Good Vibrations

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I was in a horny mood, no surprise there, so I decided to shop for a new vibrator for my wife. She’s a MILF with a fantastic body, 34B tits, neatly trimmed pussy, slim waist and a luscious ass. She keeps toned by working out at our neighborhood gym each weekday morning. She also loves to use a vibrator during our sex sessions. She’s multi orgasmic, and makes herself cum many times. She’s particular on the type of vibrator she prefers; hard with an intense vibration.

I went to Fantasy Gifts, our local adult toy store to see if I could find something my wife hadn’t had before. This store is very clean and well lit, not seedy. It was late, with only one other customer in the store, when I got there and the store was closing in about 15 minutes. So I quickly started browsing the vibrator section in search of a new toy. As I was, browsing, the clerk, a woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s cute with a nice body, wearing jeans and a graphic t-shirt that said “Love” on the front, came over and asked if I need any assistance. I said that I was looking for a new clitoral vibrator for my wife.

She pointed out some vibrators but they all were similar to what my wife has or has used in the pass or just cheap novelty toys. I said I was looking for something different, maybe a higher quality than she’s had in the past. The clerk excused herself to ring up the last customer and said she was locking the door for closing time but said I could stay and look around longer since she had to straighten up the store before leaving. I said thanks and continued canlı bahis to browse. She said that there were some vibrators in the display case that I might find more to my liking and that she would let me test before buying anything. I wondered what she meant by ‘test before buying’.

I wandered over to the display case and the clerk grabbed a couple of vibrators that she liked and that had powerful motors. She handed me one that had 10 settings and 2 different types of motion. I turned it on and wow, the vibration intensity was amazing and the pulsation feature was stimulating to say the least. She asked what I thought? I imagined my wife using this toy on her wet pussy and started getting aroused. My cock began to harden and stretch along my leg. I said that to me it felt very nice but couldn’t tell if it would satisfy my wife. I tried a couple others, thinking of my wife squirting her juices as she has powerful orgasms using these lovely toys. My rod was almost fully erect with thoughts of watching my wife getting off with a new toy. But I thought my wife would enjoy the first one the most.

Price was an issue, I hemmed and hawed trying to decide if the $80 price tag was worth it. I told the clerk that I didn’t want to spend $80 on a vibrator that wouldn’t satisfy my wife. The clerk, grabbed the vibrator I was interested in, moved to the display couch turned the toy on and began rubbing it on her jean covered pussy. Shocked at this bold move, the clerk started moaning telling me how good it felt as I looked on in amazement at the scene before bahis siteleri me. Other than my wife, I’d never seen a woman pleasure herself in person. I was lost, should I leave or watch, my hard rod was giving me a clue.

Mesmerized, I sat in a chair opposite the clerk as she unfastened her jeans slid them down along with her panties exposing her trimmed, wet pussy and continued massaging her clit with the vibrator. My cock was hard in my sweatpants making a tent in the front showing the clerk my excitement. As I watched the action before me my cock needed attention so I reached down and began rubbing my manhood through my sweats. As the clerk’s moaning got louder my cock wanted freedom and I wanted to stroke it free of restraint. I went to the counter, grabbed one of the other vibrators and some lube then returned to the chair. The clerk seemed to be in ecstasy by the look and sounds coming from her. She had pulled up her t-shirt and bra exposing her tits and was rubbing and pinching them making her nipples hard. Her slit was glistening with juice which had covered the vibrator.

My rod was rock hard and ready to be stroked. I freed my cock from it’s confines the clerk glanced at it and continued her self pleasuring. I rubbed lube up and down my stiff cock enjoying the demo that was taking place in front of me. I then touched the vibrator to my cock head. Wow! The sensation was incredible, my whole shaft vibrated with excitement. Although these vibrators are designed for women it felt great on my meat. I’d used my wife’s vibrators before bahis şirketleri during my solo sessions but none felt like this one. The electricity shooting through my body was intense. By the movement and sounds coming from the couch I sensed the clerk was enjoying herself and nearing orgasm. The vibrator I was using had 7 speeds so I turned it to the highest setting and massaged my lubed cock and balls. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip adding to the slipperiness. I worked the vibrator up and down my organ taking in the exquisite feeling, also on the verge of cumming.

As we watched each other, never making eye contact, enjoying the toys. The clerk’s breathing began to get labored and heavy. My cock was about to blow as I felt my cum rise from my balls toward the head. I watched as the clerk’s body started to undulate with a big orgasm. She loudly moaned saying she was cumming. And cum she did as she rubbed the vibrator across her muff and squeezed her tits. She kept the vibrator pressed to her clit and let out another loud moan as she had more orgasms. All this was too much, I moved the vibrator under my cock head and the vibration caused my shaft to spasm, spewing ropes of hot jizz into the air landing on the floor. The feeling was amazing and I couldn’t stop. I pressed the toy under the head and felt that I was going to cum again. I then shot another load, moaning with pleasure as the cum ran down my cock, covering my balls.

The clerk lay panting trying to recover from her intense orgasms. She finally pulled her bra and t-shirt down and pulled up her panties and jeans. I tucked in my cock and looked around for something to clean up my jizz. I found some Kum Kleen wipes and cleaned up my man juice.

The clerk looked at me and said, “Well?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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