Fiona helps with neighbourly relations: part 2

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About ten minutes before I was going to fetch Fiona in from outside I heard a door slam shut so I jumped up and went to the door and opened it up. Fiona was up in the corner and the bloke from number ten whose cock she’d earlier sucked for the cup of milk was holding her arms up above her head pinned against the wall. He was just about to drop his mouth to her nipple when I tapped his shoulder and he turned around to look at me with his glazed eyes.

He absolutely stunk of booze and seemed unsteady on his feet but he was still able to speak properly and he came straight out with it and asked me if we could come back up to his flat as he’d like to have some more fun with Fiona.

“Yeah sure” I said immediately knowing full well that I couldn’t wait to see him spreading her legs and ramming his cock in her pussy.

“Lead the way” he said to Fiona pointing towards the stairs. He followed next and I came last. As Fiona stepped up each step her beautiful arse wobbled side to side and the bloke couldn’t resist reaching out a hand to caress her left cheek. Fiona didn’t even flinch, now so used to and conditioned to strangers touching her up and using her body.

The man stepped forward and opened his door with a silver key and held the door open for Fiona who had to squeeze between him and the door so her breast rubbed right across his chest and he couldn’t help staring at them and smirking in a really sleazy way. Once inside he told her to the lounge and I was left to shut the door behind.

By the time I’d joined them in the front room he was already mauling Fiona’s big tits and either sucking her nipples or kneading them with his calloused fingers. He played with her tits for a good five or so minutes until both her nipples were standing hard and erect, not for the first time today.

He then led Fiona to the arm chair in the corner of the room and pushed her back into it; he then hooked his fingers over the top of her knicker elastic and eased them down asking her to lift so that he was able to bull them over her bottom and off completely. She was now totally naked, he then lifted each of her legs and draped them over the arms of the leather sofa completely exposing her pussy to him.

She was now totally at the mercy of the neighbour from number ten.

“Play with yourself” he told Fiona as he began to remove his own clothing starting with his jacket and shirt. He was soon removing his jeans and boxers leaving himself totally naked with a growing cock between his legs. Fiona watched the cock she’d only earlier took down her throat milking it of it’s come stiffen and swell as the blood rushed to it quickly making it point in the direction of the ceiling.

Fiona was doing as she’d been asked by stroking her very sensitive clit with her left hand whilst pushing two fingers in to her hole with the other being sure to pull her pussy lips apart showing our neighbour the insides of her sticky hole. It was no surprise to me though that she wasn’t rubbing furiously on her pussy as I could see that after the battering Barry had given her she was still very sore and overly sensitive there.

Barry was stood directly in front of her just staring down at her playing with herself as he masturbated himself in front of her. All I could see now was the back of our neighbour and Fiona’s hand working her pussy between his legs that were shoulder width apart. It seemed to go for over fifteen minutes and not until Fiona had made herself come did Barry stop wanking and edge forward before dropping to his knees between her legs.

He then knelt up just a little and aimed his cock at the entrance to Fiona cunt that she was conveniently holding open for the helmet of his dick. But just has he was about to enter her there was a knock on the door and it open quickly and slammed shut behind whoever had just entered.

Myself and Barry both looked round at the door to the lounge neither having time to move before the man appeared and stopped in his tracks.

“What the fuck” he said looking at me and then at our neighbour knelt on the floor naked between a naked woman’s legs. “Shit Dickey what the fucks going on here?”

The man doing the talking was the man who lived alone on the floor above who I’d had down as a dealer.

“Now I know why you wanted these you dirty fucker” he said throwing a small plastic bag with three little blue pills in on the floor near our neighbour; who I now knew was called Dickey

Maybe my assumption of him being a dealer wasn’t so far off the mark if he was able to supply Viagra tablets for our neighbour. There was then a very awkward silence that lasted for about a minute as the dealer looked at me and at Dickey. I was waiting for the inevitable questions to start and I wasn’t made to wait long.

“What the fuck is this?” he said looking at me “Is that your bird that lives with you downstairs?”

“Yes” I said casually

Dickey then chirped up from on his knees. “Ian you wouldn’t believe what happened earlier”

“Try me” he said crossing the lounge floor and sitting on the arm of the chair to Fiona’s right that still had her leg draped over it.

The neighbour who I now knew as Ian was doing what any red blooded male would in this situation when stumbling in on a naked woman with her legs spread about to receive some cock; he was blatantly looking down at her pussy and heaving chest and with a totally show of expectance and brashness he reached down and pulled her right nipple making Fiona catch her breath.

