First Love, First Time Ch. 01

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I am deeply indebted to Angel Love who helped me polish my story and read it through to give me a lot of helpful pointers, I’m sure that without her help this story would not be half as good.


My alarm clock buzzed me awake sometime around eight. I didn’t mind mornings as such, but when the weather was as cold as it had been recently, my bed seemed like a much more comforting place to be in comparison with the freezing lecture halls.

As a second year medical student I had yet to move on to actually seeing really sick people as part of my course. My days were spent either confined to a lecture hall or inspecting the inner workings of a pig’s vital organs under the instruction of an ever tortuous consultant.

As I rolled out of bed, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. At twenty years old I was in decent shape, tall with a lean body and slightly muscled where it counted. In my eyes, I was by no means truly attractive; however, I rated my chances reasonably well. I hopped in the shower and allowed the warm water to run over me, warming me up once again whilst going about the daily ritual of cleaning and hair washing. I stepped out, drying my light brown hair off with a towel and pulled on underwear, some brown trousers and a green T-shirt. Slightly summery I thought, but in March we could really do better I reasoned to myself as I grabbed my laptop and shoved it into my bag along with the other items I’d be needing today.

I nodded to my mates as I walked down the corridor to the pigeon holes on my way to the bus stop. I collected my post sliding that into my bag as well. I had plenty of friends, some were boys, some were girls, but I didn’t have a girlfriend. It didn’t really bother me. Some of my mates had girlfriends and so long as my door handle remained blissfully trophy condom free, I didn’t really fuss about it. Friends had tried and failed on numerous accounts to set me up with women who just weren’t right for me, so I put intimate relationship on my to do list and settled into single life. This isn’t to say; however, that I wasn’t attracted to girls. There was a large collection of girls I wouldn’t mind going out with, but none I could see in a relationship that would ever last.

I breezed out of the lecture hall pleasantly surprised by the weather; it had cleared up nicely and promised to be a chilly but clear sunny day. It was a little early for lunch so I wandered to the local coffee shop and sat down with a coffee and my laptop to complete one of my ongoing projects. As the coffee shop started to fill up, people came and sat at my table, had their coffee and left. I resigned myself to waving people into the seat opposite me; most of them were businessmen or workaholic CEO type women with a palm pilot in one hand and a folio in the other.

Someone had just left and I was about to stretch my legs out when a voice said, “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

I nodded an affirmative and the voice sat down. I was so engrossed in my work it wasn’t until I was taking my rubbish to the bin when I noticed the head and body attached to the voice. bahis firmaları The voice was a she, maybe my age, slightly older? She had reddish brown hair tied up in a cute ponytail, and a slender frame from what I could tell from her tight top. She was reading a magazine, but she had put it down and was leaning over to look at the contents of my laptop.

I sat down and coughed quietly and she looked up “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t rea-, well I was- uh . . . ”

“Don’t worry,” I jumped it before she said anything too daft. “It’s just an ongoing essay I have to write for my finals in a couple of weeks.”

“Really? What course do you do?”

“Medicine. I’m in my second year.”

“Me too, I’m doing Psychology though.”

It’s at this point I realized my mistake. “I’m Aaron.” I extended my hand.

“Cool, I’m Stephanie.”

She took my hand and held it maybe a little longer than was polite and she knew it as she hastily retracted her hand and fumbled another apology. This time I let her stumble on for a while before she took the hint and shut up, I smiled at her. Although I was shy, I thought now was as good a time as any to ask if I was going to ask. She had a nice body, a nice personality and she seemed to match me quite nicely.

“Umm, I don’t know if this is too forward but um . . .” I choked.

“You want to take me out?” Thank God for girls like her.

“Well, yeah.”

“Love to, here’s my number, how does tonight at seven sound? Meet me at the gate.”

“Great, yeah so uh, see you then?”

“I guess so. Bye.” And with that, she left.

At five to seven I was outside the gate, fidgeting with my bus ticket. Would she come or was it just a cruel joke? Would she like me? Would things progress? So many questions. I was about to give up and walk away even though it was only just seven when she stepped off a bus stopped a few meters away. She was dressed in deep blue jeans and a brown frilly blouse that suited her perfectly. I walked over and she smiled an eye smile, the kind you only get from a genuine response to somebody you recognize and like.

“Hi!” It was the best I could come up with under the circumstances.

“Hi!” Sounds like she felt the same.

“So what do you have planned for me, Aaron?”

My brain did a double take. She wanted me to plan the date?!?! I totally wasn’t prepared. “Uh well I thought we could start with a light meal somewhere and them maybe a film. How does that sound?”

I was drawing on countless nights of listening to my mate’s brag about their dates so I felt that was a really solid date format.

“Great, where are we eating?”

“Do you like Japanese food?”

We ate at a small Japanese restaurant. We laughed at Stephanie’s inability to use chopsticks. I taught her an easy method of using chopsticks and she taught me three different ways she could use psychology to help us avoid the bill. Con artistry aside I paid for our meal and we left for the film. I wasn’t so hot on picking a film that we would both like so I let Stephanie decide and we settled into a gentle chick flick.

