Final Customer

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The last customer walked out with her grocery bags, opening her umbrella as she stepped out. Rain continued to lash at the windows. It had been raining all evening, bringing the busy city to a near-standstill. Pondering on my misfortune, I leaned on the counter blankly staring at the refrigerator on the other end of the aisle. The whole place had a gloomy air to it. The endless line of dimly lit aisles actually creeped me out.

My co-worker was down with flu and I was left covering his duties for the evening too. The only silver lining I could see was that there were fewer customers this evening, owing to the constant downpour. I walked up to the security panel and started to switch off the lights, hoping I could close up early and sneak away. Just then, a young woman stepped in, completely drenched. She shivered a little, let out a loud sigh and removed her wet blazer. She draped it around the rickety chair near the entrance. The water dripped all around it, forming a small puddle of rainwater. She looked flustered and the scowl on her face was steadily worsening. I can imagine how she must’ve been feeling. Such a terrific downpour was not common and caught everyone by surprise.

She turned to me. “Can I have some paper towels please” she said, as she started to open her bag.

I handed her a pack of towels and continued my ritual to close for the night. She started drying herself, carefully wiping her face and hands. She untied her messy wet bun that had loosened, to reveal her long jet black hair that reached down to the small of her back. Her lovely tresses swayed from side to side as she was drying herself. Dropping the used towels in the bin, she picked up her bag and fished out a stylish cigarette case and a lighter.

“I’m sorry ma’am, no smoking in the inside” I said politely, as I pointed to the ‘No-Smoking’ sign pasted near the entrance.

“Oh damn, gimme a break. I’ve had a hard day” she replied curtly. “Sorry!! I shouldn’t have been so rude” she immediately continued. She put the cigarettes and lighter back into her bag and dropped it on the chair.

“No problem ma’am, we all need to unwind” I said, handing her some more tissues.

“Looks like you are going to close down soon” she said, casting a glance around the empty shop. The clock over the counter struck 10 PM. “Yes, we need to close at 10:30” I replied.

“Do you mind if I hang around for a while.”

“No, not at all” I replied.

She seated herself on the chair, overlooking the street outside. For a few minutes silence reigned in the shop, broken only by the steady patter of rain drops hitting the porch. Occasional pairs of headlights were visible in an otherwise deserted street.

I guess both of us were weighed down by the unpleasant situation we were stuck in. Finally she broke the awkward silence.

“You look young. How long have you been working here?” she asked curiously.

“About a month now. I work part-time.”

“What do you do otherwise? Are you a student?”

I nodded silently.

“Do you work nearby?” I asked, trying to get the conservation to flow more smoothly. I was hoping the small talk between us could keep me occupied till closing time.

“I work in the bank across the street” she said, pointing at the magnificent glass building. I’ve always admired it from afar. The multinational bank was one of the biggest landmarks in the area, consisting of thousands of employees.

“Had to complete a few last-minute tasks, thereby ruining from Friday evening” she continued.

“Well, you’re not the only one with a ruined evening” I said, both of us exchanging meaningful grins. For a moment – a very brief one – our eyes met, sending electrifying pulses through my spine. The feeling was very new to me, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Only after she flashed a friendly smile that I noticed what a beautiful face she possessed. It looked a like a work of art, with well chiselled features. She was wearing very little make-up.

“A face like that doesn’t need make-up” I thought to myself.

“What is your role in the bank?” I enquired, to keep the conversational ball rolling.

I tried to listen attentively but I found my eyes veering towards her ample bosom. She was wearing a form-fitting white formal shirt and the outline of her şişli elit escort bra was clearly visible. Her shirt clinging to her wet body further accentuated her voluptuous curves.

She abruptly stopped talking. Looking up I noticed her eyeing me keenly and I blushed with shame.

“Would you like more paper towels?” I said, desperately trying look professional and salvage the situation.

“Oh no thanks” she replied, as she stood up and bent down to open her bag, revealing her bountiful cleavage. I had a feeling she was doing it on purpose. Nevertheless, I waited patiently to see what happened next.

“How much for the towels?” she muttered, handing me some coins.

“That would do, thanks” I said blankly, as I dropped the coins in the cash drawer without even counting.I was already getting terribly turned on by this sexy woman. My cock was quite hard and was trying to make its presence felt. Thankfully I was standing behind the counter.

“There is a room near the back door where you can smoke. Are you interested?” I said eagerly, trying to stop this angel from disappearing from my life.

She gave me a nod and picked up her bag. I put up the ‘closed’ sign, locked the doors and switched off the lights. I led the way, as we passed rows of dimly lit aisles and arrived at the back room. My penis was throbbing and there was a visible bulge in my pants. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice.

