Finding Out

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“Well I’m gay so not too much interest that way,” Ben said smiling.

“Oh really er um, I see,” I fumblingly replied somewhat taken aback.

I was on a training course in New York staying at the Marriott on Lexington. Ben was also staying there as he was visiting the head office of his company a few blocks away from the hotel. We had met in the bar on my first night which was his second and both us were staying for a further three nights. Having just flown in from London I was very tired that first night and after a couple of drinks I was in bed by nine.

The next night I went to the bar at around six-thirty and saw him.

“Hi Ben, like another?”

“No I’m fine thanks James.”

We had a couple more drinks as we chatted about a whole load of things. He travelled to the UK about as often as I did to the US, probably three or four times each year so we had lots in common. We seemed to be about the same age, mid-forties and both held senior management positions in large companies. We were about the same height and build, just under six feet and slim and fit looking. However, there were some striking differences in that he had darkish, blond hair whereas mine is nearly black, he was clean shaven I have a stubble and I am married and he was single.

“You meeting anyone for dinner?” He asked an hour or so later.

“No, I’m by myself.”

“Like to dine together?”

We went to a small steak house on 42nd Street, then onto a bar across the road.

He had told me that he was not married and never had been, but that didn’t give me any inkling of what was to come when I nodded at a couple of women across the bar from us and said.

“They look up for something Ben.”

That’s when he told me he was gay.

“But you go ahead, I’ll stand in until you make contact then I’ll discretely disappear.”

“No, no, don’t be silly,” I replied.

“What’s silly?”

“Well we’re together aren’t we?”

Glancing at me and holding my gaze he smiled and said. “Are we James?”

“Are we what?”


I was confused and mumbled. “What do you mean?”

“Just a joke hon.”

I didn’t reply as I let what he had said sink in. I had not spent much time alone with a gay man before although I had some experience at a couple of gay saunas. As he looked at me with a slight smile on his face I wondered whether he was propositioning me. That made my pulse race a little as I had not done anything outside the saunas and for some time I had thought about it and had fantasised about having a male lover. I took a swig of my Scotch as I regained my cool before saying.

“Is it Ben?”


“A joke.”

“Well it was James but of course it doesn’t have to be.”

“Doesn’t it?”

“No, not at all.”


“Yes really James, it doesn’t have to be a joke.”

“No?” I said hesitantly wondering about my next move.

We were sitting on high stools close together in the quite crowded bar. As he replied he moved a little and his knee brushed against my leg just above my knee. He left it there sort of putting the ball in my court. I knew that I could move and he would probably drop the subject or stay as I was and see what he did. I went for the latter and didn’t move

“No James, it doesn’t have to be a joke and could very easily become a reality.”

Realising he had put the ball right back in my court and now it was up to me to give him the signs to go ahead or to drop it, excited me. Probably sounding far cooler and relaxed than I was I asked.

“And how would that happen Ben?”

Smiling, he leaned closer to me, pressed his knee more firmly against my leg and whispered. “Your room or mine.”

As it happened we went to his room.

I was hellishly nervous on the way back to the hotel and all the way up in the elevator to his fifteenth floor room. We hardly talked until we were in the room and he had poured us both Scotches from the mini bar.

I sat in the easy chair and he on the bed.

“So James I take it you have done stuff like this before?”

“No not exactly.”

Raising his eyebrows and looking at me he said. “No?”

“Well no not in a room like this.”

“What then?”

“I have been to gay saunas in London.”

“Ok got it, so man to man stuff is not something totally new.”


“So are you a top or bottom?”

“Neither, I haven’t gone that far.”

“Ok no problem.”

He paused for a while making me wonder what was going to come next. When it did I was amazed and very aroused for he said.

“Why don’t we get undressed?”

“What?” I stammered.

Smiling he replied. “Well James what we intend doing is usually done undressed isn’t it?” as he unbuttoned his shirt.

That made me smile and helped me relax a little as he stood up. I did the same. He removed his shirt and I saw that he had a nice physique with a chest that had a light covering of brown hair. I pulled my Polo shirt over my head and off.

“Mmmmm very nice James,” he said moving closer and Çapa Escort running his fingertips across my chest. “I love, dark, hairy chests.”

