Exxecutive Privilege

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The Penske files

Sharon heard an unexpected noise in the cubicle areas outside her office. Who could be around here at this hour on a Friday before a three-day weekend?

Through her office window she saw a tall figure walking through the rows of cubicles. The person stopped, and then made their way toward her office. In a moment Daniel, a marketing assistant, appeared at her office door.

“I thought I saw the lights on in your office. What are you doing here so late on such a nice Friday evening, Sharon? It’s a three-day weekend, too.”

“Hey, Daniel. I’m trying to get this Penske proposal ready by Tuesday since Ann’s on vacation. Thought I’d plow through it now, so I don’t have to come back and work on it tomorrow. I want to enjoy the whole weekend,” she replied. “And what about you? What brings you back to the office so late?” she asked.

“I was out having a couple of beers with friends after work, then I realized I’d left my backpack here. It’s got my gym clothes in it and that’s where I’m headed next. I almost didn’t make it into the building before they locked the doors.”

“Going to go work off those beers, huh?” she asked with a smile.

“Gonna try,” he said, grinning.

He looked more closely at her and scowled. She still wore her corporate gray skirt-suit and white top, though she’d kicked off her shoes.

“You look tense and tired, Sharon. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather come back tomorrow and finish that proposal? It’s late, and you said earlier you’d gotten here at seven o’clock.”

“I’ve thought about it,” she replied. “I should at least take a break. I’ve only been doing simple stretches here at my desk. My eyes sting from looking at the computer screen so long.

Daniel looked thoughtful and hesitant.

“Well, I recently started going to massage school. I should give you a couple pointers for working at your desk.”

“Really?” Sharon exclaimed. “Then you’re just the person I want to see!” She thought for a moment. “I hope that doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving us, though.”

“No worries there, it’s just something I want to do to help people. And the extra money wouldn’t hurt, either. It’ll be a side gig,” he replied.

Sharon paused.

“I hesitate to ask this, but would you mind rubbing my shoulders a bit?”

“I was thinking about it,” Daniel said, smiling. “It would give me a chance to practice on someone who’s not a classmate. It’s inappropriate I guess, though — I mean as co-workers.”

Sharon was Daniel’s manager and vice president of marketing. She had interviewed and hired Daniel. Why not? she asked herself. After all, some high-tech firms offer free shoulder massages to their employees. Consider it “executive privilege.”

Sharon gave a short laugh and said “Look, we’ve been working together for over a year now. I have no misgivings about having you rub my shoulders.”

“Well, okay then,” Daniel replied.

He stepped around to the back of her chair as she leaned forward a bit and rubbed her shoulders and upper back.

“Yeah, you’re pretty tense. You should do some de-stressing exercises if you’re going to be working at a desk this long,” Daniel said. “I’ll show you them before I leave.”

“Yeah, I know I should take better care of myself,” Sharon sighed. “I wanted to pump this out, though.”

Sharon felt the tension and stress disappear under his skilled hands. She sighed. Sharon became more relaxed, and worked hard to suppress a moan.

“They’re teaching you well at that massage school,” Sharon said.

It felt so good. She wished Brad weren’t gone-she could use some physical attention.

Daniel continued the massage for another minute.

“Where did your boyfriend go? Didn’t he go on a trip?” he asked.

“He’s gone on a motorcycling trip with a few of his buddies. They’re driving the River Road from the source of the Mississippi to its mouth in New Orleans. Then they’re going to Mardi Gras. They’re making it a 17-day trip. Not my thing. He calls me every night.”

“Wow, that sounds like an awesome trip. When did he leave?”

“A week ago Monday.”

Sharon didn’t want these good feelings to end, Daniel’s touch was heavenly. She’d had a hard week anyway, besides Ann being on vacation.

Daniel was a nerdy hipster type who dressed a bit too funky for a corporate environment. In his spare time Daniel was an artist. He blended photography with painting, with occasional female nudes. Sharon had seen some of his work. His pieces had a sensuality to them but the sensibility of Jackson Pollack. Sharon tried to put together all these incongruities about Daniel. A hipster in a corporate marketing environment, a gym rat, artist, and-masseur? What an eclectic guy!

Over the desk

Daniel stroked her hair for a few seconds, then gave her hair a gentle tug to signal an end. Sharon felt a familiar tingle inside her from the hair pull. She sighed, still hunched over her desk, wondering if he knew that the hair pull was “a move.” şişli grup yapan escort She didn’t think it was his intention, but it had aroused her senses.

