Fur Wrapped Present Pt. 02

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MaryAnn wasn’t sure when the morning arrived. Without the ability to see or hear, it was her best guess as to the time. The night was full of sleeping then waking then sleeping again, an endless cycle. When she felt the woman behind her stir, she figured it must be morning. Good, she thought to herself. I can finally get out of this outfit and get out of here.

Behind her, lay Princess Amanda, who had just begun waking up from one of the most restful nights she had had in a long time. “Oh Kitten,” she sighed with a yawn and a stretch, “what a wonderful night. I’m sure you wish you could stretch out like me. I’m sure it would be more comfortable. But, your comfort is immaterial now. All that matters is my comfort, and now, you are exactly how I like you, cocooned in fur and immobile.

The door creaked open, and a head popped in. “Good morning sleepy head,” said Amanda’s mother in a cheery almost sing-songy voice.

“Morning!” Replied Amanda as Millie entered the room carrying a tray piled high with an assortment of breakfast goodies.

“How is my newly minted 26-year-old?”


“Well, she can always be better. I made breakfast.”

“Oo, thank you,” Amanda said as her mother placed the breakfast-in-bed tray over her legs and the fox fur bedspread. Millie walked over to the otherside of the bed and peeled open the bed curtains revealing the squirming mass of fur that was MaryAnn, now referred to as ‘Kitten’.

“How was she?” Asked Millie, stroking the squirming mass.

“Wonderful. Simply amazing.”

“Good. When I saw her walking on the street, I simply knew I needed to bring her here for you.”

“Was she suspicious?”

“Not at all. It’s like her parents never taught her about stranger danger or something. Have you come up with a name yet?”


“Ah. a beautiful name, and have you unwrapped KItten yet?”

“Mother?! You of all people should know that toys lose their value when opened. So no, I plan to keep her cocooned MOST of the time.”

“That’s my girl. You enjoy your breakfast, and let me know when you’re done.”

“Will do.” As soon as the door closed behind Millie, Amanda reached over and pulled the fox-hood off of MaryAnn’s head.

“Good morning Kitten.” MaryAnn looked taken aback, her eyes, wide and hesitant. “You may speak.”


“Am I?” MaryAnn nodded. “I am Amanda, but you are to refer to me as ‘Princess, Your Majesty, or Your Highness’. I am the woman who brought you here’s daughter. Yesterday was my birthday, and you, my lovely fur-mummy, were the gift.”

“What does that mean?”

“To whom are you asking?”


“And who am I?”


“Good. Now put those two things together, ‘What does that mean…prin…?”

“What does that mean… Princess?”

“Well, right now it means that you’re gonna be my furry little bed warmer, wrapped in a special fur straitjacket immobilized for my pleasure.

“Princess, why are you doing this? Please, let me go.”

“Oh, but you know I can’t do that.”

“Please, I have a family.”

“That’s a broken rule. One more and I’ll be forced to put the hood back on.”

“Your highness please.Think of my family.”

“HA! Think of your family? The Kartal escort peasants. People like you were put on earth to serve people like moi, goddesses blessed with beauty and wealth. You should feel blessed to be chosen.”

“Why are you doing this, Princess? What do you get out of this? If you want me to serve you Your Majesty, let me out.”

“Haha. Nice try. You are serving me. Right now. You see, out of this, I get to experience the sublime knowledge that you exist, buried in bondage, helpless to do anything about it. You exist for no other purpose than to be bound, in fur, for my pleasure.”

“How could you do this?”

“You simply cannot learn that first rule can you? Ah well, we’ll try later,” Amanda said, forcing the hood back onto the girl’s head, “you’ll get it soon. I’m sure.”

“MMMHMM!” The hooded mummy cried.

Ding ding ding. Amanda rang the breakfast bell telling her mother she was finished eating.

Her mother entered the room with a pace and took away the tray.

“Finished with breakfast my love?”


“Did you feed your slave?”

