Four Months In

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I let him kiss me. He slips his tongue in to my mouth and I open up to him. I want to put my arms around his neck and feel his shoulders under my hands. But instead I touch his back lightly and feel the tension as he waits, holding back a little, trying not to push me too fast. This seduction has lasted months, it’s been delicious and tantalising and we are both determined that this step into the real world won’t be rushed or wasted. He finally has me, alone, down to my bra and knickers, in his arms. He wants to own every second of this experience as much as he wants to own me.

His warm hands skim over my body. Down my arms, over my hips, across my thighs. I shiver. He cannot stop kissing me. His hands are moving up my neck, sliding into my hair, feeling its softness.

“There” he tells me, “You look so good in this lingerie, you shouldn’t ever wear clothes.” I laugh a little and make a comment about feeling awkward on public transport.

An image of me in my underwear, on a train flashes through my mind and his too, no doubt. His hand at the nape of my neck grasps my hair in his fist, tugging my head back roughly. It’s the first hint of the things we’ve discussed, the day dreams we’ve shared in secret that have led us here. With my head tilted back, my neck is exposed to him. His mouth moves along my jaw line. He runs his tongue down my neck, closes his mouth over my collar bone in a soft bite that is just firm enough to let me know that I will be his. I’ll belong to him from now on.

He releases my hair so that he can bring both his hands to my breasts. Running his hands over my bra, he slips away the shoulder straps, down the tops of my arms, holding them firmly. Using his mouth, he pulls away the fabric to reveal my bare skin beneath. Lips over my nipple and I moan softly under my breath as my body lifts up towards his mouth and my fingers reach for him. With his mouth over one breast he moves his hand inside the other cup to explore me with a firm touch. He is kissing and licking and sucking and stroking me. My moans are becoming louder and more confident. I tip my head towards the side of his face as he devours my breasts and I whisper “I need you. I need to feel you inside me. I need you to fuck me, just like we talked about.”

He laughs a little and tells me quietly to be patient, “if you manage it, I might reward you.”

Now his mouth seals over mine to silence me. He finally removes my bra. Thumbs hovering over my nipples, palms pushing and massaging me. I ease back onto the bed behind me. I stretch out and enjoy the sensation of his body moving over mine. The physical demonstration of him taking control of me. The weight of him, the strength of him. The unmistakable feeling of a man being close enough to overpower me, if he wanted, whether I wanted it or not. We kiss and I’m feeling drunk on him. Head woozy. Senses shifting. He softly brings my wrists together in his hand, then lifts my hands above my head. Guiding my hands to the bed head and speaking quietly but clearly to me “these stay here.” I touch my fingers to the top of the bed and look into his eyes. He holds my gaze. “Don’t let go. Keep your hands where I have put them. Whatever I decide to do with you, these hands don’t move.” Fingers trail softly back down my stretched arms. It already feels impossible not to move them. I want to wrap them around him, pull him down to me. “If you move them, I’ll have to punish you.”

His words linger.

My mind can’t focus for a moment. I’m confused. On the one hand, I’m instantly nervous. What does he mean by punish? He wouldn’t hurt me, would he? We talked before about discipline, danced around the topic, but never decided specifics on what or how or even if we would. But on the other hand, I can feel my insides start to melt, a direct result of him telling me what to do.

I nod slowly, he smiles at me and then kisses me once more, deeply and passionately. That kiss continues down the length of my body as he begins to move lower, tasting my skin as lips and hands glide over my ribs, then my stomach and then down to my hips.

Hooking his fingers into the top of my knickers, he slowly pulls them down. As the creamy lace slips away from me, revealing my most private places, I look down to watch his face. His eyes are already filled with heat and now focus on my soft mound, shaved smooth and bare for him. Completely naked under his eyes, he takes in my body, a sweeping look, from my face all the way down to my toes. My skin is pale in the low, early evening light of the room. I tremble when he traces one fingertip down my leg.

His attention is caught by the fine silver chain around my ankle. Tracing the finger along the chain, he is aware of the effect that even the lightest touch has on my whole body. Stroking the chain and running that fingertip over the ankle bone beneath it, he watches me as I close my eyes and sigh a little. His whole hand now wanders slowly back up my leg, feeling the curve of my calf, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri finding the soft spot behind my knee that makes my entire body twist towards him when he strokes it, then taking the long sweet line up my inner thigh. I can feel in his touch that he wants to explore every inch of me like this, to know my body as well as he knows my mind; to make me frantic for him.

