Exploring My Bi Side

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Big Tits

Like many men late in life I began having bi curiosities. In my teens and twenties, I would have never even considered fooling around with another guy. I’m not sure if that comes from peer pressure, fear, inexperience or just lack of one’s own self confidence.

I was in my mid-thirties when I had a girlfriend who really opened my eyes sexually, pushed me past my comfort limits and made me feel comfortable with myself. She loved sucking my cock, more than any woman I have ever met. One day I asked her what she loved so much about blowing me. Her answer really changed the way I looked at it, she said it empowered her, made her feel in control, I do not know one man who would have agreed with her. I consider myself very dominant and really felt that dominance while watching her sucking my cock. She saw my confused look and explained how it made her feel in control. She said making my cock hard was her doing, she controlled her tempo, how hard she sucked, how deep she took me etcetera and ultimately she decided when I came, all of those things made her feel as though she was in charge, which I couldn’t really argue with.

She could tell I was floored by her response, jokingly she said to me “Now you want to suck a cock, don’t you?”

“No” was my only response and I wasn’t lying at the time, in hindsight that conversation definitely put the thought in my head. Occasionally over the next several months while masturbating the thought of stroking another cock crept into my mind, eventually the thoughts moved towards sucking a cock as well. As I have learned many men had these same thoughts and like most as soon as I achieved orgasm the thoughts disappeared and thought of stroking or sucking a cock was kind of a turn off. Over the next several months these thoughts would come and go, overtime they would return sooner and even after orgasm the thoughts would still turn me on. Eventually I came to terms that this may be something I am interested in trying, the difficulty came with trying to make it happen. How? With whom? Where? These were all questions I didn’t have the answers to until I met Randy at the gym.

Randy and I met at the gym when he asked me to spot him while benching. Whenever we’d see each other we’d chat and soon started working out together. We got along well and through conversation learned that he owned his own massage parlor/Holistic care business. My initial thought was one of these fronts for prostitution and he must have read my mind because he followed with that it was a 100% legitimate business, I was a little embarrassed he knew exactly what I was thinking so I played it off with a joke and said “That’s too bad, I was going to schedule an appointment.” he knew I was joking and we both laughed it off.

After knowing Randy for about two months, I had injured my shoulder and was receiving physical therapy he offered to do a massage and acupuncture. It sounded like a great idea and scheduled an appointment with him. I had never had a professional massage before and didn’t really know what to expect, Randy gave me the run down as what to expect.

I arrived about twenty minutes prior to my appointment as requested, the receptionist checked me in, gave me a quick questionnaire to fill out. When I handed it in she pointed down the hallway and said the locker room was on the right, all the necessities I needed were in there, she said after you shower you can put on a robe and go to room three. Randy never mentioned the shower and I thought it was odd, but then again this was my first massage and it made sense that a masseuse would not want to massage a dirty person.

After a quick shower I wrapped a towel around my waist slipped on the robe and slippers and went to room three. When I walked in Randy was already in there setting up, he shook my hand and welcomed me and told me to relax and enjoy. He said “You can hang your robe up over there” pointing to a row of hooks on the wall. He then said, “I’ll give you some privacy, lay on the table and drape this towel over your butt and I will be back in a minute.”

I did as instructed, feeling a bit of apprehension knowing I was almost naked, and a man would be touching me, but I relaxed and just kept saying there is nothing sexual. There was a knock and I heard “Is it ok to come in?”

I responded “Yes, come in.”

I heard the door open, Randy turned on some music and began to tell me everything he was doing as he gave me my massage. I was very tense in the beginning; I believe a lot of that had to do with being almost naked and a man touching me. All that stress soon faded as the massage was amazing. Randy started at my shoulders, being gentler on the injured side, next he worked my upper back, then each arm. By the time he started my lower back all thoughts of another man touching me are gone, it truly felt incredible. Randy folded my towel down just a little lower as he worked my lower back, he felt me jump as he did this and said “Relax, I’m not exposing any of you.”