“Well Dickey I’m all ears”

“She turned up on my doorstep at the crack of dawn this morning wearing only her bloody knickers and showing off her tits wanting to borrow a cup of milk”

“Go on Dickey that still doesn’t antalya escort bayan explain why she’s now her like some slut with her legs spread about to be fucked by you!!”

“Then when she returned the cup of milk later she was with him” he said pointing at me “And he told her that she was to so her appreciation for the milk; next thing I know were in the hallway and the sluts on her knees sucking my cock while he’s fucking her. I then only go and come in her mouth and she swallows the bloody lot” he was getting excited now and was talking quickly and as Ian again moved his hand on to Fiona’s body only lower down this time I knew he was touching her pussy Dickey finished his story.

“Then on my way back from the pub I find her standing outside her door still naked except for her knickers and her face covered in come , that’s when he come out and I asked if we could come up here and he said yes”

Ian’s had moved a bit lower as he had to adjust his position on the arm and I was sure that he’d pushed a couple of fingers if not three inside of Fiona as she let out a little sigh and moan which seemed to continue as Ian took full advantage of fingering her cunt. Whilst doing this he looked over at me and smiled.

“You like watching your bird get fucked do you?”

“We have a very adventurous sex life and I wouldn’t call her my bird, she’s more like my whore”

He just chuckled “It won’t be a problem if I stick around for a while then?” he said standing up and taking off his jacket and already loosening his belt around his expensive looking jeans. “I’ll take that as a no shall I?” he said looking at me for a response because I’d not answered him sooner.

“Help yourself” I said

“Oh I was going to don’t worry about that” and with that his jeans were off as were his boxers and his big thick cock was on view to me between his legs. It looked a good six inches on the flop and the girth was decent if not as good as mine.

Ian then climbed up on the chair so that he was standing over Fiona his big dick limp swinging above her head. “Pull her down the chair a bit Dickey” he said waiting for him to do it so that she was now almost laying on the deep chair with her arse hanging just of the edge. Ian then dropped down so that he was kneeling on the arm and his cock was resting across Fiona’s face with his hairy balls touching her lips.

“Suck my balls you slag and don’t stop sucking until my cocks hard”

She opened her mouth and his scrotum half fell into her mouth and she began to suck and work her tongue over his sacks, occasionally taking a whole bollock in her mouth and giving it a good suck in her mouth. Whilst Ian seemed to be getting in to the grove Dickey reached for the blue pills and fished one out chucking one in to his mouth and swallowing it.

Once he had he turned back towards Fiona and began rubbing his still semi erect cock up and down the length of her very wet slit which soon had the desired effect and Dickey was soon hard again and ready to fuck Fiona.

“Spread your hole again bitch” Dickey said in a commanding voice that I think was put on for Ian’s benefit.

Fiona’s hands snaked down and she pulled the swollen lips hiding her entrance apart showing Dickey exactly what was waiting for his throbbing tool. I watched as he pushed his hips forward until he stopped and Fiona moaned from beneath Ian. I stood up and came to stand on the left side of the chair looking over and it was obvious that Dickey’s helmet which was now inside Fiona’s cunt had caused her to moan. She’d now moved her hands as they were no longer necessary now that Dickey was sliding his cock deeper inside spreading her cunt as he stretched her open.

Dickey would be doing a good bit of ground work ready for when Ian came down to enter her with what now looked like a good nine inch piece of solid thick meat. It had stiffened and grown due to Fiona’s excellent ball bag work; and it was now resting across her nose and eye up across her forehead where the helmet was resting. You could barely see her face under it as his girth was certainly impressive.

Ian began to bang his cock up and down on her face almost like slapping her with it whilst asking her if she liked being slapped by his dick to which she responded yes. Fiona’s breathing began to become heavy and her moans gradually became louder and louder as Dickey eased himself in to a steady but powerful fucking rhythm making sure that he withdrew his length until only the tip of his helmet was just between her lips before he drove himself back inside hard and deep pulling her towards him by holding her on either side of her hips.

“Let’s move onto the sofa Dickey so this slut can suck my dick properly”

Ian sat himself on the right hand side and Dickey led Fiona over telling her to get on her knees on the middle cushion so that her head was above Ian’s massive pole that was sticking upright towards the ceiling. Dickey was able to kneel in behind Fiona and wasted no time in driving his pole back between Fiona’s folds deep in to her womb. Once he was totally buried inside her he reached forward and grabbed at her hair, which was between lengths so not long or short. Dickey managed to grab enough hair to pull her head backwards arching her back as he pummelled in to her with three really hard strokes each one making her cry out in ecstasy.

“You’re going to suck Ian’s big cock in a minute just like you sucked mine earlier ok?”

