Family at the Circus

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Kate would never have considered herself particularly attractive, but tonight she was the object of two men’s desire. The first, she would have expected: Dave, her husband of nearly two decades. The second would have surprised her, had she known: Josh, her son, who had recently turned 18.

A typical middle-aged, overweight suburban housewife, Kate’s 5’2″, 240-pound frame meant that her belly stuck out almost as far as her 46DD breasts. Her round ass and wide thighs were covered in cellulite, and her arms were soft and flabby. She was certainly not conventionally attractive, and she always dressed modestly, but when her husband Dave, a ruggedly handsome man in his 40s, saw her naked, he was always turned on by the voluptuousness of his obese, 36-year old wife. She was a classic Big Beautiful Woman, and Dave wouldn’t change a thing about her. He always wanted to keep the lights on when they made love, and insisted that she leave her pubic hair untrimmed, even though its brown color didn’t match the natural blonde on her head.

Kate’s son Josh felt a similar, but less romantic way, about his mother. An athletic, hormonal teenager, he was a virgin and desperate to score with anyone who had tits. Despite this lack of discernment, his mother held a particular attraction to him. Even though she dressed just as demurely around the house as in public, she seemed to exude to Josh a powerful sexual magnetism. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help checking her out all the time, hoping that she would have a wardrobe malfunction and reveal more of her body. No far, no dice. Her necklines were so high and her hems so low, she could have been a nun. Kate did all the laundry, so Josh didn’t even know what kind of undergarments she wore.

Thus, Josh was ignorant that tonight, under her ankle-length black dress, Kate was wearing a sexy lingerie set, complete with stockings and garters. It was her and Dave’s anniversary, and she wanted to give him a treat in bed. But first, they were going on a family outing. A friend of Dave’s from work had given him three extra tickets to the circus, so they decided to go together for fun. Dave had been so busy at work, and Josh at school and football practice, that they desperately needed some family bonding time. As they exited the car in the parking lot outside the circus, Josh noticed that Kate’s dress was high-waisted, flattering her figure by emphasizing the size of her bust and hips. Even this tiny hint of her body shape filled him with arousal, and he walked awkwardly to avoid revealing the erection growing in his pants.

The circus was the usual stuff: clowns, acrobats, jugglers. Josh felt like he was too old for the circus, but his parents seemed to be enjoying themselves, and he didn’t want to spoil the night. To pass the time, Josh daydreamed that his mom was actually his girlfriend, and he was taking her on a date. He slyly put his arm around her, and when she laughed at the slapstick antics of the clowns, he would surreptitiously look at her, hoping to catch a glimpse of her boobs jiggling.

More jugglers came on, and Josh got bored. He looked down and studied his mother’s stockinged feet in her high-heeled shoes. He tried to imagine her getting dressed. She must have chosen sheer black pantyhose to match her dress, he thought. He had never seen her buy pantyhose. Maybe she ordered it online. He tried to imagine her topless, slipping her legs into it, but he knew so little about her body that it was hard to form a picture in his mind.

Josh’s reverie was broken by a bright flash of light. Spotlights were scanning the audience. “For our next act,” announced the ringmaster, “we will need a volunteer!”

Finally, relaxbet güvenilirmi the spotlights all went dark except for one, which settled on Kate. “You, ma’am! You’re the lucky victi-er, winner!” declared the ringmaster. Kate was flustered at being the center of attention, but excited to see what would happen. As she nervously stood, Dave and Josh encouraged her, and she made her way down the steps into the circus ring.

Kate’s stomach did a somersault as she saw a group of clowns come out, several of them pulling wagons of pies behind them. She had had no idea what she was volunteering for, but getting pied and humiliated in front of a huge crowd was not something she was interested in. Losing her nerve, she turned towards the exit, but a large clown was blocking her way.

“Don’t worry,” said the clown. “You’ll remain completely clean.” Kate breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. “NOT!” shouted the clown, and with that, he brought a pie from behind his back and smacked it into Kate’s face.

Kate was shocked, but had to admit that being pied wasn’t as bad as she had thought. Her makeup was ruined, but she wasn’t upset. She licked tasty banana cream from her lips and felt a strange, tingly pleasure in her body. Why do I like this, she thought. But before she could process her feelings, she was hit by a barrage of pies from every direction.

