Friends with Benefits

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Her fingers absently brushed the hair back from her face.

She tapped at her keys, trying to think of something new to write.

She was definitely having writers block.

And for some reason, she just couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Their relationship wasn’t what you would call normal.

They were friends, but she had an overwhelming draw towards him.

He made her smile, laugh and sometimes just the way he looked at her made her desire him in ways she knew she shouldn’t.

At 6’1 and 165lbs, he was tall and lean. His smile, one that crept from one side of his face to the other. And his eyes. Oh his eyes. She could get lost in those.

His hands were strong and his attitude confident.

Everything she desired in a man.

Yet why couldn’t she bring herself to tell him how she felt.

Could it be because she had been fantasizing about him?

Dreaming of his lips pressing hers, tongue meeting tongue. Deep and slow kissing. His hands moving up her sides.

“Wendy” a hand rested lightly on her shoulder and she jumped.

“OMG, you scared the hell out of me!” she said in a high pitch.

“I knocked, but there was no answer, so I let myself in, the inside door was open, so I knew you were home. I brought you tea!” he smiled softly at her.

“I was. Writing” she gave a half hearted smile to try to hide the embarrassment of just fantasizing about the man that stood before her. “Thank you for the tea. Gesture noted and you’re forgiven for scaring me half to death.” They laughed.

“Looks to me you were more deep in thought, and the smile that had run across your face, painted a picture of pleasure more than anything. What were you thinking of, or should I say who?” he grinned.

“I uh, Why would you think that?” she could feel her cheeks begin to flush.

“Well, one for your natural defensive nature, and two, that crimson blush, tell me all I need to know.” He held her tea out to her, and pulled up a chair to be seated beside her.

“Let’s see what you have so far.”

He swivelled the laptop towards him and looked at the first paragraph.

“Wendy, as your editor I have to say. You haven’t gotten much work done. What’s going on? We were to have 2 chapters completed to turn into the publishers for consideration by the end of this week. It’s Sunday, and you have 2 paragraphs finished.” he paused “And as your friend, I’ve noticed something bothering you.” She stood and moved across the room, fidgeting with one of the tension balls he had given her.

She sighed. “Alex, your right, I haven’t been focused on my work.” To hell with it she thought he needs to know. “But my focus hasn’t been on work. It’s been on something else. You.”

“Me?” he asked quizzically

“Yes canlı bahis şirketleri you.” She spoke softly and turned towards the big bay window in her office. “Alex, I’ve spent every working moment with you for months. I’ve looked at you and thought I could really get into you.” She wasn’t known for her candour, and this time she had a lot to lose by not being quiet. She went to turn around to talk to him. As she turned to face him, there he stood, in all his glory right before her.

His hand came to rest on her cheek. His thumb brushed softly across her bottom lip as he leaned in to kiss her. Soft and sensual, his other hand, slipping up her hip and across the small of her back, pulling her close. The kiss deepens as her breath caught.

In a moment that seemed to last forever, he pulled back and broke the kiss. “Wendy, I’ve been thinking of you too. Your laugh, you sly little smile when I know that you’re thinking of something devious. Your smell.” He smiled at her.

“My smell?” she laughed “Are you trying to tell me I stink?”

“Far from it, every time I walk through the door I look forward to your scent, it changes every day. From the white citrus body spray, to your Hawaiian ginger.” He held her close.

“Good to know you pay attention to my choice in perfume.” She kissed his chin and rested her head on his chest. “Why didn’t you say something before?” She leaned back and looked at him quizzically with a furrowed brow.

“You shouldn’t look at me like that, it will give you wrinkles.” He kissed her forehead between her eyes. “I didn’t tell you, because at the time I started having these feelings, you were still with that dumbass ex of yours.”

“Aye, that would have been a problem wouldn’t it.” She sighed.

His hands moved from her back and slid slowly up her arms. Cupping her face in his hands once again, he moved in for a kiss. This time, his tongue slowly pushing past her lips. She could feel the flush coming over her. His hands moving once again down her arms, lightly touching her finger tips.

She pressed her body closer to his, feeling his hard cock against her through his jeans.

His mouth moving from her lips, to her ear, tongue flittering over her neck as he kissed along her collar bone.

A soft moan escaped her mouth as she whispered, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

His hands moved under her t-shirt, slipping it over her head. Her modesty showing as she blushed when he stepped back to take her in. Lilac coloured bra, her breasts ample as her chest heaved with each heavy breath. His fingers traced along her shoulders, slipping the straps down and off of her.

As if reading his mind, her hands reached back and undid her bra. Her arm covering canlı kaçak iddaa her beautiful plump breasts.

His fingers, entwined with hers as he pulled her arms outward, bra dropping to the floor.

