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Gregory had often wondered how he would react if a man ever came on to him. He wasn’t gay or even bisexual, just that little tiny bit curious. He’d never touched another man’s cock, never even seen an erect one in real life other than his own, but somewhere in the back of his mind was that seed of curiosity. What would it be like to have another man’s cock in his hand, in his mouth, even in his…? Yes, well that would be going too far, but nonetheless he wondered. If the chance ever came up, what would he do? Now it looked as though he was going to have an answer to that question.

He had come to the park simply because it was too nice a day to be stuck indoors and he had a good book he wanted to read. What better, he thought, than to spend his day off sitting on a bench in the shade of one of the big willow trees that lined the river bank and to pass a couple of lazy hours reading, especially now the full heat of the day was passed.

The park was pretty much deserted on a late weekday afternoon, but even so he had sat right in the middle of a solitary bench as clear signal that he wouldn’t welcome company. So he was a bit surprised when a man came and sat next to him, intruding on his personal space and disturbing his concentration even though he didn’t actually speak.

He glanced briefly across at the intruder, uncomfortable but determined not to show it. The man caught his gaze momentarily and smiled without speaking. Gregory ignored the smile and looked more closely at his unwelcome companion.

He saw a fair-haired man of about the same mid twenties age, a couple of inches taller than himself but of a slimmer build, and much better dressed in grey slacks and deep red sweater. The man smiled again and so Gregory gave him a cold stare and pointedly switched his attention back to his book.

The two sat silently side by side like that for another five or ten minutes, Gregory trying hard to take no notice of his companion and concentrate on his book, but finding it impossible. The man had fidgeted a couple of times, moving his body slightly as if looking for a more comfortable position, movements that Gregory had studiously ignored before he realised that in doing so the man had brought the back of his hand just slightly into contact with the side of Gregory’s thigh. It had taken a minute or two for him to realise, but now the contact was unmistakeable through the thin material of his track suit. He even thought that the hand was purposely being pressed gently onto his leg although he wasn’t sure.

The man moved again and now the contact was unmistakeable, because the backs of the man’s fingers were actually moving slightly, softly stroking his thigh. Gregory’s heart began to pound as he finally understood what was happening, even though his mind would have none of it and refused to believe that the contact was deliberate. Surely the movement was accidental, perhaps due to the man scratching his own leg, or something.

He risked a swift surreptitious glance, realised that the man was looking at him out of the corner of his eye, and then quickly looked back at his book before the man had a chance to react. He didn’t want to catch his eye, daren’t really, in case he gave himself away and acknowledged the touch, so he fixed his eyes intently on his book but without taking in the words, turning a page unread so as to seem as though he was still focussed on his reading. But the stroking was became just a little more noticeable, more insistent, and still he ignored it, even though his mouth was becoming dry because he knew the man must realise that he couldn’t help but feel the movement now.

He stared at his book, not reading at all now, just staring, wondering what to do. He glanced around. They were on their own, nobody was within shouting distance, in fact nobody was in sight. Gregory was going to have to make his own decisions and he was frightened.

The man’s hand moved, turned over, the flat of the palm now resting on Gregory’s leg, caressing it gently, moving an inch or two up and down the muscle in the side of his leg. Now there was no doubt that it was deliberate, though the contact did not feel threatening. It felt quite nice actually, but it was wrong. He shouldn’t be allowing it to happen, strangers didn’t just stroke another man’s leg unless they were intent on one thing, but Gregory didn’t have the will to do anything about it, and in truth he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to. His heart was racing, but he was no longer certain if it was fear or excitement. It was both, he decided, admitting to himself that pure undiluted fear was the main component though excitement was growing beneath it. He would wait and see what happened, after all, he hadn’t said yes and he could always say no.

The man’s hand was on the top of his thigh now, the strokes longer and firmer. Gregory could see the hand moving when he looked over the side of his book, a book that quivered in his trembling hands. He had given up any pretence of looking at it, but he daren’t put it down canlı bahis because that would acknowledge what was happening and give his unspoken agreement. Instead he just held on to it like some kind of ineffectual shield and watched a man stroking his leg more and more boldly.

