Gloria’s Transformations – the Freak

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“Babe, I want you to see your geneticist about some more changes to your body. Your asshole is tight, but I want it even tighter so you are screaming your head off when a big cock is in your ass. And your cervix should also be tighter so everyone in the room will hear when your womb is penetrated. I also want your orgasmic contractions much stronger so men can’t possibly miss the clamping of your vagina on their cocks. I want to see your pussy quivering and opening and closing and contractions in your stomach too. And I want your waist to be 21 inches. It will accentuate your bust and hips more, and cocks will make bigger bulges in your stomach.”


“And I want your nipples much bigger”

“They’re big now! How much bigger do you want them?”

Terrill turns his laptop towards Gloria and shows her a video of a guy fucking a woman’s nipples. “It’s called nipuru faku. Her nipples are fake, but yours will be real. I want your nipples 2 inches long and 1.5 inches thick, and they must have deep holes that will stretch so I can fuck them with my cock. Your nipple holes will be new erogenous zones for you. I want your nipples to be virgins for your debut to my friends, so don’t let anybody inside them.”

“But nipples that big will make me look like a freak!” She begins crying.

“No, they will look great on tits as big as yours are going to be.”

Terrill then shows her a picture of a blonde with 10,000cc augmented boobs. “I want your tits bigger than Beshine’s. She is a 32Z cup. Of course, your tits will be much softer and much more jiggly, since yours are natural.”

“Are you kidding? I will definitely look like a freak and no longer be attractive to men!”

“No, you’re wrong, men will love tits that big and be terribly excited by them as I am.”

“But I won’t be able to live a normal life with boobs that big! They will get in the way for doing everything!”

“Not for fucking me, my bros, or your tricks. What else do you need to do? Ha”

“I won’t be able to dance for you and your friends.”

“Oh, yes, you will. You danced well with a 60 inch belly during your second rape, and you will be able to dance with bigger tits.”

“But my tits are uncomfortable now when I am fucked hard, and I will be in real pain with tits that size!”

“I think your masochism can handle it. And I want more.”

“I’m afraid to ask.”

Terrill shows her a picture of a girl with a huge ass. “Her name is Randalin and her ass measures 70 inches. That baby got back! I want your ass bigger than hers, but yours should remain shaped just like it is now.

“And I want all your erogenous zones to be much more sensitive than they are now. And lastly I want your milk doubled and your cream tripled!”

“Is that all?” Gloria says sarcastically. “Please don’t make me produce more milk and cream! My tits and pussy drip on everything and leave embarrassing wet spots everywhere now! I’ll have to milk my tits every hour, and my pussy will overflow just thinking about sex. Please, I beg you, don’t make me undergo all these changes! I want to please you, but these things you want will make my life miserable!”

“Remember, babe, you are my sex slave. I want your changes to be a surprise for my friends. To keep your nipples virgins, you won’t be servicing my friends and we won’t be entertaining until your changes are complete. ”

She agrees to everything Terrill wants, because she wants to keep him happy. She thinks she will have the willpower to have the changes reversed if she falls out of love or her suffering becomes too much to handle.

The Cafe

She arranges to meet her geneticist/doctor ex-boyfriend for lunch at a cafe near his research lab. “Ed, honey, you’re going to love this. I’m going to be doing you a lot more often. My boyfriend wants more changes to me, including bigger breasts, nipples, and booty. Can you believe that? They are so big now!” They are in the far corner of the cafe, but a few people can hear her and turn their heads. She just smiles and enjoys their stares. She moves her chair closer and rests her tits on top of the table so the men will ogle her more. Their stares arouse her, and she starts making a wet spot on her chair. She’s not wearing a pad, since she didn’t want to have panties on and was not expecting to get aroused in the cafe.

“It’ll be great to see you more often, Gloria! So how big does he want you?” As they talk about her body, Ed can’t resist staring at her gorgeous tits. She is braless and wearing a low cut babydoll that exposes a lot of her areola. It is tight and thin enough to show large nipple bulges. She is wearing no skirt, and the babydoll is just barely long enough to cover her ass. Her wet spots make her white babydoll translucent and show her nipples and areola. She chose this outfit to help get everything she wants from Ed.

When Ed’s coffee comes, she puts his cup under her breast, pulls down her babydoll to expose a nipple, and squirts some milk into it, while the waiter and a few of the cafe diners stare wide-eyed. “You still like cream in your coffee, I presume.” She pulls her babydoll back up, since she wants Ed to listen to her. The boob she just squeezed continues to stream milk that drips through her top onto the tablecloth for a while. Ed is too aroused to remember anything and begins recording on his cellphone. She is amused and finally annoyed by how many times the waiter interrupts them to ask if they need anything as he leers at her tits. The waiter has a great view of her breasts as he stands over her.

She describes all the changes Terrill wants and then shows him a picture of Beshine. “She has 32Z boobs, and he wants me even bigger than her. I can’t believe he wants my boobs bigger. Look how big they are now!” She pulls her babydoll down and flashes Ed and the guys staring at her. She knows Ed is familiar with her body, so she is manipulating him to get a commitment to take the time from his busy schedule for her treatments.

“Won’t boobs that big sag?”

“Not necessarily. I’ll enlarge fat cells a little deeper within your muscle tissue. I’ll also strengthen your back muscles to handle the added weight. How big does he want your nipples?

“Two inches long and one and a half inches thick. I’m so afraid of what I will look like with nipples that big. But it gets weirder. He wants a deep hole in each nipple that can expand to accept his penis. How deep can my nipple holes be?”

“I can enlarge your central milk ducts and make them about six inches deep. And I’ll make the milk duct, nipple, and surrounding tissue very elastic. That should satisfy him.”

“I desperately want my nipple holes to be just slits that will shrink back to the same size after being used. Please tell me that can be done!”

“Oh, sure. How big do he want your booty?”

“He wants my hip measurement more than 70 inches. I must be crazy to have agreed to this!” She stands up. “Look how wide my hips are now!” Every guy in the cafe turns to look at her. She turns sideways and pulls her babydoll up to uncover her lovely bubble ass. “My ass is gigantic now, and he wants it bigger! Do you think I will still be attractive with 70 inch hips?” She frowns and sits down, making a slight sloshing sound as her ass contacts the pool of cream on the chair.

“Sure you will, with your tiny waist. Men will love that.”

“Will my ass be just as tight and shapely and my thighs just as slim?”

