Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 17

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Stephanie was tired. She had just finished ironing a whole stack of clothes and had put them away.

As she pulled out the remaining stack of clothes from the ironing basket, she found some old underwear, obviously her father-in-laws as well as two pairs of granny panties. Sighing again, she made her way to her parent-in-laws bedroom.

“May as well put these away too.” She thought to herself.

She opened the chest of drawers and placed the underwear in it then she opened the next drawer to place the panties inside. The drawer was in a mess with the panties all over the place. Stephanie started to take some out and fold them.

“Oh my!” Stephanie exclaimed to herself as she fished out a lace g-string. It was bright red and rather large. She couldn’t quite picture her mother-in-law wearing such a thing but the fact that there was even a pair of sexy panties in the drawer was quite astonishing to her. Her interest piqued, she started rummaging inside.

She gasped as her fingers found a hard, rubbery object. Pulling it out she saw that it was a huge rubber cock! It was easily 10″s long and thick. It had rubbery veins running along the shaft as well. She felt a mix of disgust and excitement as she realized that her mother-in-law probably used it.

“Well, well!” she suddenly heard her mother-in-law say. “We have a little snooper do we?”

“I..I.. I was just putting away some clothes.” Steph mumbled as her gaze shifted between the large schlong and the drawers. She heard laughter and saw Matthew standing in the doorway.

“Looks like she found you out!” he laughed. “Question is, what do we do about it now?”

Matthew walked menacingly toward Steph and grabbed the dildo from her. He eyed her over and then grabbed the front of her dress and tore it off her. Steph instinctly covered her bra and panties with her hands.

“Stop!” She cried. “Stop or I’ll tell Lillian”

“Tell me what?” her mother-in-law said. “Tell me that Matthew has been fucking your filthy cunt? Tell me that Matthew smells your stinky panties while I suck him? Tell Lillian what exactly?”

Steph hung her head almost in defeat.

Lillian’s voice took on a more gentle tone. “Its okay honey. There’s no need to be shy. We are after all family.”

She walked over to Stephanie as if to give her a hug. “Although I must say those bra and panties of yours are quite ugly.” Her hand moved to Stephs pussy mound and slowly rubbed it. She knelt down and hooking her hands into the waistband of Stephs panties. She pulled them down and off her.

“Your pubes are such a mess” Lillian said admonishingly. Her hands went to Stephanie’s mound and rubbed against the slit before dipping two fingers inside. Steph bit her lip. Her mother-in-law started walking, pulling Steph by her fingers in her cunt. “Come now, get on the bed!”

Steph slowly made her way to the bed, led on by the fingers in her cunt. Lillian released her fingers from inside Stephanie and pushed her on to the bed. Matthew laughed as Lillian passed him Steph’s panties and took the dildo from him. She walked over to Steph and pulled of her housecoat, baring her own body.

Lillian was not a very attractive woman. She had a rather stern face and she had let her body go over the years. Her breasts were big and held up by a large bra. The panties she wore were high waisted, what one would call granny panties. She peeled off her underwear and her breasts sagged as she took off her bra. Her pussy was neatly shaved though and she threw her panties to Matthew. “I know you don’t like these as much now.” She said almost ruefully. “Hell, you hardly even get hard without her panties on your face now.”

Steph looked across at Matthew who had undressed and was sporting an erection. The size of his cock never failed to impress Steph and get her juices flowing. diyarbakır escort It was still smaller than the dildo thought, especially in terms of its girth. The dildo was fucking huge!

Lillian climbed on to the bed and pulled down Stephs bra roughly. She pinched Stephs nipples, causing her to groan. She looked over at Matthew and asked very sweetly. “You wanna fuck her? Or you think I should?”

Matthew laughed. “Let her feel your toy!”

Lillian turned herself so that her ass was straddling Stephs face. She placed the bulbous head of the dildo against Steph’s pussy and without warning plunged it deep into her.

“Aaarrrghhh” Steph cried out. “It’s too big. Take it ou…”

Her cries were silenced as Lillian placed her pussy on Stephs mouth. “Lick me bitch”

Steph could smell Lillian’s stinky pussy grinding on her mouth. It reaked of a mix of urine as well as an almost pungent odour. She remembered how Matthew had forced her to sniff her mother-in-laws panties before as he fucked her and she remembered the smell.

“Go on! Lick me. Lick my pussy!” Lillian said as she ground her pussy on Stephs mouth.

Steph stuck out her tongue and licked along her mother in laws gash. It was almost dry with just a hint of moisture. Lillian moaned and ground her hips harder onto Stephs mouth. Her pussy started lubricating and Steph could taste her juices. Steph licked harder as she suddenly felt the dildo starting to move inside her. It was stretching her out but her body was starting to respond. She bucked her hips against the dildo as she got into the rhythm of sucking Lillian.