First, a whipped cream pie hit the back of her head, splattering cream everywhere. Kate felt a cool chunk of cream go down the back of her dress, while the force of the blow knocked crust off of her face and down her cleavage. Next, she was struck by two pies simultaneously, from her left and right. Their contents completely blocked her vision and filled her ears, reducing the noise of the circus to a dull roar. The fillings met in the middle of her face, and Kate could taste both strawberry and chocolate, mixing to form a delightful chocolate-covered strawberry effect. So much for my hairdo, thought Kate, it’s going to take forever to clean up. She resigned herself to being made a total mess.

Then more pies followed, too many and too fast to keep track of. In less than a minute, Kate was pied from head to toe, although special attention seemed to be paid to her boobs, butt and groin. Some of the pies were still warm from the oven, and the sensation of their fruit and chocolate fillings soaking into her dress was pleasant to Kate. Meanwhile, so many whipped cream pies had been thrown that it would have been almost impossible to tell that Kate was wearing a black dress under all the white fluff.

Back in the stands, Dave and Josh were thrilled beyond words to see the object of their affection subjected to slapstick humiliation. Dave loved his wife, so even the sight of her plastered with pie filling and whipped cream turned him on. Josh was filled with forbidden lust towards his mother, so the dirtiness of her situation only exacerbated his horniness. Both father and son felt bulges growing in their pants.

Kate stood motionless in the middle of the ring, dripping with mess and insensible to her surroundings. One of the clowns came up behind her and, with a mighty tug, ripped off her dress entirely. The area covered by her dress was relatively clean. Her panties and bra were pink satin with a black lace trim. The sight of his mother in sexy underwear was a dream come true for Josh, and he felt his cock stiffening, pointing straight out from his body. He drank everything in: the way her sultry bra lifted and supported her breasts, the faint silvery stretch marks that ran vertically up and down her belly, the shape of her ass filling out her plus-size panties. And relaxbet yeni giriş the garters. He never would have imagined she wore garters, like an old-school pinup model. Still blinded and deafened, Kate turned uncertainly. As Kate faced away from her family, Josh was shocked to see a large tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back. His mother had always seemed so wholesome to Josh, but the entire time she had been hiding a slutty tramp stamp. Josh’s mind boggled at this aspect of his mother’s personality, and his erection grew even more. His penis felt the longest and hardest it ever had in his life. He was afraid it would burst his pants at the seams, and tried to push it down with his hand. That turned out to be a mistake. The additional stimulation was just enough to push him over the edge, and Josh felt his cock jerk and twitch as it began to ejaculate.

Out of the edge of his eye, Dave could see a large cum stain spreading on his son’s pants as he lost control of his body. Dave knew he should be angry at his son for acting so inappropriately and he should be outraged that his wife was being exposed like this. But Dave could barely maintain control of his own body. He was transfixed by the sight before him. His wife pied and stripped before an audience of thousands? It was almost too much to bear.

After letting everyone get a good look at Kate in her underwear, the clowns renewed their assault. Pies once again covered Kate’s body, partially restoring her violated modesty. But the clowns wouldn’t let her get off so easily. One clown snuck up to her from behind, while another walked to her front, carrying two pitchers. The clown behind her undid the clasp to her bra, and then reached around to pull it down, revealing her pendulous boobs. As Kate struggled to reposition her bra over her breasts, the clown in front poured custard from the pitchers into her bra cups. Vanilla for one boob, chocolate for the other. Kate held her bra to the front of her body with both hands. In her position, she was unable to redo her bra and had no choice but to drive her breasts deep into the pools of custard, which then leaked out the sides of her bra.