“Ye…Yes” she said between catching her breath as Dickey continued to violate her from behind. He then leant forward leaning over her back and pushed her head forward until her head was over Ian’s huge purple helmet that was already oozing pre-come. “Open wide” Dickey said as he forced escort bayan her head the final few inches and her mouth opened really wide right on queue as Ian’s helmet filled her stretched mouth and disappeared between her lips.

From where I was sitting I could see that she was struggling to get more than about three inches inside her mouth and her cheeks were bulging out, her mouth rammed full making her breath heavily through her flaring nostrils. She came up for air after about twenty seconds and went in to her routine of working his huge dome with her tongue being sure to dip her tongue in to his jap eye, just as she’d done for Dicky earlier in the day.

Ian seemed to be enjoying the extra attention Fiona played to his most sensitive area and was laid right back with his eyes closed and a big grin on his face. His left hand was under Fiona mauling her huge swinging breasts and pulling on her engorged nipples. She absolutely loved having her nipples played with especially during a hard session; and I knew that the nipple play coupled with the efforts of Dickey in her pussy and a mouth full of cock she would soon be having an uncontrollable orgasm.

It took maybe another seven or eight minutes before all the attention paid off and Fiona threw her head back leaving Ian’s cock alone and unattended whilst she unleashed her screams.


Ian momentarily pulled her head back on to his cock and she gave it three quick sucks then gripped it with her right hand and began to beat him furiously as she again through her head back and vented her ecstasy vocally.


Her back arched and her thighs clamped shut around Dickey’s poor cock as her body shuddered for a few seconds the only thing moving in a very erratic way was her right hand as she tried to continue wanking Ian’s big dick.

I’d not heard Fiona have such a noisy vocal orgasm for a while and I put it down to the amount of cock her cunt had had already today and the fact that she was probably ultra-sensitive. I thought about how she’d be once Ian had impaled her with his huge weapon and pulled out my own cock at the thought.

“Let me have a go then Dickey you greedy bastard” Ian said lifting Fiona out the way so he could stand and Dickey could slip into his place on the sofa, Dickey pulled her mouth on to his pussy juice coated dick and told her to clean him off whilst Ian made himself comfortable behind Fiona and used his hand to scoop some of Fiona’s juice from her cunt to lubricate his own dick.

I don’t know why he thought that was even necessary as from where I was sitting it was plain to see that her opening was saturated and loose just asking for his monster cock to fill her up. I stood up for a closer look and I’m glad I did, the sight of Ian’s huge purple helmet spreading Fiona’s lips extremely wide as they folded over his dome and clung tightly around it as his shaft began to follow was truly incredible. Dickey held her head down on his cock as Ian fed inch after inch inside her but her muffled squeals were still loud.

She came again after about five inches had forced it’s way inside brushing against all the sensitive nerve endings that were around the entrance to her vagina. By the time all nine inches were in her cunt and Ian’s groin was up against her smooth bum cheeks she had come for a third time and her body went limp letting it fall to the cushions and let her head fall off Dickey’s cock and rest on his stomach.

She then just lay whimpering like a wounded puppy as Ian eased the full nine inches out and surveying Fiona’s pussy that was now a big open hole, like a deep dark pink tunnel. After letting her cunt close up again he pushed his huge cock back between her folds again stretching her to limits that had her cunt walls leaking and again as he bottomed out in her womb she came; nowhere near as hard as previous but enough to make her cunt spasm and leak yet more sweet smelling juice over Ian’s shaft.

“Right time give you a good hard fucking “ Ian said altering his position slightly and taking a firm grip on either side of her hips. He then pulled out and using the grip on her hips to pull her backwards as he powered forward he had the devastating effect of smashing that nine inch ram rod of his home with even more force causing her to more forward up the sofa and scream in pain.

Her scream wasn’t like the one that came from her mouth whilst being screwed by Dickey, this scream come squeal was a painful squeal as Ian’s dick hammered in to her cervix an area that I could never reach with my fat six inches. She was totally unable to do anything with Dickey’s cock as she was getting one of the most savage fuckings she’d ever had in her time as my whore.

Dickey eventually got up out the way as he realised that whilst Ian was in the hot seat he had little chance for any action on his own cock, he to just stood up like me at the other end of the sofa and watched Ian as he continued his awesome assault on poor Fiona who was almost lying motionless with her eyes screwed shut. The only noise that she made was a high pitched painful squeal every time Ian drilled in to her.

He’d been fucking her for almost fifteen minutes like this with no let when he finally pushed her away and laid himself out on the floor on his back; the impressive rod was pointing in the air, still hard and solid just like it was thirty minutes ago. The veins in the shaft looked as though they were antalya escort going to burst from all the blood pumping round it helping it swell to it’s impressive size.

