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At midnight I texted Tony the address to my downtown apartment for next afternoon’s workout. When I moved to the suburbs I couldn’t part with my oasis in the city so I told myself I’d use it for friends that visited. But I always found myself too busy to join them. So I’d give them the keyless security code and send them a bottle of wine. They all complained until they realized they had a two-story apartment with a home gym, 15th floor roofdeck, gourmet kitchen and 360° views of the city all to themselves. The building was also full of athletes, musicians, actors and models. I knew very well that they had taken advantage of all of the buildings amenities.

Our workout appointment was scheduled for 4PM but I thought sending him the address at midnight would intrigue him. For the last few months I exclusively worked out in the gym he owned because it had a reputation for being athlete friendly, but I wanted to bring our sessions to a more secluded arena. I knew I wanted to fuck him but I still wanted my workout.

The next morning I brought a small suitcase of clothes to the apartment because I figured I’d take a vacation from my normal suburban life. A week downtown would be a fresh change considering I hadn’t gone any where fun in three months. My chef Adrianne was especially thrilled when I asked her to stock the fridge downtown because she lived 5 minutes away.

With my life transposed from my lonely suburban castle to my modern urban getaway, I was aching for 4PM to arrive.

For the last three months I had savored my daily training with Tony. Before I blew out my knee I was never that focused on my body. I was blessed to have an Olympic body but I took everything for granted until it was all taken away from me 2 weeks before Olympic teams were to be set. My entire life revolved around track and investment banking, so when the team trainer, Leroy, realized how severely I had damaged my knee, he awkwardly joked that I was going to have plenty of time to watch the stock market from then on.

He was right.

For three years I kept myself walled off in the lavish suburban home my insurance paid for while I grew my money on Wall Street. I wrapped myself in numbers and found a sense of ease mastering something that few people understood. Investing money was empowering.

But it couldn’t replace the high I’d get running the hurdles or training. Every time I looked at the scar on my knee from the surgery it reminded me how much I missed training at that level. My body was a race car parked in a garage on blocks. So I decided to get her a cover because I didn’t want to be reminded of what could have been.

My freshman roommate from college, April, had a successful, upscale tattoo studio in Los Angeles so I let her design an elegant piece that ran from above my thigh to my ankle. It was my first and last ink, but it covered 1/5th of my body. Her inspiration came from the ornate design of the $100 bill mixed with a honeycomb pattern that she morphed to wrap elegantly around my leg. The piece was so good that she made me take some revealing photography that won a few awards. She clearly had gotten me drunk to agree to those photos but fortunately you couldn’t tell that it was maltepe escort me. To this day I rarely expose the tattoo in fear of someone recognizing it. April and I shared everything so I trusted her to cover everything.

Yet, with all of that ink and I still only saw the scar.

Ding Dong.


Tony had arrived at the garage door so I buzzed him in. I watched him park his electric sedan in the visitor spot from my security camera. I texted him the code to my penthouse elevator and headed down one flight to my home gym. There had been an entire apartment in the space, but I fully renovated it to be my workout area. There were mostly free weights and a yoga area, but the treadmill and stationary cycle were high end. There were no walls so you could see out of the floor-to-ceiling windows from every corner of the gym. The 7 circular cement columns that held the building up were the only visible obstacles. The glassed shower area in the southwest corner overlooking the park was also visibly open. When I moved out of the city, I missed that gym the most.

As I began my preworkout stretch I heard Tony enter the apartment. I had grown somewhat anxious, but I didn’t want to show any signs of my growing anticipation. I just listened to his paced footsteps as they navigated the top floor of the apartment. He was clearly scoping the place out and taking his time. Or maybe he was just as nervous as I was. Either way, he found himself walking down the staircase with his shoes in hand. Very respectful.

“Kara?” Tony shouted as he reached the landing. His tone was less of a search for me and more of a ‘who the hell owns a home gym like this?’

“Over here stretching,” I replied. “You can put your shoes on in here.”

“Thank you,” he said as he sat on a bench and pulled out a fresh pair of sneakers from his backpack to work out in. I took notice that the contents of his backpack weren’t particularly overflowing. On one level I was pleased that he hadn’t planned to overstay his visit, but on a another level I was disappointed that he might have only wanted to workout.

“Ready?” he asked as I finished stretching.

“Always,” I nervously replied.

Once we got into the workout I forgot about how beautiful he looked in the white t-shirt he wore instead of the gym polo he wore for work. As amazing as he looked and smelled I was focused on tuning each muscle with precision. So I lost myself in my workout.

As usual I sweated like a pig. Tony was great about wiping me and the equipment down. That was essentially why I needed a trainer. I already had a workout regimen, but I needed a partner to spot me when I tackled the heavier weights and a clean up crew because I was like a hurricane in the gym – leaving a flood and debris in my trail.

Tony had that covered. More importantly, he was intensely professional. Most trainers would spend 45 minutes staring at my T&A without worrying whether my form was the most efficient at maximizing the set. And when they stared I got angry. But Tony would offer a subtle nudge at my ankle to fix my stance during my third rep of squats. He would lift my chin slightly as I balanced on one leg. mecidiyeköy escort He would silently lift my elbow when I began to mentally relax in the 42nd minute.

I was a race car and he was continuously tuning me.

So I was dripping wet after every workout. Dripping. Fucking. Wet.

