Forceful Friend Ch. 01

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I would just like to say thank you for your votes so far on my first submission. As promised, here’s another entry, enjoy.

Natalie looked at her naked body in her wall mirror again, wondering if her breasts were ever going to develop. She was about 5ft 5 with straight, shoulder length, brown hair. She stood sideways and ran her hands over her body. Her b-cup breasts stood firm and round with no support and her cute nipples began to harden. She cupped her breasts and sighed. She had just turned 18 and all she wanted was bigger breasts, a c or d-cup would be nice. She tucked her hair over her ear and continued to look at her thin, firm body.

Just then she heard the doorbell go. Nat looked at her clock. Her friend, Claire was early. Nat’s parents were away for the weekend and she had invited her best friend over to stay and use the pool and Jacuzzi.

Nat grabbed her bikini and pulled it on, sliding the small white thong bottoms up her long legs and pulled it tightly over her trimmed pussy. She tied a sarong around her flat waist and fastened her top as she ran down the stairs.

“You’re early”

She panted as she opened the door.

“Sorry, couldn’t wait.”

Smiled Claire. Nat envied Claire’s body. She was 5ft 7 with a firm athletic body and full d-cup breasts that all the boys at school would love to get their hands on. Her auburn hair was half way down her back and had a slight curl to it. She was wearing jeans and a crop T-shirt that barely covered her breasts.

“Looking sexy there Nat.” Claire winked at her friend. Nat blushed a little.

“The pools through there. You Know where my room is if you wanna change into your costume.”

“Nah, that’s cool” Replied Claire. She stepped into the house and pulled off her jeans and top revealing her bikini clad body underneath. It was bright pink and very small.

“I also brought a bottle or two of wine, to help us….relax” she smiled again. Nat followed Claire through her house outside to the pool. It was a hot sunny day, just right for relaxing. Claire dove straight into the pool as Nat went to get some glasses for the wine.

A couple of hours, and a few glasses of wine later, they were both laying out on loungers talking. The conversation had turned to sex.

“So you’ve only done it once?” Asked Claire turning to look at her friend.

“Yeah, it hurt so much, I’ve never tried it again.” Claire looked a little shocked.

“The sun is really starting to heat me up, lets sit in the Jacuzzi for a while.” They both moved into the Jacuzzi and set the temperature to cool. The bubbles immediately started and both girls let out a little giggle.

“You know, you really should try it again. After the first time, it only gets better…”

“Really?” Asked Nat, feeling the wine going to her head.

“Yeah, I once had a threesome with Nick and his girlfriend.”

“What?!?” Screamed Nat. “I don’t believe it!”

“Well, he wasn’t that good, but his girlfriend was quite nice…” Claire looked up at the sky recalling the experience. A smile spread across her face and her free hand drifted down until she was stroking her fingertips up and down her deep cleavage. Nat watched in fascination. She felt a warm sensation deep in her tummy, putting it down to the wine she closed her eyes and lay back.

“What was it like?” She asked. “Being with Nicks girlfriend I mean.”

As Claire described how it felt to be touched and kissed by another woman Nat felt that feeling again. She started feeling quite aroused and she shifted her position in the Jacuzzi slightly. As she did a stream of bubbles sprang up and hit her right between her legs. As the bubbles popped and massaged her pussy she found herself leaning back and enjoying it. She started stroking her inner thighs and her breathing became heavy. She didn’t know what was happening, but she new she liked it.

“Nat, Nat!” Yelled Claire.

“Wh…What?” Asked Nat suddenly coming round.

“Enjoying yourself were we?” Winked casino siteleri Claire at her friend.

“Sorry” Replied Nat.

“No don’t apologise, it looked kind of sexy, watching you enjoying yourself.” Claire moved round the Jacuzzi so she was sitting next to her friend. “have you ever thought about being with another woman?” Claire asked Nat, resting her hand on her shoulder.

“What, no.” Nat said bluntly, but as she thought about it, it did start to interest her. The bubbles were still brushing up against her pussy, and Claire’s hand had started to stroke her arm ever so gently.

“Are you cold?” Asked Claire.

“No why?”

“Well if your nipples get any harder they’re gonna burst out of your top!!” Claire giggled. Nat looked down at her breasts, and sure enough her nipples were hard and poking out the thin material of her bikini top like a tent. “Why don’t you just take it off?” Claire suggested. Nat seemed reluctant so Claire continued. “Look, I’ll take mine off too. Who’s gonna know? It’s just us girls.”

Saying this Claire untied her top and threw it next to the loungers. Nat couldn’t help but stare at her friend’s large breasts, as they swayed a little. The small round nipples began to harden. Claire smiled at her friend, this was the reaction she was hoping for. Nat still seemed reluctant.