His hand slowly reaches the top of my inner thigh and waits.

“Please don’t stop, I need you to touch me there” I beg. I begin to trail my own hand down towards my breast, subconsciously wanting to touch myself, while he is watching me.

Immediately he grabs my wrist and firmly drags my hand back to the top of the bed.

“I told you not to move this.” The statement is blunt. It’s a fact. “You need to learn some boundaries here.”

My eyes flash open to see him sit up and climb off the bed. Pulling his shirt off over his head then undoing his slacks and kicking them off, he steps away to retrieve a bottle from the small refrigerator in the far corner of the room.

He opens it and drinks.

I watch him swallow and my mouth turns dry.

I’ve never wanted to kiss him more than I do at this moment.

He returns to my side, taking his time and very softly tells me “This time you really are going to keep your hands still and you’ll stay very, very quiet.”

He’s holding the bottle a few inches above my body when it starts to tip. A thin trickle of freezing cold liquid hits my skin just above the dip of curves at my waist. I gasp at the splash of cold. Every nerve in my body wants me to move, to wiggle, to brush away the chill. But as badly as I want to move, I want to please him more. I keep as still as I can manage. In sudden contrast to the cold, his warm mouth kisses the same spot, lapping his drink from my skin. My senses are lost. I feel completely alive and awake and aroused. My whole body is clenched tight, I don’t move an inch. He drags the base of the freezing glass bottle over me, skimming over my abdomen, leaving a trail of goose bumps and wet condensation. He drifts the bottle over my breasts and around my nipples slowly. I’m concentrating desperately on absolutely not moving. Or crying out. It’s agony and it’s perfect. Leaning close to my ear, he whispers “Breathe”.

I breathe in deeply, glad of the oxygen. Glad of the excuse to arch myself up towards the bottle. He observes my movements with a slow smile, completely aware of the effect he is having on me and of his ability to play my body.

Setting down his drink, he takes hold of my hands again, this time pulling them down as he lowers his body back over mine, sliding his knee between my legs to part my thighs.

“You did as you were told, eventually.” His smile is my reward. I grin and bask in the warmth of his words. I feel like I just won tonight’s Star Prize. Or maybe I am the prize?

I slide my hands across his chest, under his arms and around his back, fingers trailing down his spine, under the band at the top of his pants, edging them down to the tops of his legs, releasing his hot, hard dick so that I can feel him against me. My body’s reaction is instant. I wrap my legs around him, tipping my hips up to meet his, opening myself up to him. I’m a little embarrassed by how easy this is for him. Apparently, I’m a strong independent woman. Well that’s a joke, a quivering wreck attached to a frantic pussy would be nearer the mark.

My feet scrape the last of his clothing down his legs and away. The urge in him to fuck me, right now, hard and fast and rough is irresistible. I can feel it between us. It’s palpable. He wants me. He wants me and he doesn’t want to wait. But he does. He holds back just a little while longer.

Because he wants me to be desperate.

He wants me wet and needy and completely weak for him.

He wants to control this, to lead me.

He wants to make me come before he’s barely even touched me.

With that thought clearly in his mind, he lightly trails his hand down the centre of my body reaching the tops of my thighs from the opposite direction. He lingers there for a moment, stroking me softly, watching me as my arousal becomes almost unbearable for both of us. Then he slips a finger down, nudging in and around my clit.

I’m wet for him. So deliciously warm and wet and waiting to be used by him. His cock presses firmly at my hip and I can feel the damp stickiness of his arousal as his body moves steadily against mine. That one finger is moving lazily, first softly, then with pressure. A haphazard trail around my clit but never on it, teasing, getting close, then sliding away. My breathing is starting to hitch as my body responds by squirming. He watches my face intently, using every reaction that plays across my expression as a cue for his next move. But now his own arousal is becoming uncomfortable to ignore, because he rocks his hips against mine, easing his length up and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down against my skin for relief, burying his face in my neck and groaning with the pleasure. The scent from my freshly washed hair, spilling out across the pillow is fascinatingly different. A strange shampoo from the one at home probably.