“Yes, your thighs will be the same and your ass just as it is now, only bigger. But I’m afraid other changes will be unavoidable to give you higher sensitivity and stronger contractions. Your sex drive will increase, and that will make your sexual impulses stronger. Your enjoyment of sex will increase, and your orgasms intensify.”

“Wow, wait until Terrill hears my sex drive is going to increase! Or maybe I won’t tell him. I can’t imagine how my perversions could get worse or my orgasms any better.”

“Oh, yes. Your enjoyment of being choked could become asphyxiaphilia, for example. The pleasure from your orgasms will heighten and may cause you to feint. And you could become so submissive and masochistic that you will enjoy these new changes and never want to go back to the way you are now.”

“No, doctor, that won’t happen! Why don’t you come to my car now, and I’ll start my first payment?” Gloria has plenty of money to pay Ed, but knows he much prefers sex with the dream girl he created. As she gets up, she puts a napkin on her chair, not because she is embarrassed, but she doesn’t want the next person sitting down in her wet spot. All the men in the cafe and on the sidewalk gawk at her jiggling breasts and booty as she walks to her limousine, holding Ed’s arm. She exaggerates her steps to jiggle her assets more to get even more lustful looks from her audience. Being ogled by the men and knowing she will soon have a cock inside her (even though it is a normally sized white one) increase her arousal. A few in the crowd notice the drops of cream she leaves on the sidewalk as she walks with Ed.

She puts a special effort into making the sex with Ed enjoyable for him since she wants him to do the best he can on her changes. Her genetic treatments begin soon and her body slowly changes over the next year into what Terrill wants, to his delight and her dismay.

Gloria’s Complaints

Gloria wakes up in bed and opens her eyes to see Terrill staring at her tits. She is on her back, and her enormous melons are standing proud on her chest, with the sheet covering them. Terrill pulls the sheet down off her tits to try to expose them in all their glory, but she has on her support bra with holes for her nipples to drain her milk. It helps her sleep by preventing her breasts from getting full. Terrill plays with the milk trickling down from her nipples. He squeezes and teases one of her huge nipples with his fingers, and she moans loudly, as her milk flow increases.

“Take your bra off, babe.” Gloria rolls away from him, and he undoes the ten hooks on her bra. The absorbent pad on the bed is soaked all around her with her milk from the night, and she makes a squishing sound as she turns. She rolls over on her back, and he very slowly pulls on her bra strap. At first her tits are contained by the cups, and they lean towards Terrill as he continues to pull until her magnificent breasts suddenly escape and spring back. Terrill sighs as he watches her breasts bounce back and forth, spraying milk. “My, I love your tits! They are so humongous! Look how they sit proudly on top of your chest without support. You are fucking amazing!”

“Honey, please don’t play with my tits if you’re not going to fuck me. I get too excited. You ought to know that.”

“Show me, babe; spread your legs.” He pulls the sheet down, and she spreads her legs for him. He moves to get a better view of a glob of white emerging from her hole and starting to ooze down to her ass crack. She sees him gawking at her vulva and starts getting even more excited, so she pulls the sheet all the way up to her nipples, and Terrill watches intently as wet spots in the sheet start to spread.

“I’m glad you like my tits, because I hate them! How would you like to have two giant beach balls on your chest interfering with everything you do? I only have a tiny space between my boobs that I can look through to see things in front of me. I can’t see anything directly in front of me if I have a top on, and it is dangerous for me to walk down stairs. I’ve given up typing on a computer keyboard. And it’s so hard to put on shoes since I can’t see my feet. Thank goodness I don’t have to shave my legs or pussy (her first transformation removed her lower body hair), since I can’t see them. I have to sit back and lean forward to see my plate at a restaurant, and I am so far from the table, I always get food or wine stains on my tits and in my cleavage. I know you enjoy me fishing junk out of my cleavage in public, but I don’t. They are so wide – I can’t sit next to anyone in a movie theater or concert, because my tits are rubbing on them for the whole performance. And I can’t tell you how many times I have hurt myself by bumping my tits into doors, walls, furniture, or other people. And knocking things over with them. And getting dirty spots on them that people point at and laugh, since I can’t see them. I don’t see many of my girlfriends anymore. All they want to do is laugh at me and talk about my tits and ass. They are so jealous. I get so tired of the reactions of women and children when I go out in public. I hate wearing a poncho to hide my tits. And I cannot find any tops or bras to fit my boobs, so they must be specially made for me.”

“My wet spots are so much worse than they used to be. It only takes ten minutes to soak through a top enough to start dripping milk through the material. And you won’t let me wear bras that cover my nipples. My milk is now so overwhelming. It gets on everything! I am so tired of it and having to milk myself every hour when I don’t have a man around. If I don’t get milked, my drips now become a steady stream. They used to just ache, but now they are painful when full. I hope you realize how much work and discomfort my over abundant milk is for me. But I am glad you seem to really enjoy my milk.”

“But the worst thing about my new tits is the pain I now have to endure – it is excruciating whenever I am fucked hard. My tits are now so huge and heavy they cause me terrible pain in almost any position due to their motion. You must have noticed I now groan a lot when you fuck me, in between the moans. And the pain is excruciating when I am fucked really hard, or when you fuck me hard between my tits or put me in a position that puts pressure on them. Or when you manhandle my tits or squeeze them hard or don’t allow me to hold them while you’re fucking me. I can tell my clients to ease up, but not you. It is even uncomfortable for me to walk or move around without a bra. Have you noticed I hold my boobs with my hands when I walk without a bra, especially downstairs?”

“I especially hate my nipples. My huge tits and ass make me feel so much like a freak, and my huge nipples make me feel even freakier. I never used to get embarrassed, but I am so self-conscious of how big my nipples are. It is soooo embarrassing when people stare at my nipples through the wet spots. And the bugles they produce in my tops are unbelievable. Some of my clients notice my nipple holes, and I have to fight them to keep my nipples virgin for you”

“My cream production is crazy. I think it has more than tripled. I used to wear pads that lasted for an hour, but now they are full after just a few minutes, so I don’t use them anymore. Have you noticed I go to the ladies room quite often now when we go out? I have to wipe the cream from my legs and pussy so I don’t drip all over the floor when we dance. Have you seen the pools of cream on chairs when I get up? You know I squirt a lot more now, but what you don’t know is my squirting during intercourse has become uncontrollable. You like how easy it is to make me squirt now, don’t you? You seem to enjoy my cream a lot, but it is so difficult for me.”

