Glory Display

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After a month long dry spell, the glory hole has regained its allure, somewhere to cum so hard and good while showing off – cocks really do get men off. I have had made several men cum just watching, since the first time someone came while displaying myself, intentionally wanting to turn a stranger on with my own arousal. That was just a few weeks ago; now the idea of getting off together with a stranger, my prick positioned perfectly for him to watch me stroke, while in turn watching him stroke his own erect cock, has become well practiced in reality. The enjoyment includes an honest nostalgia, mixed with a certain delight in finding that others are equally entranced by cumming like this. And how easy it is to meet them, if not every time visiting.

After high school, a friend and I would often masturbate together, sharing 70s Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, Club, Hustler and such mags, learning a couple of real basic techniques from the other – Vaseline was my shared idea, his was Trojan lubricated condoms- We both later enjoyed Vaseline lotion and some real hardcore porn he had found. For a while, a third person was also part of our jacking off, but the most intense orgasms were always as a pair, even if a group does have its own dynamic. We three spent a few months sharing porn and stroke sessions, until a point came after lengthening intervals without him, it was again just us two.

But something like the first time I fingered my own ass while being seen doing it, especially having started first, was an introduction to much of the same mixture of intense thrill bordering on fear, overcome by the wonderful sensations, as occurs when visiting the glory hole. Including the pure joy when he began doing the same thing that day, knowing that we would do this again, because it was such pure physical joy. This is the point where anticipation and fear begins fueling the pleasure, sex freely filling our minds, flooding cleanly over all concerns until nothing is left but savoring the approach of our orgasms, discovering a new and ‘secret’ game to play together, knowing that our tight and full balls would fill our cocks as we started spurting gloriously white jets of pleasure.

I have no idea if fingering was something my friend learned from me, but after having done it a few times alone, the idea of letting him see how good it was became easier to imagine, until it was simply a matter of time. After getting hot enough, I used both hands in the opened Vaseline container, and let the Vaseline on my left hand soften and melt between my thighs while rubbing my still somewhat sparsely haired balls. This occasion remains deeply sunk in memory, in part because getting worked up enough to actually share such hidden games tugged me along, a feeling of straying beyond the allowed, even if we had been jacking off together for a couple of years already.

Playing with asses is another intense game discovered in part with someone else – we both preferred two fingers, starting slowly, but getting faster, often moving our hands while stretching against the tightening ring of our now pulsing and stretched assholes, feeling two intense sources of pleasure at the same time. Kneeling or squatting with our cocks jutting out, or sometimes pushed down towards the floor, eyelids fluttering in concentration, our panting growing louder than the sound of our hands sliding along our well lubricated shafts, the magazines around us, no longer the center of focused attention. Certain interests of mine were first explored then, and since, often satisfied by women. Now, after more than a dozen years of marriage, I find that men retain their own unique sexual thrill, especially when that man is a complete stranger.

We never touched each other then at any time (never even thought of it, which is an interesting comment now about how naive younger people can be), though we would get naked together, after having first gathered the mags – sex is better nude, it seems, even when just masturbating. Jacking off when young and so horny is deliciously irresistible, a feeling of the forbidden yielding to the tempting enjoyment of a growing cock, making thoughts of anything beyond the pleasure impossible.

Learning to share and enjoy orgasms in union came later, with women. Sefaköy Escort Though a couple of those early times, watching someone with a cock as hard as mine had been very intense, with both of us pumping cum, knowing we were getting off together. There weren’t really any shared looks, though – noticing that the other was watching tended to be embarrassing, not that we stopped, and certainly not embarrassing every time – a hard cock is its own honesty, after all. Sometimes, a quick glance was made, to just confirm that we were both horny for the same reasons, making each other hotter when stroking ourselves – like when turning the pages we were both looking at, until the pictures were lost in a haze of pure lust. And having new pictures appear when incapable of anything but playing with yourself was a luxury in pre-video/Internet times, something to share in turn, until we were both pumping so hard that pictures faded before the intensity of cumming.

It had been a cool mid-morning at the end of the week, and in a way, the swirling thoughts were just teasing myself, because after two visits with the gloryhole deserted, saying at least three tries before giving up seemed reasonable, especially since some of the visits had been among the best orgasms of my life. However, it was still a couple of hours until it opened, so getting hard and looking at horny pictures was a good way to spend at least some of the time. My cock kept getting longer against my leg, almost reaching the end of my shorts. And yes, some of the porn was gay and bi (which the gloryhole almost always has playing as a choice) – looking at hard dicks and men so obviously lost in cock pleasure is as hot as a woman with a wet spread pussy getting herself off. Men are so much more obvious about what is getting them off.