The room I was referring to was initially used for storage but was soon abandoned when a new facility was constructed. It was used as a place to stow away unwanted and old items. Besides, it was the only place in the shop that wasn’t under CCTV coverage. It had a leaky roof through which rain water was dripping and a puddle had formed on the floor already. I switched on the single overhead lamp and we made our way around the broken shopping cart and seated ourselves on a couple of old chairs. A damp couch stood in a corner of the room.

“This place doesn’t look very appealing but will do for now” she said.

Immediately she pulled out her lighter and cigarettes again. She lit one and inhaled deeply. I could see that she was relieved. She offered me a cigarette.

“No thanks I don’t smoke” I replied.

“How much do you make here?”

“8$ an hour.”

“That’s not much”.

I nodded in agreement.

She asked me a few more questions about my job to which I replied earnestly. She again drew deeply from her cigarette. The rain outside continued unabated.

I asked her for her name but I completely missed it, as I was busy staring at her breasts again. They seemed even more alluring in the dimly lit room. This time I caught her staring at the bulge in my trousers too.

“I see what you have in mind” she said, giving me a sly smile.

“I don’t quite understand” I stuttered.

“You’re quite horny now. Wanna bang?” she continued, the wicked smile becoming more prominent.

I was utterly taken aback by her sudden statement and blushed visibly. I wasn’t used to being spoken to like this.

“Oh it’s alright” she continued. “I can understand. We lead busy lives and often forget our carnal desires. I’ve been missing the heat between the sheets ever since I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago.”

My thoughts were racing now. It was very hard to think of an appropriate response for such an overt gesture. I grew up thinking women had a low libido. It was difficult to digest that I was confronted by a woman who was frank about her sexuality. Nobody could’ve guessed such a slut was lurking underneath her respectable demeanour. I stared dumbly at her.

She dropped the cigarette, stepped on it and started to unfasten the top buttons of her shirt. I was further startled by her moves. Seconds later her shirt and bra dropped on the floor behind her. Words cannot describe the radiant beauty of what lay before me. Her perfectly shaped breasts and erect nipples were a treat to look at.

Slowly I gave in to the lust which had started to engulf me. Like the uncorking of a champagne bottle, I knew there was no going back. I moved forward cautiously and caressed her breast lightly. A moment later a clear ringing musical laugh filled the room. She raised her hands and held mine, drawing me closer şişli escort and effectively cupping her magnificent breasts. The warmth of her body filled me with an ecstasy I had never known. At that instant I felt all my inhibitions abandon me completely. Now or never.

I leaned in to kiss her gently on the lips and she readily reciprocated. The passionate kissing felt like our souls were merging. She tenderly bit my lip lower lip and her tongue was eager to meet its counterpart. My hands were shaking as they wrapped around her bodacious hips. Licking my clean shaven face, she slowly reached my right ear.

“Don’t ploy coy with me” she whispered in my ear while starting to lick it too. A second later I felt my shirt rip open and heard the buttons scatter across the floor. Her kisses slowly moved downward to my bare chest. I should’ve known my meticulous man-scaping would pay off someday. She spent considerable time covering my chest with burning kisses. Her skilful tongue played on my right nipple while she playfully pinched my left one.

Her long graceful fingers started to slide my belt out, unbuckling my trousers deftly. She slowly dragged my trousers down while she dropped to her knees. She had no patience for my boxers, which she quickly got rid of, to reveal the full glory of my manhood. The bulge in pants didn’t quite reveal the extent of it. Her eyes widened in awe as she gazed at the sheer girth of my fully erect penis. She gently wrapped her fingers around it and used to her thumb to stimulate the edge. This particularly drove my wild. I threw back my head and let out a load moan. A drop of pre-cum dropped on the floor below. The next drop hit her rosy lips and her tongue lapped it up eagerly.

Her lips gently parted to make way for my manhood. Seconds later half of it had disappeared in her mouth. Her tongue hardly had any room in there, and was moving up and down my shaft. I ran my fingers through her long silky hair, which by now was almost down to the floor. Grabbing a tuft of hair I vigorously thrusted my shaft deeper. A mix of pre-cum and saliva was dripping down her chin and onto the floor.

“Mmm..” she moaned. She was clearly enjoying this.

She briefly looked up and our eyes connected. The sexual hunger in them was unmistakable.

She was going completely berserk and continued to devour my cock for a span of about 10 minutes.

My loud moan pierced the air, and signalled that she would’ve pull back. My saliva-soaked penis emerged from her mouth. It was time for my balls to get some of the action. They were already soaked in saliva flowing down from my cock. She opened her mouth wide and my balls slid smoothly into it. Her skilled tongue massaged them gently, one after another.

A couple of minutes later I let her hair go and gently pulled her up, gripping her shoulder. We locked in an intimate embrace and a messy wet kissing session ensued. We stopped a few minutes later completely out of breath. Her lips were as succulent as ever, although slightly bruised.