“Okay, we’ll stop here. You don’t seem as tense now,” Daniel said.

Sharon paused for a moment, wondering more about those “executive privileges.” It wasn’t so much that she missed Brad, Daniel’s touch had turned her on. Even though her body was more relaxed, her mind raced with indecision. Should she come onto him? Screw Brad, he wasn’t going to last long in her life anyway; too much of a macho guy. But, there was the obstacle of manager-employee relations and its possible repercussions. She shifted in her seat and felt the tingle again.

“No, I think I’ve still got some tension left in me,” she said in a quiet, hesitant voice.

Slowly, she sat upright in her chair and turned to face him. Daniel had started to walk away.

“Enjoy your weekend, Sharon!”

“Wait. Don’t go yet, Daniel,” Sharon said.

He turned and looked at her.

She smiled and paused before speaking.

“You know, Daniel, it isn’t easy being in my position, a vice president and a department manager. It requires a lot of responsibility, which comes with significant stress. The stress comes with managing people. But there are certain perks to a vice president’s role. You could call them ‘executive privileges, `I guess,” she said, pulling her chair out from her desk.

Daniel didn’t mean to frown, but he did. She took no notice and went on.

“I suppose you’ve heard of some privileges that executives and some managers have. One of them is obvious-telling a subordinate what to do, and then they do it. That’s part of managing people.”

She paused.

Daniel gave a quiet scoff through his nostrils and said, “I’m not sure what you’re getting at, Sharon.”

She looked at the floor and then said, “What I mean is, I still have some tension in me. Maybe you didn’t hear me say it a minute ago.”

“No, I didn’t. I thought I’d taken care of it.”

Her gaze returned to his face and she smiled.

“Okay, then, I’ll tell you straight out. I’m asking you to finish the job you started, because we can’t leave work half done in this office. I still feel tension in me.”

Daniel’s expression turned to one of exasperation as he looked at the ceiling. Sharon felt in unfamiliar yet familiar territory. She had come on to men before, but never when it involved a working relationship. The more she thought about and talked about it, the more her loins tingled.

“Okay, then, what would you like me to do?” he asked.

“A woman has certain needs, Daniel,” she said, looking him in the eye. She touched her finger to her lower lip.

“What?” Daniel asked.

Sharon reached out her stockinged foot and rubbed it along his calf.

“Sh-Sharon, what are you doing?” Daniel asked, backing away and into the credenza hard.

A photo of Sharon and Brad leaning upright fell flat, and the tall credenza fell, blocking his exit. She had him trapped. Sharon gave him a look that said she was the cat and he was a mouse

“I’m not sure this is the right thing, Sharon.”

“Not sure what’s the right thing?” Sharon asked, feigning innocence.

“You’re trying to…”

She scooted her chair closer to him, and then reached out to rub his thigh.

“What am I trying to do, Daniel? Tell me.”

Sharon enjoyed this, fuck any repercussions. Her pussy was wet. How many times had she fantasized about seducing a younger man?

Daniel moved the credenza aside so he could get through. He couldn’t seem to get the words out.

“You’re trying to-turn me on,” he said at last.

Sharon laughed. Oh, this was fun!

“Turn you on? I don’t understand,” Sharon said. “All I said was that I still have more tension in me. Do you think you can relieve the rest of my tension, Daniel?” she asked as she traced her finger to his crotch.

“Well, yes but, you … you’re my manager, and you have a boyfriend.”

“Which makes it all the more delicious, doesn’t it?” she asked, disbelieving she’d said it.

Was it the long day? Maybe it was the fight she and Brad had before he left. It may have been that she was plain horny, alone in the office with a hunky young co-worker.

“Oh, no. I can’t believe this is happening,” Daniel said.

Sharon felt something in his slacks growing harder and longer as she rubbed. She ran the edge of a polished red fingernail down the length of his pole.

“You know, I think he wants to come out and play,” she said, looking up and smiling. “Don’t you think he wants to play? Maybe he knows what you want better than you do.”

Sharon watched him as he struggled with his thoughts. She continued to rub and stroke him through his pants. He was no longer trapped between the credenza and her. He could leave if he wanted to.

