Getting Wood

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It was a warm Summers morning on the farm and I whistled as I walked jauntily down the farm track towards the woods. I was 18, had just left school and was preparing for one last lazy Summer holiday before heading off to College in the fall. Ostentatiously, I was off to go for a walk and gather up some wood that could be collected later that week for the family shed to keep our house warm over the Winter. I might look out some fallen branches but in truth what I was really doing that afternoon was revealed by the three items pressed hard to my chest under my T-Shirt. My precious hidden haul? Three full strength, hardcore, pornographic magazines. I had bought them in town the day before, nervous like a kitten when a cute blonde girl had rung up my buys giving me a pretty weird, disgusted look as the titles scanned past. I had hidden them from my mum and dad upon my return and indeed left them totally alone until today where I took them to my favourite spot for jerking off.

I had been going down to the woods to wank off for a while now, it was my favourite place. My first ever time had been down there with a smuggled underwear catalogue of my mums and I had since then snuck sexy pictures down there, stripped naked in the invigorating fresh country air and splashed my love juice all over the forest floor.

We lived on a pretty quiet farm with miles of unoccupied forest land so there was little chance of being discovered (though maybe the slight chance of it was an extra thrill to me once I thought about it) and as I was quite a late developer when it came to sex I thought this was just the best time possible, albeit with the usual slight wave of guilt after I had cum.

Anyway, enough of history, this day I walked for not too far, desperate as I was to get stuck into the new thrills of these magazines, which I had slipped from under my shirt so I could gaze at the sexy porn girls on the covers. It was too much and I found a large tree and stopped, swiftly whipping off my shoes, socks, jeans, shorts and shirt and dropped to my knees in the soft mixture of moss and leaves on the ground. I grabbed my already stiff six inch cock in my right hand and entered a little world of my own.

Man they were something else, these magazines, real hardcore stuff, stuff that I had only dreamed about in the past (what with never having been with a girl nor having seen real porn videos), looking at the stills of the blondes and brunettes, not just bare ass naked with their massive tits out but there shaven pussies all pulled open for me to feast my eyes on. But that was tame compared to when I flipped the page to gaze in awe at the full penetration pictures, the girl with a cock right in her mouth while one plunged into her from behind. Oh god it was so hot! I was so turned on. I jerked my dick even harder and knew I could not hold off cumming much longer. Then as I descended to the depths of my being and prepared to cum I was snapped out of my trance like state by a harsh noise close by to my right.

Instantly I was aware, my eyes were wide, my ears straining. I knew I was in trouble, here I was completely naked, my slick cock in my hand and hardcore pornography before me, if I was discovered like this there could be no mistaking what I was doing. I froze, partly through not knowing what to do and partly from an instinct that told me if I moved I was sure to be seen or heard while if I didn’t move I half a chance of remaining undiscovered. I focused on the noise and twisted my head to stare in it’s direction, it sounded like falling water in leaves and as I turned I saw half a person (obscured by a tree) they were having a piss against a tree and from the way they were doing it they were obviously male. I didn’t recognise them immediately and they apparently had not seen me yet. I held my breath and sent up a small prayer that they would turn away. Apparently God was not listening to me that day.

As the stream of piss dried up the guy stepped to the side and ended up staring right at me. It was almost comic, his dick still hung out, a cigarette hung from his lips as his jaw dropped as he spotted me – almost, but really there was nothing funny about Barry Eden finding me like this.

Barry Eden, the Forrester on the farm. Barry Eden the mortal enemy of my father. Barry Eden, whose wife had left him last year amid all sorts of rumours. A barrel chest man of around fifty he was nothing to describe but the really important fact was that him and Dad had never seen eye to eye, they had clashed numerous times and nearly even come to blows in the past. My Dad barely had a bad word to say about anyone but get him started on Mr. Eden and it was like a war vet speaking about his time in the battlefield. So to say being discovered like this by him was bad news is probably an understatement. He stood transfixed for a moment just as I was (he had the advantage of being clothed though).

Time seemed to stand still until he broke the spell by turning Bahçelievler Escort the corners of his mouth into a knowing smile, adjusted his Deer stalkers hat, flicked away his cigarette and strode to wards me, seemingly forgetting his dick was still hanging out.