“And I hate my derriere too. It is so wide, antalya escort bayan I have to squeeze into a first class airline seat, or a theater seat, or the bucket seat in your car. You know I need you to buckle my seat belt because of my ass. I think I get more catty remarks from other women about my bubble butt than I do my tits. And I cannot find any clothing to fit because the waists are way too big. In addition to my tops, now my bottoms must also be especially designed for me.” She throws the sheet down and rolls over on her stomach to show him her ass. It appears even bigger since her tits elevate her upper body and arch her back. She looks at Terrill.

“Look how huge my ass is now! You and all the other men must be crazy to like the way it looks.” She starts crying.

Her masochism has become more powerful and complex. She still suffers, especially when the pain is excruciating. But she enjoys being hurt, humiliated, or discomforted if it pleases Terrill, or any man she finds attractive. So she has very ambivalent feelings about being made to suffer. Her masochism gives her incredible sexual pleasure from arousing and satisfying men when they hurt her during sex. To further increase men’s sadistic pleasures, she keeps her enjoyment a secret and puts on an act by begging, putting up weak resistance, over-reacting, and then complaining afterwards. It is not all acting, since she does truly suffer. So her litany of complaints to Terrill and the crying are an act to please him and make sure he appreciates and is grateful to her for all she is going though for him. She liked making Terrill smile while describing her problems. Her submissiveness has also become very strong and she wants to do anything to please men, but that too is a closely guarded secret, to enhance their enjoyment in forcing her and to get what she wants in return.

The increase in her sex drive has made her enjoy sex even more in spite of her tit pain, and her orgasms are spectacularly better, as Ed predicted. But she also keeps that a secret from Terrill.

“Babe, I love your ass, and all the other changes in you too. Move your arm forward.” She moves her arm up to her head and glares at him as he stares at the fantastic side view of one of her tits, squeezed extra wide by her weight. He moves her hair out of the way and marvels at how much wider her tit is compared to her back and the sudden curvature of her skin from her back to her tit.

“Wow, I absolutely adore the way you look! You are definitely ready for your debut. My bros are going to love your body, and I want to fuck your nipples for the first time in front of them. So let’s have your debut party this weekend.”

“Let’s make our parties stag from now on. Women will spoil the mood with their catty remarks about my tits and ass. How many friends do you have now, 90? I can’t do them all in one party.”

“Oh yes you can. I want to watch you fucking five bros at same time, and I bought some things to help you.”

He leads her into a large room, that he has remodeled with mirrors covering all the walls. In the center of the room, he uncovers a special bench. “It’s really padded so you can be strapped in it for hours. There are stirrups for your legs and a support for your head in a down position for being deep throated. There’s support for your back and bumpers for your hips to hold you in place as you get pounded. It puts you at just the right height so guys can stand to fuck your throat, pussy, and nipples. And there is another bench below for the ass man.”

“But there’s nothing to support my ass.”

“Silly, your booty should be unsupported so that it will bounce as you are fucked and so the ass man can play with it. The beauty of the bench is that the ass men can switch out without stopping any of the other action.”

“Where did you get such a crazy bench?”

“One of my bros is an engineer and designed it for me. He’ll be at the party. You must thank him.”

“Why are there straps for my legs but none for my arms?”

“You’ll need your hands for blowjobs and I want you to struggle when you are hurt – hit them, push them away, claw at them. They’ll enjoy that, and so will I.”

“There is another bench for you to put on display your magnificent ass.” He unveils a second bench designed for her to lie on her stomach with her ass elevated and legs spread wide. It bends her over at an extreme angle to emphasize her ass and has straps for her thighs. “It’s designed for only four men, three kneeling at your mouth and tits, and one standing, fucking your asshole or pussy.”

Her Debut Party

Terrill has the party catered again to free up Gloria for her other duties. Gloria’s hair is gorgeous as usual and is long enough to alluringly cover and expose various parts of her tits as she moves. Terrill has told her to wear only her dark blue choker, to emphasize the bugles in her throat, and heavy dark blue eyeshadow to show her tears, plus some high heels that he must help her put on. She asks him if she can wear a top at first, since she does not want to show her nipples, but he says no. He tells her to do her last milking an hour before the party start time. Terrill also tells her to do an extra enema to prepare for this party, and she asks why.

“My bros will be fucking your ass and then either deep throating you or making you lick their cocks clean. And they will be switching around between your holes as they please.”

“No, please don’t let them do ass-to-mouth on me!

“Good. The more resistant and disgusted you are, the more the bros will enjoy doing it.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I will be!”

At the designated party time, the normal dripping of her milk has turned into small, steady streams of milk, and her milk has swollen her breasts to a ZZ cup size.

“Daring, please, my boobs are so full and so painful. When can I get milked?”

“Yeah, I love how much bigger they are. They look fantastic. When I put you on the bed, and you perform for us, you’ll be spraying milk. I want you to open the door for our guests and greet each one in the vestibule. Plant a big, juicy kiss on them and then suck on their cocks, to get them in a party mood.”

“Alright, for how long?”

“Until you have an orgasm. I want you to mingle through the crowd with me when you’re not greeting the new arrivals. Make sure the guests you suck on can hear you moan. When your mouth is full of cock, sometimes you can’t be heard.”

“But after I have sucked on a few guys, I will have cock breath when I kiss them.”

“Yes, that’s the whole point, my dear! And don’t wipe any saliva or precum off your face or body. And don’t hide your nipples, either.”

Gloria opens the door for the first guest, pulls him wide-eyed into the vestibule, puts her arms around his neck, and lays on him a long, wet kiss. He is good looking, and she enjoys kissing him. She gets milk on his shirt, but he doesn’t care. She then says cheerfully, “Welcome to the party! Terrill wants me to put you in a party mood”, whereupon, she drops to her knees in front of him and pulls his cock out of his pants. He is spellbound with his first look at her enlarged nipples, tits, and ass. She pauses for a moment and sits back on her feet to spread her ass wide for his enjoyment. Then she leans way forward to be able to get his cock into her mouth because of her mammoth tits. She puts her hands on his legs and moves her upper body, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth as she sucks and sucks. Then she swallows more and more of him until he is balls deep inside her. She actually wants to take as much of his cock down her throat as possible, despite the discomfort, to maximum what she feels in her hypersensitive throat. She escorts him to join the party after he makes her climax and has to hang onto his arm due to its aftereffects.