He breathes me in and tastes that patch of skin just behind my ear with the tip of his tongue. His mouth explores my jaw, my ear lobe, then sucks at my earring. The sensations combine weirdly, ear and clit at the same time. I completely drift into the feelings and focus on nothing else. That does it, that moment of forgetting to think coherently. It tips me straight off the cliff and into the plunging feeling of an illicit orgasm. I close my eyes tight and squeeze his backside with both hands, attempting to pull his hips against me tightly, delighting at the feel of his cock, hot and hard and ready for me. Rocking against him briefly as the first climax rips through me quickly. He laughs a little under his breath. It’s a small victory for him, the knowledge he can take me to that place so swiftly. With one finger, no less.

Almost immediately he dips that same finger inside of me, firmly but slowly exploring the centre of my pleasure. I am tight and so turned on for him. In my post orgasm haze, he slides his finger slowly in and out of me and watches me climb again under his touch. Now he eases a second finger into me, stretching me, filling me, a little uncomfortable at first but then feeling so good. My hands grip at his back, my nails scratching his skin. As he fucks me with his fingers, his thumb circles my clit firmly. No wandering exploration now. Targeted. Insistent.

His expert touch sends a second orgasm through my body like a wave. My inner self, spasms and then clenches tightly, repeatedly around his fingers and the thought eases through both our minds that the next time my body peaks like this, it will be his cock that I am wrapped around.

My head tips back once more, this time eyes wide, mouth open as my breathing turns to panting, urgent noises escaping my throat as he continues to work my body and push me to my limit.

“Oh god, oh that’s so good. I want your cock inside me, please, I need this, I want you to fuck me… right now.”

Watching me orgasm again brings him to full arousal and he is so hard now it must ache. My fingers find his delicious cock and wrap around his length, feeling the heat generating for me, guiding his head into me.

My begging sends his resolve to be slow and patient to oblivion. He can’t wait any longer. He has to have me, right now, no more hesitations. His fingers leave me and I sigh a little at the moment of emptiness. But then his cock is there, harder, demanding more of me. His hand slips around and under my thigh, lifting my leg until I wrap it up and around his hip, pulling me wide open for him, dragging his pelvis to mine urgently. He puts my body exactly where he wants it. Leading me. Taking me.

He thrusts into me with one slow, firm, controlled movement and for a heartbeat, the whole world stops.

We stare at each other, our heads leaning against each other, our mouths just a breath apart.

He fills me and consumes me in one movement.

I feel complete with him inside me, on top of me, all over me. How hadn’t I noticed before that something had been missing? But now that he’s here, it feels so right. I exhale at last and sink into this new sensation.

He has waited for this too. For a long while he fought his own desires, squashed his imagination, ignored his thoughts. But now, it’s done. He’s taken the fatal step and there is no putting this genie back in its bottle. But oh fuck, why would you want to? It’s too good to regret. With a low voice his words fill my head. “I want you. You’re mine. We’ve waited too long for this. I’m making you mine, now and I am not letting you go.”

He gives in to his own body and his instincts take over. He pulls his cock almost all the way out of me, then thrusts, smooth and fast, taking exactly what he wants and needs from my body. His pace is relentless and his hands now grasp at my breasts, my throat, my hips, roaming over my body at will. We’ve both imagined this. Wondered what it would be like. In theory. But we neither of us guessed that it might be quite like this. Instinctive, like two parts clicking that were always designed to fit. His need to take me and covert me fits perfectly against my desire to be possessed by him.

I feel helpless in the face of this onslaught of shared desire. I cling to him as he rides me, demanding, overwhelming me. My climax starts to rise yet again. I have no control over my own body or its reactions now. I am pulled along, compliant, claimed, controlled but breathlessly willing.

He can feel my orgasm nearing as my pussy squeezes even tighter around him, my hips thrusting up to meet his. Both my legs are now wrapped güvenilir bahis şirketleri tightly around him, clasping and holding him to me.

“Oh, oh, I’m coming again, I… oh… again” I gasp. He groans and with absolute determination pulls out of me half way, freezing his body above mine. I cry out in frustration, pushing my pelvis up to him. His eyes are tight shut “Don’t move. Please love, don’t move, just hold on for me, just a moment.”