“Well, well, what do we have here young man?”

His voice seemed to drip with sarcasm and as he leaned over me to look at the magazines spread before me I suddenly remembered my modesty and cupped my hand over my exposed cock and balls.

“Now, now young man no need to be shy, there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before. Now what’s this you’re looking at. My, look at that, that young woman appears to have two dicks in her mouth. Like that do you?”

Sure it was a question but how the hell did I answer that? I kind of shrugged and mumble a ‘I guess so’ and prayed for the ground to swallow me up and get me out of this predicament. It didn’t and he continued, a definite idea forming in his words.

“So you like looking at cocks do you? I can’t imagine your father would be too happy or proud to hear that, do you? His only son sneaking down here, taking off all his clothes like some little pervert and jacking off to filth like this. Be a real shame if I got to tell him all about it in minute detail.”

“Please, don’t I…”

I was on his hook and there would be no escape. I cut off because he was all but leaning against me and it was difficult to escape the fact that his loose dick was noticeably stiffening. He leaned further rover and I could feel the tip of his dick touch my ear. To my consternation and Barry’s obvious delight I was starting to get hard again too, surely it had to be the left overs of my thoughts about the porn sluts, didn’t it?

“See boy, you’re getting excited aren’t you? You look at those pictures and wonder what it would be like to suck a dick, don’t you? Don’t deny it, I know it. And I’ll tell you what, I can help you out, why don’t you just turn around and open that mouth of yours and go ahead and find out. Go on, it won’t hurt. It doesn’t make you gay and I promise I won’t ever tell your Dad about what I found you doing.”

I’d love to say that he fooled me, that I did what I did next purely out of self preservation. I’d love to but I’d be lying. I was curious, and aroused, not just by the porn magazines but by this situation, the danger to my self had turned me on and in that instant I discovered what a terrible thing it was to be unable to control your body when you reach a certain point of sexual excitement. I swivelled around on my bare knees to face his groin and found myself imitating the blonde slut from the magazine and swallowing a great big length of dick!

I knew it was wrong, knew that I had just made a terrible decision, could hear him chuckle and shake with the hilarity of having his hated enemy’s son sucking his cock but I couldn’t stop myself and couldn’t stop my own cock growing even stiffer and straining against it’s foreskin. He reached down and held the sides of my head and eased his penis further into my mouth.

“Suck it boy, use your tongue, imagine it’s a lollipop, you know how to suck them don’t you?”

Yes sir I did and I did as he instructed, my nose now being tickled by his wiry black pubic hair and I could also feel his heavy balls slap against my chin. What was I doing? I was giving a blow job to Barry Eden! Hit by a wave of guilt and regret I struggled away from him, looking up at him to try and argue my way out. But I could find no words and instead my eyes were almost hypnotised by his thick snake of a cock as it bobbed before me, it’s end wet with pre-cum. In that moment I gave my soul to that man, I dropped my eyes and submitted to his will. He knew it to and didn’t even need words to get me back over blowing him, just a click of his fingers and a point to his cock was enough. I crawled through the moss and twigs to get there and accepted his cock into my mouth once more.

“That’s right boy, don’t be worried, you’re doing fine just try and get it a little deeper this time, it tastes good doesn’t it? Tell me, tell me how good my cock tastes?”

To be fair it tasted pretty terrible, a sour, acrid taste but the mere fact of what it was I was doing was enough for me, I was harder than I could ever remember and suddenly my mind flashed with thoughts of what it would be like to have him cum in my mouth. But I wasn’t going to find out there, not that day, just as I had accepted (even relished) the thought of tasting another man’s cum, Mr. Eden tugged his hard cock from my mouth and smiled down at me.

“My God! You really do like it, don’t you? And here was me thinking your old man was the cocksucker in your family!”

That comment got my goat and I made an angry face at him but he just laughed that off and grabbed my wrist and hauled me to my feet beside him.

“But that’s not the only thing you’re going to have to do for me, Bahçelievler Escort Bayan no I’m going to complete your education fully.”