As kaçak iddaa the film progressed, I noticed Stephanie trying to get closer and closer to me. I let her snuggle against me whilst I put my arm around her shoulders. In other situations I have felt very awkward about this sort of thing but in this context, it felt just right for me. I caught her looking at me several times and eventually our eyes locked. My breathing quickened, we moved closer and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. My tongue explored her mouth while her tongue darted around my mouth. It seemed to last for an eternity and when we broke apart; Stephanie had a very sexy twinkle in her eyes.

We left the cinema before the credits had a chance to roll. I made a quick stop in the toilets to acquire condoms before rejoining her in the lobby. We moved as one to the bus stop. I fidgeted as we stood there.

“Well,” she said, “after that kiss, aren’t you going to invite me back to you place?”

My knees crumpled as she made that last statement.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she continued, offering me her hand so I could get up off the floor.

We kissed as we arrived outside my room door. I fumbled the lock open and she burst into my room, looking at everything and touching everything. She worked her way around the room, ending on my bed. She sat on the bed and patted the area beside her indicating I should sit down.

“Aaron you know that I find you very attractive and I’m sure that you feel the same way.” She looked pointedly at the growing bulge in my trousers. “So what do you say we take this to the next level?”

“On our first date?”

“Yeah why not.”

“Now?” I couldn’t get my head around the fact such a beautiful girl wanted me.

“Well, yeah”


She grabbed my painfully erect penis and squeezed until I doubled over. “Yes Aaron, really now and if you don’t get your dick out now I’ll have to pull it out!”

I was rapidly reaching decision speed. I needed to tell her my only embarrassing quality. “Uh, Stephanie, I’m uh, well that is to say that I’m well, not very ummmmm . . . experienced. In this department.”

“You’re a virgin?”

I indicated an affirmative.

“Ah well in that case I will teach you. First thing’s first, I’d better teach you how to undress me.”

I removed the blouse with little difficulty, the jeans came off and all at once, I was confronted with the image of a Goddess in the form of Stephanie. This was unreal.

“Now I’ll do the same for you.”

She expertly disrobed me and soon we were both sitting in our underwear. My arousal was painfully visible for Stephanie to see, and I guessed she was pleased by my length as she lay me back on the bed and she straddled my stomach. Her clothed pussy rubbed over my stomach and her juices soaked through her underwear as she kissed me once again. She moved down my body, teasing each nipple in turn moving down to my belly button before arriving at my penis once again. She looked up at me one final time before impaling her mouth on my dick. She sucked and licked as if her life depended kaçak bahis on it. She took my entire length into her mouth and teased my head with her tongue. I came explosively in her face. My muscles tensed and I breathed out heavily as the release came. Stephanie lay there waiting for it to stop and as it did she teased my softening penis with gentle breaths on my head, causing spikes of electricity to shiver up my back. It was like nothing else in the world.

As I sat up, I noticed Stephanie’s current condition. “Oh dear God, I’m so sorry!” I apologized again and again.

She silenced me with another kiss; I tasted salt mingled with sweat and her sweet taste as I groped for my box of tissues. I helped her get cleaned up before we started kissing again.

“Now I guess it’s my turn?”

Stephanie giggled, “I guess so. Undo my bra, and I guess the underwear too.”

I fumbled the bra off, releasing a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. “I’m just short of a B cup but I wear them anyway because a AA cup is just too small,” Stephanie added her own comment.

I admired them for a while before kissing again, pressing my body to hers. I moved down to her neck and pushed her gently onto the bed. I ventured further down kissing the shoulders before going all out on her pert nipples. I cupped them gently in my hands while she gave little pointers between moans. I soon got the hang of it, I licked and caressed her nipples, raising them into little eraser-sized points on the ends of her perfect breasts. I then slithered down her body and started to gently stroke her seriously aroused pussy through her underwear.

She squealed and I jumped back for a second just seeing her underwear soak itself in her juices. “Don’t worry. I’m ok. You’re doing just great.” Stephanie continued to add encouragement as I brought her to a second climax.

We lay side by side after that. Then Stephanie turned over and we looked into each others eyes and we each knew what the other wanted. I reached under my pillow and out came a condom. We didn’t need to say anything. The condom went on and I moved for her pussy, although right before I entered her, I hesitated.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you,” Stephanie instructed. “Lie on your back.”

I lay back and Stephanie started to move down my body until she was straddling my crotch. She lifted her body and lowered herself onto my penis. She moaned and groaned as she lowered herself down slowly onto all six and a half inches of my cock. At the same time I could not believe how good sex really felt. Rumors of how good it is seriously have to be authenticated. It’s one of those things you have to experience to truly comprehend its greatness.

Once she had settled onto my penis she leaned down to kiss me. As we met, she started to pump up and down on my cock. She and I made love for a time before we both climaxed at roughly the same time. I stayed inside her while my dick shrank back down to a comfortable size and she rolled off me. We kissed each other goodnight and we drifted off in each others arms.

I woke up the next morning, confronted by a vision of brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Stephanie kissed me awake and we shared a moment of togetherness that only lovers can share. We showered and dressed and started a new day.

To be continued in chapter 2…

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