Fed Detective Caitlyn Pt. 01: The Breakup

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The Breakup — Federal Detective Caitlyn Alvarez

Detective Caitlyn Alvarez adjusted her night vision goggles and fastened her lines. When she was satisfied they were secure, she settled in to wait.

Alex West was a successful real estate tycoon. But the buildings he owned were not in high-rent districts. The businesses renting those offices were paying five times what they were worth. Mister West was either laundering someone else’s money or he had some illegal operation going and this was how his payments were hidden.

Unfortunately, his people were loyal. Nobody was willing to talk to the Feds about what was really going on. Enter Detective Alvarez. Technically, she was a Special Agent with the FBI, frequently loaned out to DEA, ATF, CIA, Secret Service or the Pentagon. In reality, she was one of a handful of Federal Detectives working directly for Homeland Security. Her assignments were legally blurry, often deep cover. Even her FBI status was part of a cover identity, easily distinguished as a separate person from the physical Caitlyn should an assignment go south.

Cait watched the roof of a nearby building. Two lights were glowing on the railing. When the one on the left went off, she knew that Alex West had fallen asleep. Her spotters would keep watching, just to be sure, but he was unlikely to wake ortaköy escort up unless someone woke him.

When the second light went off, it was time to go to work. Lena Howard had just gotten off the plane. She had no checked luggage and no car. She’d be taking a car on an Uber.

Caitlyn set the timer for eight minutes. Then she climbed up on the railing and jumped.

Her soft, rubber-soled shoes hit the window ten feet down. She rappelled to Alex West’s balcony, climbed inside the half-wall, and detached the cable from her belt.

Quickly, she took off her backpack. She pulled out a stained waitress uniform, complete with a nametag reading ‘Becky’, underwear and black work shoes. Caitlyn stripped to the skin, putting her night-ops clothing, including goggles, into the backpack. She attached the pack to the rappelling line just in time. Up above, the timer reached zero and the fastener released. All trace of Caitlyn’s route to the balcony plummeted to the ground, to be collected by her team.

Naked, carrying the bundle of clothes, Caitlyn opened the balcony door and eased carefully into the living room. She crept down the hall, into the bedroom, where Mister West slept, snoring gently.

Caitlyn closed the door, and then the curtains. She wanted it pitch black in here. otele gelen escort She arranged the clothing on the floor by the door, bra and panties by the bed.

Carefully, she untucked the blankets and sheet from the foot of the mattress. Then she crawled up under the covers, into the bed, easing slowly up between Mister West’s legs. He slept nude, which made it easier. Time to wake him up.

Caitlyn took his sleepy cock into her mouth. He gave a soft moan, but didn’t quite come alert. With his dick completely sheltered within her lips, Cait rubbed her chin against his balls and swabbed his shaft with her tongue. Mister West woke up.

He sighed with pleasure and began to stiffen. Caitlyn released him and started bathing him with kisses. Up and down the shaft. Around the crown. A friendly little suck on the tip. Then a good tongue-scrubbing for his balls.

“Wait,” he panted. “Stop. I want to fuck you. I want to come inside you.”

Caitlyn crawled up his body. She let his cock explore the valley between her tits before she emerged from under the blankets to lie on top of him, face to face. In the darkness, he couldn’t see her, but his cock was pressing upward, nestled against her pussy. He didn’t need his eyes right now. His arms came up around her.

She threw off the otele gelen escort blankets, lifted up, and used her fingers to guide him in. It felt great to have a cock inside her again. And she loved fucking in total darkness. She came once, just from the sensations of penetration. She came again when he started to move in her.

Her spasming pussy tightened around his dick, squeezing him as he thrust into her, bringing him quickly to climax. He went off like a geyser, bursting up, flowing into her, groaning in the ecstasy of orgasm.

Then the bedroom door opened, the light went on, and Lena Howard walked in. “There’s an FBI surveillance van watching the building, darling-“

Mister West’s lover, and private secretary, screamed in fury at the sight of him fucking another woman. Her eyes scanned the room, taking in the dirty waitress uniform and the underwear next to the bed. The scene was carefully designed to look like a one-night’s stand.

Lena Howard removed a key from her ring, and threw it at Caitlyn’s naked back. Her aim was bad and it hit the wall, but the message was delivered. Lena stormed out of the apartment, slamming the front door as she exited. In her current fury, she would see the surveillance van downstairs and the FBI would have their witness.

“Hi!” Caitlyn said to Mister West, still feeling his cock within her. “I’m sorry I snuck in here, but I’m such a huge fan. I love fucking rich men. Can I give you another blowjob? I promise to swallow.”

Alex West threw Caitlyn, and the clothing, out of his apartment, not giving her time to dress. But her mission was accomplished.

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