Emily at the gym

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Big Dicks

constructive critisism welcoome.

Emily wa a high school freshman or more accurately she just finished her freshmen year. She was a cheerleader with very little on her mind. She was very much spoiled and didn’t think much of anyone. She went through the expected routine of looking down at everyone and dated a football player. But she never gave of herslef to anyone physically nor emotionally.

As usual, she went to the gym at 10pm every day to work out. It was close to her house and it was open 24h. She swiped her card and the door opened. in order to keep the costs down, there was no staff at night. It was one of the reasons she chose to go at night less or no gaukers.

She got in and went through her routine; within minutes, the remaining few people left and she was alone. It was 11 pm when she heard the door open and in came in another high schooler. She couldn’t remember his name but knew he attended a few classes with her and he was in her grade.

“What is he doing here? Wasn’t he a weakling nerd?” She thought. It was an appropriate thought since his friends were known nerds. “Hi, Emily right?” “Yes” “I’m Ted” he said extending a hand which she looked down upon and didn’t take it. “What are you doing here?” “I’m always here, I come in everyday” “I’ve never seen you before” “that’s because I’m usually here at 2 or 3 am, but today, I was told not to come in for work so I decided to come in early” “I see” she said and turned back to her machine.

She didn’t like people watching her work out or do any physical activity, they all had the same look on their face that said they’re stripping her. She knew of course that they should dream about her since she was gorgeous. “I mean look at those nipples and that ass, who wouldn’t want to look at them.” Continued her thought process; “still, if cheerleading didn’t put me in the spot light, I wouldn’t do it.”

She was on a bike and in front of her was another row of machines, she watched as Ted walked up to the treadmill and started slowly jogging. She watched him the whole time wondering what he looked like under those clothes, “his body is not big, he doesn’t look like he has any muscle, why is he here ?”

As she watched, he stopped the treadmill, “he’s giving up already” she thought. But he just stepped of and stretched, after which, he took off his tshirt and got on the treadmill again. Emily almost fell when he took of his tshirt, “look at the muscle structure on him, there is no way he’s a nerd , he should be playing some kind of martial art” she thought.

She watched with amazement as Ted ran like a marathon runner in perfect form. He was on the treadmill for half an hour and didn’t even break sweat. He got off the machine and went to another a bit further down, this time he worked on the upper body.

Emily didn’t know why, but she wanted to watch him, she followed him almost unconsciously and picked a machine behind him. Again she watched with amazement as he exceeded all her preconceived ideas about him. But something else was happening, she was getting hot tingling sensation all over her body just by watching him.

antalya escort bayan She was watching intently when he turned and she saw the bulge in his shorts. She didn’t look earlier, but there it was and and her hot spot got even hotter. She could feel herself getting wet, especially her pussy.

She couldn’t continue her workout and got off the machine and stumbled and almost fell. But she noticed a hand holding her up by her upper arm. She looked up and there he was close to her touching her body. “I know you don’t like it when lesser beings touch you, but I think you should make an exception this time.”

She looked up at him almost in a daze, finally she gathered her strength and stood up. She was facing him, looking directly in his eyes, he was half a foot taller than her so she put a hand behind his neck and pulled his head down towards him and pushed herself up on tip toes and kissed him on the lips.

She felt as if an electric shock ran through her and she didn’t want to let go, but after a few seconds she did. She opened her eyes and looked at his confused expression. Her face was totally red, her whole body was flushed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her to the yoga area.

She stopped in front of a mat and went down on her knees while facing him. She grabbed his shorts and pulled them down all the way. She gasped when his dick sprang up and almost hit her in the face.
His dick was 8″ with extra girth she thought. Slowly she extended a hand as if afraid of getting burned and touched it experimentaly. “It’s hot” she murmured.

She rapped her hand on it and slowly moved it up and down. “Why do I like this” she thought. She moved her head closer and stuck out her tongue and licked the shaft experimentaly once, then twice , then a lot more. Slowly she opened her mouth and took the tip in .

She had watched a couple of pornos and thought of trying to immetate them, but she quickly started gagging. She barely had 3 inches in her mouth when she stopped and took it back out. She looked at the slippery creature in front of her and accepted the challenge. She went for round two and opened her mouth and took it in again. This time she took in 5 inches before she started gagging, but she didn’t take it out. She tried and tried until she found a way to breath. The whole time her tongue was in constant motion, it was trying lick this creature as if it was dripping ice cream.

She started moving her head back and forth trying to take it in deeper every time, but she wasn’t very successful at it. After a few minutes, she got tired of the position she was in, so she stood up. She finally looked him in the eyes but his expression was unreadable. She took off her sports bra and her shorts and her shoes and socks.

She turned around and moved a little further from him and came back in a fashion model walk and a twirl. She was hoping he’d jump on her and take lead but he was just standing there waiting for her to either ask or take charge.

Problem was, she was a virgin, and she didn’t know or wasn’t sure of what do next if she should even continue, but her body escort bayan wanted more. She approached him and stood right in front of him a few inches apart, she bent down, past the excited dick and all the way to his shoes.

