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“Listen, Bryce. You’ll be heading off to the Mages Academy in a couple of weeks and your abilities will start developing. You’ll probably finish up being quite a strong mage. Not one of the great mages, but a damned strong one for all that. There is something, however, that you need to be aware of.”

My father broke of his speech and I was thinking I know, don’t flaunt your abilities, there’ll be others stronger than you, be respectful to everyone because you just never know, yada, yada, yada. He actually took me by surprise when he continued.

“What do you know about genetics and how it relates to mage ability?”

From the dumb look on my face he easily guessed the answer.

“That’s what I thought,” he grumbled. “Mage ability doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. It follows specific families. Not everyone in those families will be a mage but they have an improved chance. Where your genetics are concerned you have that ability being passed down from each of your four grandparents. It’s surprising that your mother and I have no ability but that’s the luck of the draw. You do, and as I said, you’ll be a good one. There is a small problem with that, however.”

I looked interested and hoped he’d get to the point.

“The chances are that any child that you have will be a great mage. That chance increases if the mother is also from a strong mage family. Accordingly you need to take precautions not to have any little accidents while you’re at school. You may find yourself being targeted by some of the girls there, each eager to be the mother of a great mage and to reap the prestige associated with that.”

“There seems to be a little flaw in your argument, father. You just pointed out that children of a mage being mages themselves is rather a chancy business. What’s to say that any of my children will actually be mages?”

“That was my thought when I was told about this. The answer is the Oraculum. The Oraculum have prophesied that two great mages will be born to the current generation, both of them being your children.”

That was a different thing entirely. The Oraculum’s prophesies were never wrong. Still. . .

“That’s all well and good but the prophesies are kept private. No-one at the school will know I’m the prospective father of a great mage,” I pointed out. “I don’t think I need to worry about a screaming horde of eager young ladies wanting to get it on with me.”

“Normally I’d agree,” my father said in a rather dry voice, “but the idiot that had this particular prophesy had it rather publicly. By now the information has filtered through to a number of interested families. Accordingly I’ve decided that certain precautions need to be taken. Here’s what we’re going to do.”

* * * *

About a week later I was strolling down the street when a young lady called out to me. Looking around I could see Suzy Hopkins leaning out her window and waving to me. I ambled over to see what she wanted.

An attractive young woman, Suzy. Several years older than me, twenty three, I think, with a shock of blonde hair she kept in a pageboy cut. The most noticeable thing about her from my point of view was a magnificent set of knockers. Her husband was a lucky man, having those to play with.

“Morning, Mrs Hopkins,” I said, smiling happily. “Can I help you?”

You’d be smiling happily, too, if you could see what I could see. Suzy was wearing what looked like a man’s singlet and it was a bit big for her. Of course, those knockers certainly helped to fill it.

“Really, Bryce, call me Suzy,” she gently chided. “Listen, can you change the fluorescent tube in my kitchen. I have a new tube but I’m too short to reach the ceiling, even if I stand on a chair. You, however. . .”

Seeing I was over six foot tall I knew what she meant. I had no objection, especially as standing on a chair to change the tube meant I’d be looking down at her and that singlet was rather loose around the neck. She opened the front door and I followed her through to the kitchen, noting as we went that her tush was also very fine, nicely displayed in tights or yoga pants. I’m not sure how they define the difference.

Stand on a chair nothing. The kitchen ceiling was high and I had to step up onto the table to be able to reach the ceiling. Suzy had no chance of doing it without a ladder. I passed the old tube down to Suzy and as she reached up to take it I had to exert considerable control not to applaud when her reaching up stretched that singlet and gave me an amazing view. I was somewhat reluctant to hop down off that table.

“Thank you, Bryce,” Suzy said, smiling happily. “Before you go would you like some coffee and a piece of cake? I was about to have some when that stupid light gave up the ghost.”

I wasn’t averse to free food so I hastily accepted. The fact that I’d be able to watch Suzy’s breasts bouncing around under that thin singlet had nothing to do with my decision. I settled down at the table, watching Suzy getting the coffee and cakes, letting her voice just wash over me. She could certainly talk a lot without saying anything.