After my lower casino oyna back, Randy moved to my legs, massaging each thigh, calf, ankle and foot. It took every part of me not to jump through the roof when his hands worked my inner thighs. I soon relaxed and rolled with what was happening, before long I realized I was parting my legs giving him better access to my thighs and I could feel my cock start to harden, I was shocked and a bit embarrassed, Randy was completely professional and never touched me inappropriately.

Next, I heard him say, “Roll over and I will work your quads. Let me know when you’re ready.”

In my mind I was screaming “roll over, are you nuts?” My cock was so hard, I was so embarrassed, but thought I will just adjust myself and use the towel to hide my erection. I rolled over, folded the towel several times using the weight of it to trap my cock between my stomach and towel. Once situated and I felt comfortable my erect cock was hidden I told Randy I was ready. Randy resumed the massage on my quads, I covered my face with another towel, trying to hide my embarrassment. I could feel my cock jumping occasionally, hoping Randy didn’t notice. Again, he was very professional, never touched me inappropriately nor did he mention my erection.

Once the massage was over, Randy asked me what I thought. I told him how amazing and how relaxing it was. He mentioned how tense I was and recommended having a massage once every week or two to release tension.

The entire ride home, I could not believe how hard my cock got during the massage and I kept wondering if Randy noticed, I was getting very self-conscious and felt a bit embarrassed again. Just replaying the massage in my mind had my cock growing again, as soon as I got home I went straight into the bedroom and jerked off, I fantasized of Randy’s hands on my thighs massaging me, then thought of what it’d feel like to have his hand wrapped around my cock stroking me, within seconds I was coming, I continued stroking rubbing my cum into my cock and balls, fantasizing of Randy stroking me. Later that evening when my wife and I went to bed, I immediately went down on here bringing her to orgasm, then I fucked her better than I have in a long time. She even commented that something must have had me more turned on than usual.

Over the next several weeks I kept the same routine of getting a massage once a week, although Randy would change the massage, the results were always the same, I would end up with a raging hard on and leave extremely turned on. A few weeks back as I was lying face down and Randy began working my inner thighs I parted my legs as I usually do, this time a little further and I also let out a little moan not on purpose, it just happened. Randy asked “oh, you like that spot right there?” as he pressed hard on my inner thigh.

“Yes, that feels amazing” was my response. I felt Randy’s hands move higher into my crotch, my legs instinctively spread wider, another moan escaped my lips. I stammered an apology, very embarrassed.

Randy said, “It’s ok, do not be embarrassed, it’s a very common reaction, just relax and enjoy.” As Randy said this, I felt the back of his hand touch my balls as he worked higher into my crotch. I lifted off the table a little to adjust my raging cock, Randy then rolled the towel on my thighs higher, I was certain he was able to see my balls as my legs were spread and the towel was at the very bottom of my cheeks. Then I felt it, his one hand cupped my balls as his other massaged the crease where my thigh and butt cheek meet. I just laid still and didn’t react to his touch, part of me wanted to scream stop and part of me was hoping he would not stop. He alternated massaging each thigh but never let go of my balls. After several minutes he said, “Ok roll over, time for your quads.”

I rolled over and my cock was about as hard as it has ever been, I rolled the edge of the towel shortening the overall width, I placed it so only one layer of the towel was covering my cock and laying it very high on my thighs leaving my balls exposed. Randy began the usual massage on my quads, I could see he was staring at my raging hard on. It felt like forever as I watched him work my quads, wanting, hoping he’d continue on my balls and maybe my cock. After about 15 or 20 minutes of him working my quads his hand moved to my inner thigh, I spread my legs very wide, not being shy at this point, I knew I wanted this. I could see him smile as his hand cupped my balls and began to play with them. Without thinking I lifted the towel, exposing my cock for him. He immediately wrapped his other hand around the base of my cock and began to stroke up and down my length very slowly. Within a very short time, I told Randy I was about to cum, he started to pump up and down my shaft a little quicker, gripping me tighter. I placed a towel over my face to muffle my moaning and within a few more seconds I was cumming, Randy kept stroking me as my moaning increased, I could feel jet after jet of canlı casino cum shooting from my head. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had, I could feel my cum hitting my stomach and chest, it felt like it lasted for 5 full minutes but in reality I know it was probably 30 or 40 seconds. Then I felt Randy massaging my cum into my skin, which really turned me on, he wasn’t grossed out by it but rubbed it into my skin. Randy told me to go shower and meet him back in here after getting dressed.

