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I have always fantasized about anal sex. Even as a teenager, I experienced these urges to get fucked in the ass. There was something about the idea of submitting my body completely to my partner that drove me crazy.

Unfortunately, it took years before I found someone who was interested in anal sex. Most of the guys I’ve dated have only been into “vanilla sex.” So my interest in anal sex was reserved for the nights when I was alone and could touch and finger myself…

When I first met my current boyfriend, right from the start, I indicated that I was interested in exploring anal sex. He was definitely experienced, and he was happy to hear that I was open to trying things beyond conventional sex.

However, he was slow to make the first move. Sometimes, during sex, he would insert a finger in my ass. That would hurt, since his fingers are quite thick, but it would turn me on, because I was always hoping that he would then replace his fingers with his cock. But that was not his plan.

I remember getting so frustrated with the months of vanilla sex with him that I went online and ordered a vibrator and lube. But I could never will myself to insert the vibrator (or my trusty dildo) into my ass because what I really wanted was my boyfriend’s cock to be the first thing to truly penetrate my ass.

Finally, one night after we had been out drinking with some of his old college friends, we ended up back at my place, and we were in the middle of some wonderfully tipsy sex, when he suddenly stopped pumping into me and looked straight into my eyes.

“How almanbahis şikayet do you feel about anal sex?” he asked.

“We already talked about this. I’m curious, but I’ve waited for so long, I’m sort of scared.”

“You know I would never hurt you. I promise that we can stop if you hurt too much.”

“I know. I love you. And I trust you.”

With that, he resumed fucking me. With one hand, he held my two hands down over my head. With the other hand, he started wetting his fingers in the massive amounts of pussy juice that our lovemaking had already produced.

My heart pounded. It was finally going to happen. Slowly, my lover pressed one finger into my ass, all the while fucking me. Once it was in all the way, he started finger-fucking my ass in rhythm with his cock. After he felt me loosen up (and it didn’t take long, it felt like heaven), he started to try to add a second finger.

This proved more difficult, since my virgin ass was not accustomed to having anything so large invading it. Embarrassed, I admitted to him that I kept a large bottle of lube in the nightstand. He laughed, “You’ve been planning this for a while, haven’t you?” Immediately, he got out the bottle, poured some lube onto his finger, and slid the second finger in.

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it felt to be so full. I was in heaven.

My lover stopped fucking me again, and looked at me. “What do you want me to do.”

“You know what I want.”

“I wanted you to say it,” for as long as we have been dating, he loves that almanbahis canlı casino he has such dominance over me, that I submit to whatever he wants of me. And even if I am embarrassed to talk about something so crude as anal sex, I will say it because that’s what he demands.

“I want to have anal sex with you.”

And with that, he pulls out of my vagina, and starts to spread more lube on his beautiful 8-inch cock. Then he says, “I want to fuck you like this, facing you, so I can look into your eyes while I am fucking your ass.”

He kisses me and reaches down and spreads apart my ass cheeks. Already relaxed from his previous attention, my ass welcomes him in, and with the help of the ample lubrication from my pussy and from the lube, he slides in. I hadn’t expected that. I had expected it to be more difficult, but my virgin ass took all 8 inches of him in one swallow.

He lay still to allow me to adjust to his invasion. It was then that my entire ass started stinging from all of that stimulation. Tears came to my eyes, and I told him that my ass felt like it was on fire. I begged him to take it out. Slowly, he withdrew his penis from my ass, and the burning stopped.

“Don’t worry, that’s normal to feel the burning.”

“Is it?” He nodded. “Okay, then I want to try again.”

This time, it didn’t hurt at all. Instead, I just felt full, full of this amazing man whom I loved, completely submitted to him, having given him all that I can, having given him my anal virginity. My lover started pumping into me, kissing me the whole almanbahis casino time, and his hands pinned mine down above my head again. There was no escaping him, there was nothing I could do to keep him from taking whatever he wanted.

A psychological orgasm started building up in me. I wanted him to fuck me brutally, to take what he wanted, to use my body. I wanted the pain that could come from him fucking my tight ass as hard as he could thrust. I started to urge him to fuck me harder. Somehow I managed to wrestle my hands out of his grip, and I clawed at his back while he continued to fuck my ass faster, harder. He pulled my hands again over my head. “You are mine, I control you,” he told me again.

“Yes, you control me” I screamed. That set me over the edge. I could feel my ass contract around his invading penis. Even as I came, he kept on pumping into me. I felt comatose, and still he assaulted my ass. Even as I felt the lube start to wear off, as the friction increased, he kept fucking me. He would not stop until he had his fill. I begged him to cum, to join me, to claim me. And then I started feeling it build up, I could feel him start to lose control, I could see that crazy look in his eyes, that dangerous look that he got when he stopped thinking about my pleasure and completely took what his sexual instincts demanded. My ass was raw from all the brutal fucking, and still he pounded into it, until finally he erupted with an animalistic growl and drove his cock as deep into my ass as it would go.

I felt his body relax over mine as his cock throbbed and emptied its load into my ass. We lay there, exhausted, for a few minutes, then he gathered up his strength, and raised himself up on his elbows to look into my eyes.

“I love you. You’re wonderful,” I told him before kissing him and falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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