Found Ch. 05

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Grant drove up to Martin’s home exhausted from the long drive earlier and the meeting. He was glad to be here and settle down for a while. Entering the house he was greeted by one of the maids. She took his coat and briefcase and escorted him to his room upstairs. The drive to Martin’s house was a pleasant one. All that Grant had on his mind was Calen. Calen was young, handsome, successful; what more could a guy want? Grant knew he needed to have him and he needed to claim him. He did smell Luke’s scent on him, but he just took it as a simple handshake since they did meet at the meeting. He wanted Calen now. His body ached for him.

Opening the door to his room, Grant threw himself on the bed. It felt good to lie down after a long day. Calen, sweet Calen. Grant couldn’t get him out of his mind. His scent was a drug to him. So addicting; so intoxicating. He needed Calen now. Grant never felt this way about anyone before. After years of playing the field, he has found his mate. This revelation was a shock to himself.

Lying down on the bed, the thoughts of Calen raced through Grant’s mind. He could feel his cock getting hard with each thought that passed. Grant slowly began thrusting his hips into the mattress making his cock even harder. As he pressed down more, he could feel the precum slowly coming out of his cock. He thrusted more and more. Turning over on his back, Grant began running his hands up and down his bulge. It felt so hard and so good. A low guttural growl was let loose as Grant rubbed on his bulge even more.

“Fucking need you Calen.”

“Fucking want you.”

Grant unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his built, hairy chest. He began rubbing his hands up and down his chest. He licked his fingers and began rubbing his hard nipples. Extremely sensitive, Grant pinched at them and played with them, making them more hard and red. Another growl escaped from the lycan; his cock begging to be let out. He ran his hands more on his hairy chest. He imagined Calen on top of him, running his hands on his chest, feeling the softness of the hair. He imagined Calen leaning over and licking his sensitive nipples. His cock throbbing more in his pants. It needed to be let out. Grant’s slid his hands down to his bulge again, this time he undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Taking his dick out, Grant licked his right hand and began stroking his wet cock. The thought of Calen’s tongue going up and down the shaft sent a burst of precum out of Grant’s cock. He tasted it, savoring it. If only Calen were here to taste him.

The inner wolf in Grant began running rampant in him. He wanted to be let loose now. It needed Calen. Grant closed his eye and fantasized Calen sucking on his cock, his head going up and down swallowing the 9 inch cock with ease.

Up and down, slowly and deep, Calen’s throat was being fucked by Grant’s hard cock. Grant’s balls began to tighten with each thrust into Calen’s throat. He could feel Calen’s saliva slowly running down his balls. He soon felt Calen’s tongue playing with them.

“Fuck yeah baby suck on them, make them wet for daddy.”

Taking Grant’s cock, Calen once again put it in his mouth. Up and down, slowly and deep. Grant moaning in pleasure.

“Rape my mouth Grant.”

“Fuck yeah Calen!”

Grant taking his hands, pushed down hard on Calen’s head, making him gag on the 9 inches. Calen choked and grasped for air. Grant pulled Calen’s head off his cock, seeing more saliva come out from Calen’s mouth.

“You like that Calen?”

Taking Calen’s head, Grant pushed down making Calen taken every single inch of his hard, cut cock.

“Take it!”

“Take it!”

Calen once again choked and grasped for air. Taking Calen’s face, Grant began kissing him, tasting his precum in Calen’s mouth. Kissing hard and wet, Grant turned Calen on his back and was on top of him. He opened Calen’s legs and placed his cock head right at Calen’s hole. Grant kissed Calen passionately. Their tongues wrestling; tasting each other. Grant slowly thrusted his hips into Calen, making his cock head slowly press into Calen’s asshole. Calen moaned at the sensation.

Kissing the side of Calen’s neck, Grant made his way down to Calen’s nipples. He flicked at one and rubbed on the other at the same time. Calen turned his head and moaned again. Grant could feel Calen’s cock rubbing on his stomach and getting even harder. He tongued his way down Calen’s chest to his stomach. He gently kissed the belly button, only to continue tonguing at Calen’s treasure trail. Calen’s body aching for more.

Slowly, Grant made his way down to Calen’s cock. Oozing with precum, Grant took his tongue and tasted the sweet saltiness of the nectar. Calen thrusted his hips upwards urging Grant to suck it.

“Eager lil pup aren’t ya?”

Taking Calen’s cock, grant began licking up and down the shaft. He could taste the coat of precum that clung onto the cock. It tasted so fucking good.

