Florida Nights

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As the pilot announced the final descent of his flight to Jacksonville, Patrick sighed and thought, at last I’m here. He smoothed his clothing, grabbed his carry-on, and walked to the luggage carousel.

As he grabbed his suitcase he turned and there she was. Just as he dreamed a hundred times before, she stood there, a vision. She was dressed in a simple, elegant and sexy black dress. His heart beat faster and his palms grew sweaty.

He dropped his luggage and closed the distance between them. Patrick wrapped his arms around her and pulled Carol into a bear hug. At the end of the hug Patrick lifted Carol in his arms and spun her slowly.

The first kiss was deep and intense. Patrick felt his surroundings melt away as he could only see, smell, touch and taste Carol. He kissed her again and this time their tongues met in a deep soul kiss. Patrick held her hand as they walked to her car.

Patrick thought of all the things he wanted to say to Carol, canlı bahis but he was so overwhelmed he was speechless. As she headed towards her home, Patrick rubbed Carol’s thigh softly. Patrick’s fingers eased under Carol’s little-black dress. He soon realized that she was wearing no panties.

Patrick then remembered what he promised Carol. In slow and vivid detail he told her how he planned to spend their first hour together. Patrick told Carol how much he was going to enjoy licking her hot, wet, juicy pussy. Carol’s pussy quivered as Patrick traced his fingers higher up her thigh.

Patrick opened Carol’s front door and walked into her home. Two steps in he shut her door and put his luggage down. Patrick fell to his knees and pulled one of Carol’s legs over his shoulder. Patrick pushed up her dress and without any warning, feasted on Carol’s sweet pussy. He wanted to go slowly and savor her tasty hot pussy, but when he saw Carol’s blonde pussy, wet with desire, bahis siteleri he couldn’t wait.

Carol’s sighs turned to moans as Patrick licked her outer lips and traced circles around her clit. Patrick was stunned at how wet and hot her pussy was. He savored her pussy juice like it was a vintage wine. He essence was better than he even imagined. Carol encouraged him by pulling his head in deeper. Patrick licked and sucked on Carol’s sweet pussy until she was dripping with passion.

Patrick eased down on his back and Carol knew what to do next. She kneeled with one leg on either side of his head and pushed her wet hot pussy into Patrick’s face. He had dreamed of this for months, and was ready as well.

Carol pushed her pussy towards Patrick’s eager tongue. He rolled his tongue and began to slowly tongue-fuck her. Carol wanted it deeper and harder so she grasped Patrick’s head and pulled it into her pussy. Patrick licked that wet pussy as deeply as bahis şirketleri he could, as Carol fucked his face.

As he looked up he saw Carol rubbing her swollen clit. Her moans grew deeper and more husky. Patrick sucked as much of her hot pussy juices as he could. When Carol said she was going to come, Patrick shifted his head and sucked her clit into his mouth.

Carol’s clit was like a red-ripe fruit. Patrick sucked it into his mouth and softly bit down on it, Carol’s clit was swollen and huge between his teeth.. She was rubbing her nipples as he sucked and tugged on her clit.

When Patrick bit down on Carol’s clit a second time, she unleashed a warm wet torrent of her sweet essence. Rocking back and forth, Carol’s pussy wet Patrick’s tongue, lips, chin and face. Her orgasm was like a wave of pleasure and Carol flowed her sweet cum all over. Patrick did his best to lick up every drop.

As her orgasm subsided, Carol leaned back and sighed deeply. Patrick rolled her over onto her side. As they rested, Carol leaned in and kissed Patrick. Patrick shared Carol’s essence with her as they kissed. Patrick looked into Carol’s eyes and said, “I am right where I want to be.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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