I bahis şirketleri just relaxed, enjoyed the cake and coffee and watched those gracefully swaying breasts, not really listening but making noises every so often as though I was. This was a skill I’d picked up listening to my mother and sister talk. As long as you made agreeable sounds every so often they were quite happy to continue talking. In this case I was quite happy to continue looking.

Suzy suddenly stopped talking and the silence rather startled me. I hastily made sure I was looking her in the eye while trying to recall what she’d just been saying. It obviously needed more of an answer than an agreeable uh-huh. I sort of ran the last few sentences through my mind and I could feel my face heating up. The conversation had gone something like this:

S: “But you’re not really listening, are you? You’re just using this as a chance to ogle my boobs.”

Me: “Um-hmm.”

S: “I suppose you’re really wondering how to ask me to take my top off so that you can really see them? Perhaps even touch them.”

Me: “Uh-huh.”

She’d said that in the same quiet voice that she’d been using all the time, not even giving me a hint that she’d changed the subject in such a manner. A scurvy trick in my opinion. I was now stammering, trying to say something that would get me out of the pit I’d fallen into.

“Um, ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to imply, that, ah, um. . .”

“Are you saying you don’t want me to take my top of so you can touch my breasts?” she asked, sounding oh so innocent.

“What? No, I don’t mean that. I mean. . .” My voice trailed away again. I had a feeling that anything I said would be the wrong thing.

“Oh, so you’re saying you do want to?”

She was deliberately having me on, taking a wicked delight in stirring me up.

“Fine,” I said, deciding to toss the ball back to her. “I’d love you to take your top off so I could feel your breasts. I consider them excellent example of breasts, an achievement every woman should aspire to.”

She laughed, rising to her feet. I was about to stand up and depart post haste before she threw me out but froze where I was when she casually stripped off the singlet, coming around the table to stand next to me, topless. I couldn’t have stopped my hands rising to cover her breasts even if they’d been handcuffed behind me.

“My god, you feel wonderful,” I told her, gently massaging them, feeling them swell slightly beneath my hands, her nipples hardening and pressing against my palms.

“I heard that you’re going to the Mage Academy soon?” the statement more of a question.

“Next week,” I admitted. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Must be nice. I never had enough talent to be considered. Still, it seems to me that a fine young man such as yourself shouldn’t have to go while still a virgin.”

“Hey, what? I’m not a virgin,” I said quickly. “I’ve been with lots of girls.”

“Really?” she said, sounding genuinely interested. “Ah, name one.”

I just looked at her and dithered. While I had had a couple of interesting encounters there was no way I’d mention the girls’ names. It wouldn’t be fair to them.

“That’s what I thought,” she said when I failed to speak. I then gave a startled yip as she reached down and checked out my package.

“It seems that part of you is eager to change that virginal status,” she said, her hand gently squeezing my erection. “Tell you what. You show me what you’ve got and I’ll show you what I’ve got.”

She wasn’t waiting for my agreement. She was already sliding her tights down, and if she’d been wearing panties they went right along with the tights. It seems women can take their clothes off a lot faster than they can put them on.

“Goodness. If you’re this slow to take a hint it’s no wonder you’re still a virgin,” she said softly, seeing I was still standing there fully dressed, eyes popping as I tried to see all of her nudity at once. Deciding that even more of a hit was required she unfastened my trousers and pushed them down, adroitly manoeuvring my jocks over an erection that was stretching them out of shape.

“My, you do have quite a package, don’t you?” she said, her hand closing over me.

Being taken completely by surprise all I could say was something along the lines of, “Ah, urk,” which didn’t really express my feelings. I still managed to keep hold of those lovely breasts, though.

“Why don’t you just sit back down and let me help you?” she suggested, pushing against me and with the chair right behind me I just naturally sank down onto it. “Just relax. This won’t hurt a bit,” she assured me. Well, I knew that already. Despite her belief I wasn’t really a virgin but if that’s what she wanted that’s what she’d get.

She moved even closer, straddling my legs, and started to settle down onto my lap. She very deftly steered me into position and started to sink onto me. She was hot, and wet, and tight, and, best of all, willing and eager. She settled down onto my lap, my cock rearing up inside her, filling her. I could handle something like bahis firmalar this with no problems.