As I showered, I was replaying everything that just happened, Randy jerked me off to completion then rubbed my cum into my skin. I was stroking my hardening cock as I replayed everything, then my mind switched to why he wanted me to come back and see him, I felt like I was back in school waiting to see the principle. I finished my shower, dressed and walked back into see Randy. He told me to take a seat, he started to apologize for what happened, I stopped him and told him there was no need to, I had wanted it very bad. He continued about how unprofessional it was and it could never happen again. He must have saw the disappointment on my face, he quickly clarified it can’t happen in his business, but he could start making my appointments in his home studio. I was relieved, I thoroughly enjoyed everything that has been happening up to that point and did not want it to stop.

The following week I showed up at Randy’s home studio, he let me in and offered me a beer which I accepted. I followed him down to his finished basement, it was pretty wide open, he had a full bar and pool table. It also had a full bath with shower, and he pointed to another door and said that was the studio. After sitting at the bar and finishing our beer he said, “go shower and I will meet you in the studio.”

As I was showering, I couldn’t help but fantasize about how this new location with more privacy was going to work out, I could already feel my cock begin to twitch with excitement. After showering I dried off, wrapped the towel around my waist and went into the studio. Randy instructed me to lie down, in my head I was wondering if I still do the whole “modesty” draping of the towel, I decided against it, I draped the towel over a chair and laid face down on the table. When Randy turned around, he was a little surprised and said, “Well I guess someone is feeling a lot more comfortable.”

I replied, “I suppose I am, plus my glutes are sore and was hoping you could work them a bit.”

Randy said “Not a problem” as he began working my shoulders. The massage was no different than normal, Randy worked my shoulders, arms and upper back. Next, he moved to my lower back loosening my tense muscles, next I felt him pour some warm oil on my ass and began to work my glutes. He spent several minutes on each side, pressing and kneading muscles. The sensation I felt when his fingers slid through the crack of my ass was very intense. Although I was really wanting my glutes worked, I suppose part of me was hoping it would lead to more. My wife and several past girl friends have fingered and licked my ass, I always loved anal play, so I was not totally surprised by the sensation but maybe that it was a man doing it.

As Randy continued my legs parted, letting him know I was enjoying everything. His hands worked my glutes, thighs and he’d occasionally let his fingers glide over my balls. His hands were back on my ass, I could feel him gripping and separating my cheeks, I knew I was exposed, it was uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. Then I felt one of his fingers begin to massage my asshole. This was not his finger simply sliding along, he was massaging deliberately, and it felt so good. I let out an awfully long moan to show my approval. I felt more oil dripping into the crack if my ass, his finger adding pressure, I moaned louder and pushed back, letting him know what I wanted, I felt his finger slip inside me. I was no stranger to this sensation, but I could tell his finger was much bigger than my wife’s. Randy asked, “have you ever had a prostate massage?”

“Well not technically, but I have had women play with my ass.”

Randy replied, “You’re in for a special treat.” With that I felt his finger begin to slide in and out of my ass, I could feel him applying pressure deep inside me, my cock was already rock solid. Randy instructed me to get on my knees, I was hesitant for a split second but then I slid my knees under me, keeping my head and arms low on the table. Randy’s free hand immediately wrapped around my cock stroking me. His oily hand gliding along my cock as his finger works magic in my asshole. I moaned the entire time as Randy fingered and stroked my cock. Randy must have sensed my impending orgasm and stopped stroking me, telling me “Not yet” as his finger kept sliding in and out of me.

Next, I felt more pressure pressing against my asshole, bigger than Randy’s finger. He said, “I’m going to use this prostate massager on you, are you ok with that?”

