Fantasies Come True Ch. 3

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After my birthday party, Hannah and I started sleeping over at each other’s houses more often. One dull evening, I took a walk over to her house without warning her ahead of time.

Her dad answered the door and let me in. “She’s up in her room.”

I climbed the stairs two at a time, getting horny just thinking about her. I walked down the hall to her room and knocked on her door, entering without waiting for a response.

My best friend appeared to be napping on her window seat, but opened her eyes when I walked in.

“Mad! What a nice surprise.”

I lay down on her bed, in an attempt to hint that I was horny. “How’s it going? I didn’t bother calling ’cause I figured even if you weren’t home, I could afford the time it took for the walk.”

“I’m glad. I like surprises.” She hopped off the window seat and came and lay down on the bed upside down, with her feet near my face and her hair in my toes. It was a sensual feeling to have her silky blonde hair running in between my toes.

She started gently stroking the top of my feet, so I shut my eyes and sighed. Suddenly, I felt something strange; it was Hannah sucking on my baby toe. I never would have guessed that my feet were an erogenous zone. So I tried the same thing on her, seeing how she reacted. She seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did.

“Ha-an, I want you.”

“You never were a patient one, were you?”

“Can you blame me? You make me hot.”

At that, she turned around the right way and lay down on top of me so that our tits were in direct contact and our pubic bones were touching. I lifted my face to hers and we kissed heatedly.


Hannah started kissing my neck and my ears as I let my fingers slip under her shirt and gently kneaded her back muscles. “Wow, Mad, that’s great.” I slowly descended farther down, until I reached the waist band of her shorts. I let my fingers slip under and started stroking the soft skin covering her tight ass.

She casino oyna lifted my shirt and began giving my nipples the special treatment; she sucked, flicked and nibbled on them until I thought I would cum. She started going down on me when she decided it would be better if we 69’d. “Mad, let’s get undressed.” So we slowly stripped for each other on opposite sides of the bed, then lay back down as we first had, with her on top facing the bottom of the bed.

I loved the smell of her pussy when she was horny. I gently licked her cunny lips from her hole up to her mons. She moaned and the vibration was transferred to my clitty. I parted her lips with my fingers and lapped at the juice buildup. Never had better. I inserted two fingers into her hole and finger-fucked her for a couple minutes, then when I could tell she was getting tense, I attacked her love bud with my tongue. It was not long before she came. Her shuddering made me gush with juice and soon, I, too, was having my sweet orgasm.

We were exhausted from the excitement, so we took a quick nap with her laying her head on my tits and me stroking hers.

When we awoke, we were still unsatiated. “Mad, I need a cock up there.”

“But Han, the strap-on’s at my house. I don’t really feel like going to get it, do you?”

“Nah, and we probably wouldn’t be horny anymore by the time we got there anyhow.”

“Why don’t you go check your parents’ room?”

“Ewwww. I couldn’t do that. If I find something, I’ll be royally disgusted. I couldn’t use something that’s been in my parents!!”

“Do you have a better suggestion?”

“How about a cucumber?”

So she quickly dressed, ran downstairs to get a cucumber out of the fridge and ran back up. I had never looked at a cucumber in a sexual way, but it in fact looked very inviting. She had gotten a long one so the idea of double-penetration hit me.

We got on the bed facing each other, then lay on our backs with our legs in the air. Hannah placed the cucumber canlı casino on her cunt lips and urged me to approach. I took hold of the cuke myself and put it near my hole.

We inserted the large vegetable as far as we could inside ourselves and gently started gyrating our bodies. I could feel it hitting my G-spot.

“Wow, Han, this was a great idea!”

All she could do was moan in reply. We humped each other like this for a good hour, and then we both needed to cum, so we lay down beside each other and, crossing arms, masturbated each other to a sweet cum.

We put the covers over ourselves and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

The next morning, we woke up around noon, ready for another round.

“Let’s go to my house, Han. I want the strap-on.” I don’t think we’ve ever walked so fast!

“Morning!” I screamed as we walked in. No answer. Yes! There was no one home which meant we could make all the noise we wanted. We grinned at each other and ran up to my room.

While I quickly undressed, my best friend grabbed the strap-on from where it was hidden in the back of my closet.

“Hey Mad, what do you say we add the butt plug on today?”

“Sure.” The strap-on Hannah had bought me for my birthday had vaginal and anal plugs for the wearer, but until then, we had hesitated to use the anal one.

She handed it to me, butt plug and all, and I started putting it on while she got undressed.

“Ooooo. You’re gonna have to help me with the butt plug, Hannah. It’s pretty painful.”

“I’ll grab some lube.” I got down on all fours and she applied a little KY to the plug and to my butt hole, then slowly began inserting it. Despite the pain, it was only making me more excited. “That feels niiiice.”

Ready to go, Hannah lay spread-eagle on my bed, ready to get fucked. But I decided I would tease her for a bit first, so I lay down with my face near her pussy and gently blew on her hairless lips. She shivered. I parted them with my fingers kaçak casino and was very content to notice a thick layer of natural lube. I lapped it up with my tongue, then teased her clitty with my tongue. I inserted the tip of my finger into her hole very slightly. She tried to get it in farther, but I wanted to keep her squirming for a little while longer so that she’d really enjoy the fucking.

As I moved up higher on her body to suck on her titties, I felt the dildos in my pussy and in my ass and my body’s reaction as my cunt gushed fresh juice.

I gently suckled her nipples and twirled them around with my tongue. I, too, was feeling very horny at this point. I turned the vibrator on the dildo to low and gently started inserting the long phallus into my best friend’s pussy. The vibrations along with the full feelings in my cunt and ass felt so good I almost came right then and there.

I kept humping Hannah until I was ramming her with all my might.

“Fuck me Mad! Fuck me good and hard! That feels soooo good. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn.”

Her loud exclamations were only making me go faster and harder. I kept fucking and fucking and suddenly, we both exploded in sweet orgasm. The continued stimulation on my clit was making it last and last.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her and turned off the vibrations.

“Han, you’ve GOT to try that. I’ve never had such a full-body orgasm before!”

We rested a little and then Hannah decided she wanted to try too. She strapped on the dildo and I helped her with the butt plug. She didn’t waste any time and went straight for the on-button of the vibrator and stuck it in me. It was so good.

She fucked slow then fast then slow again and then she started really ramming.

“Haaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Fuck me bitch! That feels sooooo good. More! More! More! Harder!”

Before I knew it, we were cumming again. We fell asleep once again and didn’t wake up until my parents walked in the door and screamed “We’re home sweetheart! Are you?”

I didn’t answer, but just moaned. They thought I was just groggy but really, Hannah was under the sheets sucking away at my titties.

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