I didn’t know what to say so I stayed quiet and became nervous again when he started to undo his trousers. After sliding his zip down he looked up at me and raised his eyebrows. “Ok James?”

I got the hint and slid my zip down. We both removed our trousers at the same time taking that opportunity to slip our socks off. I saw the outline of his cock through his tight boxers and gulped as he seemed to be quite big, but then I might well have looked larger than my seven inches and two inch girth in mine.

“All together,” he grinned slipping his hands into the waist of his underpants.

Taking my boxers off at the same time as he did, seeing his cock and knowing that he was staring at mine was about an erotic experience as I had experienced. We were about the same size though like most Americans he was cut whereas I wasn’t. I was fully erect and he was half way so it was standing out horizontal to the floor.

Moving closer to me looking pointedly at my cock and then up and into my eyes he smiled and said.

“Very nice James,” before reaching out ad running his fingertips up and down the length of it adding softly. “May I?”

Nodding I replied in a croaky tone. “Yes.”

Feeling and seeing his fingers wrapped round my cock gave me an amazing array of sensations and emotions.

“Ok James?” he said moving closer, pressing his almost fully erect dick against my stomach.

“Oh yes,” I groaned taking hold of his cock.

“Mmmmm that’s nice babe,” he sighed moving in my hand as his face brushed against mine. It stopped with his lips pressed against my cheek. He licked me. “You ok with this?” he asked moving so that his lips rested on mine.

“Yes, yes,” I stammered.

He was a good kisser. Probably as good and as inventive and flexible as Kelly, he sort of blew me away with his tongue and lips. His other arm went round me and pulled us more firmly together. I slid my arm round his neck and kissed him back. It went on for some time and became a long, passionate, lips squirming and tongues probing kiss as we writhed our chests together and pumped each other’s cock.

At last he broke it and whispered.

“Oh boy you do know how to kiss don’t you.”

“I try,” I smiled.

“And succeed. Now baby lay on that bed with that lovely cock sticking up in the air.”

As good as Kelly is with her mouth Ben was better. He licked and kissed me everywhere combining the use of his lips, tongue and fingers fantastically well. He quickly had me groaning and sighing with increasingly intense sexual pleasure. I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Oh fuck Ben slow down!”


“You’ll make me cum,” I groaned as with both hands I grabbed his head and stroked it.

“Isn’t that the main point about sex?” He replied not slowing down at all.

“But what about you?”

“We’ll worry about that later, it’s early and we have all evening,” he replied sliding my dick seep into his mouth, squeezing and caressing my balls and slipping one finger along the crease in my arse. It was like fucking heaven.

“I’m gonna cum I’m there,” I groaned trying to pull out of his mouth but he held me in there.

Then I exploded and it shot into his mouth. The sensations were so intense and I had no idea how much he swallowed.

“Oh fuck,” I sighed as he took it out of his mouth, kissed the tip of it and laid it on my groin.

“Nice James?”

“Oh yes Ben, brilliant, thanks.”

“Never thank a lover James for if he’s any good he gets as much as you do and I loved doing it to you.”

Sliding up the bed he laid beside me and put his arm round my shoulders. “You were brilliant baby,” he whispered kissing me on the cheek.

At first I went to pull away. I was in that immediate post climax period when sex seems to be far away, well it does with me and women. But I had never been in a position like this with a man. A position where we were both naked on a bed in a hotel bedroom. Where I had just cum hard and wonderfully, where his hard cock was pressed against my leg, where his arm was round me pulling me against him and where his mouth was against my cheek. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to turn my face so we were looking into each other’s eyes with our mouths less than an inch or so apart. He knew what I was thinking and doing and that I was inviting him to kiss me. And at that moment there was nothing more in the world that I wanted to do was have him kiss me. A little smile lit up his face as he closed that small gap between our mouths and our lips met in another, long, meandering, passionate and so fulfilling a kiss. During it our bodies moved and we were both on our sides pressed together and then, so excitingly he rolled me onto my back and he got on top of me his dick between my legs pressed along my perineum. He sort of dry fucked me like that for a while before rolling off and again holding my cock that amazingly Çapa Escort Bayan for me was hardening. Not all the way, but certainly there was more life in it than I could remember for years with Kelly or other women.

“Got to have a pee, so no running off?” He smiled getting up.

