so that the cum shots would hit the roof of her mouth, then ooze down to her tongue. Spurt after spurt erupted from the tip of Eleanor’s cock head, and Bekka swallowed them all. The only sounds that were heard were Eleanor’s soft moans as she continued to unleash her load into Bekka’s mouth, the faint sound of cum spurting out and Bekka’s soft moans as well as her tongue was bathed in Eleanor’s sweet cum before you could hear her gulp it down.

After Eleanor’s orgasm subsided, Bekka, without removing her mouth from Eleanor’s cock, stroked her shaft to get the last droplets of cum out. She then released her hungry mouth from Eleanor’s cock and they both took a breather. Eleanor looked at Bekka’s pussy, which was glistening in the dim light.

“You’ve been such a good girl, why don’t you sleep at my feet tonight?”

Bekka immediately stopped sucking on her fingers that were poking Eleanor before and she looked at Eleanor wide eyed with joy. They both got under the blankets again, and Bekka immediately started to worship Eleanor’s feet hungrily. She licked her arches up and down, sucked on each toe individually and all together and kissed, sucked and nibbled on her heels. Eleanor started to worship Bekka’s feet too, which drove Bekka insane, and she would worship Eleanor’s feet much more intensely and affectionately. Eleanor would fall asleep worshiping Bekka’s feet, but Bekka would stay wide awake, filled with lust for Eleanor’s feet. The night drove on, it was now quarter to 4 and Bekka was still up. She knows she doesn’t have many chances like this, so she tends to really savour them. Bekka now had one of Eleanor’s legs bent, so that she could stick her big toe into her pussy, and still worship the other foot. She came hard, having resisted for so long, pouring her juices all over Eleanor’s foot. She then decided to close her eyes, totally satisfied.

The next morning, Eleanor awoke and took a stretch. She didn’t know that one of her big toes was still lodged inside of Bekka’s pussy. She then felt the texture of a pussy around her toe and wiggled it, causing Bekka to moan in her sleep. Eleanor just smiled and removed her toe from Bekka’s pussy. After Eleanor had her breakfast, it was early afternoon. So she went back into her bedroom to wake Bekka up. Bekka got up slowly, as she was still tired from all the foot fun she had last night, but she obviously didn’t complain because she was still a servant. A lucky one that was treated very well.

“Come on, get up. Go and eat, then you’ll give me a shower.”

Bekka quickly ate her breakfast and hurriedly got back into their bedroom where Eleanor was waiting on the bed. Eleanor then stood up and nodded. Bekka walked over next to her and pulled her dress off smoothly, revealing her deliciously soft skin. Bekka took a moment to take in the gorgeous sight in front of her before she went to turn on the shower. kaçak bahis Eleanor stepped in and let Bekka wash her. She used a soapy wet cloth to wipe every nook and cranny of Eleanor. When Bekka got to her cock, Eleanor bit the inside of her lip. She started to think of Bekka’s naked body and soon she was rock hard. Bekka noticed and looked up at Eleanor.

“Dry me off, then you can take care of this.”

Bekka smiled and quickly dried Eleanor’s wet body. She then led her into their bedroom and they got onto the bed. Bekka wrapped her hand around Eleanor’s cock and was about to let her open mouth descend when,

“Wait! You can use your feet today if you want.”

Eleanor was grinning at Bekka’s reaction. She loved giving Eleanor footjobs or sockjobs, so they quickly changed positions. Bekka was now leaning on the headboard of the bed, sitting between Eleanor’s legs. She then proceeded to slide her feet around Eleanor’s cock. Eleanor shuddered her breath as Bekka’s soft, high arches made contact with her sensitive cock. Bekka started to move her feet up and down Eleanor’s cock, each stroke sending bursts of mass pleasure. Eleanor couldn’t help it, but she moaned loudly, swinging her head back and clutching the bed sheets. A huge, devilish grin was created on Bekka’s face as the reaction of her feet on Eleanor’s cock was so great. Encouraged by her moans, Bekka picked up the pace and then grabbed Eleanor’s feet, one on each hand and began to worship them. Sucking her toes, licking her arches and nibbling on her heels, Bekka couldn’t stop. She loved Eleanor’s feet.