Kate was also unable to defend herself from the clowns’ next assault. The clown in front passed a pitcher to the clown behind Kate. Then both clowns simultaneously stretched out the waistband of her panties. The first clown poured vanilla custard down the front of Kate’s panties. Dave knew it would be flowing through and clogging in her pubic hair; Josh could only imagine. The clown in back poured chocolate custard down her ass crack. Both Dave and Josh could see Kate shudder with the unexpected anal stimulation. Then both clowns released the waistband with a snap, leaving Kate with a pair of distended panties slowly leaking custard down her legs.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for our volunteer!” shouted the ringmaster, and Kate was led out of the ring. As she walked, she wiped cream from her eyes. Because her bra was still lose, she had to do one eye at a time, taking a hand off her bra to scoop cream from her face. Each time she removed a hand from her bra, the cup flopped down, revealing her boob again.

Kate walked up the stairs slowly, feeling the gaze of people in the aisle seats as she ascended. Her state of almost-nakedness and complete messiness was strangely exciting to her. And in public, too. Kate was beginning to feel more and more aroused with each step she took. Finally, she spotted her son and husband. “Let’s get out of here,” she said, and then paused. She noticed her husband’s pants bulging in front. Evidently, he had enjoyed watching her get pied and stripped. relaxbet giriş Then her gaze drifted her son. There was a large, dark stain on the front of his khakis, and his penis was already getting hard again. Kate’s husband was well-hung, and judging by the size of the tent Josh was pitching, the trait obviously ran in the family. Kate was more pleased than she like to admit that her condition had had such an effect on her son. She wondered if he would ever be tempted to act on his attraction. Taking on a new cock, one belonging to an immediate family member, would have been unthinkable to Kate, even 15 minutes ago. But so had getting pied and stripped for an audience, and she had enjoyed it when that happened. She felt like something inside of her had opened up. Kate decided to let Josh know she was available and see if he acted on the opportunity. “I need help getting cleaned up,” she said, and then locked eyes with Josh and gave him a knowing look. “From both of you.”

Dave and Josh got up and followed her into the parking lot. There was a strong sexual tension in the air, like static electricity before a thunderstorm. Dave opened one of the doors to the backseat of the car, and Kate got in. Then, without saying a word, he walked around to the other side and opened that door. All at once, operating on an unspoken understanding, the family began acting out their most lurid fantasies. Kate crawled over the back seat, dropped her bra, unzipped her husband’s fly and began sucking his cock. Behind her, Josh gazed at her stained panties clinging to her ass crack and her tattoo partially visible through the mess on her back and decided this was his chance to take his mother from behind.

As she sucked Dave’s cock like a lollipop, Kate felt hands on her backside and realized her son was determined to have his way with her. She felt lucky to be the one relieving him of his virginity, but knew he would need guidance. She felt his hands fumbling at her garter straps. Didn’t he know half the fun of garters was leaving them on during sex? She slapped his hands away and pulled down her panties, then spread her pussy lips with her fingers for emphasis. Josh got the hint and started poking her with his cock. His inexperience meant his aim wasn’t very good, so Kate had to grasp his cock and guide it into her vagina, then rock herself backwards onto his cock. Fortunately, instincts took over at that point, and Josh was soon thrusting away at his mother’s pussy.

Dave started thrusting too, and Kate found herself being simultaneously facefucked and pussyfucked. She was tossed back and forth, like an obscene, incestuous game of ping pong. “Mom, you feel so good,” muttered Josh.

“That’s right, son. Fuck your mother’s pussy,” Dave egged him on. Then both men began to grunt as they reached orgasm. Kate was squeezed between them as they both thrust deep, delivering powerful squirts of cum to her insides. Finally, they fell back, two men with creamy crotches, on either end of a woman covered with cream inside and out.

Kate rolled onto her back and lifted one leg up, still tingling with pleasure. She smiled at her son and wiped the cum drizzling down her chin, while more cum leaked from her pussy and joined the mess on the seat beneath her.

Josh was captivated by the sight before him, his cock becoming erect once more. But he didn’t know what this all meant. “Is this a one-time thing, or…” he trailed off.

“I think we can make this a regular part of family bonding,” said Kate, turning toward her husband. “Don’t you?”

Dave nodded. “Get in the back seat with your mother. You can have her while I drive. When we get home, we’ll clean her up together. Then I want to celebrate our anniversary with her. Tomorrow morning, we’ll work out a schedule for sharing her. Then we can go to the bakery together.”

Kate spent the drive home on her back, with her legs wrapped around her son, teaching him all the ways to pleasure a woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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