“Suck it Grant.”

Grant began sucking on Calen’s cock. Calen slowly thrusted his cock into Grant’s mouth. Grant took the cock and rubbed it on his Küçükköy Escort hairy chest. Calen arched his back at the sensation of chest hair on his sensitive cock head. Calen slammed a hand down on the bed and let out a moan.


This pleased the lycan. Grant looked down to see his hairy chest wet with precum. A big grin appeared on his face. Calen was getting wetter. He started sucking Calen’s cock again. This time Calen took his hands and held Grant’s head as he throat fucked him. Thrusting his hips up and down deeper into Grant’s mouth. Precum mixed with Grant’s spit, slowly oozed down the shaft. Grant pulled his head away and rubbed the wet dick on his hairy chest again. Swirling the head on his nipple. Grant took the cock and rubbed in the middle of his chest where there was more hair.

“Fuck yeah, rub my cock on the sweet spot,” referring to the spot right between the pecks, where there is more hair.

Grant rubbed Calen’s cock on it. The hair was sticking to Calen’s swollen cock head. Calen closed his eyes tightly, causing a single tear to run down the side of his face. Calen arched his back even more.

“My asshole is throbbing Grant.”

Grant let out a low growl. His mate eager to take him.

“Want me to fuck you Calen?”

“Fuck me Grant!”

Grant spit into his hand and coated his dick with his spit. He swirled his cock head on Calen’s hole, teasing him and making him ache for it. Calen begged for more teasing and Grant was more than happy to oblige. Grant let a string of spit leave his mouth and watched it land right on Calen’s asshole. He rubbed his cock up and down on it; feeling the throbbing hole, wanting the cock to be let in. He slowly pushed his hips forward, penetrating the hole. He could feel the tightness on his cock head as he slowly pushed it in, then pulled it back out. Calen arched his back again and felt the pain of Grant’s huge cock go in. It hurt so good, he wanted more. Slowly, Grant, inch by inch, entered Calen; his tightness grabbing hold of Grant’s cock. He began fucking him slow, deep and raw. Calen moaned out in pain and in pleasure. Grant grabbed Calen’s legs and put them over his shoulder as his hips began pumping more into Calen as he moaned out in ecstasy. Grant’s fangs exposed themselves and his eyes turned into a pale green. His inner wolf was unleashed and ready to claim.

“Fuck me deeper Grant.”

“Is that what you want Calen?”


Grant began fucking him harder and deeper. Feeling the tightness of Calen’s hole grabbing his cock made him even more hard. Harder and harder he fucked. Calen pulled on the sheets of the bed, his asshole was on fire. The hard cock of Grant’s forced itself more and more into Calen. Grant could feel Calen’s asshole throb. He knew Calen was close to cuming, as was he.

“Come on baby, cum for me. Blow that load all over my hairy stomach!”

Calen took his cock and began stroking it. Grant pinched at Calen’s nipples to make the sensation even more pleasurable. Deeper and deeper Grant went into Calen. He began to feel Calen’s hole tightening up; he was ready to cum.

“Fuck…fuck…I’m gonna cum…”




“Yeah that’s it Calen, shoot that load!”

Calen’s hole began throbbing more and more with each spray of cum that he shot. Most of his cum landed on Grant’s hairy stomach. Grant smiled. The rest of the cum landed on Calen’s own stomach. Grant reached down with his hand and wiped the cum, licking it off his fingers. He then put his fingers into Calen’s mouth, so he could taste his own cum.

Grant began moving his hips back and forth again. He was close to cumming and wanted to drop the load deep into Calen.

“Fuck Calen, I’m getting ready to cum. You want it?”

“Fucking give it to me Grant.”

“Where do you want it?”

“I want it in me Grant. Breed me. Claim me!”

Grant began fucking Calen as if there was no tomorrow. It was hurting his hole but Calen took it. Harder and harder he fucked. Grant wanted to drop his load all the way inside of Calen. He wanted to coat his walls with his hot seed and make Calen his. The pressure was building up inside of him. A howl from inside began to grow. It was now!





Grant pounded a few more times, making sure his cum was deep in Calen. Calen wrapped his legs around Grant’s waist and squeezed hard, trapping Grant and his cock deep inside of him. A loud massive howl echoed in the room signaling that the claiming was done. Grant’s seed was planted, making Calen his forever. Falling onto Calen, Grant kissed him gently, tasting his lips. Grant got off of Calen and rolled onto his side. He held Calen close to him, snuggling. Grant closed his eyes.