All the guests are dumbfounded by how big her tits and ass are. But her huge nipples are her most striking feature. The guys stare directly at her nipples and make loud exclamations of disbelief and astonishment or lewd comments that make her sick with embarrassment. She sometimes disobeys Terrill’s order and cups her hands over her nipples, but the men protest loudly, so she quickly takes her hands away. She even blushes, which she has not done since her teenage years, and wants to hide in a corner, but knows she cannot. Many guests bend over and start playing with her nipples, as she deep throats their cocks. If she hears the door bell, she tells the guest to join the party, and if not, she escorts him to the party after she cums. Since they are all brothers, and her recent changes have made her lips, mouth, and throat hypersensitive, it only takes a minute for her to orgasm, unless she finds him ugly, in which case she closes her eyes and imagines he is Terrill. It occurs to her to fake an orgasm, but she decides she doesn’t want to disobey Terrill. She realizes that she has become more submissive, as Ed said she would.

She is the only naked person in the crowd as she mingles with the guests at Terrill’s side. Saliva drips from her chin onto her breasts, and more can be seen each time she hurries back after greeting the latest arrival. Almost no one can resist holding their drinks under her nipples to catch some of her milk. She gets asked a lot if she ever fucks white dicks. The bros like her “only when I get paid” answer. She asks the guests how they like her tits, enjoys their responses, and invites them to touch them. So two bros at a time casually start fondling her tits and playing with her nipples as they talk to the couple. One guest, changing every few minutes, is constantly behind her playing with her ass. Gloria enjoys tremendously having her tits and ass caressed and her nipples teased due to their new hypersensitivity and interjects moans into her chatting. She looks directly at Terrill each time she moans and can see he is enjoying watching her being group groped.

She soon finds it hard to contribute much to the conversations. The stroking of her tits and ass, their stares, the bulges she is gawking at (she moves her body to look between her breasts) and feeling in their pants, the touching of her nipples, and their lewd comments about her body all keep her in a state of arousal. The men can see her cream dripping onto the floor and running down her leg, so they insert their fingers, uninvited, into her sloppy pussy. She sighs loudly, smiles at them and whispers in Terrill’s ear, “our guests are fingering me”, to get Terrill to look below her tits and see the hands on her pussy.

One of the guests behind her gets his finger wet and pushes it into her asshole. Gloria wants Terrill to enjoy everything the bros are doing to her, so she again whispers in his ear, “Look behind me. My ass is getting it too.” She locks her arm around Terrill’s to keep from falling, breathes heavily through a partially open mouth, stares blankly at Terrill, and moans from her climaxes, as the bros finger fuck her. When she no longer responds to questions, Terrill knows it is time to move on to the next group of guests. She invites the guests to suck on her nipples to relieve the pressure building in her breasts, but Terrill says no, afraid they will discover the surprise. Terrill tells everyone he is going to fuck her tonight in a way they have never seen before. Everyone is curious, but he won’t tell them how, and he takes bets from guys who don’t believe him.

Almost everyone exclaims to the couple how tremendously erotic Gloria’s body is now, and Gloria happily realizes Terrill was right about what most men would think of her. Although she should have known from the reactions of her tricks. The guests all express desires to have their girlfriends and wives changed the same way, so she is of course inundated with questions about her changes. She must keep the genetic origin of her changes a secret to protect Ed and says only that they are the result of illegal medical procedures and that she has no implants.

After most of the guests have arrived, Terrill takes Gloria’s hand and leads her to the semi-soft bed that will serve again as a stage for the party. The bed is now elevated so everyone seated in the sofas around it has a good view of anyone on it. “Show us your new body and dance for us, babe!” Terrill helps her take off her high heels, and she stands on the bed. The bed is well lit and the saliva and precum on her lips and dripping from her chin onto her breasts, and the milk spraying from her nipples glisten in the light. “Bros, feast your eyes on what you will be having tonight! Jaydee has agreed to videotape tonight’s party and send everyone a copy.”

He hands her a tape measure and helps her place it around her massive boobs, just below her nipples. She is an incredible 83 inches. She explains normally she is 81 inches, but her tits are full of milk. She holds the ends of the tape together between her breasts and slowly turns around to give everyone a good view. She hates her tits but smiles because she is happy that her new tits seem to excite them so and make her even more desirable in their eyes. Everyone wants to know her cup size and she tells them she is bigger than a 36ZZ, since she is painfully aware that she has not been milked for over an hour now and each of her breasts is holding more than two liters of milk. Instead of just dripping milk, they are constantly making a fine spray now. They whistle approval of her gargantuan measurement and cup size and clamor for her to measure across her nipples. She does so reluctantly, and the tape is now 87 inches. Next she adjusts the tape on her butt. Her biggest measurement is curiously above where her hips are the widest, because her bubble cheeks are so high up on her body and so huge. The bros voice their approval of its gigantic 71 inch measurement. She holds the tape ends together on her hip and slowly turns around while the men take their pictures. This time she is not smiling.

The men can tell her boobs are firm, since they sag only slightly. But what makes her boobs so erotic is that they are also soft, jiggly, flexible, and resilient, unlike boobs with implants and scar tissue. She wants to proudly show how supple and springy they are, so she starts her show by slowly pushing her boobs together. Her hand sinks into her soft flesh, and her cleavage grows even bigger, as she squishes her boobs together harder and harder. The sprays of milk get much stronger. When she suddenly releases them, they rapidly spring away from each other and then bounce back to collide into each other, causing more milk to spray. They love seeing her cleavage grow and disappear and grow and disappear dramatically. She waits until they stop bouncing, then she puts her hands inside her cleavage and pulls them apart so the men can enjoy seeing what happens when they are suddenly released to smash into each other. Then she lifts them up and drops them, so the men can watch them bounce up and down several times. She turns sideways and pulls on her nipples and suddenly releases them to make the ends of her breasts oscillate back and forth, stretching out thinner and then shrinking back and growing fatter. Each time her raised areola and nipples grow fatter, she sprays lots of milk. Judging from the loud exclamations, cellphone escort bayan cameras in use, and requests to do it again, the men adore her tit show. It was painful for her, but worth it. She does it all again several times as they ask, and then repeats it when she is bent over, so they look just like two cow udders.

