Email Cuckold Ch. 06

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Big Tits

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*** *** *** *** ***

Ken looked through his email in disappointment. It looked like no one hit on his wife at Tracy’s birthday party. He guessed it was a good thing since she didn’t come home anyway. He glanced at the clock and saw that his wife would be home in about a half hour. He went over to the kitchen and preheated the oven and got some of the food ready.

He heard a ping from the computer and walked over. He saw a new email had popped up. Curious, he saw the subject line was “Your HOT Wife.” Ken opened it and the first line got him hard.

To:[email protected]

From: [email protected]

Your wife’s hot piece of ass was sizzling this past Saturday! She played nice in the middle between my woman and I. Did you know she was bi? Anyway, she said my cock filled her so good… much better than her husband’s. Just thought you’d like the heads up.

Ken looked at the email address and was puzzled. He did a search and nothing came up. As far as he could tell, this person had never written him before.

To: [email protected]

From:[email protected]

Ha. Ha. You almost had me there but Karen’s not like that. Did we chat before? I don’t have your address.

He smiled in satisfaction at quashing the jokester and went back to the kitchen. But he had barely gone into the kitchen when another ping caught his attention.

To:[email protected]

From: [email protected]

Here is a pic. And no we haven’t spoken before but I heard you like for your woman to play around or are you just playing around and don’t really want to see your wife fuck another guy?

Ken scrolled down and saw a woman on her hands and knees. She had her face buried in a woman’s pussy while being fucked from behind. Ken looked closer. It did kind of look like Karen’s body, but the pic was grainy, like it was taken from a phone. Excited, Ken typed out a quick email.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Hell, I would love to see my wife fuck another guy. I’ve think she’s flirted with guys, but I don’t think I can convince her actually have sex or even give a bj to one. I’ve fantasized about it… and even brought it up to her, but got shot down.

Ken sent off the email. He looked at the photo again and began to play with his cock. Maybe he had time to rub out a quick one… He was in mid-stroke when he heard the garage door open and hurriedly put his penis away and went to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

*** *** *** ***

It was the weekend and Ken was trying to figure out what to wear. “How do you know these people honey?”

Karen peeked out of the bathroom with a hair straightener in one hand. “Sue is Tracy’s younger sister. We hit it off at Tracy’s birthday party and so she invited us for dinner at her place.”

“Who else will be there?”

Karen shrugged. “She has a boyfriend, Rob. Other than that, I don’t know.”

Grumbling, Ken put on a green polo shirt. The doorbell rang and he went down to let the babysitter in. He was a little annoyed at having to go, but at least it wasn’t in the city. Ken hated driving in traffic and Karen’s great social ideas always had them driving into the Loop.

He grabbed a bottle of red and white wine since he didn’t know what was preferred. Karen came down the stairs in a brown skirt and his favorite turquoise shirt. It really showed off her amazing boobs and he loved seeing guys glance at her when they went out.

Oh well, he thought. Maybe they could hit a bar afterwards.

Karen gave the babysitter some final instructions and they were on their way. Sue and Rob didn’t live too far away actually. The apartment was in a newly developed area, sleek and modern. Ken felt a surge of desire when the door opened. The woman was a tall (maybe even an inch or two taller than him!), willowy red head. He could see the resemblance to Tracy. Normally, he liked more curves on a woman, but there was just something about Sue that was sexy. She was dressed in a lacy blue shirt that highlighted her blue eyes and a tight black skirt.

“Um…” Ken cleared his throat and hoped his wife hadn’t caught him staring. “We brought red and white wine.”

Sue laughed and gave Karen a quick hug before linking her arm in Ken’s and bringing them inside. “Rob, our guests are here!”

“Great!” A voice floated in from the kitchen. “Have a seat at the table, I’ll bring the food out.”

Ken uncorked both wines as they all had a seat. The apartment was nicely furnished and comfortable. As they sat, Rob came out with a plate of pork chops simmering in some sauce. Rob was tall, probably seven or eight inches taller than Ken’s 5’10 frame, but also very thin. He had dark Italian features and gave the guests a wide smile.

Despite Ken’s initial misgivings, the dinner went rather well. Both Ken and Sue were fun, interesting and with a good sense of gaziantep erotik itiraflar humor. Sue and he even worked in similar electronic industries. Rob was a bass player but wasn’t flaky or anything. They played off one another well and Ken could see the attraction.