“Oh my god, you feel wonderful,” I moaned. “I want to stay like this forever. Oddly enough, at the same time I have this overwhelming urge to just start pounding into you at full pace.”

“Well, control that urge. It makes for poor sport. Just move with me and I’ll show you what to do,” she instructed, and started rocking slowly, letting my cock drag back and forth inside her. Just subtle movements, for the nonce, but enough to get my blood heating.

She rocked and I continued playing with her breasts, my mouth joining my hands to make the most of them. After a few very enjoyable minutes Suzy apparently wanted more. She changed from that rocking motion to more of a bouncing one, sliding up and down my shaft, heightening her pleasures. At least, I assumed that she was heightening hers. She was certainly heightening mine.

“Come on,” she gasped out. “Start doing that thrusting you wanted to do. Now’s the time.”

I was more than happy to do as I was told, pushing vigorously into her as she bounced, relishing the movement and the feel of her.

“Ah, Suzy,” I managed to gasp out. “I’m not using any protection.”

“Doesn’t matter,” she assured me. “I’m on contraceptives. Just go for it.”

Uh-huh. Just the sort of thing my father had warned about. Still, the precautions would handle things. I just concentrated on enjoying myself, hammering away with a young man’s energy.

I must have been doing something right as Suzy suddenly jerked and screamed and apparently had a fit while riding me. I assumed that she was climaxing and the way she was reacting to it was enough to send me over the edge, spraying deep inside her.

You may have heard that women like to snuggle up after sex. Don’t believe it. Suzy had me dressed and out of the house so fast I almost received wind-burn from the speed I moved. Not that I was complaining. I still had my original errand to run.

I was out and about the next day and as I strolled along I came across young Marie leaning against the gate of her place. When I say young, I only mean that, at eighteen, she’s younger than me. If I had to pick one word to describe Marie it would be innocent. I wasn’t sure that she’d really caught on to the idea that men and women were different sexes.

“Bryce,” she said, nodding to me. “What are you up to?”

“Nothing in particular,” I admitted. “I have nothing to do and all day in which to do it. How about you?”

“The same,” she admitted. “Right now I’m home alone and bored out of my skull. Want to come in for a cup of coffee?”

Maybe not so innocent. I agreed to the coffee and we went inside and she made coffee. She also started talking a lot, seeming somewhat nervous.

I kept her talking, steering the subject around to her, because talking about yourself to someone who listens will calm anyone down. After a while she stood up to put our cups on the sink and when she turned back to the table I pulled her down onto my lap and kissed her.

She tensed up a little and then relaxed and kissed me back. I still had that feeling that something was wrong. I decided to start exploring to see how far she was willing to go.

Hand up her top and under her bra and her nerves tightened up, even if she was trying to hide that little fact. She relaxed a little when I didn’t do much more than stroke her breasts and tease her nipples and I got in a little more kissing.

The next obvious step was to run my hand up her leg and under her dress. Her legs promptly pressed tightly together, not that that stopped me slipping my fingers under her panties and trespassing where I shouldn’t. Deciding that she was just about ready to break I took hold of her panties and had them down before she caught on to what was about to happen. That was all it took.

“No,” she said in a half scream, jumping away from me.

“No? Is something wrong?” I asked, smiling and innocent.

“No,” she said quickly, taking a deep breath. “Um, it’s just that you’re moving too fast.”

“Ah, so you are willing to continue?”

She nodded, but she also went a little pale.

“Marie,” I said, speaking softly. “Right now you are shit-scared and having sex with me is the last thing you want. You’d just as soon be buggered by a randy goat as have me whip out my old-fellow for you to play with. Now why don’t you tell me what is going on?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” she blustered, seeming somewhat relieved now that she gathered that sex was out.

“Yes, you do. Now you can either confess and tell me all or I can put you over my knee and paddle your bottom until you tell me everything, and remember that your bottom is currently bare.”

“It was Suzy,” she mumbled, blushing.

Suzy? Oh yes. She was Suzy’s cousin.

“What was Suzy?”

“She said I had to seduce you for the good of the family. She said that your child would be a great mage and it was my responsibility to get pregnant to you. I didn’t want to but she said it was my duty to the family. She’s going kaçak bahis siteleri to kill me when she finds out I failed.”

“Why didn’t you tell her to seduce me herself if she was so keen for my baby to be in the family?”