It isn’t the men that are so hot in gay porn – it is the hard cocks and the hot games they play with each other. Not that women don’t obviously cum, even in porn – during both deserted visits, I got off very pleasurably to a woman clearly getting lost in her own pleasure while playing with herself, her mind simply submerged in her wetly glistening pink pussy. Reality porn, so to speak – as noted about German porn, the women really do look like those in daily life. In this case, becoming horny and then orgasming in front of someone who was filming it. Certainly something easily understood, from being behind a camera with my wife several times – she too felt a certain thrill in knowing it was for an audience, which made her wetter and puffier as she kept enjoying herself – performing such private acts explicitly in front of someone else is a sort of entrancing vice.

As always, the drive seemed too long and too short – too long due to the anticipation of my excited state, and too short due to the adrenaline which always accompanies the start of such adventures. The sense of the forbidden and unknown is not quite as intense as at the start, when just discovering how good getting off with a man was, but it remains a powerful part of what keeps luring me back. Even the thought of again having a man be my partner is now just too kinky to resist, regardless of how any individual visit turns out.

Arriving at the gloryhole, one door was ajar, the other of the joined pair shut, and it sounded as if porn was playing. Both my step and pulse quickened, realizing that opportunity beckoned. After entering the booth, I noticed the slider on my side was closed – which would not have made any real difference at this point, but getting undressed in private is still more comfortable most of the time. After putting some money in, opening my jeans and unbuttoning the bottom buttons on my shirt, I sat down, and started flicking through the porn – thinking that soon, I would be opening the slider, and with luck, there would be a cock to play with. A cock as horny and turned on as mine, also enjoying cumming with a stranger, sharing nothing but raw sex.

Sitting on the padded bench, holding my thickening cock, my left hand moved the slider about a 1/4 of the way – enough to be certain that the slider was open on the other side. And that there were a pair of legs, bare like mine in the flickering dimness, a recognition which flowed to my cock, becoming harder Sefaköy Escort as my closed fist started pumping easily along the shaft until stopping so good against the stiffening ridge of my cockhead, making me hornier and rigid, getting nicely turned on before opening the slider the rest of the way, to see a hard cock being stroked quickly. There was no question about again getting mindlessly aroused by watching a turned on man, knowing that I wanted and could have more. But this time, the idea of showing off my own cock was a part of the possibilities, especially if first, I could feel his cock, stroking its length in my hand, and along the length of my own hot cock. Hot cock to hot cock stroking has completely captivated me several times, as precum is as perfect as a woman’s own wetness – different, male, and utterly erotic.

Watching him in the other booth, my cock grew completely stiff, my hand slowly stroking the entire length, from the base of the dark curly pubic bush to the top of the flared cockhead, my legs spreading in satisfaction. His legs were equally spread, his hard cock being furiously stroked as he watched. Again, the fingers of my left hand reached towards the opening, this time a couple of fingers going through, making it clear that playing with a stranger’s cock was something we would enjoy, both so obviously horny and interested.

After a while, I drew my fingers back, and kept stroking myself, hoping he would be equally interested in sharing the basic thrill of a glory hole, the chance to play with another man’s cock. Either way, against the wall through the opening, helpless in the feelings, or watching and touching a new cock so close, both ways equally reliable ways to feel pure bliss with a man.

Though there have been times in the glory hole where I have been completely ignored – once with the slider open, stroking myself, someone came in, turned on the porn, flicked a few channels, and came in about two minutes. Another time, the slider also remained open, but each time I put my fingers through, nothing happened – even the couple of times I actually brushed his arm as he switched channels. That time, he was totally hard, pants open, and kept stroking, but never accepted a fairly obvious invitation – twice, my fingertips touched his arm, the second felt almost embarrassing somehow – though if he had stood up and put his cock through, it certainly would not have felt that way. And the way he stroked himself with my fingers touching him lightly at least indicated that he was getting off good enough, maybe for the first time with another man – or at least in a way he found acceptable – he stopped the second time, his cock quivering, but never moved from where he seem anchored, and he simply closed the slider after a few minutes.

