Georgia Visitors Pt. 02

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Georgia Visitors pt. 2

I was up early the next morning making coffee when I heard the guest bedroom door open. Anne made her way to the restroom in an oversized t-shirt. Damn she looked sexy for someone who just crawled out of bed. She emerged after freshening up looking even hotter.

Amy and Trip slept in, so Anne and I drank coffee and discussed the evening before. She apologized for things going so far. I asked why would she apologize? I explained that Amy and I both got what we desired and hoped they had too. She blushed, thanked me and assured me they did. I also told her we thought the previous night was amazing. She agreed and even said it had exceeded their expectations. Neither of us could imagine topping it. I told her we may not but it doesn’t hurt to try. Again she said “we should just let things unfold, no planning”. We laughed and I said “good advice”.

Anne and I decided to cook a big breakfast while the others got their beauty rest. I was wearing loose basketball shorts with no underwear and a sleeveless tee. Anne gripped my bicep and commented on how big and solid they were. I looked down towards my semi erect cock and said that’s not the only thing that’s getting big and solid. She laughed and asked what brought that on. “Just looking at you” I replied. She smiled and hugged me.

We teased and flirted as we made biscuits, eggs, bacon and hash browns. The sound and smells rousted the sleepy heads. I was showing Anne our homemade Pear Preserves when Trip entered the kitchen to get coffee. Anne sucked the preserves off my finger seductively as Trip watched. He said “damn she’s insatiable”. Amy entered the kitchen and asked “who’s insatiable?” “Hopefully you” we replied. “Not before coffee” she said.

We chatted over breakfast. Anne and Trip said they slept great. We all admitted to falling asleep as soon as we hit the beds, which reminded me that I still didn’t know what happened in the shower the night before.

When I asked, Amy blushed. Trip looked at us and said “no secrets here, plus it’s a hot story so we have to share it”. Amy had jumped in to rinse off, not realizing Trip had followed her into the shower. She had her eyes closed as water ran over her face almanbahis adres when he stepped in behind her. He told her how sexy she looked to let his presence be known and not startle her.

Amy didn’t resist Trip’s presence. She asked if he could soap her back. He did and worked around to her front. She leaned into him as he gently rubbed her breast. She reached back and found his cock before turning to face him. They continued to rub each other and shared a passionate kiss. Trip got hard again as Amy stroked his cock and massaged his balls. He turned her around and bent her over. She braced herself as he rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. She moaned as he pushed in and they soon found a rhythm. They rocked at a steady pace with the hot water running over them. Both were very sensitive and didn’t last long. Trip held Amy by her breast and suddenly pumped hard and fast until he filled her pussy. They held each other under the warm water, kissing gently between breadths.

Amy and I had a same room rule, but things had developed so naturally and differently this time. She knew I was in the next room with Anne and didn’t give it a second thought in the heat of the moment. She was a little embarrassed until Anne and I both said how hot It all sounded.

We finished breakfast and the guys cleaned the kitchen while the girls took showers. As the guys got themselves cleaned up, the girls ran between bedrooms in their panties trying to decide how to dress. It was a beautiful cool fall morning that would warm into the upper 70s.

We were planning to do a nearby small batch bourbon distillery tour and get back to the house before the Georgia vs Kentucky football game. Since it would be cool for awhile, the ladies opted for tight jeans, boots and loose blouses that clung to their braless tits.

The tour was fun and we picked up a variety of spirits. As expected, the ladies caught the attention of several men, young and old. The gentleman that owned the facility even offered to be our tour guide. How nice of him. Every time Trip or I caught him staring, he’d just smile and nod. He thanked us for coming by and gave us some really good discount coupons for our next visit. almanbahis adresi He gave me his business card and said he and his wife would love to have dinner with us to welcome us home. Amy, who never met a stranger, took his hand and thanked him. She told him we’d be calling soon.

Anne and Amy did a lot of whispering and giggling in the back seat on the way home. We got back in time for me to set out the snacks and for the girls to get their game day outfits on. Just as I cracked my first beer I heard Trip say “Sweet Jesus” as the girls entered the room. Amy wore white stretch pants, white sneakers and a blue UK football Jersey half shirt that barely covered her tits. Anne wore a pair of black booty shorts with a UGA v-neck tee that was so thin you could almost see her nipples. Trip and I decided to trade our jeans for shorts.

The Wildcats made the first half interesting, but the Bulldog’s defense was expected to wear them down. That’s exactly what happened and Georgia won by a touchdown. After the game the ladies went outside to smoke. They came in giggling and flirting with each other. I figured they had been outside hitting Amy’s bong. She’d gotten some really good weed from our neighbor and it was working fast.

I was in my overstuffed chair so the girls sat on the coach with Trip. Amy landed in the middle. She was getting attention from both of them. Anne was rubbing her thighs and commenting on how good her tight little ass looked in her leggings. Trip playfully lifted her jersey to see her tits. Amy’s left hand massaged Anne’s breast while her right rubbed Trip’s cock thru his shorts. Anne leaned in and kissed Amy, briefly at first followed by a longer deep kiss. They fondled each other’s tits as they continued to make out. Anne slid into the floor and pulled Amy’s leggings off. She pulled her forward on the coach and licked her pussy. Trip and I watched in amazement.

As Amy’s moans intensified she started reaching for Trip. She tugged on his shorts then looked at me and smiled as he pulled out his stiff dick. Amy nodded towards Anne’s ass before turning to suck the dick Trip had presented her. I slid out of my chair and worked Anne’s shorts off her. I rubbed her almanbahis adresi pussy and ass cheeks but she never broke from sucking Amy’s clit. She was fingering her now too and about to make her squirt.

I leaned in and licked Anne’s pussy, which was soaking wet. Amy stopped sucking long enough to tell me she wanted to watch me stuff my cock in Anne’s sweet pussy. Anne moaned into my wife’s cunt as I plunged into her. As Anne caught a breath, Amy laid down on the couch beneath Her tits and started sucking on them. Trip lined up and rammed his cock into Amy and groaned loudly as if it was the best feeling in the world. Our pace was hungry and aggressive. We all knew what we wanted and nobody held back. We seized the moment and came hard within minutes of each other.

Our pace slowed but we knew the night was far from over. I pulled Anne off the floor and we grabbed water for everyone. We returned to find Trip and Amy spooning on the couch about to fall asleep. We left their waters and Anne pulled me to the bedroom.

Anne knew I didn’t rebound as quickly as Trip, but lasted a long time when I did. She looked me in the eye and said “your sweet wife told me you wanted to fuck me all night”. We kissed and cuddled until my cock got hard. She rolled onto her side and I eased into her sensitive pussy and laid like that for a quite awhile. I played with her breast and twitched my cock. She started moving, slow and deliberate. We acknowledged how much we liked fucking each other. Our pace never increased. We moved so slowly that we both drifted to sleep for a few minutes. I woke and resumed fondling her plump tits. When I kissed her neck she woke and said “don’t stop until you fill me up”.

I picked up the pace and began a rhythm that felt right for both of us. Anne keep moaning and telling me how good it was. I felt her shutter through two different orgasms as I grew closer to my own. Finally she rolled on top of me and began to bounce. She leaned in and smashed her boobs in my face. I grabbed her ass and thrust hard and fast. I was soon filling her pussy with hot cum. She told me she’d never been fucked so good but we needed to sleep with the ones we love. Agreed.

We retrieved our spouses and went to bed. Amy and I were both well fucked and worn out, but agreed to make love the next day. Everyone slept like babies.

Trip and Anne left early the next morning after setting a date for us to visit them. It was an awesome and very satisfying weekend.

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