After they thoroughly enjoy that, she remains bent over and begins swinging her breasts around in sync to the background music, and thusly starts her dance routine. Terrill turns up the R&B music and starts the bed rotating. Each time her boobs stop their motion in one direction and start in another, the men can see bursts of milk and hear her groan. She starts swinging her hips and moving her arms in rhythm to the music, and the motions and jiggling of her bubble ass adds to their entertainment. The pain is bad, but bearable, since she is limiting her motion. She strokes her body for the men seductively in rhythm with the music and squeezes her breasts to squirt milk with the beats of the music. She squeezes milk into one of her cupped hands and spreads it all over her tit. The reaction of her audience is making her pussy overflow, and she puts two fingers in her pussy, then shows everyone her dripping fingers and dances with her fingers in the air. She puts her other hand in her pussy, then massages her cream onto her breasts and ass with both hands. When her cream dries up, she gets more from her dripping pussy again and again, all the time dancing, and the men go nuts watching her.

She turns away from her audience and grabs her ankles. Her audience can now clearly see how truly massive her ass is and how wide her hips are, in comparison to her slender legs and tiny waist. The men have never seen flesh so remarkably smooth and tight, without the slightest hint of cellulite, on such a huge ass, and they cannot believe their eyes. And her ass cheeks are so high up on her rump and so round and shapely too. What makes her butt so unusual and sexy is how far the curvature of her butt extends out from her back when she is viewed from the side. Previously her ass cheeks protruded sharply outward just below the small of her back, and now in her second transformation, her cheeks are much bigger and the outward protrusion of her ass even more pronounced. Her cheeks together look like a giant bubble, and the men start calling her bubble butt in addition to pawg (phat ass white girl). She turns around to give the men a side view, pushes her ass out, and arches her back. Her ass looks like a perfectly shaped, huge sphere, attached to her torso and legs. Shouts of baby got back and bootylicious reassure her that the enlargement of her ass actually has increased her desirability, at least for these men. She is happy with their reactions, but still thinks men are crazy.

She turns her ass directly towards her audience and uses her hands to spread her cheeks wide for the guys, so everyone has a great view of her asshole and pussy slit. She shakes her booty for the men, and they watch spellbound for the longest time the erotic movement of her huge ass cheeks. Her ass is firm but still moves a lot when she shakes it. She gets many shouts of “Work it pawg, work it! So she shakes her booty in all different directions for the men, uses her muscles to open and close her cheeks, and slaps her ass repeatedly to make it jiggle for them. While she is shaking her booty, she holds her breasts to limit her pain, and no one objects because all eyes are on her ass. She doesn’t shake her booty too hard because that causes her pain too. Terrill tosses her a towel that she uses to cover her ass and then slowly reveal it. She uses the towel to simulate polishing her ass and to cradle her ass and lift her cheeks up and drop them for everyone’s amusement. The fact that brothers love a great booty was certainly evident in their wild reaction to her show, and her exhibitionism turns her on. Cream can be seen trickling down her thighs. To rap up the booty show, Terrill tosses her a bottle of oil that she pores on her ass and massages into her cheeks. She slides her hand up and down her ass crack, forcing her cheeks apart over and over again. She moans as she penetrates her asshole with a finger and finger fucks herself, until she moans, “Oh yes”, and has an orgasm that quivers her cheeks. Lots of guys slap Terrill on his back and shout, “You lucky nigga!”

Gloria overhears one of the brothers telling Terrill that her butt is shaped just like that of the model Pebbelz, but his pawg’s ass is much bigger and sexier. Terrill says proudly, “yeah, isn’t her 71 inch butt awesome? What is Pebbelz’ butt measurement?” “Only fourty-four inches.”

The bros are ready to storm the bed and take her when Terrill steps up on the bed. Gloria is relieved that she can stop the pain from her dancing, because her masochism varies with her state of arousal. She gives him a really long passionate kiss, and he lefts her up high up in the air. “You bros won’t believe what’s goin’ down next.” He puts her down on her right side and starts stroking her left tit and sucking on its nipple. She starts breathing heavily, and moaning, and the milk spray gets heavier and flows down the side of her breast. She bends one leg and lifts it into the air to show the men the white cream flowing from her vulva down her leg. Terrill wants to show the bros the enhanced sensitivity of her breasts, so he stops what he is doing.

“Oh, please, don’t stop, it feels too good.” Terrill clasps her nipple with one hand and twists his finger as he slowly pushes his finger into her nipple hole, and she immediately throws her head back and gasps loudly with an orgasm. “Oh fuck, I love that! Yes, yes, don’t stop!”

Gloria slams the bed with her arm, arches her back, and lets out a loud moan of ecstasy as his finger slowly disappears inside her tit and her body convulses in a huge orgasm. She has never felt anything like this before and exclaims, “Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!” The men can see her pussy closing and opening with her contractions during one orgasm after another. Her breasts quiver with her contractions, which can also be seen in her abdomen. Then he holds her breast with his other hand and starts pumping his finger in and out of her nipple. She moans and moans and moves into another world, a state of ecstasy. He adds another finger, then another, and another, and the men cannot believe the size her nipple has expanded to.

Then he forms his fingers around her nipple and presses his cock against its end. Her nipple spreads out around the tip of his cock head and expands and slides further and further over his cock head, being lubricated by her milk. Gloria starts screaming because her orgasms are so intense, partly because of the novelty of being fucked this way and partly due to her higher sensitivity. She involuntarily squirts several streams of cream. As his cock goes past her nipple into her breast tissue, her breast and milk duct expand, giving Gloria another novel and erotic feeling. She looks down at her breast and sees and feels the bulge of his cock head in her boob. Her eyes glaze over as she is overcome with shock and excitement. As he thrusts deeper into her breast, his cock head bulge travels further into her breast and slowly disappears. Her breast grows noticeably larger and larger as his cock continues its travel into her. When his cock reaches the end of her nipple hole, her screams of ecstasy turn to groans of pain. “Please don’t go any further, please!” All eyes are on her breast as it rapidly balloons in girth and shrinks in length, as he continues to push his cock into it. When he is finally ready to start fucking her boob, she has passed out from the overwhelming erotic sensations and terrible pain. Each time he withdraws to thrust again, milk gushes out all around his cock, and he can see the bulge produced by his cock head reappear in her areola and nipple. He too is overly excited by this new way of fucking her and blows in a few minutes. When he withdraws his cock completely, all the men take pictures of her nipple hole that is shrinking down from over an inch in diameter, streaming milk, and oozing semen in one sticky glob and ligament after another, stretching from her nipple to the bed.