Soon he saw the hand move over his leg and push down between his knees, and felt it pulling his leg away, towards the man. He let it move, his legs parting and letting the man stroke the inside of his thigh, touching the more sensitive part of his leg. Slowly but surely the hand moved higher, twisting slightly to let fingertips go under Gregory’s thigh, pulling his legs firmly wide open and exploring further until it finally made contact with his crotch.

Gregory gasped. This was it, this was a decision time, but he felt disconnected, unable to make a positive move either way. All he was capable of doing was letting it happen. He sat there with a book still in his hands and his legs wide apart, and let a strange man cautiously touch him.

When Gregory had gasped the man had hesitated, pausing until it was clear that the sudden exhalation was the only reaction he was going to get, and then he reached further, probing and exploring until he found Gregory’s flaccid penis through his clothing and began to stroke it with his fingertips.

The moment for refusal had passed and Gregory knew it. He closed his book and placed it on the seat beside him before turning his head and looking directly at the man beside him. The man smiled gently as Gregory let his hands fall to his sides and rested against the back of the bench, surrendering to the attention, finally signalling his passive acceptance of what was happening. He couldn’t respond, his brain denied what was happening and still wouldn’t allow his body to react to a man’s touch.

It seemed like hours that they sat silently side by side, the stranger reaching between his legs, fondling and manipulating Gregory’s balls and cock through the soft clothing, but in reality he knew that it was only a few minutes before his cock began to respond, slowly unfurling and lengthening as the blood pumped into it until slowly but surely he became fully erect.

Gregory felt ashamed of his response, feeling it was wrong that he found a man’s hand stimulating but unable to stop himself. He looked at the man, unsure what to do next, still wondering if he should stop what was happening, or even if he could. The man smiled that soft smile again and this time Gregory smiled back. Not a big broad smile but a tentative fleeting curl of his lips, a tiny automatic reaction that the man picked up on immediately and took as his cue.

‘Hi, I’m Drew.’

He thought it bizarre that a man should introduce himself while at the same time running two fingers up and down the length of his shaft, but in the circumstances what else could he do but reply?


‘Hello Gregory, nice to meet you.’

Gregory nodded a mute reply, trying to prevent the nervous giggle that was threatening to escape through the absurdity of the conversation.

‘Is that nice?’ Drew asked, motioning towards his hand with his eyes.

It was and Gregory was past denying it. In any case his erection would only make denial a lie. He nodded again.

‘I’m glad. Shall we go somewhere else?’

This was it. This was the point of no return and Gregory was aware of it, but he had neither the will nor the courage to prevent it passing untaken. He nodded and looked around; wondering where in the park would be secret enough.

‘My place is just across there.’ Drew told him, pointing towards the nearest park exit and putting an end to Gregory’s vague hope of limiting what might be required of him. In the privacy of Drew’s home anything was possible and Gregory felt a sudden panic, his heart thudding again just as it had when he felt that first touch. But he still nodded and waited for Drew to remove his hand before climbing to his feet.

They walked side by side, for which Gregory was grateful, half fearing that Drew would throw a possessive arm around his shoulders, and as they walked along Drew kept up a sporadic conversation to which Gregory contributed almost nothing. He was too full of apprehension and anticipation to either listen properly or to make any sort of sensible reply, but Drew seemed not to notice. He wasn’t even quite sure where he was when Drew put a key in the lock and welcomed him into a modern but comfortable home.

‘Come through.’

Drew gestured towards a door that led Gregory into a large well furnished lounge. But he didn’t invite him to sit down, instead he came across and stood in front of him, looking with concern into his eyes.

‘This is your first time, isn’t it?’

Gregory nodded, still unable to find his voice.

‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.’

Another nod and a wan smile.

‘Look, you’re free to go any time you want. I won’t try and prevent you, honestly.’

‘Thank you, but I’m okay.’ Gregory managed to bahis siteleri whisper, getting his anxiety under control at least to some extent.

Drew smiled his gentle smile again and Gregory found himself smiling back.

‘It’ll be fine, you’ll see. Nothing will happen you don’t want to.’