“Here, let me give you a hand.” And before Nat could resist, Claire was unclasping her small bikini top, and throwing it away. “Isn’t that better?” Nat didn’t answer, it did feel good, but she thought it was wrong that it did. She covered her small, firm breasts with her hands. Claire tutted at her friend and pulled her hands away with her own.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed, they’re beautiful.” Nat let out a weak smile. “Would you mind if I touched them?” Nat was a little confused by this, but the mixture of the bubbles still pleasing her and the head rush from the wine she found herself mumbling a “no”. Claire stretched out both hands and cupped a breast in each.

“Oh they feel soo hard and beautiful.” She started stroking them all over with her fingertips, then grabbing them and squeezing them. Clare started to pinch Nat’s erect nipples. Nat let out a little moan and a sigh, then looked her friend in the eye.

“You can touch mine if you want.” Said Claire, still fondling her friend’s small breasts. Nat reached forward and gently started touching her friend’s large breasts. She couldn’t get over how good they felt. Soft, yet firm. Nat filled her hands and was soon groping away like a woman possessed. Claire’s nipples grew hard instantly and Nat wasted no time in squeezing and pinching them. After a few minutes Claire leant forward and planted a soft kiss on her friend’s left breast. Nat withdrew her hands immediately. Claire sat up.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“That’s ok, but I don’t think we should continue this.” Nat sat back and Claire sat next to her once again.

“I think it’s the wine, but I’m feeling really hot and well, you looked soo good, and they way you played with my breasts…” Saying this, Claire lowered her head again and started planting soft, gentle kisses on her friends neck. Nat started to move away, but she found herself starting to enjoy the feel of her friend’s soft lips massaging her neck. Claire continued to kiss and suck at Nat’s neck, enjoying the moans and sighs coming from her friend. As she kissed round to the front of Nat’s neck, Nat started to stroke Claire’s large breasts. Claire let out a little moan this time, she loved having her sensitive nipples played with. Claire lowered her kisses down to the top of Nat’s small, hard breasts, then licked around her nipples before sucking them into her mouth. Nat let out her loudest moan yet as Claire sucked on her erect nipples and all around her breasts. Claire started to lick up and down Nat’s small cleavage. Nat couldn’t believe how good this felt. As Claire continued to suck her friend’s nipples she started to stroke her thighs as well. Ever so canlı casino softly, stroking higher and higher. As her fingertips brushed Nat’s bikini bottoms Nat jerked suddenly, then moved away from her friend. She went over to the shallow side of the Jacuzzi and sat on the edge with just her feet in the warm water.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were enjoying it.” Said Claire moving towards her friend.

“I was, but it’s wrong. You’re a girl and so am I.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. If it makes you feel good do it.”

“But you were about to touch me… down there.” Saying this Nat looked down between her legs.

“Oh,” Claire smiled. “That’s perfectly normal, and great fun, look” Claire stood up directly in front of Nat, the water coming just below her knees. Nat watched in amazement as Claire started stroking her body. She ran her hands over her large mounds and gave them a little squeeze. She pinched her hard nipples before running her hands over flat stomach and down over her thighs. Nat found herself starting to enjoy what she was watching, and she felt her nipples harden again. Claire tucked her fingers under her small bikini bottoms and slowly peeled them off and dropped them around her ankles. Nat turned her head away.

“I’m not gonna do this if you’re not watching, and I can stand here all day!” Claire said forcefully, her hands on her hips. Nat turned back and saw her friend’s pussy for the first time. She was shocked to see that Claire had totally shaven her pussy and it looked so smooth and soft. Nat felt a warm feeling in her tummy and a strange burning sensation between her legs. Claire continued her show. She cupped her pussy in one hand and sucked the fingers of the other deep into her mouth. She started stroking her inner thighs, then sent her saliva-covered hand down to her cunt. Claire tilted her head back and let out a little moan as she slipped a finger deep into her wet cunt. Nat continued to watch as Claire slid another finger up her tight hole then another. Nat couldn’t help but start to stroke her breasts as she watched Claire finger herself.

Claire really started going for it, pumping her three fingers in and out of herself with long hard strokes. She also started rubbing her erect clit, moaning loudly as she did so. Nat’s legs instinctively widened and she started to stroke her thighs higher and higher until her fingertips brushed the material of her bikini. Claire was almost screaming with pleasure as she continued to fuck herself, and Nat was really enjoying the show. She was pinching and playing with her nipples with one hand while the other was stroking her hot cunt through her bikini.

Claire let out a huge groan and her whole body shuddered as she came. Her juices started running down between her legs and she had so sit down. She watched her friend, and as Nat noticed Claire had finished she stopped touching herself.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Panted Claire.

“I…I can’t do it with you watching…” Replied Nat, a nervous expression on her face.