I knew from what he said he was getting a real kick out of doing this to his enemies son and I knew what a terrible betrayal this was but I let him lead me over to an overturned tree and bend me over it. My bare chest pushed against the rough bark and as my arms flopped over the trunk I felt my stiff cock brush against it, my god, I could not believe how aroused I actually was. Mr Eden remarked on it too, taking a firm hold of my balls from behind me and simultaneously squeezing and stroking them.

“Looks like you like this position too.”

With that I heard the dull thud of his belt buckle smacking on the ground along with his trousers and nervously biting my lip as I braced myself for what I, and he, was about to do. I had never even thought about having something in my asshole let alone an older man’s cock but with the combination of those porno magazine pictures, my feelings at sucking his cock and my arousal suddenly I wanted to know what it felt like.

But maybe I didn’t know what I was thinking about. As I felt his slick, saliva coated cock press against my bum cheeks I changed my mind and tried to wriggle out from under him but with him gripping my hair and pressing down on me I couldn’t get loose. He grunted and pushed my head forward so that my forehead was against the wood and I could do little but lay there and feel my ass parted as his hard dick pushed forward and prodded against my anus. With one, long, hard, loud thrust he entered me, shoving almost the length of his dick inside me. I squealed and wriggled again but to no effect as Mr. Eden started to pump his cock back and forth into me.

“Come on! Take it like the little bitch you are!” he snarled as he was unrelenting in buggering me.

My own hard cock was being rubbed roughly across the bark with his momentum and I had the strangest mixture of arousal, guilt and confusion racing around my mind and body. Then, with one final hard push, he shoved inside me and with an exclamation I felt his cock throb inside me and my asshole fill up with several bursts of warm cum. He lay across me for a moment to catch his breath then easily pulled me off the tree and onto my back on the ground at his feet. I lay unmoving as he got down on his knees at my side and lifted up my legs and pushed them back almost over my head and grabbed a hold of my cock. I looked up to find myself staring right at my own cock!

The insides of his fingers were rough and calloused and he took a firm grip of my cock and began a harsh rhythm of pumping my cock, hauling my foreskin right back with his first move so I see my wet piss hole all the better.

“Like that boy? Do you like lying there with your ass filled with my cum while I jerk you off?”

I whimpered but nodded, I needed the release. It was a bizarre feeling, needing so desperately to cum yet to know how wrong this was, what a betrayal to my father it was and how the man that was doing this to me did not seem to care about me just what he was doing and who to. I felt so dirty, so bad yet as I screwed my face up at the extreme stirrings in my loins I could not have stopped myself even had I wanted to. He milked me to fruition and in seconds I gave out a half grunt/half scream and fired out a long strand of cum to have it splash over my face and onto my chest, he continued to tug and more followed, three, four explosions of sticky cum emerging and spraying over me until at last he released my spent dick and I flopped back, exhausted on the forest floor.

He casually zipped up his dick as he stood over me and, with a look of disdain and his voice dripping with irony her peered down into my cum splattered, shocked and exhausted face.

“I enjoyed that immensely, tell your dad I was asking after him. Oh, and if you want, be here same time this Friday and we can do it again.”

He chuckled and walked of whistling as I pushed myself to my elbows and bore a hole in his back with my stare. I hated him. I wiped at the sticky substance all over my face and grimaced as I remembered what exactly it was. No way would I come back, no chance, this had just been a strange, wild incident and he had taken advantage of me and in my state of arousal I had let him. No way was I gay. No way would I be here on Friday. No chance. But in my head my mind was already torturing me with visions of my arousal and thoughts of what it would be like to do it one more time.

And I was there, kneeling, naked in the woods waiting on him. Trying desperately not to touch my stiff, excited cock as I waited. Trying to justify doing this to myself but failing miserably. He was late, twenty minutes late, no doubt just to mock me further and this time he went straight into fucking my ass, leaning me up against a standing tree and taking me from behind again. This time Escort Bahçelievler he wanted to cum in my mouth so I had to take his cock direct from my own ass and he actually made me jerk him off into my own mouth, in parts relishing and hating tasting his thick cum.