Steph nibbled on Lillian’s clit and Lillian moaned. The dildo in Steph’s cunt was worked harder and harder by Matthew and Steph felt an orgasm building inside of her. She was going to cum!

She thrust harder against the dildo and frantically licked at Lillian’s cunt. “yes! Yes!” Lillian cried out as her hips shook and she ground her pussy hard against Steph’s pussy. Lillian squeezed her thighs around Steph’s head and threw her head back. Her body shook as she orgasmed.

“That was quick!” Matthew said, laughing. “Quickest I’ve seen you cum!”

“You haven’t fucked me in a while” Lillian spat out. “I needed this.” Lillian got off Steph as Matthew made his way to the bed. He pushed his cock into Steph’s face. “Suck it. My turn now.” He said roughly.

Steph turned her head toward Matthew and moved her lips toward his cock. She started sucking on it slowly. She could feel the dildo stuck in her pussy and she wished that someone would move it in and out of her.

Her wish was granted as Lillian started to slowly fuck the huge dildo in and out of her. Steph sighed around Mathews cock. The dildo still hurt as it stretched her out but it was almost a good pain. As she started getting into the rhythm of sucking Matthews cock he suddenly pulled out of her.

“Get on your fours missy” Matthew said as he tapped on her ass. Steph rolled over and got on to her knees.

“Why don’t you fuck her ass!” Lillian said.

Steph was filled with foreboding. She had only ever taken Dave’s cock in her ass before as well as Brenda’s strap-on. That had been such a long time ago. She also knew that Matthew was so much bigger.

“N-no. Please no.” Steph pleaded. Matthew laughed and placed the head of his cock against her tight bung hole. He pressed forward slowly.

“Y-you’re too big! Please! Please no!” Steph pleaded again.

“Wait. Wait.” Lillian said. “I gotta go pee and I wanna watch. Lillian disappeared and Steph could hear her fidgeting about in the toilet.

Lillian came back into the room and went over to Steph’s head. “Let’s shut this bitch up.” She laughed. She grabbed hold of Steph’s face and squeezed, forcing Steph to open her mouth. She stuffed Stephs mouth with her panties.

Steph düzce escort groaned, mortified, as she realized that Lillian’s panties were soaking wet.

“There you go! Suck on my pee soaked panties!” Lillian laughed.

Steph felt almost sick to her stomach as she tasted the pungent piss of her mother-in-law. Just then she felt Matthew press hard against her sphincter and his cock rammed into her.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!!” she screamed into the pee soaked panties. Steph bit down on the panties, squeezing some of the piss out of it making her taste more of it. She swallowed and felt it almost burn down her throat. Her ass was aflame too as Matthew’s cock was buried inside of it.

The dildo in her cunt pressed tightly against the cock buried in her ass, making both her holes feel stuffed. Steph tried to relax her ass to accommodate Matthews cock just as Lillian started to tweak her nipples. She felt Matthew grip her hips and slowly start to fuck in and out of her. He asshole still hurt but her body was slowly responding.

“She’s got such a tight ass, Lillian.” Matthew said. “I should have fucked this a long time ago.”

Steph bent her head downwards and raised her ass. She sucked harder on the pee soaked panties in her mouth and suddenly felt a wave on wanton kinkiness wash over her.

“Oh my god!” She thought to herself. “sucking on pee panties is actually turning me on!”

Steph felt her pussy start to twitch at this realization and the all too familiar stirring her in loins and the fluttering in her stomach.

She sucked even harder on the panties, drawing out more pee and greedily tasting it. The cock pistoning in her ass was feeling so good now and sending spasms through her. Steph lifted her hand to her mouth and pulled the panties out. She turned her head to face Matthew.

“Oh god! Yes! Yes! Fuck my shitter. Fuck my pussy! Oh God just fuck me…!” She cried.

Without being told, she put the panties back in her mouth and groaned around them, sucking harder.

“She loves sucking my piss panties!” Lillian said as she looked at her almost in admiration. She moved behind Steph and started to move the dildo in and out of her. She timed is to that when Matthew withdrew his cock, she plunged the dildo roughly into Steph. Matthew and Lillian soon worked out a rhythm.

Steph moaned loudly against the panties, she felt an orgasm building within her and she knew she was going to come hard. Both cocks were fucking into her deep and hard and she pushed back at them.

“Unnnh…Unhhh.. Unnhh.. Ooohhhh” She cried out. She gripped the sheets as her body started to tremble and shake uncontrollably

“Aaaaagghhhh” She cried out, her cries muffled. She bucked against the two cocks plowing into her. Her body shook and shook and then she collapsed forward onto the bed. She noticed that Matthew had stopped fucking her and was lightly stroking her ass cheeks. She could still feel his hardness in her.