“You can leave, you know. You can get by the credenza, if you want. I don’t şişli masöz escort want this to be harassment. You don’t think I’m harassing you, do you?”

“No,” Daniel whispered at last.

Now it was Daniel whose body had gone limp, although something else had stiffened. Sharon smiled and felt his cock hard inside his pants.

“Do you mind if we set this big guy free?” she asked.

“No,” Daniel whispered again.

She felt inside his boxer-briefs, and pulled his dick out so it could get some air. She gazed at its length. It had a slight up-curve to its shape, and ended in a tapered tip. It was a ready-made G-spot cock!

Sharon loved sex, and was very orgasmic. In her younger years people considered her a bit of a slut. This accounted in part for her first marriage at age 20 and later two divorces. She became known around her high school and liberal arts college for her oral skills. Funny thing was, she never became known for her artistic skills.

Still sitting in her chair, she slowly and methodically took his entire length into her mouth. Her nose bumped against his shaved pubis, and she heard him gasp. She made guttural, half-choking noises as she worked it down her throat. She rolled her tongue around it a couple times, then slid it out slowly. His cock slipped from her mouth, wet with her spit. And then she did the same thing again and again.

Sharon watched Daniel as she sucked, taking in more of him. He was tall, with a wiry frame, tight abs, narrow hips, and rather scrawny thighs. (Brad had a stockier build, so his thighs were more like a baseball catcher’s.) He wasn’t particularly tan, a bit on the pale side. Sharon enjoyed the sun in her free time, so her skin contrasted with his.

Sharon stared at the area where his outer thigh met his hip. The muscle tightened as she thrust his cock into her mouth. She looked at his cock the next time she slid it out of her mouth. Gobs of her drool covered it, a string of spit hanging from the head. The look and texture of his cock, its veins and the spongy head, excited her. She felt her pussy drip, and a familiar, aching hunger inside her.

She grasped the base of his cock in one hand, caressing his balls as she sucked. Her hand twisted and turned around the shaft as she worked him. Daniel grabbed her head with both hands and moaned, “Oh yeah, that feels so good.”

Letting go of his balls, she slid her hands up and unbuttoned his shirt. His hairless chest was nicely toned. She loved feeling his belly and chest, knowing what pleasure she was giving him as he sighed. Her panties stuck to her pussy lips, she was so wet.

Sharon took his length into her mouth again. Then she reached behind him and grabbed both his butt cheeks, and pulled him hard into her. This had the effect of adding another inch to his length inside her mouth, and she almost retched. She escaped the situation by sliding his dick out until just the head was in her mouth, and exhaling hard.

Daniel moved to the side away from Sharon slightly, and his cock slipped out of her.

“I thought this was about relieving your shoulder tension,” he said, smirking.

Sharon stood up, and then sat on the edge of her desk.

“I think we’ve got a real good start on that,” she replied in a throaty voice that dripped with desire.

Looking him in the eyes with a lustful expression, she slowly lifted her skirt up around her waist. Her arousal had soaked through her panties and the crotch of her nylons. She could see the desire in his eyes when he saw the damp dark patch between her legs.

“Oh, my god, that looks so good,” he said quietly. “You are so wet!”

Still looking into Daniel’s eyes, Sharon said to him in the same low, sexy voice, “I need something else from you now. Something that will put out my fire.”

Daniel watched as she straightened up, and reached under her skirt. Sharon took off her underwear and nylons together, and then removed her skirt. Daniel looked her over appreciatively.

Naked, she cleared away papers, the computer mouse and keyboard, and some photos from her desk. Then she bent over it, offering him her ass. Daniel reached down and began to finger her sopping pussy, which opened for his fingers. A stream of her arousal began to trickle from her pussy onto the desk.

“I don’t need any foreplay, just… I need to feel you inside me,” she said, her voice shaking.

“Come here,” she told him, grabbing his cock from behind and pulling him toward her.

Daniel moved forward, and she rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, making her tremble in her legs. He kept rubbing and teasing her opening. Her juices collected at the hole.

“Don’t tease,” she begged. “Fuck me. I need you inside me. Get it in.”

Then he slowly but firmly plunged the whole of his rod into her wet sheath.

“Oh yessssss! That’s what I want!” Sharon moaned. “Yeah, fuck me good baby!” she whispered.