“Get down here and ride my cock” he demanded of Fiona who was barely able to lift herself from the sofa and it took her about two minutes to stand up and when she did she staggered and had to support herself on the arm of the sofa. “Hurry up bitch” he said getting impatient.

She eventually steadied herself and stood over Ian one foot either side of his waist facing away from him towards the door and she began to lower herself down in a squat position. Over time she’d learnt that when riding a man’s cock like this it was always better for her to keep her feet and hands on the floor or on the men’s chests and bounce up and down without her bum resting on his groin area. I for one preferred her to be facing me and squatting when riding my cock so that I could lift my head with my hands and watch as she rode my dick and how it filled her cunt by spreading her lips.

Ian to stopped Fiona before she’d made it to his cock and told her to turn around.

“I want to watch my cock spreading your pussy”

She turned round as requested and lowered herself slowly towards the one thing that had just destroyed her so painfully’ she was no going to have to ride his dick and repeatedly lift and lower herself on to the brutal weapon. As she neared Ian’s helmet she used her right hand to grip his cock and guided it in to her abused hole; once about an inch or two was safely inside she was told by Ian to remove her hand.

“Now drop on my cock” he instructed.

She had no choice did she so she let her knees bend and her body weight drop and the last seven inches of Ian’s fat dick rushed inside her hole smashing in to her cervix as she couldn’t stop herself when she thought he was deep enough. She screamed the bloody block of flats down as the pain engulfed her private area and a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Lift up” he said so she did using her arms to push herself up until only his helmet remained inside her.

She knew what was coming.


She dropped and screamed again just like before.

“Up”she went up

“Down” she dropped filling her cunt and making herself scream.

“Now you carry on doing that until I say stop ok?”

“Yess” she whimpered before dropping on to his dick for the eighth time causing her to scream again.

“Dickey pass my phone from my jeans” he said now totally in control of the situation. Once Dickey had passed him his phone he selected the camera and began taking a video recording and I was totally powerless to stop him as I was mesmerised by the demolition job he was doing on my Fiona’s cunt.

He’d taken a good five minute video and then put his phone down. At this point Dickey who had been brushed aside finally spoke up.

“Ian stop being greedy it’s about time you passed her over”

“I’m nearly done with this slag then she’s all yours Dickey, I’m about to bust my nuts in the slut”

He told Fiona to go faster and really fuck his dick fast and not to worry about going all the way down so she began bouncing herself up and down about six inches of his dick in a really fast motion, I wasn’t sure where she’d found her energy but she was certainly going some. Maybe she just wanted his huge cock out of her once and for all.

“You ready for my spunk you bitch?”


“HERE YOU SLAG” he shouted at the top of his voice as he pushed his hips up and forward as Fiona lowered herself and she screamed once again as his nine incher erupted in her womb coating the deepest part in gallons of seamen. Once he’d finished unloading he rolled left and tipped Fiona on to the floor and then knelt beside her and opened her legs showing us her red destroyed pussy.

Her cunt lips were still extremely swollen and spread wide allowing us to see right inside her hole as her inner walls convulsed pushing Ian’s semen that hadn’t swam inside her body out. A huge dollop of white thick semen then slid from between her gaping pussy and ran out of her hole over her anus and dripped down on to the carpet.

“She’s all yours Dickey me old mate, although I don’t think her cunts going to be much use for a little while” he said laughing to himself as he dressed and prepared to leave. “Be sure to drop over my flat one day for a repeat performance I quite enjoyed myself” he said looking at me and winking and then he was gone slamming the door behind him.

Dickey then looked down at Fiona and offered her his hand to pull her up which she accepted and was soon on her feet; if only for a moment before Dickey pushed her on to the sofa on her back and spread her legs. I had to admit myself that her pussy looked raw and not a very pretty sight to be honest as it did look very very used and worn out.

This didn’t seem to deter Dickey though who seemed determined to have his cock milked by her cunt. It was at this point that I noticed that his cock was still solid and now id thought about it hadn’t once lost any of its erectness. The little blue pill he’d taken was obviously no dud as Dickey was ready for action. As Dickey lowered his dick towards her pussy Fiona looked at me and for the first time since becoming my whore asked me to stop.

“Please don’t let him fuck me , my pussy cannot take anymore today. Please”

It was at that point i relised fiona had probably enough and it was only fair i took her back home to recover for a few days so i stood up and went to put my hand on Dickey’s choulder.

“Come on Dickey she’s worn out mate, i’ll bring her back up in a couple of days”

As i finished my sentence Dickey stood up quickley and spun and i didn’t even see his punch coming in from low with his left hand and moments later i felt a heavy smash to the side of my head and then it went black

To be continued……………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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