After dinner, the couples moved to the living room. Ken felt his head spinning a bit. He thought about signaling to Karen that she might have to drive home when Sue grabbed his hand.

“Ken, I have a great computer system set up in the office. Want to take a look?”

Ken glanced over at Karen. Her and Rob were looking through various albums. For a moment, he thought their pose was too intimate, but then shook his head at the silly thought. Sue pulled his hand and Ken flashed a smile at her.

Karen looked up briefly as her husband left the room, but then Rob touched her knee.

“This was the set when my band played at the Lincoln Square Summerfest.”

Karen looked over the list of songs. It took her a moment to realize that Rob’s hand was still on her knee and moving slowly up. Karen giggled and playfully pushed his hand away.

“Now Rob, don’t get fresh!”

Rob flashed a smile and winked. “Want to see something interesting?”

Karen flushed, something about the way Rob talked, it promised more naughty things. “And what would Sue say?”

Rob picked up a laptop and opened it up. “Oh, this was Sue’s idea. She sent a little note to your husband that I think you might want to read.”

Karen recognized her husband’s secret email account. Rob moved over so his body was pressed against hers, but Karen was focused on the email.

Hell, I would love to see my wife fuck another guy. I’ve think she’s flirted with guys, but I don’t think I can convince her actually have sex or even give a bj to one. I’ve fantasized about it…

Rob’s hands began to massage her back. Conflicting emotions warred through the curvy brunette. What was it her husband wanted? His hands were bolder now. They moved under her arms to cup and knead her breasts. A protest very nearly bubbled to her lips. She very nearly told Rob to stop.

But she didn’t.

Rob leaned forward and whispered. “Let’s fulfill your husband’s fantasy.”

His warm breath sent a shiver through the woman.

“And the system is all connected wirelessly?” Ken asked.

Sue nodded and pointed towards a router that was hidden behind a ceramic vase. “It’s better than that. Both stereos and all three TVs are connected as well.”

As Ken bent to better see the router, he was surprised to feel Sue press against him. He stood up abruptly and coughed nervously. He was surprised to see a mischievous look on the tall red head’s face.

“What’s the matter Ken?”

“Well… um… I don’t think…”

She pointed at his crotch. “I don’t think your body is complaining.” She stepped up and began to rub his crotch. “In fact, you appear rather… excited.” He was right, she was just above his level. He thought she was going to kiss him, but instead she tapped him on the nose, though the other hand kept rubbing his cock.

He enjoyed the feeling a moment more before saying. “But my wife… your boyfriend…”

Sue did give him a peck on the cheek then. “I thought it was your fantasy to see your wife with another man.”

Ken’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Let’s go check on them, but no talking.” Sue pointed a finger at him. “Understand?”

He nodded and she turned to walk out, still holding him by the crotch. Silently, they walked down the corridor. As they turned the corner, Ken stood – stunned.

His wife, his beautiful wife, was on her knees in between the legs of Rob. Her back was to him so he couldn’t exactly see, but the bobbing of her head made it clear what she was doing. He opened his mouth, but Sue squeezed his balls – hard. He turned to her, his vision slightly blurring with tears of pain. But already her hand was back to stroking him and she gave him a warm smile. Gently, she grabbed his chin and turned his gaze back to his wife.

He felt Sue’s hand move to his zipper and released his manhood. A smile returned to his lips. It was a turn on to see his wife pleasuring another man and it looked like he’d get a bj from a beautiful woman too! A warm hand fished out his cock and began stroking it. Quickly, his half staff cock was a full length. He felt her hot breath on his ear while her hand continued to stroke him. It took all his willpower to keep himself from cumming too soon.

Her hand left his cock and gripped his hand. With fingers intertwined, she brought their hands to his cock. Together, they stroked. He leaned back against her, reveling in the feeling of her slim, but feminine body so different from his wife’s. Her hand left his as she began to massage his shoulders and kiss the back of his neck.

Ken saw Rob tap Karen’s shoulder and pointed directly at him. Karen turned. His wife’s lipstick was askew and she looked at him shocked. Ken realized that it looked like he was masturbating to the scenario before him! Before he could protest, his wife’s expression changed to a radiant smile and she turned to get back to work.

Sue gently pushed him to a nearby loveseat. He could see Rob’s cock a little better now. It was certainly bigger than his, both in length and girth but not by much. Her lips stretched erotically around his shaft as she moved up and down. One of her hands played with his balls while the other manipulated the base of his shaft. It was weird and strange and erotic to see his wife giving head from this perspective. He realized that he was still stroking his own cock.