After a few minutes, Bekka changed her footjob position. She had Eleanor’s cock head rest atop of her left foot’s arch, and with the other foot, she rubbed her toes and arches along the shaft.

“Uuunnghh, god that feels too good!”

Eleanor seemed to be enjoying it alot, which only made Bekka do it rougher and faster. Her mouth was worshiping Eleanor’s feet, but her eyes were focused intensely on Eleanor’s cock. Now she was really rubbing it, trying to get Eleanor to cum and cover her feet. She loved the feeling of cum on her feet. Bekka just listened to Eleanor’s moans, as they got louder and louder before she let out a long one. That was when Bekka knew she was cumming. Bekka then began to scrunch her toes on Eleanor’s cock head and the first few spurts hit her toes hard. She then started to move her whole foot along the cock, getting cum on her arches and heels now. Since her left foot’s arch was under Eleanor’s cock, it was smothered in cum too. More and more just kept on coming out of her cock head, it was like a never ending stream. By the time Eleanor had finished cumming, Bekka’s feet were almost completely smothered. Bekka giggled as she wiggled her toes and rubbed her feet together.

“Oh, that feels amazing.”

“That sure felt amazing.”

Bekka then brung her feet to her mouth and begun to suck on her own toes, licking up the cum. She licked both her feet clean. After that, Bekka went to have her shower and the couple went to do their work in the garden. It was a long hot day and Bekka had to relieve Eleanor twice. It was now late afternoon and they headed inside.

“Phew, what a day! Go fetch me some water will you, Bekka?”


Bekka came back with a glass of ice cold water and Eleanor drunk it thirstily.

“Oh, that’s refreshing.”

Passing the glass to Bekka,

“Here, get yourself a drink then come and tend to my feet, they’re aching.”

Bekka almost tripped up while she power walked out of the room. Eleanor just laughed at how obsessed she was with her feet. Bekka gulped the water down and quickly hopped onto the bed and took a hold of Eleanor’s feet. First she took off her shoes to reveal white slouch socks. Then, holding them up by the ankles, sniffed Eleanor’s socked feet. The smell was incredible, very strong. Bekka loved it. She inhaled the sweaty aroma of Eleanor’s feet for several more seconds before she started to worship them. The taste was stronger, but again, Bekka loved it. She couldn’t stop. She then peeled her socks off and began worshiping her feet. She licked the sweat off of her feet, sucking on her toes and arches. About 10 minutes of foot worshiping later Eleanor decided that was enough.

“You could go on forever, couldn’t you?”


“Take off your shoes, let me do yours.”

Bekka giggled. Then, Eleanor reached for Bekka’s feet and did the same to hers. They were worshiping eachother’s feet now at the same time. The night carried on and soon it was early evening. They balled their socks up in their shoes for another day of work tomorrow before they headed for the shower together. They cleaned eachother thoroughly, shampooing eachother’s hair, soaping their bodies and brushing their teeth. Soon they were heading for bed when Bekka was standing, waiting again.

“I swear I’m going to have to hit you if you do this again.”

“Okay, okay I’m sorry!”

Bekka illegal bahis quickly slid into bed, close to Eleanor.

“I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, so listen.”

“What is it?”

“Well.. I was thinking of maybe losing my virginity.”

“Oh.. who’s the lucky man?”

“She’s not a man..”

Bekka stared into Eleanor’s eyes, knowing who she was talking about.

“Me? Why me?”

“Why not you? I mean, you’ve always been there for me and I think that you’re really the only person who understands me.”

“Well.. okay. It’s not up to me remember? I’m a servant.”

“But you’re my servant. No one elses!”

Eleanor then leaned in and kissed Bekka. It was their first kiss, ever. After all these years, Bekka finally felt more loved than ever. She slid her tongue into Eleanor’s mouth, and her tongue was the reply. They wrestled with eachother. After a few minutes of kissing, Eleanor pulled away. Those green and blue eyes were locked onto eachother, a lover’s stare.