At his gym I found myself racing to my car at 4:46 PM to get home. Longest drive ever. I would bring myself to orgasm before the shower water got hot.

But the one day I couldn’t make it out of the parking lot Tony busted me. Tights around my ankles. Finger on my clit. Which brought me to invite my trainer to my home gym.

4:46 PM.

Instinctively I shed my drenched clothes and headed for the shower area. Naked and sweaty, Tony had a full view of me. The tattoo he had caught a glimpse of in the parking lot was now on full display. I cursed myself for not having mirrors in the gym because I wanted to watch him watch me walk to the shower.

Instead I simply kept my head to the sunset in the distance as I turned the water on. As I closed my eyes and stepped into the jetting heat I reached down to feel the wetness that my body produced of its own accord. I began to roll my clit between my fingers as I leaned against the glass and wondered if Tony was still there. For all I knew he could have gone home or headed upstairs to make a sandwich. My fingers along my pussy weren’t terribly worried about Tony at that moment.

Until there was another hand helping them along their path.

Tony had joined me in the shower and I could feel his rock hard dick nested between my ass cheeks. His chest pressed against my back while his arms wrapped around me. One hand helped me hold my writhing breasts while his other hand helped me rub my pussy to heaven. I could feel the power in his hand controlling my hand as I eagerly moaned my climax into his ear.

Like I’d imagined for the last three months.

But in real life he kept squeezing me and I kept coming. I tried to collapse away from him as my legs began to relax. That’s when I realized he was holding me up and my pussy was in his total control. The shower was pulsing on my nipples and clit while Tony held me up against his dick until I burst into the loudest ‘Oh fuck!’ my lungs could muster. I felt like a loose bag of nipples and clit and Tony was squeezing the life into them.

So I let it out. All of it. I screamed and whimpered while he rubbed and pressed. And then I whimpered more.

Until I was done.

Tony released me to my own ability to stand upright. My eyes finally opened and I could see the remnants of sunset breaking into purples and oranges. But I could feel Tony’s dick still pressed against my ass. So I began to squeeze that dick of his with my ass cheeks until I could feel his rhythm riding with my contractions. I remembered catching glimpses of his dick in the gym the day before and wondered what it would be like in my pussy. In my mouth. In my ass.

Just as I started to drift off into my own head I felt Tony’s rhythm lose timing. His knees began to lock and arms began to tighten. At last a warm sensation scored the small of my back as his legs began to wobble. nişantaşı escort I looked down between my legs and saw the drain filling with his cum as he whispered, “Kara…” into my neck.

We slowly got back to our senses and rinsed away our animal pleasantries. We wrapped ourselves in towels and headed upstairs to the kitchen. Tony approved of the prepared chicken curry as we laughed about the previous few months.

Before then we hadn’t gotten to know each other, but there was an amazing level of comfort we had with one another. But by 9 PM we realized that we were still in our towels. I broke that thirty seconds of awkward silence with “Change of clothes?”

“Uhh, nope,” he embarrassingly replied.

So I walked into the living room and grabbed my laptop.

“Working?” he asked as he grabbed a glass of water from the refrigerator.

“Shopping,” I replied as I showed him my online shopping cart of clothes for him. I cleared up his look of his confusion by remotely turning all of the lights in the apartment and simply stating, “11AM delivery.” And to add clarity to the conversation I dropped my towel to the floor and produced three condoms from the kitchen island drawer. Let’s start in the living room.

On my black suede couch I rode him until I came. Four minutes.

On the rooftop he fucked me against the cold wooden patio table until I came. Six minutes.

In my bedroom on my customized double-wide king-sized bed he fucked me from behind until I came. Three minutes.

I clearly needed the vitamin D. Clearly. It was embarrassing how badly I need to be fucked.

We both passed out in the pitch black room. I slept hard.

At 6AM I woke as usual and headed for the kitchen naked. As I opened the refrigerator door I realized there was a titanium suitcase next to the kitchen island. It took me a second to figure it out, but the LAX to ATL tag told me April was in town and didn’t mention to tell me. She knows the security code to the garage and elevator so she must have landed in the middle of night. I tip-toed to the spare bedroom and put my ear to the door but I didn’t want to wake her.

I finished my glass of water and quietly headed back to my room. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to introduce April to Tony. She was a wild child that brought out the crazy in me and I wasn’t sure if Tony was ready for that. As I navigated in the dark to my bathroom I wondered if I could get Tony out before April woke up from her red-eye flight. As I dimmed the bathroom light and I closed the door I heard Tony stir.

Then the stir turned to “Kara?”

But before I could answer, “Kara?” became “Kara…” and I knew that Tony was about to cum. What a night I thought to myself. This man is not shy around me and I loved it.

Not ten seconds later a very naked Tony entered the bathroom to find me smiling and naked in the mirror. Hand on hips, I naughtily said, “Good morning, sunshine.”

But Tony’s face was of total confusion as he came to his senses. As I noticed his eyes widen the door opened yet again to a naked April who sheepishly grinned.

“Tony, April. April, Tony,” I awkwardly introduced them.

“April?” Tony mumbled as he faced two beautifully naked women without out of control Afros.

But April just grinned as she pushed between us to get to the sink. To my shock I watched her spit copious amounts of cum into the blue oyster glass sink before properly introducing herself. “April. I don’t swallow. Pleased to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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