“Here, let me then.” Claire smiled at her friend as leant forward. In one quick action she pulled off Nat’s bikini bottoms and tossed them aside. Nat let out a gasp as her wet cunt was exposed to the air. Claire wasted no time in stroking her fingers over her friend’s pussy. Natalie grabbed her friend’s hand,

“No…No, you shouldn’t…” but Claire didn’t listen. She caressed Nat’s growing clit with her fingertips. Nat let out a small sigh and her hand fell away. She couldn’t believe this was happening, her friend was getting her off, but she was enjoying it immensely. Claire, knowing that she now had her friend, eased off Nat’s clit and started gently stroking he hands all over her inner thighs and lower stomach. She touched all around Nat’s hot pussy, but never her friends waiting sex itself. After a few minutes Nat was raising her hips, trying to get Claire’s fingers to touch her where she wanted it most. Claire smiled to herself and started to Stroke Nat’s kaçak casino fully erect clit again.

“Oh my, you are wet aren’t you?” She said as she slipped two fingers between Nat’s full pussy lips. All Nat could do was let out a loud moan as Claire slid her two fingers into her friend’s tight wet hole.

“Oh, God that feels good!!” Nat screamed as Claire started slowly sliding her long fingers in and out.

“Hon, you’re practically dripping!” Claire said smiling, “Let me help with that.” Saying this she lowered her head to Nat’s hot wet cunt and ran her tongue up and down her dripping slit. Nat leaped 3ft off the ground as she did this, letting out a scream of pleasure. Claire smiled as she began licking and sucking Nat’s clit. Nat was raising her hips trying to force Claire’s tongue and fingers deeper into her. Claire quickened the pumping of her fingers and sucked harder on her friend’s sensitive clit.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! I…I Think I’m gonna explode!!” Shouted Nat, as Claire didn’t let up. Nat’s breathing came in short gasps as Claire felt her friend’s cunt tighten around her pumping fingers. Nat’s whole body convulsed and she let out an earth-shattering scream. Claire pulled away as her friend came. Nat practically exploded a huge load of her juices shot from her steaming pussy. The first squirt splattered on Claire’s large breasts, while the rest streamed out into the Jacuzzi. Nat lay back, catching her breath.

“Damn girl, it looks like you seriously needed that!” Smiled Claire as she ran her fingers through the cum on her breasts. She leaned over her friend and planted a kiss on her lips. At first Nat pulled away a little, but she felt so incredibly horny that she returned her friends kiss. Both girls lay there, there legs and arms entwined, as their kissing grew more passionate. Claire slipped her tongue into Nat’s mouth and Nat sucked it hungrily.

Nat also started gyrating her hips, enjoying the feeling of her friend’s pussy being ground into hers. After about 10 minutes Claire rolled off her friend and lay next to her. They both propped themselves up on their elbows.

“I’ve never felt anything so good in all my life.” Panted Natalie.

“It can get better believe me.” Claire smiled. “I can’t believe how much you came!” Nat turned to look at her friend.

“Does this mean I’m a lesbian?” She asked.

“Hell no. Just because we both got off from it doesn’t make us lesbians. I still love the feeling of a large cock pounding my pussy, you can’t beat it.”

“Really?” Smiled Nat, a little relieved.

“Mmmmmmmmm yeah,” Smiled Claire, closing her eyes as she thought about getting fucked hard by a big cock. “I mean, your dad’s quite cute isn’t he? For an older guy.”

“What, shut up!”

“I wonder how big his cock is… Have you ever seen it?”

“No!” Shouted Nat. “You’re sick!!” She smiled at her friend, splashing some water at her.

“Just a thought.” Smiled Claire, splashing back. Nat splashed her again, so she rolled on top of her friend and pinned her down. Nat leaned up and kissed her friend full on the lips again. “You are a horny little bugga aren’t ya?” Smiled Claire as Nat started to suck on her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately and Nat sucked them into her mouth. Claire slid her body up her friend’s, hovering her pussy just above Nat’s face. Nat thought she hadn’t seen anything so beautiful before and pulled Claire’s cunt onto her waiting mouth. She sucked and licked Claire’s clit before slipping her tongue deep into her friend’s wet hole. Claire let out a loud moan as her friend who had never done anything like this before started to eat her out like a pro.

Claire was so turned on that it didn’t take long before she was screaming her way to orgasm. Nat kept sucking away and swallowed her friend juices until Claire’s orgasm had passed. Claire rolled off her friend.

“That was amazing…” She panted.

“Thanks” Smiled Nat, looking at her friend. Claire leant over her friend and sucked on her rock hard nipples for a minute before standing up.

“I famished, fancy getting a bit to eat?”

“Sounds like a wonderful idea.”

They both went into the house for lunch, knowing they had the whole weekend to enjoy each other…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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