“I did, but she pointed out that she’s married and it would have to be me.”

A very devious woman Suzy, it appeared.

“Ah, well. I guess you’d better tell Suzy that you gave it your best shot but I had to turn you down because I’ve got a VD and didn’t want to pass it on.”

“What? You haven’t, have you?”

“No, but how’s she going to find out otherwise. If she asks which VD tell her syphilis. She can’t expect you to seduce someone with syphilis.”

“She won’t believe it,” said Marie, smiling genuinely now.

“That’s her problem. I’ll go on my way and leave you in peace. Please note that if you ever decide to join the rank of ex-virgins I’d be more than willing to continue from where we left off.”

“You don’t want to continue a little more right now?” she asked, a nervous note in her voice.

“I would love to,” I admitted, “but as far as I’m concerned it would be tantamount to rape, so no. Not today. But I strongly suggest you don’t lead anyone on like that again or things may get out of hand. Most definitely don’t go offering yourself to anyone for any reason other than you want to. Don’t be misled by what others say about duty or anything. When you take everything into consideration it has to be your choice. The only reason you’re not getting that spanking I threatened is because you’re still a bundle of nerves. Maybe tomorrow when you’ve calmed down I’ll let you have one.”

I smiled at her blushing face and started towards the front door and Marie followed along, almost tripping over the panties around her ankles. She hastily ripped them right off and walked to the door with me, panties in hand. Reaching the door I opened it and then turned back to face Marie. Reaching down I lifted the front of her dress, exposing her.

“Very nice,” I told her. “Hopefully another time.”

For her part she gave a yelping cry and frantically brushed her dress back into place, her blush furiously glowing. I gave her a wink and went on my way. I wondered how Suzy would react to the syphilis story. Still, it had been a valuable lesson to me. Just because a girl’s willing to give her all it doesn’t mean she wants to – something to be wary of at the academy.

I continued on down to the local shops to pick up a couple of things, working hard at willing my erection to go away. Was I feeling frustrated? Just a little. Shopping complete I was leaving the shops to head home. There was someone walking next to me but I didn’t bother turning to see who it was.

“That’s right. Just ignore me,” murmured a voice.

Startled I turned my head to see who was next to me. Janice, a young lady of my acquaintance. Dark hair, brown eyes, nice figure, my age, and a friendly personality. She was wearing a lacy blouse and a pencil skirt that reached to just above her knees, a slit in the side to give her room to walk.

“Janice. Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I can assure you that I would never ignore you. What have you been up to?”

“Oh, this and that. Broadening my horizons. You know how it is.”

“Well, I know how it is for me but, never having been a young woman, I can’t really say how it is for you. What have you been doing in particular to broaden those horizons?”

“I see. What would you do if I was to say that part of what I do is to go commando?”

“That would depend. If you were to say that you were going commando right now I would steer you into that park up ahead, take you behind some bushes, push you down onto your hands and knees, and work out my current frustrations on your hot little body.”

“Why the current frustrations?” she asked with a giggle.

“An encounter with an idiot who was leading me on and then started to get upset. I had to talk quickly before she had a panic attack. As soon as she calmed down I departed.”

“You didn’t try to press ahead?”

I shook my head.

“No way. She just wasn’t ready for anything like that. My very presence was making her nervous. Back to the subject under discussion, are you currently commando or not?”

“Do you think I’d admit it when you say you’re going to drag me into the park and ravish me if I say I am?”

“Hey. Acquit me. I didn’t say I’d drag you or ravish you. I simply said I’d steer you and work out my frustrations on your hot little body. If you tell me you’re going commando knowing what’s going to happen then it’s tacit permission. You’re also dodging the question.”

“But I don’t know if I want to answer the question. I think I’d rather leave you wondering about what might have been if I said I am. I mean, with this skirt it’s not as though you could flip it up for a sneak peek.”

She wasn’t going to answer and we both knew it. Accordingly there was only one thing I could do. Find out for myself. We were both still walking along and the park was approaching so I placed a hand lightly on her back and drifted in the direction of the park. I wasn’t forcing her to go with me – just sort of moving in that direction with my hand on her back giving a little bit of subtle guidance. She didn’t say anything, just going along with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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