“You are beautiful.” His hand came up and brushed across her hard nipple. His mouth moving downward, tongue tracing around it before finally sucking it to fully erect. He moved to the other, while his one free hand moved up the back of her thigh, squeezing her ass.

Her fingers ran through his long hair. “OMG Alex.”

Breaking the seal of his sucking of her breast. His hands moved around her hips, fingers dancing lightly across her belly, his mouth moving further down her stomach. He began to undo her jeans. Pushing them to the floor. Standing before him in just her lilac coloured thong.

“Sit down in your chair.” He almost commanded.

She didn’t need to be asked twice. She slipped into her large leather office chair. He approached her, coming in for a deep meaningful kiss. Hands sliding down her thighs, he broke from the kiss and kneeled in front of her.

“I have wanted you like this for so long Wendy.”

He parted her legs, and grasped her hips, moving her into a more suitable position.

His tongue slid from her knee to just around her pelvic area. Teasing her, his fingers brushed lightly along the outside of her pussy, while his mouth teased the other thigh.

Her breath quickened. His warm wet mouth moved over and down her legs. Her pussy began to tingle as she felt him blow lightly over her lips, warming it rather quickly with his tongue. Slowly up her outer lips, coming to rest against her clit. His fingers parted her lips gently, suckling her clit softly into his mouth.

He unbuttoned his jeans, and slid them over his ass as he continued to kneel before her.

He brought his hand up to her warm wet pussy, a finger replacing his tongue on her clit, rubbing slowly and blowing lightly on her.

His other hand came up, and with that he slid one, then two fingers slowly into her tight wet pussy.

It was smooth and soft, and tasted so good. It reminded him of a light honey. He could eat all day.

Her fingers ran softly over his facial features before pushing through his dark locks.

He twirled his tongue slowly over her clit, circling and sucking it. His fingers rushing into her feeling her muscles tighten around his strong hands.

His mouth made a soft humming on her, driving her to near craziness.

“Alex, I’m going to cum!” she moaned through exasperated breaths.

With this, he found it more of an encouragement as he started sucking harder, fingers twisting deeper and with one last push, he curled them into a ‘come hither’ motion, pressing onto her g-spot. canlı kaçak bahis Licking and sucking, he could feel her tighten more, and suddenly with a final squeeze, he could feel her coming all over his fingers and his mouth.

“OMG, Alex, I didn’t realize I was going to cum like that.” She blushed from embarrassment. She had cum so hard that it ‘gushed’ out.

“NO, no need to apologise. It was my pleasure.” He got up from his knees. And stood before her. She was very aware of his long hard cock. Her hands slid slowly up the outer part of his thighs. She began to kiss his stomach, running her tongue lightly down his treasure trail. Hand grasping him gently, her tongue tickled the tip of his cock. Tracing it lightly over his shaft while stroking him gently, she moved to where he was fully engulfed in her mouth. He could feel the length of his rod pushing to the depths of her throat.

Gently he began to thrust his hips. Her mouth as warm and wet as her beautiful pussy. Thinking again of how she tasted his cock twitched a bit in her mouth.

“Wendy, stop.” And he pushed her head back. He cupped his hands around her face, and leaned in for a long, slow kiss.

Leaning onto the arm rests of the chair, he placed himself between her legs, his fingers once again finding their way to her pussy. Rubbing slowly, he made sure she was wet, before sliding his hard throbbing cock to the entrance of her pussy. Looking into her eyes, his fingers found their way to her breasts. Tweaking the nubs in between them, stroking her as he brought his mouth fully over her beautiful nipples.

He pushed slowly into her, her breath catching again. He looked up into her eyes, crushing his mouth onto hers, and pushed himself as far as he could into her.

“I want you to cum with me. I want you to feel how much I’ve wanted to give this to you.”

The strokes came longer now; her hands sliding down his back, nails digging into him. Arching her back, moving her hips in rhythm with him. Her hands coming to rest on his ass, she squeezed his cheeks and pulled him hard into her.

“God I want to cum for you.fuck me harder.”

He kissed her neck, gently nibbling on her, with every thrust he could feel his balls tighten, he wanted to cum in her right now. But he wanted to hold back, he wanted to cum with her, feel her cum all over his cock.

He looked into her eyes, this time pressing his mouth gently against her, his tongue finding hers. His pace slowing, strong slow strokes deep into her.

“Alex, I’m cumming.”

With those words escaping her lips, he came with her, spilling into her hot tight pussy like Niagara Falls.

He kissed her lips again, before standing up, offering his hand to her and pulling her to her feet. His arms wrapping around her and kissing her lightly on the neck.

“So I guess this changes things doesn’t it?” He held her closer.

“No, we’re still friends. But with benefits.” She leaned back and winked at him before kissing him once again.

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