She felt a wave start to form şişli otele gelen escort somewhere inside her. It started far offshore and began to build, taking her along with it in its force. Then it started to crest. It crashed on the beach, and she felt herself cumming as she moaned “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”

Daniel stayed with her, continuing to move in and out of her as she came. He teased her by pulling out entirely, or leaving just the head of his rod in her-then plunging back into her again. And again. Back out and tease—plunge in deep; the repetition and contrast drove her crazy. Her hands were taut as she gripped the edge of the desk.

Sharon had a mental picture of how she might look to anyone coming by her office window. She, bent over her desk as her young subordinate plowed into her doggie-style. The mental image made her hornier, and she bucked her hips back at him. The sound of their hips slapping together filled the office, with their grunts and moans.

Daniel began to lose himself in his passion, and started to fuck her harder. He grasped her hips once more, and pounded her. From his insistent ramming and his increased panting she sensed he was about to cum.

“Wait! I want you to cum in my mouth,” she heard herself say.

Daniel stepped back while Sharon got off the desk, then knelt on the floor in front of him.

She watched as Daniel stood over her, head back as he stroked his cock. She said words of encouragement as he did. Then she heard him gasp in pleasure, saw his cock swell and lurch. She loved cock, especially one spurting its load down her throat. She clamped her mouth down hard over his rod. Suddenly, spurt after hot salty spurt splashed at the back of her mouth and spilled down her throat.

Sharon bore down to swallow it all, grimaced, and realized there was no way she was going to take it all. She released his cock, lifted her face and opened her mouth wide. The last spurts splashed on her face and open mouth, dribbling down her chin and onto her tits. Even after her efforts, she wanted more of Daniel’s cum. It tasted so good!. She tried sucking and jerking, while stroking his balls. All she could produce was a few little squirts.

It was over. They looked at each other, breathing hard, Daniel still towering over her.

“Oh my god,” they said simultaneously, and broke into laughter.

Daniel helped Sharon up, and she sat on the desk. Sharon reached for a few tissues, wiped her pussy, and cleaned the cum from her face and breasts. She sat down in the chair, noticing the cum and pussy juice mixture on it. A quick wipe erased the evidence.

“Well, I’m definitely not feeling any more tension,” she grinned.

Daniel chuckled.

“I think I’ll skip the gym tonight,” he said.

There was an awkward silence.

“I’d better go,” Daniel said, and he began to dress.

He then set the credenza in its position, and they said an awkward goodbye.

Sharon didn’t move from the desk until she heard the elevator door close. When she did, she saw a puddle of their combined juices on the desk. Sharon dressed, and collected herself and her things. She put things back where they belonged, and took a small hand mirror out of her purse. Examining herself in it, she noticed her hair was messy, but not too bad considering.

She headed for the ladies room, checking on the way to see if anyone had been around to catch their encounter. The place was like a ghost town. She had a pee, washed, and checked herself again in the bathroom mirror.

How the hell did that happen, she asked herself as she walked to the parking garage. Daniel was an attractive young man, and she’d been alone in the office with good-looking guys before. Fuck, she’d flirted with them in her office, even when she had a guy at home. This wasn’t like her. What had happened?

There was a text message on her phone from Brad: “Hi, it’s me, just checking in to say we’re all fine. Was hoping to talk. Where are you? Gonna go to bed early tonight, today was a long ride. We’ll talk tomorrow, I guess. See ya.”

Sharon didn’t know what to do. Should she call a girlfriend? No, it would shock her friends if she told them about the encounter with Daniel. So would her two college-aged daughters. These days she tried to hold up a reputation as a “good girl.” But even good girls can succumb to sexual situations, she told herself.

Heading into the bathroom, she turned on the water for the tub and took off her clothes. She poured some bubble bath and lit a candle, and then got into the tub for a hot soak. A good sob was in order as well; she hadn’t meant to be unfaithful to Brad. It disturbed her to know she’d come onto Daniel so easily. Had she never left her slutty side behind?

True, Brad wasn’t that great of a guy. She knew he was more convenience than someone she could spend years with. He was a kind of a jerk, really. But she had a tendency to fall for jerks—she didn’t know why. Daniel was a sensitive, artistic guy who seemed to know his way around a woman’s body-the kind she never went for.

Sharon got out of the bath, dried off, and then put on her pajamas. She had a restless night, feeling horrible as she argued with herself. Could she, should she ever tell her boyfriend about the encounter with Daniel? Why had she been so quick to have sex with him?

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