Fiona Sleeps… Meg , Bill Interlude

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Many thanks to my editor Kenji Sato

Fiona had fallen asleep in Meg’s arms still suckling on her generous breasts. It was easy for Meg to carry the much smaller woman back to the workshop and tuck her into bed after toweling her dry of the sweat from the sweat lodge. As soon as she was satisfied that Fiona was dry, warm, and comfortable, Meg slipped on her own dress and headed off towards Bill’s camper.

Bill was still awake and on his phone when he heard Meg approach. It was very quiet that night, and Meg’s feet softly crunched through the crisp autumn leaves so he knew she was coming. In anticipation of her arrival, he opened the camper door standing there nude.

“Well, I guess you’re happy to see me,” quipped Meg, noting Bill’s erection.

“Yes, Meg, I am happy to see you. But you will recall, you’re the one that told me to go jack off.”

“How did that go by the way?” laughed Meg. “Your askoks still reaches for the night sky.”

Bill looked down on his strong, upwards-curving dick.” I guess I have not found the inspiration to get it to look at Mother Earth.”

“How is Fi?” Bill asked, changing digitalbahis yeni giriş the subject from his unfulfilling masturbation session.

“I think Fiona will be okay. But I don’t want to talk about that, now; all I can tell you is that young lady suckled on my boobs for over an hour. It was calming for her, but damn it, she turned me on so damn much. So Bill, if you’re in the mood, let’s take care of my arousal.”

“Now, you can see me, I’m in the mood.”

“You don’t understand Bill, my bloti is on fire. I’ve never had a woman turn me on so much. And strangely enough, even though I do love your dick, I really need you to play with my bloti.

“Not a problem, Meg; come on, you must be cold.”

Meg replied, “I am still pretty hot from the sweat lodge… do you have any towels in here? I never did clean off after the sweat lodge.” And without further ado, Meg removed her dress revealing her dark skin with a sheen of sweat still on it–polished goddess of the sweat lodge

“Damn baby, you look great… let me get those towels for you.”

Meg stood in the middle of the digitalbahis giriş camper, her head nearly reaching the ceiling. She spread her arms out as Bill wiped her down with the rough towels.

Once she was dried, Bill tried kissing her.

“The lips that need kissing are on fire… I need you to take care of that.” Meg threw herself on Bill’s bed; her ass on the bed, her feet touching the floor, her knees spread wide apart. Meg invited Bill to kneel between her legs.

Bill was greeted by the sight of Meg’s pubic hair soaked with the evidence of Meg’s arousal. Her pussy lips were swollen and her normally petite clit had doubled in size.

“I’m all ready Bill. I’m all wet. I’m all open… just suck my clit, just suck my clit… just suck my clit.”

Bill gave her clit a tentative lick.

“No, no. No, Bill. I don’t need any foreplay, just suck on the damn clit.”

Bill has been told, “Think of a clit as a small cock,” so he put himself in the mind of giving the best blowjob he’s ever given.

Meg wasn’t kidding when she said she was right at the edge; barely a minute of passionate digitalbahis güvenilirmi sucking on her clit, brought her over the edge. Meg put her hands on the back of Bill’s head; she also pushed her pussy hard against his face.

Bill, violating Meg’s rule, gave her clit a final lick. That final lick in defiance of her rules, set Meg way over the top–she came multiple times in his mouth, holding his head against her crotch; until, finally, she had had enough. She pushed him away; Bill’s face and beard were soaked with her excitement.

“Okay, Bill,” an exhausted Meg was able to say, “okay, you can put it in.”

Bill had been stroking his cock while he’d been sucking her clit; his shaft and right hand slathering with his precum. Meg’s cunt was super wet.

Penetrating Meg expelled copious fluids soaking his pubic hair, his belly and his balls. With only a few strokes, Bill came hard; much to Meg’s exhausted joy.

Meg and Bill slept together, both in well earned repose. Bill’s dick stiffened in the night, and Meg’s hand reflexively stroked it softly… neither ever totally woke up. Bill felt the release of semen as a wet dream, smiled… and fell into an even deeper sleep.

That night, Fiona had a deep, peaceful, and dreamless sleep. So many demons had been purged in the sweat lodge that her mind had no energy for any further psychic activity.

(Continued by Fiona’s Revenge)

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