However, this visit, my plainly obvious invitation was accepted. He stopped rubbing his cock, though still holding it, and began to stand up. As did I, holding my cock also. His cockhead came through the opening, and again, the chance to play with cock, this time a red pulsing aroused uncut cock, was at hand. Wetting my left hand, I reached down to his cock, while slowly starting to again stroke mine. My hand began sliding around his cockhead, wet and slippery, pulling him slowly against the wall as it kept circling his cockhead, trying to make him lose himself in the lust of his hard cock, now stroking down his erect length. Looking down at my hand on a man’s turned on cock was an incredible thrill. I began breathing more heavily as my own cock came closer to his, irresistibly attracted to feeling his hot sexy rod. Pushing down my right hand and first touching his cock with my own, the feeling was beyond fantasy. I rewet my left hand, and turned slightly, now reaching down to feel my cock against his, while sliding slippery fingers against the underside of his shaft, pressing it harder against my own rigid cock, firmly encircled by my right hand, adjusting position until our cockheads were moving against each other, in deep male satisfaction.

The feelings were again becoming overwhelming, my breathing deeper and louder as we kept rubbing against each other. I stopped, quivering on the edge of cumming, and he slowly pulled back. I was lost in pure sex, Escort Sefaköy and when his hand touched my cock, it was perfect, neither too soft nor too demanding. He played with me to the brink of another orgasm, but after a delightful while, I pulled back a bit, not wanting to cum so quickly, though balanced on a knife edge of desire. This may be a real difference between men and women – men can be teased to a fantastic release, frustration leading to glory, while women generally appreciate steady stimulation building to climax. Or skipping along with a number of orgasms, as my first girlfriend put it – either a single deep orgasm at a time, or a number of orgasms like a rock skipping gracefully over the water, dipping to the surface in closer intervals until sinking exhausted with pleased satisfaction.

After that short break, my hand was again on my cock, now feeling his hand as it touched my tight balls and the base of my cock – yet again a touch away from cumming, so I stopped moving my hand against my cockhead, barely restraining the urge to cum hard and long with a man touching me. He kept moving his hand lower, his fingers stroking my sensitive inner thigh, his hand and fingers beginning to now pull me to the opening, and I lacked any will to resist. My cock followed his into unknowing glory, and he started stroking me. I began to moan, a seemingly unstoppable trait of mine when that turned on, and sank against the wall, weak with desire and horniness, cheek turned to get as close as possible. But after a minute or two of his stroking, it was possible to regain some balance at that level of bliss, which meant that pulling back became possible.

The tension between cumming hard and fast, and letting the game continue almost tipped into cumming then, his hand following my cock, making any decision harder, slowing me, seeing my cock gripped again in his hand. My own hand went again to my hot and turned on rod. Watching his hand move, feeling the pleasure that he was causing was incredible – my cock again in the hand of a stranger, so good to stroke myself as he did the same. Yet again, stopping right at the point of cumming, sliding back, moving out of his reach as my hands went to my sides. I simply kept leaning back until my back bumped against the far wall, settling into a more comfortable position to show off my turned on cock’s length.

After a bit, turning to give a changing view of hot cock, my back no longer slumped bonelessly on the side of the booth. One knee was now on the bench, spread wide, exposing my ball sack and curly pubic hair, and I noticed he was stroking harder. Even that short pause, knowing that somebody was getting off from my own excitement, was almost too much, and the response was to place a hand on my cock to guide the increasingly overwhelming feeling. The other hand was now holding a few folded paper towels, a mere practical afterthought in the rush of lust and desire. At this point, slowly stroking the entire length was the best way to calm myself, even if it would soon become something so wonderfully beyond control.

I kept standing, showing off my cock near the hole, with the stroking ever more unstoppable. And then he started to pant himself, his own fist stroking so good, his orgasm unstoppable. Seeing and hearing him jack off, I just kept stroking lusciously as he started to cum, starting to lose myself in my own flood of liquid orgasm, my back again against the far wall, supporting me while just pumping into space, drops of cum beyond control, as I was, eyes opening and closing to the rhythm of my fist against my cockhead and pulsing balls, the sound of cum splashing becoming the perfect coda to the unrestrained experience of enjoying a man sexually.

Slowly returning from another fantastic peak, practical details slowly grew in awareness. We had both cum, and cleaning up was part of the basic routine. Not much cum ended up in my casually held towels, and he had simply spurted without concern – as I had other times, abandoned in orgasm, uncaring about trivial things. Not worrying about practicalities is another real attraction of a glory hole, until reality intrudes after that enjoyable interval where nothing matters except sex. Occasionally cleaning semen is another part of that male game – cleaning is easy enough to do, and the scent is not unattractive itself.

Recently, though, the glory hole has been more empty than not – seems like it may be time to start seeking other opportunities. Porn theatres remain a barely explored terrain, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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