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Sitting himself at the side of Paula at the dinner table, Alan admired her dress. ‘Suits you,’ he said. It was dark blue, with a side opening down the thigh, which revealed a long leg as it swished open, and an open neckline, showing a generous amount of cleavage. ‘I’m surprised John lets you wear it.’ John was Paula’s husband, and well-known jealous one at that. So it had come as a surprise to Alan, when, a few months earlier John had propositioned him for a wife swap. One Alan had not taken seriously, though it had been seriously meant. He knew that John was really smitten by June and would love to fuck her. It also meant that Paula was wanting to go to bed with Alan. She had often teased him, but he hadn’t realized that she was serious. She herself was attractive enough, though not would you would call beautiful. A brunette with large breasts and wide hips. Alan had often speculated on what might be hiding between them. But then, he always speculated what was hidden between any lady’s thighs.

‘Maybe he wants to show me off,’ she smiled. She was already a little tipsy with the sherry and wine.

‘Well, he’s succeeded,’ Alan laughed, laying a hand on her exposed upper thigh. Paula didn’t make any move to push it off, allowing it to gently stroke the skin. In fact, she was enjoying the sensation of Alan’s hand stroking her. No hand other than hers and her husband’s had ever strayed between her rather hairy thighs. Her vulva remained a closely guarded secret between them, but she had often wondered how it would feel to have strange fingers exploring it. Would he be disgusted by all that hair? As a gesture of encouragement, she surprised herself by patting the front of Alan’s trousers, under the screen of the table cloth. What on earth had come over her? She had sex on the brain. Which was usual for Paula. A compulsive masturbator, she hardly ever stopped thinking about it. A problem was that her husband couldn’t satisfy her. During intercourse, she could pretend he had got her to climax to make him feel happy, but her fingers always finished the job on her clitoris.

‘Mm,’ she cooed, ‘that’s feels good!’ She felt a semi-stiff penis luting there.

‘Eat your food!’ Alan laughed. No-one was taking any notice of them. The other guests of Allan and Jill were Rod and Diana, sitting on Alan’s left, with Pru and Harry making up the party of eight. Harry was the only one not involved in the theatrical scene, whilst Diana helped out in the wardrobe department. They had just recently finished a production of ‘The Merry Widow’ with June singing the lead of Hanna, and Rod as the Count. So there was plenty for them to chat and laugh about as the wine bottles emptied.

After toasting in the New Year at the dining table, the couples retired with their drinks to the sitting area, where two settees and an arm chair were grouped round a long coffee table. After kicking off her shoes, Paula made sure that she was with Alan, sitting on his lap after he had lowered himself into the corner of one of the settees. Alan had stimulated her sex drive during dinner, so she was feeling very horny. Her knickers were in a wet state. She put her arm around his neck, kissing his cheek. The smell of his aftershave added to her excitement.

‘This is cosy,’ she murmured. Alan smiled at her, then gave her a light kiss on the lips. ‘Mm, that’s nice,’ she whispered. Glancing at the others, she saw that no-one was taking any notice. Jill was across the room on the other settee, sitting on John’s knees, laughing at something. John was staining hard to look down her top, trying to glimpse her breasts, whilst pretending not to. Paula smiled to herself. John had always been fascinated by Jill’s tits ever since they first met. Beside them, Rod had Pru sitting with him. It was clear that Rod already had his hand in Pru’s top, feeling her tits. He hadn’t wasted any time, she thought. Whilst Diana was with Harry in the arm chair, behaving. Well, Harry wasn’t one to be amorously attentive, she mused. Music was playing quietly on the radio, and the only lighting in the room was a standard lamp in the corner by the heavily-curtained window. A television was in the opposite corner of the window. Ceiling to floor bookshelves filled the alcove beside what had once been a fireplace chimney.

Paula came back to earth, as Alan gave her another light kiss, whispering in her ear. ‘You’re a very sexy lady. You get me all worked up. John must have a very satisfying sex life.’

If only you knew, she thought. Then said, with a smile, ‘It doesn’t take much to get you sexed up,’ wriggling deeper against his chest, putting her hand inside his shirt. It was then she felt Alan’s hand sliding along her inner thigh. She held her breath. Although having often fantasized about Alan making love to her, she was very nervous about having him touch her body, when it came to reality. ‘Do you think you should?’ she whispered, putting her hand on his wrist to deter him, even though she desperately wanted him to explore halkalı escort her whole tingling body.