That was the beginning of a wild month where Barry had me in every kinky gay position imaginable, he did basically what he liked to and with me. I was his willing partner but I never once suggested anything or took the lead, there was no question who was in charge, and no question of any love either, this was just physical sex and arousal (and more for him). I did as I was told and in what he thought was a great twist he told me to start calling him ‘Daddy’ as he fucked me. I was so ashamed of myself as I did it but could not deny the arousal.

We even took things indoors, which I think proved to me that part of the thrill had been the outdoor setting . His cottage was a grubby little place and it was sparsely furnished as he let me in (me arriving at precisely three in the afternoon as he had told me). I was barely in the door before his voice deepened and he told me to get undressed as I wasn’t there to do anything than suck and be fucked. In response I hurried out of my clothing to once again kneel naked before him. He ruffled my hair and bade me to crawl after him, through his thin corridor and into his bare sitting room. I had no time to consider its empty state before he unzipped his trousers and told me to beg him for his cock. I knew just what to ask by now.

“Please Daddy, let me suck your cock. Let me taste it and lick it and treat it to an blow job. Please Daddy.”

I know how bad it sounds, I really do but the truth is by this stage I was craving this man’s cock and would do whatever he wanted to feel the excitement and thrill of kneeling before him and taking his hard dick in my willing mouth. I knew how kinky and degrading it was for me to call him ‘Daddy’, especially with his antipathy towards my family but I have to admit it gave me an extra sexual charge and I obeyed him to the letter.

“Then crawl over here boy and take my cock in your mouth! Quickly now! I have other things for you so you will only get to suck me for a short time!”

He would mean that too, he never joked about these things. Maybe inwardly I cringed at my desperation to scramble across his wooden floorboards to suck on his dick. Like an eager pet I rushed towards him and knelt before him, I took his iron hard dick into my willing mouth and with his warning uppermost in my mind I wasted no time in orally pleasuring him. God! I must have only managed to slobber over it for a few moments before I felt his rough hands on my head forcing it away from his groin. I fought it for a moment, my head straining against his powerful arms to try and reach that deliciously taboo cock.

“No, I have other work for that tongue. I’m going to drop my trousers and bend over and I want you to tongue fuck my asshole! Come on, I want to feel what it’s like to have your young tongue on my backside.”

I reeled away in disgust, despite all I had done with him so far there was no way I would do that. Seems like I hadn’t learned how weak willed I could be to this man yet.

“Come now John. You want me to fuck your ass later, don’t you? Yes? Well do this for me and I’ll give you an extra special surprise after, right. I promise, it’s real special.”

Whether I was convinced or influenced by that did not seem to matter as Barry was thrusting his hairy ass at my face as I pondered it and telling me again to get to work. He certainly seemed to be in a real hurry today . I found myself opening my mouth and sticking my tongue where it had never been before and once again I felt my body react to the humiliating nature of exactly what I was doing. My pulse quicken, my dick harden and I found myself acting as if on some unseen, perverse, instinct. My tongue licked at his ass, thinned and straightened and prodded between his cheeks, my goal to pleasure this man and debase myself concurrently. From his reaction, both physical and vocal, he clearly enjoyed it and he urged me on, deeper and deeper before suddenly lifting his ass off my face and spinning me around so that my back (and more importantly my ass) was to him.

“Right then my lad, it’s time you got what you want isn’t it? Come on., tell me you want my big, hard dick!”

“Yes Daddy, give it to me, fuck my ass Daddy!”

I looked over my shoulder to see Mr Eden unlooping his leather belt from the loops on his trousers. He grinned wildly at me and doubled it up to slap on the palm of his hand then slash it down across my taut buttocks. As I made to voice my displeasure at this latest indignation he tossed the belt out and over my neck before drawing it back from both ends with his hands, it was around my throat and he slowly drew it back as he thrust his slippery, big cock into me. And that was how he fucked me that afternoon, with his cock deep inside me and pulling me back onto it uncomfortable by the belt around my neck. I’d be lying if I told you as wasn’t aroused by it though, I think by then we both knew there were seemingly now depths to which I was willing to let this older man debase and abuse me for our sexual gratification.

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