She took her time untyeing his shoe laces, she lifted one foot, removed the shoe and a sock and repeated with the other side, and she removed his shorts. Finally she stood up and faced him again, she grabbed her hair tie and pulled it off.

They stood there naked facing each other for almost a minute when she finally, “ok, you win, I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t want to ask for help, but I can’t stop, so help me.”

He smiled kindly and extended his hand and cupped her face. He stepped closer and put his face right in front of hers, mouths almost touching, he was looking her straight in the eye and closed in and touched her lips with his for a second and then again and again. She felt like he was teasing her, but she couldn’t take it anymore, next time he leaned in, she pulled him and pushed herself for a full contact.

Their lips locked together and she stuck out her tongue and met with his. Her body was losing strength quickly, but she felt his hands around her holding her and touching her. They separated after a few minutes and looked each other in the eye.

He dropped down slowly touching every part of her on his way down lingering on her breasts. He had a hand on each one playing and squeezing them, he brought his mouth to each and took the nipple inside his mouth and did wonders to them. He licked each breast with his tongue out like a dog then returned to the nipple. Finally he took pitty on her and went down all the way.

His hands where holding her ass, squeezing and massaging them, at the same time, his mouth was on her lower lips. He found her secret button and again his mouth did wonders to it. If he wasn’t holding her up, she would’ve crumpled long ago. His tongue entered between her lower lips and was moving in strange but very effective rythm. She had a massive orgasm and held herslf up by holding on to his head.

He laid her down on the mat and lay down on top of her, “are you ready?” He asked. She knew what was coming and was afraid, but he made her feel so good so he can be trusted can’t he?

She nodded, he guided his dick to her pussy and pushed the tip in. Then he looked her in the eyes and pushed in deeper until he encountered resistance. His dick was hard and not plyable so it didn’t need support. She was feeling the pain especially when he touched her heymen.

He kissed her passionately and when she returned it, he pushed in hard as far as he can go and stopped. Her scream was in his mouth and she held him tightly trying to endure the pain. A few moments later , most of the pain receded and she was feeling his dick filling her up.

Slowly, he started moving, in and out. Watching her face the whole time. Every time he went in, he went in deeper than last. Finally he was all the way in, she was feeling so many things at the same time, but there was an overwhelming feeling of pleasure.

He picked up the pace noticing antalya escort the ecstasy on her face, he moved in a rythm that he made up. Not just in and out, he was alternating between rubbing her gspot and filling her up. Within minutes , she was having another orgasm. She squeezed him so hard, he came right in side her. She felt his cum and it pushed her orgasm even longer. Finally they both collapsed trying to catch their breath. She was wondering why he was still hard, don’t they need time to recover?

He pulled out lay down next to her and , “your turn”. She guessed that he meant her turn on top. So she slowly, wincing from the pain, got up and straddled him. She guided his dick to her entrance and went down taking it in her. She placed her hands on his chest for support and started moving. He grabbed on breast and rubbed her clit with the other hand.

She was girateing her hips, moving his dick inside her fucking herself with his dick. He moved his hand between breasts and clit, sometimes, he moved his hands to her hips and helped her go up and down. In no time, she was climaxing, again she squeezed him hard and collapsed right on his chest. She felt safe there for some reason and didn’t move for a while, his dick still inside her.

Finally, not able to stand it longer, he pulled her off him, put her on her hands and knees and pushed in from behind. She felt him each even deeper than before, his speed was higher too and he wasn’t as gentle as he was earlier, he was going for the win. She tried to match his speed but couldn’t, so she stayed still and took him in. He was moving like a piston for almost a full minute when he slowed down reach around and squeezed her clit pushing her over the edge. She squeezed him hard again and he came for the second time.

He pulled out slowly, but held her in place. She felt his hand on her clit again, but another finger was rubbing around her asshole. She knew what was coming, he wanted her other virginity.

His finger slowly went inside her tight ring, and another was slowly joining it. She felt them move around, expand her entrance and she was getting used to them. He took the fingers out and put them back in and again and again and wait, that’s not his finger that’s much bigger. He was pushing his dick inside slowly.

She felt a bit of pain but not too much, and he was taking his time so it wasn’t too bad. He got the tip in and stopped , then moved again. He was moving in and out giving her time to get used to having a big dick in her ass. And slowly, she started feeling pleasure as well.

In no time he was in all the way, he picked up speed. He didn’t use any fancy rythm this time, he was just going at at full speed. He paused, took his dick out rolled her over. Grabbed a cushin and placed it under her hips to raise them. He pushed her legs back all the way to her chest and pushed his dick in her ass again.

This time he was moving slower, he was using his hands to play with her clit and her nipples. They were watching each others’ faces trying to gauge the other’s reaction. It didn’t take long for her to start squeezing even harder on his dick and he finally blew his load all the way inside her.


thnx for reading. pelease let me know your thoughts and opinions, should i have a sequal?

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