Fit, Hung Seeks Hairy Mature

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Hi guys, I’m looking for discrete casual (maybe ongoing) encounters with a relaxed, friendly masculine and above all extremely hairy mature top guy preferably aged in his 60s or above. Also open to a couple or group looking for 1 more. You need to be able to host or know of somewhere to meet up. I’m slim, very fit and well endowed (8 1/2″ uncut). I’m genuine but not in any desperate hurry and will wait to find the men who fit my criteria but if you do, I’m ready now!

Re-Fit Hung Seeks Hairy Top or Couple

Hey mate, loved your post on CL and great pics. We’re a hairy bear couple in our 60s. I’m Scott, 68 years old and the guy on the right in the first pic. My partner is Rob, who’s just turned 60 and is the one on the left. I’m a top, 6 ½ inch cut and thick. Rob is top/versatile with a nice uncut 9 incher of average thickness. I don’t bottom so Rob’s pretty keen to have someone join us with a nice hot hole for him to fill. One of our fantasies is for Rob to fuck a guy that I’ve just cum in, if that idea appeals. We can host Friday mornings so it would be great if you’re free during the day. Just let us know…

Re-Re Fit Hung Seeks Hairy Top or Couple

Hi Scott thanks for the reply. Needless to say you’re just what I’m looking for.

Love that forest of dark hair on your chest and shoulders, a true sign of masculinity. From the moment I saw your thick veiny member I Ankara escort had tingles up and down my shaft and the head of my cock was wet with pre-cum. I can’t wait to feel you slide that into my tight, well-lubed hole while I peel back Rob’s foreskin and take him into my warm, willing mouth. Friday is very do-able, just send me the details and I’ll be there. Cheers, Dan

Re-Re-Re Fit Hung Seeks Hairy Top or Couple

Great Dan, let’s make 11.00: AM. Come to 56 ***** Road *****. See you then!

Re-Re-Re Fit Hung Seeks Hairy Top or Couple

Hi Scott, just wanted to thank you guys once again for an unforgettable experience. From that very first three way kiss at the door I knew I was going to be over-dosing from male on male pleasure. The contrast of the roughness of your beard on my face with the soft moisture of your tongue in my mouth left me breathless. The forceful gentleness as the two of you guided me to your bedroom and slowly removed my clothes leaving me exposed, an object for you pleasure. My swollen, erect cock oozing moisture uncontrollably, I swooned as Rob licked the juices from my tip, then drew all of my swollen, purple glans into his warm mouth. Suddenly, I don’t know how, you were also both naked and we had collapsed on the bed. Three hot hairy bodies as one, bathed in a sea of sweat. Primal masculine aromas filling the air. I kissed my way down you body, pausing Ankara escort bayan briefly to run my tongue over your succulent nipples. I could feel your pleasure at this act, I should have stayed there longer but was being irrevocably drawn to the throbbing manhood below.

How wonderful to observe a fully aroused male sex organ at such close quarters. Yours has a wide head, the tight little slit just beginning to ooze a viscous, clear liquid. A tiny hint of the torrent you will later unleash deep inside my body. The thick veins pumping blood throughout your shaft, the loose wrinkled sack of your scrotum covered with thick hair protecting huge balls. Balls that would not have looked out of place on a stallion. I kissed your sac, I kissed the sweaty creases between your legs. I opened my mouth wide to allow you to enter with your thick cock, feeling the pressure on the back of my throat as you thrust forward.

As you were doing this, I began to feel a cool, silky sensation as Rob began to apply lube to my tight, hairy hole. He worked a finger in and I clenched it involuntarily, wanting more. He worked a second in and pushed deeper. Without thinking I reached back and spread my buttocks to allow him more access. It was time to allow these wonderful men full possession of my body.

Working together you placed me on my hands and knees. I waited, my whole body quivering. Escort Ankara You were all business, an experienced man who’s been in this position many times before. You applied more lube to your rock hard member and as you moved behind me I arched my hips, giving myself up to your invasion. I felt your hot tip against my opening, and pushed back. Another two thrusts and you popped inside. I gasped as your thickness stretched me but you pushed relentlessly on in pursuit of your own pleasure. Finally you were deep inside me. I felt your shape, your ridge, every vein caressed by the soft velvety flesh of my anal cavity. You grunted and upped your rate as Rob (as if he needed to) forced his longer, thinner cock down my throat. You were talking to each other, rating me and it was all good as far as I could tell. “Wait till you feel this tight little cunt” you said. “It will be even better lubed by one of your loads” was Rob’s reply. I felt you getting close, your thrusts increasing in their speed and savagery. Then you exploded. I felt every spurt as you released wave after wave of hot man juice deep inside me. You collapsed on me, dripping with sweat and groaning with pleasure. Finally your softening cock slipped from my body, followed by a torrent of cum landing on the sheets below. As Rob moved into position behind me, he scooped some of this up and applied it to his swollen glans, retracting his foreskin to heighten the pleasure of entry. He penetrated me with one imperious movement, sliding past my prostrate and deeper into my body that anyone had ever been before. My whole body shook with an all consuming orgasm and I passed out….

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