Drew came quietly closer and put an arm around Gregory, giving his shoulder an affectionate little hug before reaching out with his other hand and finding Gregory’s crotch once again.

By now his erection had long since disappeared, but Drew made no complaint and just gently fondled and massaged the flaccid cock through Gregory’s clothing, looking directly into his eyes. He wasn’t sure why, but it wasn’t long before Gregory felt his cock start to fill out again and try to straighten within the confines of his pants.

‘All right?’ Drew asked.

‘Yes, fine.’

In response Drew gave a little grin and then reached for Gregory’s hand, guiding it towards his own crotch and wrapping the fingers around his own rock hard erection. For a second or so Gregory resisted, but then his long resisted curiosity and natural compliance took over and he began to fondle Drew’s crotch, marvelling at the size and hardness of the cock he felt under his fingers.

He’d never touched another cock and he couldn’t help the excitement that he felt from this first time, though it was mostly still more from anxiety than from arousal. Nonetheless he curled his fingers around Drew’s shaft, trying to stroke it through his clothing. His heart was thudding even more and his breathing quickened.

For a short while the two men stood facing each other, their hands reaching across, each gently rubbing the other’s cock, enjoying both the sensation of doing it and having it done to them. Neither spoke a word, but Drew could see Gregory becoming more willing and now he took it to the next level, finding the elasticised waistband of his tracksuit and easing his way inside Gregory’s boxers, burrowing down until his hand reached its target.

Gregory gasped again, startled both by Drew’s action even though he knew it must be coming, and by the cool feel of fingers on his hot shaft. His face flamed red, ashamed and disconcerted for allowing such an invasion let alone taking pleasure from it. He leaned his head down onto Drew’s shoulder hiding his embarrassment and his face, but doing nothing to prevent the touch. Drew put his arm back around Gregory’s shoulders and pulled him closer, hugging him in reassurance and support, letting him conceal his face until he became comfortable with himself.

Again the two men stood together, Gregory with his hand still touching Drew through his slacks, his fingers motionless for most of the time with most of his attention on the hand that curled around his own cock, but eventually he raised his face and looked at Drew with a tiny smile, shuffling his feet apart a little to allow Drew to explore further, wanting just a little more.

Drew understood the signalled acquiescence better than Gregory himself, because to Gregory’s surprise he withdrew his hand instead of exploring further. He tugged his shirt free and pulled it of over his head, ignoring the buttons for the sake of swiftness and efficiency. Then standing naked to the waist, he eyed Gregory’s reaction before undoing his slacks and sliding them down, kicking them away along with his shoes to stand wearing only a pair of pale blue boxers.

‘Ready?’ He asked Gregory, without specifying for what.

Gregory nodded his understanding and stood meekly while Drew tugged his sweatshirt free and pulled it up and over his head, pausing momentarily at that point to assess Gregory’s reaction before kneeling before him to unlace his shoes and pull down his track suit pants, letting Gregory steady himself with a hand on his shoulder as he stepped out of them. Now they were both dressed only in their underwear, each of them gazing at the other and sizing them up.

‘Shall we do our own?’ Drew asked, thrusting his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts.

Gregory nodded, licking his lips nervously as he contemplated being naked with another man for the first time. There was no countdown or signal, the two men just simultaneously stepped from their shorts and stood naked together. For Gregory this was an enormous step, making him tremble visibly as his nervousness returned in full, and he had difficulty raising his eyes to look Drew in the face, especially as his anxieties were rapidly taking his erection. He looked away, turning partially sideways to Drew, his eyes darting around the room as if looking for an escape.

‘It’s okay, don’t worry.’ Drew put a comforting hand on Gregory’s shoulder. ‘It’ll be fine, just relax.’

It was all right being told to relax, but not so easy to do. Gregory stood looking down at the floor, shivering with nerves and wondering once more why he was there. Drew put a hand on his other shoulder and turned him to bring them face to face.

‘Would you like a drink?’ He asked in an bahis şirketleri attempt to ease the tension.

Gregory shook his head, still looking down, still trying to recover his nerve.

‘I’ll be fine in a minute.’