“Kitten is struggling to learn the rules, so she will not be eating yet.”

“Ah. I see. More training is needed. She will learn eventually.”

“I’ll make sure of it.”

“What are your plans for the day?”

“Training. She WILL learn the rules of being a fur goddess’s slave.”

“Get dressed and come downstairs when you are done.” Millie-Kay left the room again, taking with her the breakfast tray and remaining food.

“Alright,” she told the mummified slave, “I’ve gotta go downstairs.” She slid off the bed and then pulled the fox bedspread back into place, making sure to fully cover her slave. Pulling on her fur coat and heading towards the door, she made her way downstairs where her mother was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“The maid is coming today.” said Millie, not even taking her eyes off the TV. “We aren’t going to hide Kitten though. I just wanted to tell you that. Jacinda won’t say anything. If she wants to keep her job.”

“You don’t think she’ll say anything?”

“No. We’ll tell her beforehand though. So she isn’t surprised.”

“Ok Mother.”

Jacinda had been the women’s maid for years. Cleaning for them every saturday. A 1,000 dollar a month retainer, so that she always was available saturday. When she came to the door she was carrying all the cleaning supplies that she needed to clean the house, including a french maid costume that her boss ordered she wear. The woman entered the house as she always did, but Ms. Millie was not there to greet her. A hastily written letter told her to meet her boss in the kitchenette. Walking deeper into the house, the maid couldn’t help but feel something was off. In the kitchenette, Millie was waiting, in her usual attire, a t-shirt and jeans. Amanda standing next to her was in a thick and fluffy fox coat, tightly wrapping it around her as if trying to keep it from opening. “Here Jacinda,” said Millie, being more curt than usual.

“Hello Miss.,” said Jacinda, polite as ever.

“Hi. Now Jacinda, how long have you worked for us?”

“A few years.”

“And we have always been good to you, yes?”

“Oh yes. Always.”

“So there would Kurtköy Escort be no reason for you to say, “call the authorities” on us would there?”

“Oh no miss. Never.”

“As you know, we are… domineering women. We like it when people know their place and are put there. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”

“It was my birthday yesterday; and my mother got me the most wonderful gift.” Amanda chimed in. “A slave. She’s upstairs right now, mummified and tucked away, unable to do anything but contemplate her new position in life. When you clean my room, just ignore her.That should be easy enough, she’s completely mummified, not an inch of skin visible.”

“We, my daughter and I, just wanted to tell you so you were not shocked. Also, up on the nightstand, there’s an envelope. 10,000 dollars inside. It’s your’s, just keep what we just told you a secret. Yes?”

Jacinda stood in stunned silence. “Do we have an agreement?” asked Amanda.

“Ye…yes. Yes Miss Amanda.”


Jacinda began cleaning the house, her head still reeling from what she just heard. A slave? Who? How? It didn’t matter now. Ten thousand dollars was a lot of money, and she wasn’t about to lose this job.

Three hours passed and the three women had gone about their normal day. Millie-Kay answered e-mails from her cushy corporate job, Amanda updated her social on whatever vapid topic took her interest that day. #SavetheFieldMice or whatever. Jacinda on the other hand continued to clean the house, saving Amanda’s room for last. She still had so many questions and hoped that cleaning the girl’s room would help her answer them. Amanda’s room was dark, the lights turned down, and the room set to a cool 5 c. It was also quiet, the only thing out of place being the furry bulge on the bed, the bulge raising and lowering with each breath. Jacinda walked over to the bed and placed her hand on the bulge. “EEP” she heard a muffled squeak as the bulge tensed up beneath the furs. Jacinda walked up to the top of the bed, and grabbed the hood with both hands and pulled it off. The fur mummy looked at Jacinda in shock, as if she was expecting someone else. “Help me.” mouthed the bound girl. “Please,” she whispered. “These crazy women kidnapped me and tied me up in this fur setup. Please don’t leave.” Jacinda looked at the girl, and then looked at the money on the nightstand. The girl was no older than her own daughter, barely even an adult. She thought about her own daughter in this predicament, and how she would feel. Then she thought about the ten thousand dollars. It would help out a lot, getting debts paid and even having savings for once. It wasn’t even really a choice.