Gloria wakes up after a few moments and is still in a heightened state of arousement. “Oh, my God, I need some cocks inside me!” She gets up, says “follow me, guys!”, and walks rapidly, holding her breasts, one being very achy from its recent fucking, into the mirrored room with the special benches. She hurriedly climbs into the stirrups and yells at the guys all around her, “Give me your big black cocks now! ” She lies back on the bench and smiles at Terrill with a seductive look. “Daring, you know I am so tight now, I can’t take big cocks in my ass – they hurt too much!” She then puts her head down on the support and opens her mouth wide. Terrill has never seen her before so excited.

“Jamal, Gavin, Marcel, and Darion, you’re first. Don’t touch her right nipple. I want to be the first there. Jamal, you have her ass.” Everyone laughs because he has chosen the guy with the fattest cock in the crowd to be first in her ass. Gloria knew Terrill would disregard what she said, but she wanted to give Terrill more of a thrill as he watches her being forced to take a huge cock up her ass.

“Please, Jamal, don’t put that monster of yours in my ass, I beg you!” Jamal slides into the bench below hers, presses his cock against her creamy asshole, grabs her hips with both hands, and thrusts deep into her ass as hard as he can. She reaches down and hits him softly with her fists. Her screams are ear-splitting but are soon stifled by Marcel’s cock suddenly thrust down her throat. He occasionally pauses with his cock head just inside her lips so everyone can enjoy her garbled screams with each of Jamal’s thrusts. The pain makes tears roll down her cheeks. She continues to weakly hit Jamal to entertain everyone and to keep her secret that being forced to endure pain for the sexual gratification of Terrill and his men is very arousing and satisfying for her. She tries to concentrate on the huge orgasms Marcel is giving her with his nine inches balls deep into her throat. She loves the new hypersensitivity of her lips, mouth, and throat.

“Bros, you won’t ever see another pawg with this much cream! We’re going to have fun with her cream – I’ll show you. I suggest before you mount her, you squirt some of her cream in your mouth. Just a touch of her G-spot will make her squirt.” He bends over, slides a finger along the roof of her vagina to her G-spot, and receives a load of white cream on his face.

“She tastes great! Enjoy her, bros! She’s all yours. Do anything you want with her, but no fist fucking. Each of you can have 30 minutes with her. And no one goes back for seconds. If you get too horny, jack off on her. Put it on her face, or wherever you want, but not in her eyes. She says she likes looking at the good looking bros. Ha! I’ll decide who goes next.”

Terrill points at her stomach. “Look at the large bulge in her pooch with each of Jamal’s pokes! Amazing!” He measures her protrusion to be an inch high with a tape measure while Jaydee films the appearing and disappearing bulges in her stomach from all angles. The weak muscles in her abdomen and intestines allow her bulge to be so high and just a little wider than Jamal’s cock.

Darion steps up to her, easily slides into her pussy and starts fucking her gently, swaying her massive tits forward and backward. Terrill says, “now look at her pooch!” When Darion and Jamal are in sync, the momentary swelling in her normally flat stomach is three inches high. “I could stare at that all night long, and I will be!” Gloria can’t see because of what Marcel is doing to her, but she reaches down, feels the bumps in her stomach, and is excited by them too. Jamal and Darion stop inside her, then enter her and withdraw from her together very slowly for the camera.

After everyone has a good gawk at her pooch, Darion begins thrusting into her pussy harder and harder. Terrill says, “you can see the contractions from her orgasms too. Darion, can you feel them?” He replies, “oh, yeah!” Terrill tells him to step away for a while, so Jaydee can film the contractions in her stomach, the quivering of her labia lips, and the opening and closing of her pussy hole. Soon Darion is again inside her and ramming into her so hard that her tits hit her shoulders and face, then her stomach, spraying milk. Her moans are changed into loud groans as the pain she feels grows intense.

She was producing a lot of cream during the foreplay on the bed, but it is nothing compared to the tremendous volume she produces as the bros fuck her. Sloshing sounds are amazingly loud, begin with the first stroke inside her pussy, and continue as bro after bro pumps her pussy. The men learn to fuck her for a few minutes and pause with their groins pressed hard against her vulva to wait for trapped air to make a loud splooshing sound as it escapes through her cream, to everyone’s amusement. The guys with long cocks enjoy thrusting hard into her and stopping half way, so they can see and hear the cream ejected out of her pussy around their cocks. Her projectile cream hits them on their groins and legs as her pussy makes a loud, wet phhhhhhrt sound. They also learn to withdraw their cocks completely from her after they have fucked her for a while, to see the cream glistening on their cocks and dripping from their cocks and balls. And they love seeing a stream of cream immerge from her pussy, as soon as their cock head is out of her, and flow along the cleavage of her ass cheeks and onto the cock in her ass. The white cream really stands out on their black cocks. They wave their cocks around to show her cream to the crowd and by doing so, throw her cream onto other guys standing nearby fucking her nipples. Everyone comments that they have never seen so much cream, and they laugh so hard at her that she is totally chagrinned. But also there are lots of cries of excitement from seeing a woman produce that much cream.

When Gavin steps up to start fucking her left tit, he roughly pulls her breast towards him to align her nipple with his cock, causing her much pain. She glares at him, meekly pushes him away, and at her next opportunity to speak, says, “Ow, please be more gentle with…!” She wants her audience to know he hurt her to increase their sadistic pleasure. Her words are cut off by Marcel’s cock. Gavin smiles at her as he forms his fingers around her nipple and starts forcing his cock into it. The novelty is still there and as he slides his cock further into her very sensitive milk duck, she gasps with a tremendous orgasm, made even stronger by the simultaneous throat, ass, and pussy fuckings she is thoroughly enjoying. Much milk gushes out as he goes deeper and deeper, and her breast swells to accommodate his sizable cock.

In spite of the excruciating pain of the thick cock in her ass and the bouncing of her right tit (Gavin is holding her left tit as he fucks her nipple), Gloria is loving every second of being fucked by four cocks. Her suffering adds to her sexual excitement. It is hard for her to think clearly now, but it finally dawns on her how good it would feel to have another cock antalya escort inside her, so she looks for Terrill in the crowd. Plus she is getting tired of the intense pain from the bouncing of her right tit.