It is the most agonising game of musical statues either of us has ever attempted. “What the fuck?” I gasp softly as my fingers slide around the back of his neck. His skin is hot to the touch, I can feel the dampness of sweat at the top of his back. I love that I’ve done that to him, that I’ve pushed him there. That he thinks I’m worth his exertion.

“I’m not done yet, I don’t want this over yet. But when you come around my cock, I’m not going to be able to hold on, not now. So, I just need a minute.”

“Okay, yep, okay, let’s slow down a little then. You’re right, it’s too good to rush.” I smile a warm and genuine smile at him. I mean it. “We’ve waited four months for this, we can wait another minute.”

Something comes apart inside him. I can see it play across his face. The realisation that this isn’t illicit or dirty or wrong. This is where he is supposed to be, right here, between these glorious thighs with this amazing hair in his hands and this woman smiling at him. He takes a deep breath. He smiles back at me. He hesitates for a second, then…

“I want to see your butt in the air for me.” His instruction hangs in the atmosphere of the quiet room. “You’re right, we’ve waited four months. Imagining this. Wondering about this. Talking about this. I want it, I want all of it, I want you in the all the ways I’ve imagined you.” He slides his cock out of me. “I want to see you bending over the end of this bed and I want to hear you beg for me. Think you can manage that?… No, don’t answer that, I KNOW you can. I think you were made for it.”

He clambers off the bed, taking my hands and pulling me up, towards him and into his arms swiftly. Naked, wet, damp with sweat, we cling to each other. We stare. I’m lost in his eyes. I don’t remember ever feeling this wanted or this controlled before. Its intoxicating. It’s a little terrifying too. Rollercoaster terrifying. The sort of terrifying that has you screaming but instantly coming back for more. Craving that sensation of going higher than you’ve ever gone, hanging off the edge, then dropping into the abyss.

“Get over the end of this bed, right now”

So, I do. I want to. It’s the only thing I want in the whole world. The only thing I can think about. Doing as he tells me. Being where he wants me. I’ve never wanted anything more. Head down, face in the covers, arms stretched out in front of me. Ass in the air, suddenly aware of the air conditioning and the coolness touching me. Feeling vulnerable. Feeling exposed. Feeling his eyes on me. Feeling so turned on that as I move my thighs against each other, the wetness slides out of me, coating me. It feels too good, that slippery relief of touching myself with my own flesh, making my backside wiggle in the gloom of dusk. Standing behind me, admiring that wiggle, he breaks into a full smile. This feels good. Having me where he wants me. Telling me what he wants from me and watching me give it to him on demand. It felt amazing before, in words and pictures. But this? … He has real control. I can give real submission.

He takes my hips in both hands and stills me. Gently roaming over me, stroking me, one hand moves around, slides underneath me and between my legs. With this movement from him, my back automatically arches, pushing my butt towards him in invitation, my legs easing apart a little to accommodate him. “God, you are so wet now. Tell me how turned on you are, tell me how much you want this”

“Please, more than anything, too much. I want this. I want you. I want you to make me yours, like we talked about. I want you to claim me and take me and own me and oh… Oh please”

His hands are between my thighs now, pulling my legs fully apart, forcing me to adjust my stance. One hand clasps up against me firmly, then he pushes three fingers into me in one movement. There’s no pain there this time, just a willingness to open up to him, to take him in. “Oh yes, fuck yes, that’s so good, mmmm” my voice is lost a little in the bed covers.

His legs step between mine, he pushes right up behind me, pinning my thighs and hips to the bed, his cock rubbing over my ass, dripping a little. His other hand moves over the damp patch it leaves on my skin, his thumb playing in the fluid before sliding between my cheeks and up against my tightly puckered hole. My head lifts suddenly “oh my god, what? Now? You know I haven’t…”

“Shhhhh. It’s okay, only my thumb, just a little, just for you to try it. Good girl.”

“mnurghh” I groan and push my face down into the covers blushing furiously.

“Beg me. I know you’re curious, you’ve told me. Now beg me for it, I want to hear you.”

Despite the embarrassment and the shyness, the way my ass is moving against him makes it obvious to both of us that I really, really want this. But my next words still shock him a little.

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