He wasn’t gone long and when he returned he poured us both another drink and brought them to the bed. Standing beside it, drinks in either hand with his semi hard cock sticking out in front of him seemingly pointing at me he looked fantastic and so desirable. There seemed to be only one thing do to.

Rolling over to the side of the bed, I sat up put one arm round his hips and gripped his pert arse. Taking his cock in my other hand I looked up at him and our eyes met as I kissed the tip of his cock. He put the glasses down on the bedside table and gripped my head.

“James you don’t have to you know, I’ll understand.”

Looking right into his eyes again, I replied. “I want to Ben, ok?”

“Oh yes baby, yes, fucking yes,” he sighed as I slid it between my lips and into my mouth. I cradled and cupped his balls, scratched and rubbed him between his legs as I sucked and slid his lovely cock in and almost out of his mouth. After a short while he fell in with my rhythm and began to fuck my face. It was sublime and made even more so when he gripped my head more firmly, held himself rigid in my mouth and said.

“Oh fuck yes you’ve done me, I’m cumming,”

Then for the very first time I had a man cum in my mouth and that gave me such a wonderful feeling.

We laid on the bed naked and sipped our drinks talking just as we had earlier and yesterday in the bar. It was almost as if we hadn’t had sex until he brought up the subject.

“So this was your first time with a guy other than the saunas James?”

“Yes and hopefully not my last.”

“I can assure you of that love as we have two more nights don’t we?”

Smiling I replied. “Yes we do.”

“And do you want to see me?”

“I want to do more than see you.”

“What do you want to do?”


“Really James, anything?”

“Well I’m not sure.”

“Cos you know what I really want to do don’t you?”


“What I really would like to do is fuck that lovely ass of yours.”

“Not have me fuck yours?”

“Well that as well if you want but I am more of a top.”

I didn’t reply as I was thinking. I had been to gay saunas probably a dozen or so times and had been to gay masseurs a few times. I had absolutely no issues with mutual masturbation or oral including now cumming in my mouth and swallowing. Numerous times including when I had massages I had been invited to fuck them or they asked if they would fuck me, but I had turned them all down. I wasn’t sure why but it seemed such a giant step and was not one that I had felt ready for and to be honest I still wasn’t.

“To be honest Ben I just don’t know.”

“Don’t worry about it, I am perfectly happy doing what we have just done and if more happens so be it if not, well not the end of the world is it?” he said stroking my cock.

We kissed again and then I got dressed and went to my room.

I found it difficult getting to sleep for I was still sexually excited. I toyed with the idea of calling him and inviting him up, but thought that was rather rude so I got some gay porn on my laptop and watched a few guys fucking each other as my erection grew and slowly I wanked myself to another grunting climax.

The training course the next day seemed to drag and I found it hard to focus and concentrate. I kept thinking of what we had done and what we were going to do this evening. I was completely torn as to whether I would pluck up the courage to go all the way. There was always that nagging little thought that where I was at present was that I was completely comfortable with a man or a woman. I was not gay I was bi. Was fucking or being fucked the step that took you up or down to being gay or was it nothing other than just even more pleasure. I simply didn’t know.

The afternoon seemed to drag until I got back to the hotel around four thirty. I had a quick shower and was knocking on his bedroom door dead on five the time we had arranged. I was surprised when he opened the door for he was naked apart from a pair of women’s white panties.

“Hope you don’t mind James but I love wearing this sort of thing now and then,” he told me as I walked into the room.

I looked more closely at him and saw that they were bikini style, completely see-through lace at the front and silk or satin round the sides, across his bum and in the gusset.

“No, not at all,” I smiled taking the glass of Scotch that he had poured. “I indulge myself now and then.”

“With your wife’s I assume?”

“Yes, when she’s out.”

“It’s such a lovely feeling isn’t it the silk on your cock and balls?”

“The sight’s not so bad either,” I said nodding at where his thick cock was laying almost at three o’clock. He was semi erect.

“Well undressing and putting Escort Çapa them on always gets me going and tonight I had another reason didn’t I?” he said coming up to me, putting his arms round my neck and kissing me hard on the lips.

As we kissed I couldn’t resist running my hands over the luxuriant material that was stretched tightly across his bum.