“Yes, kaçak casino please.” Was all I could say as I pressed back against the massager. It was bigger than his finger but once the tip was in, the rest slid in easily. Then Randy turned on the toy and I felt vibration, it was amazing, Randy began to slide it in and out of me, letting the tip stop at various spots as his hand resumed stoking my cock. Within a minute or so my morning turned to screams as I started cumming, Randy was literally milking my cock as he fucked my ass with that massager. Wave after wave washed over me, cum flooding out of my cock. This was by far the most intense orgasm of my life.

Randy continued stroking me as my orgasm subsided, my cum making a puddle on his table. Randy ran his fingers through my cum then used them to stroke my cock, he looked at me and smiled as he brought his fingers to his lips, licking them clean. Then he repeatedly scooped up my cum and brought it to his mouth, eating every last drop. I was so turned on watching this, without hesitation I reached out and ran my hand over the front of Randy’s shorts. I clearly saw his erection; this was the first time I have ever touched another cock. After stroking it through the material a few times I reached my hand inside his shorts feeling his bare cock, it was solid yet soft at the same time. He was definitely a little thicker than I was. I began to stroke his cock, feeling the length as my hand slid along the shaft. I pulled down his shorts wanting to see another cock close up, it was beautiful! Randy was completely shaved, beautiful head and just a nice thick cock. Being I was still on the table, Randy’s cock was just out at eye level with me, my hands stroking him, massaging his smooth balls. He stepped closer and I instinctively opened my mouth and licked the head. My mind was racing, am I doing this? Am I going to suck a cock? My questions were answered when I took just the head between my lips and closed them around his cock. My tongue swirled around his head, a pleasing moan escaped his lips. I thought “I must be doing it right”, I just did what I knew I liked.

I pulled Randy closer, taking more if his cock between my lips, I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. He felt amazing in my mouth, I finally realized why some women love this, and I realized why my one girlfriend said she felt empowered sucking cock. As Randy’s moaning increased, feeling his cock twitch inside my mouth I knew it was because of me.

After a few minutes Randy and I switched positions, I had him lay down on the table and I continued sucking his beautiful cock. He was just a little longer than me, he was maybe 7/7.5″, I kept working up and down his cock, taking as much as I could then I’d stop, holding him there, getting used to the feeling, trying not to gag, then I’d go a little deeper. I soon found out, I was able to take him in all the way, feeling his head in my throat. I’m not sure who was enjoying this more. I knew right then I loved sucking cock. Randy told me he was about to cum, without thinking I buried him in my throat over and over…..I wanted his cum like he wanted mine. I felt his cock begin to jerk, I knew his cum was about to erupt, I felt the first jet shoot straight down my throat, I then pulled back, wanting his cum in my mouth, I wanted to taste him. I have eaten my cum very often and I know I lived my own, I wanted to taste another man’s so badly. His cock shot several spurts into my mouth, the warmth, the texture the taste was all amazing. I swallowed my first load from another man and started sucking harder trying to get more from Randy’s cock and he did not let me down, I was able to coax more cum out of his cock. It was honestly delicious.

After this we dressed and went over to bar and had another beer. At first there was nothing but awkward silence, I finally broke it and said, “well that was a first for me.”

Randy looked up and said, “Yeah me to, well from another guy anyway.” He continued that he has masturbated other men during massages, especially the types of places he has worked when he first started out. He added that’s why he opened his own place, he didn’t want to work in that environment nor have anyone else. He told me I was the first person he has done that to in his business and why he wouldn’t do it there anymore. It made me smile that he did that to me, lime a sense of pride.

I asked, “What about the massaging my cum into the first time and eating it this time?”

He said, “Rubbing it into the skin is what I used to do, eating yours, that was a first, the urge just came over me and I enjoyed it, a lot!”

I asked about the prostate massager, he stated his wife uses one on him, when we scheduled this home appointment, he said he bought one just to have, just in case.

We continued to drink a few more beers and chatted about all of this. It basically came down that we both had curiosities. He said when he was expected to give hand jobs as part of the massage, he didn’t really enjoy it but having his own business and no longer doing it, he realized he missed making another cock cum. He said he felt comfortable with me and my response to some of his touching made him believe I was ok with it.

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