Grant slowly woke up a few hours later. He couldn’t believe at what just happened. His fantasy was intense, with evidence all over him.

“Shit, that was fucking intense.”

He cleaned himself off and went back to taking a nap.


Luke Küçükköy Escort Bayan and Calen drove up into the lake house property that was outside of town. Luke liked the scenery, but he could see that the house really needed some fixing up. He looked over at Calen and saw him sigh. He didn’t know why he did that but he wasn’t going to ask either.

“Here’s the place. Not too far from town.”

“Looks good but it does need some work.” replied Luke.

Luke drove around to where the car port was. Getting out of his SUV, he looked around and liked the size of the house. It was a two story with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. It would make a nice home for a young couple.

“Where should we eat?” asked Luke.

“We can eat on the deck. I’ve been coming here for lunch on my own every so often.”

“You have?”

“Yeah, I like the peace. I like work and all, but sometimes I need to get away and think.”

Luke now understood what the sigh meant; Calen likes the property.

Both men walked towards the deck of the house. It was in decent shape and all it really needed was to be sanded down and re-varnished. As they walked up the steps towards it, Calen took a wrong step and nearly fell down. Luke grabbed his hand and held him. He wasn’t expecting that at all. But now he’s holding Calen’s hand, his scent is on him. Calen’s misfortune was Luke’s lucky break.

“What the hell!” Calen grunted out.

“It’s ok Calen, I got you.”

“Geez I’m 28 and I still can’t walk worth a shit!”

Calen let out a slight giggle. He was completely embarrassed at what happened. He was making a fool out of himself left and right and didn’t know why. He was never this clumsy. He wondered what was going on with him. Calen looked over at Luke and him smile. Calen smiled back as Luke let go of his hand. Calen’s face was red again. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING he thought. Both men walked towards the table that was on the deck. Luke looked at the lake and smiled. Not once, not twice, but three times he touched his mate. Small touches, but touches nonetheless! This was going to be a long and trying process, but after 10 years, he was willing to wait a lifetime for Calen. He quickly pinched himself to see if this was all a dream.

It wasn’t.

“The burgers smell good Calen!”

“Believe me they taste even better!”

Calen set the burgers down on the table. Luke grabbed the sodas and placed one in front of Calen and himself. Calen got the large order of fries and put them between him and Luke. They were ready to eat. The quietness of the area intrigued Calen; and Lucas as well.

The last few years have been hell for Calen. So much so that it made him want to be alone more. He loved Natalie and her son Miguel, but he really needed his alone time. Sorting all the bullshit in his life made him depressed and angry. He did have his happy moments, but they were few and too far in between. He loved his family’s ranch, but since he barely talks to his family, he hasn’t made any trips back. So when this property came up, he took advantage of the space and the quietness. It sat in escrow for awhile since the previous owners were undecided on whether to sell or not. But Calen knew it would be a matter of time before it gets sold. He wished he could afford it, but right now he couldn’t.

“What’s on your mind Calen?” Luke asked seeing the uncertainty on Calen’s face.

“Huh…it’s nothing. Just thinking about stuff at home.”

“Do you need to go back already, because I can take you?”

“No Lucas, I don’t need to go back yet.”

Luke sensed the tension in Calen and stopped asking questions. Calen didn’t want to divulge his personal stuff to someone he barely knew. Hell, even if he did knew him well, he still wouldn’t tell him what was going on. It’s how Calen was. He lacked trust in people and rightfully so. The only person he trusts more than anybody was Natalie. She was his rock. She was like a sister, mother, angel all rolled into one. No one else understood him but her and that’s the way he wanted it.

“The burger is real good Calen. They really put their foot into it!”

“Well that’s the secret ingredient!”

Both laughed.

A cool breeze ran through the place. Calen took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He would miss this place.



“Oh hey mom. I was about to call you.”

“No that’s alright, Calen is going to take care of Miggy while I’m out.”

“Ok ok I will call you tomorrow; love you, bye.”

Natalie hung up her cell and quickly started getting dressed for her date with Dr. William Roman. Her nerves ran through her like crazy horses running down a race track. It had been a couple of years since her fiancé, Mitchell, had died in that terrible accident and wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to move on. Calen was by her side each and every single day. Even with his drama, he always put Natalie first. With Mitchell gone, Calen took over in helping Natalie with her doctor appointments. He took her shopping for maternity Escort Küçükköy clothes, Lamaze classes, and even redecorated one of the guest rooms in his house for the baby. Calen felt that this baby was a blessing. He would love nothing more to be a dad himself.

