Fooling Around in Plain Sight

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We make dinner reservations and arrive about 15 minutes apart. We sit in a position so we can watch each other while appearing to talk to our respective guests at our different tables. Our significant others sit next to us, and they can’t tell when our eyes first meet. You look amazing in a dress. Cut just low enough to notice your beautiful breasts, but classy and elegant. I’m in a suit, with a belt that I know is going to be under constant strain when I see the look in your eyes. You flash a little leg as you sit down and my belt has its first test.

We go about the usual. Order drinks, engage in conversation, the standard pleasantries. Then I catch you whispering in your date’s ear. He smiles but immediately goes back to talking to your friends. You lean closer, but he doesn’t notice this time. Completely ignores you.

Then you turn to me.

I’m watching with a completely different look. A longing that sends a tingle down your spine, and into the flesh beneath that incredible form fitting dress. We catch each other’s stare and you casually touch your cleavage. Someone at my table asks a question, but I can’t turn away. I keep looking. Imagining taking your breasts into my mouth. Finally, my wife hits me and I break my gaze. I answer the mundane question and look back. You seem disappointed. Maybe tonight is not our night.

You go back to your table, and I do the same. But I can’t stop stealing glances. Seeing you there, imagining your naked body under that dress, craving to feel your pussy get wet to my touch. A bulge forms in my pants. The belt has it’s work cut out. You adjust on the chair and feel a little vibration. Your phone is next to your leg. You glance down and see the text.

“You’re making me throb.”

I see the smile as you read. It creates a rush as you imagine my cock growing under the table. You write back quickly.

“Stand up and let me see it.”

I’m speechless. How the hell do I do that?

I pause for a moment. The rush of excitement is sweeping over me. This only makes me harder and my bulge grows.

You feel another buzz. New message

“Rub your clit, and I’ll show you.”

You look back. You raise your hand and obviously free spin put it under the table. I can just barely see your dress sliding up slightly. Your hand disappears.

I take my napkin and hold it in front of my waste. I stand up, keeping the napkin in front of my huge protruding cock. I tell the table I dropped my phone and lean down. As I get up, I turn so you get a full view. My cock is huge, straining against the fabric of the pants. You can’t help but smile as you rub around the soft mound between your legs. Your clit begins to swell at the touch.

I sit back down and you remove your hand. Another buzz. “This is how I’m going to fuck you.” “Doggy style.”

Then another buzz, “missionary,” “you on top,” “legs over your head,”

Every new position gets a text, and each buzz creates a new sensation of our bodies together thrusting in pleasure. “Flat doggystyle, up against a wall, reverse cow girl, you tied up, me tied up.”

You put down the phone and feel buzz after buzz after buzz. You imagine each new position and the orgasms that go with them. You start beaming, checking your phone again. How long can this go?

Suddenly, someone at the table asks, “why are you smiling. and what’s with the texts?” Your date turns to you. You are blushing. “Oh, my girlfriend just sent me something funny.” He knows that look. But apparently not well enough. He turns back to the other people at your table and ignores your look of desire.

We both go back to dinner, and more drinks. They go down quickly, two, three, four. All of the sudden we are both feeling more bold. You look over. I’m trying to ignore you for the sake of future pain. I already want to cum so badly, I can’t stand it. I try to recover. Something about my look turns you on. You see my longing, my boredom. My body needs sex. It needs to share pleasure, to experience passion. We both need the incredible sex we can share together. You get up to leave, but I don’t see you. You tell your guests you have to make a call, but you’ll be back.

I’m at the table, listening to boring conversation. Yes dear, no dear. Then a buzz. I check my phone. “Meet me in the hallway.” the rush is instantly bonus veren siteler back. You are gone.

I stand up and excuse myself. Need to stretch. Back is hurting. I move to the hallway and catch your beautiful ass trailing in your dress. You flash a look. I follow. You turn a corner, there’s a line of unisex bathrooms. One other person is in the hall. You wait. I come up behind you and whisper. “I missed you.” I kiss your neck. The person in the hall smiles at our affection. You lean back and kiss me back. It’s passionate and heated. I draw my hands over your body, feeling it raise to my touch. You reach to my waste, stroking back and forth. Then. . . a door opens. The other guest is gone.

We move further down the hall. This door is open. No one is around to see us. You look me dead in the eyes. “We don’t have much time, and I want to finish. I mean REALLY finish.” I respond by pushing you into the room and locking the door.

“I’m not stopping until you finish. I don’t care how long it takes.” We attack each other with ferocity that borders on violence. I push you against the wall and kiss up and down your neck as we fumble frantically at each others clothes. you finally relieve my overworked belt and my cock springs to action. I reach under your dress and rip your panties to shreds. They are soaked. You unbutton my shirt as I hike up your dress. My bare muscled chest presses against you as you pull my underwear down. You then kick the to the ground with your heals.

I pull the top of your dress down, taking in your beautiful tits. My cock couldn’t be any harder and I lift you up into the air. I hold you for a moment before THRUSTING as your pussy pushes down. The first pulse of penetrating you and being inside you is never the same, but it’s always perfect. A pulse rushes through out bodies as we writhe in pleasure. We keep thrusting increasing the friction between our bodies. You put your hands against the wall, riding harder and harder. I keep raising you up and down, watching your tits bounce and your face contorts in ecstasy.

I hear someone try the door, but neither of us can stop. We are only stopping after we both cum, no matter deneme bonusu veren siteler what happens.

We watch each other with every thrust and form a perfect fuck rhythm. Again and again, the motion creates sensations we never new were possible. The pleasure and release is addictive from our carnal cravings. My muscles strain as we fuck harder and harder. The blood rips through my arms and chest making them bigger and bigger. My cock reaches the perfect angle and you hold it in place. You start to moan. I put my hand over your mouth, knowing we can’t draw too much attention. We both look at each other and slow down, connecting with each other in every way possible. We know we could keep doing this for hours, but we just don’t have the time. As I slow down and draw you in for a tender kiss, you whisper.

“Not this time. I just need to cum. Fuck me so I can cum. Make me cum, baby. Make me cum hard”.

The words are a shot of sexual adrenaline. I begin pounding with new intensity. You can only hold on tightly as we push together, again and again. My cock fills you up and spreads you wide with each thrust. Our pulsating bodies smash together, harder and harder until you are holding on for dear life. A vibration begins deep in your pussy and begins to spread. You feel the tingle spreading. You are going to cum. You embrace it as the feeling shoots over your body.

I desperately try to find a way to get deeper inside you and feel your body begin to quiver. It’s time. I reach behind you and play with your ass, applying pressure as I feel you contracting towards orgasm. The sensation heightens and you grip me tighter cupping my ass. We pull closer as orgasms scream through our body. I let out a rush of cum that sprays like a fountain into your tight pussy. You pulsate and tremor as wave after wave or orgasmic bliss rips over you. I finally collapse onto the ground with you still straddling me. Our mixed cum drips onto the floor. We kiss and touch each other’s naked bodies once more before surveying the damage.

Not the most romantic of places, but it gets the job done. We quickly clean up and kiss one last time. I hold up your ripped panties in my hand. “I’m keeping these.” I smile and put them into my pocket.

We open the door. You go first. No one is in the hall. I wait for a few seconds then leave too. When we get back to our table, our guests have barely noticed.

I sit down and smile at you across the room. I guess tonight was our night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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