“You know I love you right, Bekka?”

“Yes, and I do too.”

Eleanor smiled then pushed Bekka, rather vigorously, on her back. She then gave Bekka’s breasts a good squeeze. They were very squishy. Eleanor took one of Bekka’s nipples in her mouth and began to suckle on it, nibbling at it, on occasion, gently. Bekka just lay there, cooing softly and enjoying every moment of this. Eleanor licked down her stomach then to her clit. She suckled on her clit as she fingered her pussy, making Bekka moan loudly. She was already very wet, so it didn’t take her long to cum, her juices squirting out of her pussy, which Eleanor tried to catch every drop in her mouth. Finally, Eleanor couldn’t take it anymore and she aimed her cock at Bekka’s pussy.

“Are you ready? I’m going in.”

Bekka didn’t say anything except steady her breathing and watch as Eleanor pressed the head of her cock in. They both moaned in unison as Eleanor’s cock head rubbed against Bekka’s pussy walls. Eleanor slowly kept on pushing in and soon, all of Eleanor’s cock was in, all the way up to the base. Suddenly, bright lights started to flash around Eleanor’s cock area. The couple watched in awe as it became brighter then, in an instant, stop.

“The hell was that?!”

“I don’t know Eleanor, do we stop or what?”

They lay there, Eleanor’s cock still buried inside of Bekka’s pussy, awkwardly not moving. When all of a sudden, Eleanor could feel her cock growing. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger, causing Bekka to scream in pain.

“Aaaahhh!! What’s happening?!”

“I don’t know! Let me pull out!!”

Eleanor’s cock was now visible, the top of her cock showing inside of Bekka’s body. Eleanor quickly pulled out, and they both watched as Eleanor’s cock continued to grow. Soon, it was throbbing. It was almost painful. The size of her cock was now 14 inches in length and 3 inches in girth. Eleanor jumped, as an intense feeling of lust emerged within her. Her blue eyes slowly moved from her new, huge cock towards Bekka, who was now looking directly at Eleanor, filled with fear.

“No…you can’t. That thing is huge.”

“I can.. and I will fuck you… I don’t think you realize how horny I am right now.”

Consumed by her lust, Eleanor jumped on top of Bekka, her cock aimed at her pussy. Bekka knew she couldn’t object or resist as she was still a servant, but she couldn’t help but squirm. The tip of Eleanor’s cock was touching the opening of Bekka’s pussy now, and she closed her eyes to brace herself. Eleanor moaned softly as she slowly pushed her huge cock into Bekka’s tight hole. She continued to push more, forcing her cock into Bekka’s pussy. Bekka squealed and gripped the bed sheets. Eleanor’s cock head was in now, completely visible from within Bekka. You could make out the shape of the top of it. Eleanor continued, almost half of her shaft was in Bekka, when she hit the opening of her womb.

“Oh my god, I’m going to tear apart!”

“I’m not done yet, I still have half of my cock to go.”

Bekka looked down at her distorted body. She was in pain, but what could she do? She then held onto Eleanor’s shoulders as she braced herself yet again. Eleanor pushed, trying to get her cock into Bekka’s womb, but she was too tight. She kept on trying to penetrate into her womb, and was making thrusting movements, causing Bekka to moan softly. The pain was subsiding, and now she was feeling pleasure.

“You’re too tight, ugh. I can’t get my cock into your womb.”

Eleanor wasn’t going to give up though, she was determined to get her cock fully inside of Bekka so that she may feel maximum pleasure, even if it meant breaking Bekka, but hopefully not. Eleanor started to get frustrated, so she put her hands onto Bekka’s shoulders, and pushed her down hard, forcing her cock to stretch open her womb opening. Bekka squealed and screamed loudly as her womb was being distorted, but all she felt was pleasure. Eleanor had on her face a huge, devilish grin now. She pushed Bekka down harder, and now she was all the way in her up to the base of her cock. They both looked down at Bekka’s distorted belly, Eleanor’s cock head fully visible from within her.

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