‘Why not? Of course I want to, and I think you want me to. And you are very warm in there. So?’

But what decided her was glancing over at her husband, wondering if he’d noticed Alan trying to feel her. She saw that he had other things on his mind. Or rather on his penis. Jill had unfastened his flies was in the act of taking out his stiff cock, studying it with interest and lust. To say that Paula was astonished would be an understatement. She knew, of course, that John fancied Jill like mad. They had often imagined having sex with them during their love-making. Indeed, it was the only thing that excited Paula during the act, helping her, with her fingers, to induce an orgasm. It was at college that Paula had first met John. He was her very first and only lover, so she had nothing to compare him with. Paula had two children, but after all these years, sex with her husband had become a habit. It was Paula who had first suggested a wife-swap as though in jest, but, to her surprise, John had gone ahead to propose it. She was disappointed to learn that Alan hadn’t taken it seriously.

Whilst Paula was taking in what Jill was doing to her husband, she hadn’t really noticed Alan unbuttoning her top to expose the large breasts. That is until his lips latched onto her right nipple. The effect was startling. Her belly lurched. The nipple swelled hard. Paula having removed her restraining hand on his wrist, Alan had resumed stroking her inner thighs, to which she reacted without conscious thought, by slightly parting them for him. Her mind was in turmoil, unable to fully grasp what was going on between them. All she knew was she seriously wanted Alan’s fingers to grope her. And he obviously wanted to do the same. But a lifetime of restraint was not easy to ignore.

Paula’s reaction wasn’t lost on Alan. He slowly pushed his fingers the last couple of inches to reach the gusset of her knickers. Very warm, wet and twitching. Interesting! Alan felt Paula gasp and hold her breath, pressing herself closer to his chest, as his fingers eased their way through the side of the knickers to search for her secret place. Slowly, his two middle fingers sought their way between the labia into her private valley of delight. This was always an delightful moment for Alan, exploring the vulva of a new woman. He regarded it as a supreme privilege to grope her most precious place. He was interested to note the differences. This one was already dripping with her precious juices. Paula was trembling and gasping, moaning in his ear ‘Oh God!’ Alan wasn’t to know that his were the first strange fingers to reach that special treasure chest, giving the lady the thrill of her life. His finger tips searched the vestibule of her vulva, the pads feeling the contours of the soft petals of flesh surrounding the opening to her private passage, until a finger finally penetrated the holiest of holy openings. So slippery and warm. Fuck-ready, he thought. He was enchanted by her hairy genitals. Superb! Yes, she wanted cock.

That did it! The touch of Alan’s fingers removed all her misgivings. It was a life-changing moment for Paula, the sensation of other fingers searching the most secret and treasured part of her body. Feeling fingers searching her vulva and vagina was like a release from bondage, making her want to cry out that she was free. After all these years of single occupancy with a man who she really felt was boring. In a flash of self discovery, throwing caution to the winds, Paula unhooked the waistband of Alan’s trousers, unzipping the flies. She delved her hand eagerly into the opening of the boxer shorts. And there it was! Oh my God, she thought. What a fantastic dick! She pulled it out. Hard and big – well, bigger than John’s – and thicker. She handled it with what could only be described as admiration and worship. It was beautiful. Smooth and hard. Looking down, she watched the head emerge as she slowly eased the foreskin down over the shaft. Astonishing! Absolutely beautiful, was her conclusion. She began to realize what she’d been missing in twenty-two years of marriage.

Whilst lost in admiration for the most wonderful thing nature had ever made, she was hardly aware of Alan’s fingers drawing her knickers over her thighs. Without thinking, she eased her bottom a little so that the well-stained underwear could be slid over her thighs, knees and ankles. Lifting her dress waist high, he could now gaze at the mass of hair on her groin. There was no further obstacle to Alan’s hand, now busily exploring it, fingering the wetness of her vulva and stimulating the clitoris. He looked down full of curiosity. The labia were swollen and very large. The outer labia were unable to keep then inner ones tucked away. They hung low from the vulva. Ravishing! Paula felt rather ashamed of their size, but right now was trembling with uncontrollable taksim escort lust. She dragged Alan’s trousers over his hips, exposing the full glory of his erect penis, throbbing with desire, rising from a patch of pale brown hair. Heaving her body over Alan’s lap, Paula eagerly sought the stiff cock with her right hand. He slid down to the edge of the settee to allow Paula better access to his manhood, to present the head of his cock to her dripping, anxious vagina.