“Honey, wherever you are, please come here and break the cherry on my right nipple now, I beg you!”

Terrill cannot resist her suggestion, and soon there are five brothers vigorously fucking all her orifices at the same time. Her mind drifts from the magnificent sensations of one cock to another as they go in and out of sync and her. Thusly begins the most pleasurable experience of Gloria’s entire life. She will subsequently be fucked by five black studs simultaneously many times, but the first time for anything is always the best. The novelties of being fucked by five cocks at once and also of having her nipples fucked, the sensations of five, big black cocks simultaneously violating all her orifices, and her enhanced orgasms due to her greatly increased sensitivity and sexuality all combine to totally overwhelm her. The spectacular sex overdoses her brain with dopamine. She experiences a rush more powerful than anything she has ever felt before and enters into a giddy euphoria that continues for the rest of the night. As the night progresses, she knows she is now addicted to being fucked by five black cocks at once.

Terrill selects Rasaun, a very well endowed bro, to replace the ass bro on the bench below her, whose time is up. “Let’s have some fun with her cream. Otis, unstrap her, push her legs together, and make her squirt.” Otis replaces his cock inside her pussy with a finger, folds her legs together, and rubs her G-spot. White cream fills her pussy and leaks out between her legs. “Now, Rasaun, fuck her pussy hard!” With each of his thrusts into her, the bros watch in awe as her cream is ejected several feet across the room in long, thick streams with an accompanying loud fuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrt sound. The bros clamor for more and Otis and Rasaun repeat it several times as bros have fun posing as her targets. Gloria is able to bring her head up once and smiles at the enjoyment she can barely see in the bros’ faces.

The intense pain from the violations of her tightened asshole and womb and from her tits, when the men’s cocks reach the end of her nipple holes, is terrible for her. But she knows Terrill and his men love causing her pain due to the size of their cocks, and she immensely enjoys giving them that pleasure. Intense pain, such as each time her cervix is first penetrated, makes her scream when a cock is not down her throat. When her mouth is full, she points at the offender and meekly strikes him with her fists. The other men laugh and congratulate the offender. Some brothers compete to see who can make her to scream the loudest and the longest, and any muffling of her screams causes many arguments.

All the men of course want to fuck her nipples, so the men switch between her different orifices quite frequently, and Terrill must intervene to prevent many fights. After a man blows inside her nipple, he withdraws and squeezes her breast just enough to force his semen to slowly ooze from her nipple. Some of them simply grab her breast and push it down until gravity brings out their semen. Usually all she can do is softly hit their legs for hurting her, because her mouth is full. Jaydee videotapes her gaping nipple holes and the globs of semen emerging from her nipples and flowing down the sides of her bulbous mammaries in very long, sticky ligaments.

The bros about to fuck her throat first lay their cocks across her lips so she can make love to them. She does an enthusiastic job on their cocks but does extraordinary work on big cocks. The bigger the cock, the more she uses all her oral tricks to make them really enjoy what she is doing because she is enjoying it immensely too. When she sees or feels (semen is in her eyes at times) a big set of balls, she pulls the bro closer to her, grabs his scrotum above his balls, and sucks on, kisses, and moves his hairy huevos all around her outstretched tongue. Her size fetish is stronger than ever, and she dearly loves worshiping big cocks and balls. So much so that the well hung brothers have to pull her hands away when they are ready to fuck her throat. The men have a good laugh whenever she screams with a mouth full of cock or balls, and the bro filling her mouth gets a great sensation.

She protests when she tastes her ass on their cocks, so the men order her to lick their cocks clean. They laugh as she subserviently does what they want while grimacing. She continues to protest whenever she tastes her ass on a cock, to give them the pleasure of forcing her to clean their cocks.

They put a bowl on the floor beneath the ass bro to catch her cream and pour its contents into her mouth before they start deep throating and choking her. Gloria enjoys choking on their semen, her cream, and their cocks, because she is turned on like never before, she likes Terrill’s friends, and her masochism makes her enjoy suffering for them. She does suffer a lot when she sucks liquid down her trachea and must struggle for each breath. As she is choked again and again during the long night, she discovers her orgasms are made more intense by her oxygen deprivation. So she adds another sexual perversion, asphyxophilia, to her long list. But she pretends to hate it to make it more enjoyable for them. She protests again and again and weakly tries to push the bowl away when they tell her to open her mouth. The men just smile and obviously enjoy plunging into her mouth full of cream as they begin to deep throat her. She looks for Terrill whenever cream squirts from her nostrils to see the delight in his eyes. The bros are enthralled by their “dragon lady” and take pictures of the cream being expelled from her nose. She enjoys it a lot more as the night goes on when she can taste and smell their semen adding to her cream. Her nasal cavities are always full, so she sounds like she has a cold all night long.

Terrill calls for a break every hour and brings Gloria a large Gateraide and a protein drink. She usually gasps for over a minute before she can start drinking. She tells everyone how painful the choking and ass, tit, and womb fucking are, and deceptively begs the men to go easier on her. She is so lightheaded, she can’t walk to the bathroom to piss and wipe the semen, mucus, and cream that has drained down into her eyes, so he carries her. She starts to blow her nose, and Terrill stops her. “I like the semen running out of your nose.” She knows not to clean the semen and cream off her face and body.

The men decide to mount her on the other bench to better enjoy her ass, which she doesn’t like since only four men can fuck her at once and she knows her asshole will be assaulted more on the ass bench. They love this bench because it displays her huge booty so high up and so exquisitely emphasizes it by bending her over with her tits almost touching her legs. Her banter with the bros is continuous when she doesn’t have a cock in her mouth. While they are strapping her in, they tell her how much she is going to enjoy this bench, and she replies, “yeah, I’m sure.” They pause before fucking her to allow videotaping of her beautiful, perfect ass mounted in the bench and the cream dripping from her pussy.