“Isn’t Karen sexy working on his cock like that?” Sue sultry voice thrilled him.


“Do you know what would be even hotter?” She moved off the love seat and crawled towards his wife.


“I get her naked and then she fucks him!”

Ken looked at the red head with a shocked expression, but the young woman was pressed up against the back of Karen. Her hands roved around the brunette, but Karen kept giving head. The pale hands kneaded her breasts before moving between her legs. Ken had no idea his wife would accept such touches from a female!

Sue embraced Karen and stood her up. Again the taller woman’s hands roved all over the curvy brunette. She lifted his wife’s chin and they kissed! Passionate with tongues flitting back and forth.

Sue broke the kiss and looked at Ken. “You are doing such a good job on your cock!” Rob stood up and moved over to the love seat. “Why don’t you stroke Rob’s cock and keep him hard for your wife?”

Ken sputtered, but Rob merely grabbed his free hand. Ken’s fingers curled around the warm shaft. He had never touched another guy’s cock before. It was soft but firm. He looked up at Karen and saw her staring at his hand with lust painted across her face. Both his hands were stroking cocks while he and Rob watch the two woman dance together. Karen was now facing Sue and they were grinding together. Slowly they kissed. Their hands explored each other’s bodies. Ken couldn’t believe his wife was making out with another woman!

Sue’s hands grabbed Karen’s arms and raised them over her head. Then she quickly removed Karen’s shirt. Her D cups jiggled within the confines of her bra. Sue’s hands reached around and then her breasts weren’t confined at all. Karen shrieked and giggled, but she didn’t try and cover herself. Instead she grabbed the tall woman and pulled her down to her chest and shook her breasts.

Sue went down to her knees and tugged down Karen’s skirt. The redhead bit the top of Karen’s boy shorts and pulled them down a little with her teeth. She then kissed right below Karen’s belly button. Ken felt Rob’s cock twitch in response. He looked over saw that they other guy was enthralled with the show in front of him. Sue had gotten off Karen’s underwear now and Ken realized she had two fingers inside of his wife!

“Oh she is definitely ready Rob!” Sue prodded Karen over to the love seat. “Ken I want you to guide Rob into your wife.” Karen straddled Rob, her pussy just above his cock. Instinctively, Ken angled Rob’s cock so the head rubbed along the labia. Karen moaned with pleasure. So he kept rubbing the cock head back and forth. It became shiny and wet. Finally, he moved it right up against his wife’s hole. Slowly she sank down on the strange cock and she let out her breath. Ken leaned back against the love seat and watch his wife start to move up and down.

“Why did you stop stroking?” Sue’s harsh voice cut across his reverie.

He looked at his own drooping cock and began to stroke.

“I think you should be punished.” Sue gave him a wicked smile. She then moved over to the gyrating Karen. “Karen dear… I want to you to turn so you are facing away from Rob.”

Karen looked confused, but Rob practically lifted her to the very tip of his cock and then spun her around. Karen began moving up and down on the cock, her breasts trembling with each thrust.

“Get on your knees in front of your wife Ken!” Sue ordered.

With a questioning look, he did as he was told.

“Now lick her clit!”

Ken hesitated. “But…”

Karen took the initiative and pulled him close by the back of his head. She stopped moving up and down and started moving back and forth. This allowed Ken to better reach her clit with his tongue. Ken looked up and saw her lean back against Rob. The young man used the position to better play with her breasts and nipples.

His tongue slipped between her wet folds and found her clit. Her musky scent filled him and he began to lick her sensitive bump. The hair from Rob’s balls tickled Ken’s chin and his wife ground against his tongue and Rob’s tool. Ken soon realized there was no way to lick his wife without also licking Rob’s cock every so often. Still, he told himself, it all tasted like his wife so he guessed it wasn’t too bad.

“Keep stroking Ken.” Sue’s firm voice floated in from behind. “All three of you look so hot.” A flash of movement caught Ken’s eye and he looked to see Sue join her husband in playing with Karen’s boobs. She then passionately kissed Karen. To Ken’s surprise, his wife returned the kiss without hesitation.

He redoubled his efforts on his wife. His tongue moving around her clit. His wife gyrated faster. Rob put his hands on her hips to move her up and down on his cock. Suddenly, Rob’s penis slipped out of Karen and smacked Ken right in the face. Instinctively, he grabbed it with one hand and stroked it.