There was no holding back now. It was with a feeling of utter bliss and release that Paula felt the cock slowly penetrate her passage to paradise. God! Unimaginable! A feeling Alan shared. Taking a deep breath, she held on to it until the cock had reached the fullest extent of its length. A huge sigh of relief, released the breath as she felt Alan begin to slide his cock in and out. Long slow strokes filled her clutching vagina. She had never known such bliss. Eyes closed, breathing deeply, she wallowed in the delight of being fucked by a man other than her husband. Feeling her vaginal muscles gripping the shaft as it delighted the walls. Time stood still for her. She was aware of a series of fluttering spasms in her belly. Alan increased the pace of the fucking, picking up the rhythm. Paula began to heave up and down to meet his strokes, until they began to falter. Please don’t let this end, she prayed. But, alas, she knew it was coming. Oh my god, she thought, he’s going to cum inside me. Oh joy!

Alan was thrilled and proud, in having his penis penetrate yet another vagina. With utter pleasure, he met the thrusts of Paula on it, matching her rhythm. The silky texture of the vagina stimulated the erogenous tissue, whilst the head engaged with the cervix. It was not easy to avoid a quick ejaculation, but Alan was good at holding back as long as possible, trying to time it to coincide with his partner’s orgasm. As soon as he felt Paula’s gasping getting more irregular, he guessed she was coming to the climax. He renewed his efforts.

And as Alan’s cock exploded into Paula’s vagina, with eight powerful spasms, Paula experienced the most thrilling and intense orgasms of her entire life. The contractions just kept coming and coming, one on top of the other for what seemed an eternity. She was in agonizing ecstasy. She wasn’t aware of her gasping ‘Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh bloody hell!’ This, she thought, is what sex should always be like.

But, alas, it never would again. Just a memory to masturbate to.


Jill always had an insatiable fascination for cocks. Having a brother two years her senior, she had been familiar with the essential part of the male anatomy for as long as she could remember. She had watched him play with it, not thinking it anything special at the time, but fascinated by the way it swelled and grew stiff and hard.

She often thought of the time she had joined the local Gilbert and Sullivan Society. That was her first experience with playing with a cock herself. One of the older members offered to give her a lift in his car to rehearsals. Having got to know him better, he said he would get her a solo part in the next show if she was kind to him. Being kind, she discovered, had meant playing with his erect penis, rubbing it up and down until it ejaculated in her hand. She had been nervous at first, since this was the very first cock she had felt. Her first experience of sperm, which she found strangely arousing. She began to enjoy playing with it, tossing it off. To her surprise, he never tried to feel her, or even kiss her. She was glad, because he was quite ugly.

They rehearsed twice a week and Sunday afternoons. So Jill soon got to know every wrinkle of this guy’s cock. It was about five inches, fairly thick, and heavily veined. Whilst enjoying studying the cock at close quarters, playing with it, the occasion came when she felt her head being pressed down towards the head of the cock. To her surprise, Jill found herself opening her mouth to take it in. That was an astonishing moment, that would change her sex life forever! The sensation of a cock in her mouth was an unexpected thrill. She explored the shaft with her tongue and lips. Enthralling! And when he came, filling her mouth with several spurts of warm sperm, it was a most erotic sensation. She found the taste of sperm exciting and amazing! She became a slave of the cock! Any new boyfriend would always enjoy having his penis sucked by this beautiful lady. Of course, she didn’t get the part in the show he had promised, but Jill did get an appetite for cock. She was rather surprised at eighteen, that she had waited so long to sample one.

There had been many cocks since those days. With some surprise, and absolute delight, Jill discovered that no two cocks were quite the same. Ever since her first fuck in the back of a car with her first leading man, each encounter with a cock was a new thrilling discovery for Jill. And not only leading men. Managers and bosses all şişli escort had their sexual encounters with the beautiful, elegant lady. She loved it. They loved it as well! Meeting Alan had put a stop to all that. Well, not quite, but mostly. She remembered him first feeling her vulva. It was on their second lunch date in his car on the moors. She had played with his cock and sucked it until it exploded. She herself had a very intense orgasm. After that, they fell in love!