“I’m sorry,” Jacinda said as she pulled the hood back on. She finished cleaning as fast as she could, and then took the money left for her and left the house.

Minutes later Amanda strode into the room and removed the hood again. She pulled the fox blanket off this time however. Mary Ann dared not speak, fearing another broken rule would send her back into furry darkness.

“Are you hungry?” asked Amanda.

“Yes Princess.” Said MaryAnn timidly.

“Well, I have some nummy nummy for my widdle mummy,” responded Amanda as she produced a Pendik Escort baby bottle from inside the sleeve of her fur coat. “Here we go.” Amanda sat down on the bed, holding the bottle as MaryAnn began to suckle.”Oh yeah, that’s a good Kitten. Good girl, eat up.”

MaryAnn suckled aggressively at the nipple. It was the first time she had anything to eat or drink since being mummified. “Mmmmm,” MaryAnn vocalized while suckleing.The bottle was quickly emptied.

“All done!” said Amanda. Removing the bottle and placing it on the bedside table. “You know, you’ve been in that cocoon a long time. How would you like to go to the bathroom?”

“Please Princess.”

“Ok.” Amanda slowly worked her way down the cocoon to the waist, unlocking the hobble dress from the straitjacket. Cool air rushed MaryAnn’s legs and ass as Amanda removed the hobble dress. It was the first time in hours she had felt the air, it tingled up and down her bare legs and ass. “I’m not going to take off the top just yet. I wouldn’t want you getting any ideas.” Amanda pulled her slave off the bed and onto her feet. “Come.” The bathroom was down the hall between the spare bedroom, and the fur closet, it was a gaudy looking thing, with huge vanities, and gold leaf trim. “Alright, sit sit.” Kitten did as she was bid, after being cocooned in the fur for so long, the porcelain toilet seat bit into her bottom with cold. Pee trickled out immediately. It felt good to release herself. Princess Amanda waited until the pee had stopped flowing before asking, “finished”?

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Mistress? That isn’t one of the approved titles. Ah well, I’ll have to punish you later then. But first, We need to wipe you off.” Amanda tore some toilet paper off and folded it in her hands. “Here, let me get that,” she said softly running the toilet paper along the clit and labia to the urethra. After wiping her off, she dropped the toilet paper in the bowl and lifted her off the seat. “Now, let me see those beautiful lips of yours. Oh so beautiful, and all for me.” She began stroking the clit. “Yes, oh there you go. That’s right, that feels good right? You like it when your Princess does that?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” She dare not answer anything else.

Amanda’s fingers soon moved on, and penetrated her slave. *GASP. Kitten clenched at the surprise. *Smack the palm was hard and fast against Kitten’s cheeks.

“How dare you! How dare you clench on your Princess. That’s it, you’re going to be punished for that! With me now.” Amanda hauled her slave out of the bathroom down the hall and back to her bedroom.

“Please, your highness please. I’m sorry.”

“Too late for that.” Amanda said, as she pushed her slave onto the silk bed. She flipped the girl over and began smacking her bare bottom. Bad girl! Bad girl! You are gonna be re-mummified and you are gonna think about what you did, while I think up a suitable punishment for you. Don’t you dare move an inch, or make a sound, otherwise, the punishment will go even worse for you. I want you in silent furry penance” As Amanda began to mummify her slave again, her head was swirling with punishment ideas. The thick fox-spead was once again pulled over her mummified form, though this time, Amanda placed quarters around the furry bulge, that way, if she Kitten moved, the quarters would too, and Amanda would punish her for it. As Amanda left her room to gather punishment supplies, a wicked smile crossed her face. This was what she wanted all along.

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