“You can taste it if you want…” Sue invited.

Ken looked up and saw all three looking at him.

“Yeah dude, it’s cool with me.” Rob said.

Ken looked at Karen who had a crooked smile on her face.

“It just has my juices on it. Nothing you haven’t tasted before.”

Hesitantly, he ran his tongue up the shaft. It was unusual but not unpleasant. When he got to the head, he let his tongue circle around the edge. Finally, he let it enter his mouth. He moved down so it slid along his tongue before pulling back. It was just too weird.

He released it from his mouth and lined the cock up once again with his wife’s slit. Karen groaned in pleasure as Rob once again entered her. Ken felt pressure on the back of his head and he willingly continued to lick the both of them.

“Oh yeah, Karen, your pussy is so damn tight!”

Ken felt a flush of pleasure at hearing another guy so delight in take his wife. Karen responded by bucking harder. Her boobs jiggled beneath the hands of Sue and her hips slammed into Rob. Ken couldn’t continue licking, the motions were just too quick so he began circling her clit with his fingers. Amazed he watched Rob disappear inside Karen with each thrust. He looked up and saw his wife’s eyes closed and lips slightly parted. He knew she would cum soon.

He sped up the movements of his fingers.

“Fuck me Rob!”

Sue’s hands roamed all over the gyrating housewife. A spasm of pleasure wracked her body and Ken watched his wife orgasm from a strange cock. He stopped rubbing her overly sensitive clit and watched juices run from down their legs. Eventually, Rob’s dick shriveled and plopped out. He scooted out from under Karen and went into the bathroom.

Sue’s hands still caressed Karen and she looked at Ken on his knees.

“Why don’t you eat Karen out Ken?”

Ken looked at Karen’s leaking slit. Sure he had imagined guys taking his wife while eating her pussy after she’d come back from the bars, but it was all fantasy. He looked over to his wife, but couldn’t read her expression. He reached out to caress her thighs, she smiled and nodded to him. She widened her legs and Ken leaned in.

He meant to dip in slowly, but as he neared her pussy, Karen’s hand pulled him in. She pulled him in so tightly he had to breathe through his nose. He inserted his tongue into her. He tasted the excitement of his wife. He scooped in deeper with his tongue. His wife moaned his in response and Ken felt his cock harden in response. His favorite moments were when he knew he was bringing his wife pleasure.

Ken moved his tongue back and forth across her labia, slowly working his way up to his clit. Karen’s hips moved in time to his movements. He thought there wasn’t much different in the taste of her. Ken moved his finger into her vagina, moving it in tandem with his tongue.

“Oh yeah!” Karen moaned.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed his hair and pulled him away. He looked up to see Sue looming over him. He looked up questioning and realized with a shock that Sue was completely naked. His eyes traveled down her body, past her small, perky tits and slim hips and he had another shock. Sue wasn’t completely naked, jutting out from her crotch was a purple strap-on! He glanced over at Karen and saw that a surprised look on her face. Sitting on the couch, he saw Rob smiling at the whole scenario.

Sue loosened her grip and started to run her fingers through his hair. “Now Ken, you have gotten your fantasy realized. Karen and Rob have had their fun.” She waggled her strap-on in his face. “I have a fantasy too…”

Ken’s heart skipped a beat. “You want to fuck Karen?”

“Not Karen… you.” She smiled and Ken heard Karen gasp in surprise.

“What? I can’t do that!”

Sue’s grin grew wider. “I’m sure you can.” He felt her hand trail down his neck and along the spine. “You just continue to eat out your wife.” Her hand was now at his ass and started moving in a circle. “I’ll go slow and be gentle.”

“But, I’ve never had… I’ve never done…”

Karen then whispered. “Shhhhh….” His wife grabbed his ears and nodded as she pulled him back into her waiting, wet slit.

As his tongue moved along her labia, he felt something wet drip down the crack of his ass. Fingers moved along his ass, teasing his hole. Finally, one finger moved in. It felt weird, but not too bad. He continued licking his wife, letting his tongue move back and forth across her clit. He knew his wife loved when he did that though he could never keep the pace for long. The finger moved in and out of his ass. Just as he decided that it was rather pleasant, he felt a second finger inserted. He gasped as it sawed back and forth. Soothing lubricant dripped onto his ass once again and helped cool the sensations in his ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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