As her orgasm subsided she felt Matthew slowly pull out of her. Then the dildo was pulled out too. Steph still lay forward, her head buried in the sheets, her eyes closed. Her pussy and ass felt empty now but she was a little thankful for the respite.

She felt Matthew tap her on the shoulders. “Roll over girlie” he said.

Steph opened her eyes and pulled herself up. She turned over and lay face up. She looked to the side and Matthews cock was waving in her face.

“I haven’t cum yet. You have a choice. Your mouth or your cunt?” Matthew said.

For some reason, as soon as she heard the word cunt, her pussy started to tingle again.

“Fuck me. Fuck my cunt” Steph cried out.

Matthew pulled her roughly to the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs and pulled her so her ass was just at the edge of the bed. He positioned his cock edirne escort against her moist pussy and slowly fucked into her.

Steph hissed as she felt the cock slide into her. She was already stretched out by the big dildo but the warmth of Matthews cock felt so good. She closed her eyes as Matthew slowly fucked into her. Just then she felt a pressure on the bed and Lillian had climbed on. Lillian threw her legs over Stephs head and started to grind her pussy against her mouth, just like she had done earlier.

Steph lapped happily at her mother-in-laws pussy this time, licking deep inside and fully tasting her. She could taste the piss coating the lips and she felt that same thrill as when she had suck the pee soaked panties.

Matthew worked his cock in and out of her, feeding her the full length of his meat and then pulling out. He fucked her slowly, relishing her tight wetness. Steph timed the strokes of his cock in her pussy with her tongue working on her mother-in-laws cunt. She gave the cunt long lapping upward strokes as the cock moved inside her and then downward strokes as it pulled out of her. She heard Lillian sigh softly and again she felt a tremor of lust course through her.

Matthew started fucking faster now and Steph thrust her hips against him, willing him deeper into her. She lost focus on the pussy on her face and just licked and gasped as the cock fucked into her.

Lillian suddenly moved a little forward and pulled her own ass cheeks apart. “Lick my ass bitch. Stick your tongue in my shithole!” Steph slowly licked the rosebud of her mother in laws anus. It tasted dirty and musty. “Harder you bitch. Lick it good!”

Steph pressed her mouth hard against Lillians ass and worked her tongue in and out of her asshole. “Ooooh yesss…yesss…”

“Oooohh…Yesss…harder! Gonna make me cum…Oh Goddd… yessssss” Lillian cried out. Her thighs clamped against Stephanies face and she worked her hips up and down as her body shook. As Lillian came on Stephs mouth. Steph could feel her own pussy starting to spasm. Her body tensed and she shook as she came hard.

“Uunnnnhhh aaarddhhhh” She screamed out, pulling her mouth away so she could breathe. Her own cunt was twitching and spasming as Mathew was practically hammering away into her pussy.

“Uunnnh… yeahh… yeahh… Oh Girlie! Girlie!! You’re so good.” Mathew cried out as he thrust hard into her and buried his cock deep inside her. “Aaaahhh Cumming!” His cock spat out its hot cum deep into Stephs cervix.

“Cum darling! Cum in this slut that we have!” Lillian cried out as she lifted her pussy away from Stephs face. Steph could see the wet folds of her mother-in-laws cunt hovering over her face as her body continued to spasm and tremble.

She felt Matthews cock deflate inside her and slowly withdraw. She felt his hot cream slowly drip out of her pussy and down her ass crevice. Her breathing was short and quick and she stared up in horniness at Lillian’s fat pussy.

“Go on!” She heard Matthew say. “You know you want to.”

Lillian laughed and adjusted herself a little over Steph’s face. She pressed down again on Steph’s face and then sighed and released her bladder. Steph tried to turn away but the cunt was jammed on her mouth. She felt the hot, putrid liquid shooting into her mouth as the sound of pissing filled her ears. She couldn’t keep most of the liquid in but tried to swallow as much as she could. Her face and neck were covered in piss and her throat burned with the taste.

Still, it triggered another small orgasm in her and she drank it down greedily. She was surprised at how she reacted to this kinkiness or was it a fetish.

Lillian got off and both Mathew and her laughed, looking at Steph lying in a pool of pee and sexually gratified. Lillian petted Stephs pussy and rubbed some of the cum into her skin.

“Now clean up this mess slut. You’re lucky there’s a rubber layer under the bedsheet. We older people do have accidents sometimes.”

Stephanie was left lying in the mess alone as the sound of laughter slowly receded from the room…

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