Terrill picks Darkeem, with a fat, 10 inch cock, and tells him to fuck her womb, then her asshole. Then Terrill tells the guy in her throat to withdraw so everyone can hear her. She immediately starts pleading, “no, please, Darkeem, no!” He enters her and presses his cock against her cervix, and waits until her begging becomes hysterical, before he plunges as hard as he can into her womb, causing her to make a bloodcurdling scream that no one can believe. He does the same thing to her ass, making her wait with his cock pressed against her asshole. She wiggles her ass, as she pleads with him again and again to penetrate her gently. He places her hands on her ass cheeks and tells her to hold her cheeks apart for him, and she does as he commands. She doesn’t disappoint anyone and screams horrifically as his 10 inches suddenly and completely disappear inside her. Her screams are replaced with loud groans and tears as he fucks her hard. The motion of her buns with his thrusts is captivating for everyone. Jaydee records her flying booty from all sorts of angles and gets on the floor and films the erotic bulges in her stomach caused by Darkeem. After his agonizing fuck, she tearfully begs them to mount her back on the other bench. No one suspects she actually enjoyed exciting Terrill and the others by enduring the terrible pain with Darkeem.

The brothers ignore her request. They cannot get enough of watching the ripples in her ass flesh and the motion of her buns. Brother after brother step up to her ass, fondle it, then plunge into her gaping asshole and watch the motion of her booty as they ram hard into her. She groans loudly with each thrust and screams when initially rammed by a huge cock. Everyone congratulates the brother responsible when they hear her scream. Some make her hold her ass cheeks apart so they can penetrate her deeper, but most do not, so her buns will fly more freely. They enjoy her ass so much that they keep her in the ass bench for the last two hours of the party. When a bro fucking her mouth or tits is ready to blow, he switches with the bro in her ass, so everyone ends up blowing their wads in her ass. Twenty guys load up her ass with air and semen.

Terrill enforces the fuck-her-only-once rule, and all the guests finally finish fucking her in the early morning. Gloria begins trembling as she starts coming down from the peak of her high. She wants her high to continue so badly that she defies Terrill and begs the men to keep fucking her. Terrill orders all the guests to leave, ignoring their protests, and she quickly regains her subservience. He unstraps her from the ass bench, but she is unable to walk, so he carries her to the front door to kiss all the guests goodbye. She is in a stupor from the sex and has to hang onto to Terrill’s arm to keep from falling. The men can’t believe how sexy she looks as she wobbles at Terrill’s side. Her body and hair are covered with dried semen and cream, her labia lips are engorged and dripping cream, and milk is flowing from half inch gapes in her nipples. The skin on her tits, ass, and the insides of her thighs is pink.

The bros find her kisses highly erotic. Her lips are extra soft and puffy from all the cocksucking. The men can smell her cockbreath from several feet away, and her face and parts of her hair are covered with wet mucus and cream and dried semen. They enjoy feeling her tits squashed into them as she kisses them, and she of course gets milk on their clothes and whatever is on her tits. She also leaves them a little cream/semen on their face, since her nose is still running. The bros with wives or live-in girlfriends wisely decline her kisses. Naturally she feels the crotches of the bros while kissing them. Terrill tells her to thank everyone for cuming, but she just rolls her eyes at him, which the bros find funnier than his pun. She is acting a little cocky and not her normal, subservient self. Her asshole has a gape and as she is stretching up to kiss the taller bros, she starts uncontrollably farting and dropping globs of semen unto the floor. She is totally embarrassed and wants to hide, but Terrill won’t let her.

“Babe, turn around, bend over, and spread your legs for the camera.” She does as told and also spreads her ass cheeks for Jaydee. Bending over makes her fart loudly and eject semen onto some of the bros, who fall back away from her, bent over in uproarious laughter. Terrill calls it the revenge of the pawg. Everyone jockeys for a view of the semen seeping from her asshole and a chance to run their fingers through the long strings of sticky semen dangling from her ass to a puddle on the floor. When Terrill tells her, she stands up and turns around, red faced. She is told her ass gape is three quarters of an inch and replies caustically, “thanks so much for sharing that with everyone.” Her voice sounds funny. She is hoarse from the throat fucking and screaming and her nasal cavities are full. All the guests finally leave after everyone finishes guffawing at her.

“God, I loved the five bro fuck! Let’s do that again, honey, soon!” She regales Terrill in her funny voice with all the fine details, that only she would know, of what it was like being simultaneously gangbanged by five big black cocks. She admits to feeling addicted to it, as he carries her to their bed. She excites him to incredible passion by saying over and over again how much she enjoyed being fucked by his big cocked friends and how much their big cocks hurt. “Don’t tell your friends with normal cocks that they were just teasers and made me want the big cocks even more!”

She drives him crazy with desire for her by comparing him to each of his studly friends, naming each friend by name, describing how much she liked them, how big their cock and balls were, how good looking they are, their conversations, what their semen and genitals tasted and smelled like, how much they hurt her, how good they were as sexual partners, what they did to her, and how much she enjoyed getting fucked by them. In the process, she also drives herself crazy with a lust for those particular brothers that never seems to diminish. In the days following the party, she continually thinks about those brothers and ponders what she should to do to satisfy her lust for them.

“Darling, I also loved getting my nipples fucked, and I want more! Please, please fuck my tits with that monster of yours!” They try many different positions for fucking her nipples, which continues for an hour and a half. One of his favorites is fucking her lying on his back while they hold one of her enormous tits and nipples above his cock. She rapidly falls asleep, too tired to remove the dried semen and cream all over her body and hair.

The next day Terrill finds her awake in bed, lying on a pile of pillows under her head and stomach. She looks odd because the pillows are stacked so high to prevent putting her weight on her tits.

“I thought you didn’t like being on your stomach.”

“I’m so mad at you for wanting my ass tighter. My ass is so sore, I can’t sit, lie on my back, or even walk. And I hate the liquid diet I’m forced to be on now.”

She frowns at him, but secretively enjoys the smile on his face. He sits on the bed next to her, and she rolls on her side towards him, completely exposing her bare breasts to him.

“I’m also mad about this horrible ache I have here”, she says, pointing at her stomach. “It’s my cervix that you wanted tighter!”

“Wow, babe, your nipples still have gapes. That’s real sexy. I’d like to hit that.”

“Don’t even think about fucking them now. About eighty of your friends and you have already done that! They are so sore, I can’t squeeze them to milk myself, so I’ve been using this dreadful breast pump. Will you help me out?” She places a hand on a side of her breast and moves it gently towards Terrill, presenting her nipple to him. “Don’t suck too hard, please.” Terrill bends down, tongues her gaping nipple hole, and sucks her entire nipple into his mouth, causing her to moan softly. While he sucks up and swallows her milk, she asks him when she can get gangbanged again by five big brothers, in between her moans and orgasms.

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