Drew nodded and pulled Gregory slowly towards him. For a moment Gregory resisted, but then he stepped closer and let Drew take him into an embrace, his arms encircling his back and holding him tight. He felt Drew’s cock briefly touch his own and then press against his stomach and he let out another little gasp at the contact – but he didn’t pull away.

They stood embracing, Drew running his hands softly up and down Gregory’s back until his trembling had eased and he was able to relax again, his cock rising to half mast against Drew’s stomach.

‘C’mon, let’s go through.’ Drew spoke softly as he broke the contact and led the way into the bedroom, pausing beside the bed until Gregory followed.

‘Okay now?’ he asked.

Gregory nodded and gave the ghost of a smile. He knew that he wanted to be there, doing what he was doing. His fight had been with his own mind, trying to convince himself that he really wanted his long held curiosity satisfied.

‘Yes, I’m fine. Where do you want me?’

He giggled inside, knowing that even though he had now accepted what was happening to him, and in a way was welcoming it, things still had to be taken slowly and if Drew had asked him to bend over, his nerve would have given way again and he would have been halfway down the street in seconds. But instead Drew said nothing until he had climbed on the bed himself and sat with his back against the headboard and his knees wide apart. As soon as he was settled he indicated the space between his legs.

‘Come and sit here.’

Gregory clambered onto the bed and manoeuvred himself into place, shuffling backwards until he was between Drew’s thighs, his back against Drew’s front and with the other man’s hard cock pressing against the base of his spine. Drew put his arms around him from behind and pulled him even closer so that his chest hair tickled Gregory’s back.

‘Comfortable?’ Drew asked from over his shoulder.

‘Thank you.’ Gregory nodded without looking round, relaxing back into Drew’s arms.

Drew’s hands had been around Gregory’s waist, but now one moved up until he felt fingers teasing his nipple, while the other reached downwards seeking and finding his cock. It felt surprisingly good, relaxing in a man’s arms with his cock being stroked and played with. The semi-hardness soon became a full erection and he could feel his breathing deepening again.

Initially Drew only played with Gregory’s cock, letting his fingers wander along its length, very softly circling the head and then roaming along it until he was reaching under to stroke the top of Gregory’s scrotum. But then as he became more sure that Gregory was actively enjoying his touch he wrapped his fingers around the shaft and began to wank him, gently squeezing as his fingers ran up and down the length.

Nobody, male or female, had ever done that before. Gregory wanked himself sometimes, but he’d never had the chance for someone else to try. The sensation was similar to his own efforts, but different, excitingly different, and he sighed gently with enjoyment. He wondered if Drew would keep going until he came, more than half hoping that he would. He was feeling randy and increasingly experimentally adventurous, open to most things now, especially in return for the startling pleasure of having another man wank him off.

Drew’s lips nuzzled into the side of his neck and made him shiver with surprised delight. He tilted his head a little to show his approval and then placed his hands on Drew’s encircling knees, stroking his legs, abruptly aware of the difference in texture between men and women’s skin. Drew’s was rougher, hairier and somehow more comforting in a strange sort of way, just like the kisses Drew was planting on his neck and the warm breath that he felt in his ears. He gave Drew’s legs a little hug.

‘Hold still a moment.’

Drew’s voice was thick from arousal reached sideways to fumble in the top drawer of the bedside chest. Gregory looked around in surprise, wondering what he was searching for. He recognised the lube with mixed feelings of excitement and alarm, panicking briefly at the speed with which things were developing.

But his anxiety was unwarranted. Drew put a large dollop of the lube in his palm, rubbed his hands together and then took hold of Gregory’s cock once again, wanking him with slippery fingers. The new sensation was so intense and different that Gregory couldn’t hold back a groan of pleasure, relaxing back onto Drew’s chest and feeling lips lightly brushing his neck once more.

‘God, that’s fantastic.’ He breathed, as much to himself as to Drew.

‘Good.’ Drew’s words came from close by his ear. ‘Relax and enjoy it.’

He glanced up automatically, turning away again hurriedly in embarrassment when he found his mouth only inches from Drew’s. Drew chuckled softly and contented himself with a soft kiss to the side of Gregory’s cheek, perhaps knowing that Gregory was now wondering if he actually could kiss a man and what it would feel like.

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