When Alan’s business moved him to the area some three or four years earlier, a friend had introduced them to the local drama club. They were soon deeply involved in drama and musicals, meeting many new friend in the process. Pru was to become a close friend of Jill’s, whilst Rod had made it clear from the start that he fancied her! John was an official of the club. He was something of a pompous guy, being well known among the ladies for his voyeur tendencies.

All the men fancied Jill. Well, she was a very attractive 5’5″ beautiful brunette with a wonderful figure, and soft full lips always ready to give a sparkling smile. Jill enjoyed going out without wearing her bra, watching the men ogle her nipples. She had excellent, firm 34B breasts, with slightly upturned nipples, shapely thighs and a well rounded bottom. In all, Jill was a lovely, elegant, sophisticated lady. But she was a tease as well, giving the impression that she might be available to the right offer at the right moment. She only succumbed once, with Rod, one warm summer’s night in the club car park, after a party. Alan was away on business, but at the time, Jill had no intention of sharing sex with Rod. However, one thing led to another. An exciting escapade, during which she enjoyed paying hostess to his seven inches of hard cock. With a bend in it. Very nice! Jill just couldn’t refuse to allow it to penetrate her soaking wet pussy.

For the dinner, Jill wore a cotton three-quarter plain purple gown, with shoulder straps and rear zip fastening, without a bra of course. Sitting beside John, he would lean over to say something funny in her left ear, but Jill knew what John was up to. She dutifully laughed, twisting her head round to look at him, knowing that her dress would fall open sufficiently for her right nipple to be visible to John, peering down her cleavage. The thought of him getting a thrill from looking at her nipple gave her a bit of a kick. His erection would be pressing against his flies. She couldn’t resist looking down for a quick look. Yes! She looked at him and smiled. Yes! She decided she would tease him tonight.

True to form, John stood after the meal, calling the others to attention. He was going to propose a toast. Giving speeches was something he enjoyed. It gave him a sense of importance. In spite of Rods pleas to keep it short, he spoke for some four or five minutes before raising his glass and proposing a toast to ‘Friends and the New Year.’ the others dutifully repeated the toast.

Afterwards, they moved into the sitting area, where Paula and Alan had already bagged the corner of one of the settees. Jill lead John to the other settee for him to sit, with her on his lap. Putting their port glasses on the table, she undid his tie. ‘Aren’t you too hot in this?’ she murmured.

‘Yes, I am.’ He was similarly murmuring against her ear. ‘But it’s not only the heat making me hot.’ She gave him a brief kiss on the cheek.

‘Don’t be naughty! Anyway, John, I think you’re more of a tit man, aren’t you? Alan is a bum man. Loves to fondle ladies bottoms. The shapelier the better. You’re ogling my tits now!’

‘Why not? Your tits are really superb. In good shape.

‘But Paula has lovely big tits for you, darling. More than mine.’

‘Yes, but not as firm and shapely. You are a bit of a tease, you know, Jill, showing them off like that. What red-blooded man can keep his eyes off you in that dress?’

‘I know. That’s the idea. I enjoy turning men on. I saw you trying to undress me with your eyes all through dinner.’ She smiled at him again. ‘I wonder what you would say if I kept looking at your crotch, trying to judge the size and shape of it’s contents?’

‘I’d be flattered,’ he laughed. Jill gazed at the front of his trousers for a few moments before curiosity overcame her, placing her palm over the front. ‘But I didn’t realize you meant it!’

‘Hey, man! You’ve a got a real stiffy there.’ There was a distinct bulge in his trousers. She gave his cock a quick squeeze through the fabric. John looked at her in some surprise and embarrassment. Had he been drinking at that moment, he would have spluttered into it.

‘Well, I have a surprise for you John. A very special surprise. To make your day for you.’ As she spoke, she reached behind her back to unzip the fastening of her dress. She pushed the strap from right shoulder over her upper arm, to reveal her breast. John’s eyes almost popped out of his head as the nipple became visible, attractively lit by the standard lamp. ‘There,’ she said.

‘Bloody hell,’ was all John could think of saying at that moment, his eyes almost popping out of his head. Then, whispering to her ‘They’re gorgeous!’ He was enjoying what most male friends were dying to see. Jill’s perfect tits. He had only ever seen those of Paula before, other than in nude pictures.

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