Even though I’ve never done anything like this before, it all seemed very natural. It had a fated feeling to it. It felt as if I knew exactly what to do. Life is full of surprises and anything can happen anytime.

I cast a glance around the room looking for a more comfy place. Suddenly the old couch in the corner caught my eye. I knew we couldn’t risk going back to the shop, lest we get caught in the cctv cameras. The couch started to look more inviting than before now. It was earlier used by the store manager before he ditched it for a new one.

“A little dampness wouldn’t hurt” I thought to myself.

Holding her hand, I led the way to the couch. I let her sit on the edge, her back propped up against comfy-looking cushion. The couch creaked a little but stood firm. I noticed she looked exhausted but still seemed to be enjoying the experience. Yet again her attractive smile sent waves of electric pulses through me.

I slowly leaned in to kiss her, sliding my hands under her limp frame. The raging passion from a few minutes ago, gave way to a mellower mood. We moved further onto the couch, locked in a close embrace. For a span of quarter of an hour we had fused into a single entity, making out like there’s no tomorrow.

Softly moving şişli eve gelen escort down, I kissed and licked her, all the way down to her right breast. I gently stimulated her nipple with my tongue, tenderly pressing the other with my right hand. I savoured every moment of it. The nipples perked up and her breasts appeared larger than I initially thought.

Continuing to have a gentle yet firm grip on her breasts, I slid down further. My knees hit the dirty floor. She readily lifted herself off the couch as I started to unbuckle her pants. I pulled hard and it came off smoothly. I threw it onto one of the chairs and looked hungrily at her vagina. Even through her tight panties I could see she was completely wet. Sliding a finger under it, I gently pulled it to one side. I heard a soft moan.

“Get rid of it” she whispered, as she lifted her butt off the couch again.

I did as I was told, revealing a perfectly trimmed landing strip underneath. Her wet pussy glistened in the low light. I started by kissing and licking her inner thigh, tantalizingly close to her pussy. Occasionally when my tongue brushed against her clit, she moaned audibly. The anticipation was driving her wild. I took my time to relish the area surrounding her cunt. Knowing how to pleasure a woman is a unique skill, and here I was having a valuable lesson.

Moments later I finally touched base, caressing her cunt with the tip of my tongue. Her entire body twisted in agony and pleasure. I held her firmly around her thighs, gently inserting my tongue into her tunnel of love. She obviously took great care down there. There was a pleasant fragrance and I lapped up her cunt juice eagerly. Her fingers dug into the couch and her hips were shivering with delight.

Having tasted her twat for a while, I moved back onto the couch, a little out of breath. A hand stealthily stole down under me and stroked my cock. My whole body jerked.

“Get inside me now” she moaned.

“Aye Aye captain.”

As she guided my penis, it gradually slid into her pussy. Both of us emitted loud moans, writhing in sheer pleasure. Her warm insides swallowed my cock. She was surprisingly tight and the pace I set was gentle. Our sweaty bodies rubbed against each other. Her fingers clawed on my back, drawing long nail-marks. The slow rhythm gave way to more vigorous thrusts. Our lips played on each other, biting and kissing sensuously. The rhythmic creaking of the couch and loud moans were drowned out by the rain bearing down heavily on the roof.

This carried on for a good 10 minutes, after which I slowly pulled out. She immediately gripped it and pulled it towards her mouth. Moments later the head of my penis disappeared in her mouth. By this time the stimulation had reached its peak. I rocked my head back, let out a deafening groan and shot my load in her mouth. She continued to blow. Some of my cum trickled down her mouth onto her boobs. Slowly she stopped and fell back on the couch panting hard. I lifted myself off it, the cum still dripping from my cock. Both us looked at each other and giggled like young teenagers. Some things don’t change as we grow up.

I stood up and looked around, trying to understand what had just happened. Things went so fast I was having a difficult time adjusting my perspective. Even though I’m from a strict family background, I wasn’t feeling guilty about this hook-up. Feeling strangely elated and light, I decided to clean my cock from the water that was leaking from the roof. From the trickle, I gave my cock a quick rubdown. She got up and walked to her bag. Her silhouette was by far the best I’ve ever seen. I stared in awe at her naked back. Having taken out a damp handkerchief she started to wipe herself clean.

The magic of the moment was starting to wane. The dressing up was fairly quick, and was carried out mostly in awkward silence. By now the rain outside had slowed down to a steady drizzle.

“Could you fetch me an umbrella from the shop?” she said, breaking the silence.

I quickly tiptoed back into the shop and returned with one.

“I have to go now” she said. The gloominess in her voice was evident.

“Shall we exchange numbers?” I said.

“No, I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

“As you wish” I replied.

I opened the door that led to the street.

Picking up her bag, she opened the umbrella. Casting one last melancholic glance, she was gone. The poignancy of the moment struck me.

It was a brief encounter, but the memory of it has been etched in my soul forever.

******************** The End ********************

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