“Let me give you a massage,” Ben said when we broke the kiss.

It excited me to undress as he stood leaning back against the dressing table watching my every move.

“Mmmmm very nice,” he said as I slid my boxers off and stood before him naked and hardening.

I laid on the bed on my front as he had told me. I was already rock-hard, but he wasn’t I noticed. He got some oil from the bathroom and did my back in a surprisingly skilful way.

“You’ve done this before,” I said as he squeezed and rubbed my buttocks.

“Oh just the odd thirty or forty times,” he replied running his finger along the length of the crease between my cheeks. That was lovely and almost involuntarily I opened my legs.

“Good boy,” he whispered pouring some lotion in there. It was beautifully cool. He smoothed it into the skin on the sides and on the bottom of the crease, pausing and pressing right on the hole, before running his fingers and the oil over my perineum and onto my balls that he gently massaged with the oil. “Nice baby?!

“Fucking brilliant,” I replied moving my leg so that I raised my stomach slightly up off the bed to give my swollen cock more room. That also created a gap between the bottom of my erection and the bed into which he slid his hand taking hold of my cock.

“Mmmm there’s a nice big boy,” he whispered pressing his panty covered cock against my leg and leaning forward and kissing my shoulder. Providing a surrogate cunt or, in these circumstances arsehole, for me he rubbed my cock causing me to start fucking it. I was getting carried away.

“Hey hold on buster, take it easy,” he said moving his hands away. “Let’s leave some for later.”

“Sorry Ben but you got me going.”

“Yes so it seemed and boy that was great to see,” he said.

I turned over and he laid beside me putting his arms round me and pulling me to him. His now erect cock in the panties felt so exciting against me that I reached down and rubbed it.

“That feels nice Ben.”

“Want it?”


“Anywhere you fancy.”

“You’ll be gentle won’t you?” I heard myself saying.

“Of course and I’ll stop any time you say.”

He sat up and slid the panties off. Holding them he rubbed them over my face and then down my chest and onto my genitals. Wrapping them round my cock he whispered.

“Next time I’ll get you some.”

He kissed me and rubbed the silk of the panties all over my stomach, balls and cock.

“You really want to James?”

“Yes Ben, yes I do.”

“Ok now’s the time for the condom, just in case. You never know.”

He got one from the bedside table and slid it on.

“Do you have a preference James as to the position in which you lose your virginity?”

The enormity of what I was about to do was hitting me and I stammered a nervous reply.

“No Ben whatever you suggest.”

“Ok like this then,” he told me kneeling on the edge of the bed and opening and lifting my legs up. “Bring your legs up.” I lifted them. “No further,” he told me pulling me under my knees so that from the knee upwards they were resting on my chest. “This way love, we can do this,” he said bending forward between my spreaded legs and kissing me. “Or this,” he continued taking my hand, placing it on my cock and rubbing it. “As you sexy tart we do this,” he went on pressing the end of his cock right against my hole.

“Oh fuck no,” I groaned as it slid in me a little way hurting me.

“Relax James, it’ll pass,” he whispered cradling my balls in his hands.

He didn’t move for a few moments as my sphincter got used to the intruder.

“Ok babe?” he asked kissing me.

“Yes Ben yes,” I gasped not really sure that it was ok as my arse felt on fire.

He pushed more and it slid in now, presumably, the bulbous head was past the restricting muscle as the pain had gone but I had no idea how far up me he was.

“Ok James?”

“Yes, are you deeply in me?”

“Yes nearly all the way. Ready?”


I felt him push further and it going all the way up me until a completely new feeling took over. I guessed that was when his cock was stimulating my prostate and boy was that good. He put my hand onto my cock as hes rolled my balls around and he kissed me again. Although I had always enjoyed being fondled and caressed at the saunas I had not been that keen on kissing. It seemed sort of too intimate with total strangers and implied affection that I never felt. But with Ben it seemed perfectly natural and as he was such a good kisser it was very enjoyable and exciting as well.

I started to stroke myself. Physically it was marvellous and emotionally it was incredible. I have no other way of expressing my feelings than to say that I felt so like a woman. I was being fucked and I loved every second of it.

Naturally I didn’t last long. With that amount and range of sensations it would not have been possible.

“Oh Ben I am near so near,” I groaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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