Fumbling with her hair, Natalie looked down at her mirror and saw the last picture she took of Mitchell. It was at a little get together she had for Calen on his birthday. She took the picture in her hand and stared into it. She missed him. Both Calen and Mitch were great friends. Both dealt with the same family issues and because of that, their friendship grew. He knew Calen’s pain and was there for him whenever he needed. Tears began to form in her eyes and Natalie quickly dried them. She knew Mitchell wanted her to be happy and move on with life. If the situation was reversed, she would of wanted the same for Mitchell.

“Mitchell, I miss you so much. But I feel now that I have to move on. You will always be in my heart. When I look at Miggy I see you.” Placing the picture down, Natalie finished brushing her hair. Her nerves came back and she couldn’t help but smile. She found William very handsome and very dapper. She wanted the night to be perfect. She was eager for Calen to get home from work. She wanted details from his venture to the lake house with Luke. Hearing her cell go off, she quickly answered it.

“Hey Cal.”

-Hey, I’m on my way home already. Are you done getting ready?

“Yeah, just about done.”

-Cool. Do you need anything from town? Does Miggy need anything?

“No, we don’t need anything.”

-Ok, I’ll be there in a bit.

Calen soon reached the home he shared with Natalie and Miggy. It was a 2 story house just a few miles from town. Calen loved his home and it’s location. Soon after Mitchell’s death, he asked Natalie to move in with him. Calen doted on her day and night. He was there for her all throughout her pregnancy. And was there when she gave birth to Miggy. This was Calen’s family now; the only bright spot in his life.

The house also holds special meaning to Calen. It was the first house he was in charged of renovating. Most of his time was spent working on this house. Every detail, large and small, was done by him and took great pride with the outcome. He was then surprised when Natalie’s parents decided to buy the house and was even more surprised when they presented the keys back to Calen. It was a shock to say the least. The Velarde’s knew of Calen’s problems and tried to help out as much as they could. They thought of him as a son and stood by him after he came out to his family. When seeing what his family put him through, they severed ties with Calen’s family. It was a hard thing to do, but it needed to be done for the sake of Calen and theirs. It was due to that, that Natalie’s parents let Calen stay in the newly bought house. After becoming a full time agent, Calen sold a multimillion dollar ranch and with the commission he earned, bought the house from the Velarde’s. His first home and new life.


“Wow Nat, you look beautiful!”

“Thanks babe. Soooo…..” Natalie paused looking at Calen giving him a funny look with her eyes trying to get Calen to open up about Luke.

“What?” asked Calen.

“What do you mean ‘what’?” Natalie replied back.

Calen shrugged his shoulders.

“Your lunch date with Lucas- how did it go?”

“It went good. Made an ass out of myself, but it went well and for your info hun, it wasn’t a date!”

‘Well whatever it was! And don’t get snippy or I’ll break you!” Natalie replied with a British accent knowing it will make Calen laugh.

It did!

Both friends laughed for a bit. Calen walked over to Natalie who was sitting in front of her mirror. He took her diamond necklace from her jewelry box and gently placed it around Natalie’s neck and fastened it.

“Seriously though, how did you make an ass our of yourself?”

“Well first I gave him the paper work for the lake house property and just sent him off and forgot to tell him where the house was. Then we decided to eat at the place. So we picked up our food and as he was passing it to me, I nearly dropped it in his expensive SUV. Then after we get there, we walked up the steps to the deck and I slipped and nearly fell with the food. My only saving grace was him catching me. I felt like an idiot Nat!”‘

Natalie giggled and stood up to find her shoes. She knew why Calen was making a fool of himself in front of Lucas. She had seen him act this way before with the first guy he got real serious with; Charlie. He would stumble all over the place when he saw Charlie. They both worked with each other at Calen’s first job. If he wasn’t stumbling then he was stuttering, if he wasn’t doing that then he was blushing so bad his face would get hot and his glasses would fog up. Was Calen starting to like Lucas? That ran through Natalie’s mind for a while. The strange part is that Calen only knew Lucas for a day; one whole day. At the meeting, Natalie noticed Lucas’ expression as Calen walked into the meeting. It was as if everything around him disappeared and the only person in that room was Calen. Natalie new the possibility of Calen going out with anyone now is slim to none. His last ex really did a number on him and he swore no guy would ever be in his life or heart again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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