Gyda gets kidnapped – Extended Edition

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Sunlight flickered through the gap in the curtains, it was a sunny July morning in the English country and Gyda was fast asleep in her bed. She has just started the summer break from her college for the last time and would be heading off for university in September. It had been a wonderful year for young Gyda, she had passed through college with flying colours and it seemed that the sky was the limit.

A slight breeze ran through the slightly open window,rustling the curtains and flowing across Gyda’s face, calmly waking her from her sleep. Gyda sat up slowly in her bed, stretching her arms high above her head, releasing a loud ‘yaaaaawn,’ as she did. She climbed out of bed and headed down the hall to the bathroom. Gyda stripped from her light pink pjs and headed for the shower, slowly and smoothly washing her eighteen year old body, letting the hot water relax her. Gyda stepped out of the shower and caught a glance of herself in the large, full-length mirror, she stood in front of it and examined her young body. Gyda had turned eighteen two days ago and the years had certainly been kind to her.

Gyda was a natural beauty, she looked into her eyes, a soft green which even she could stare into for hours on end, she ran a soft hand through her newly washed hair, short only just to her shoulders, black in colour, with tastefully pink and purple highlights, soft and smooth to touch. The skin on her face was beautiful and smooth, soft pink lips, chin complete with a cute dimple. Her hands travelled down to her chest, her breasts were not big, mere handfuls, but beautifully shaped and firm, with small nipples the size of a ten pence piece. Her hands traced down to her stomach, caressing down the firm, smooth flatness. Gyda ran her hands over her young hips and around her soft thighs, moving ever so slowly inwards, Gyda noticed that familiar heat rush across her young body and small wet droplet down the inside of her thigh. Her left hand brushed over the her hot, wet outer pussy lips and she let out a quiet gasp, she was about to let her finger explore her opening when…KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK
“Gyda! hurry up in there! I need to get to work!”
It was her mother, Gyda lived alone with her mother after she divorced from her father for cheating on her with one of Gydas college teachers.
“Um, sorry Mum, I’m coming out now,” Gyda wrapped herself up in a towel and quickly rushed out of the bathroom into her bedroom to get dressed.

As Gyda had finished college and it was summer break, she had nothing to do. Her friends were all on holiday with their families so she was on her own. She decided to go for a walk around the town. Gyda lived in a quiet little town, it really was quite picturesque, a typical English country town, especially pretty in the summertime. So Gyda got dressed in a pretty little flower dress, sandals and sunglasses and headed out for the day. Gyda strolled down the country lane from her house, admiring the sheep and cows grazing in the green fields all around her, she went through the town where there was a farmers market, she bought a fresh baked sandwhich from one of the stalls. Gyda then headed for the park, in the park there were children playing, ice cream vans everywhere, birds singing, it truly was a beautiful summers day. Gyda laid down on the grass and listened to some summery music on her ipod and eventually fell asleep.

Gyda woke up, she couldn’t see, she realised she had a blindfold over her eyes, she tried to move but her arms were tied behind her back, she was sat on a cold, hard floor, so she knew she wasn’t in the park anymore.
“Where am I, what’s going on?”.
“Well, well, well,” Gyda heard an unfamiliar voice.
“What have we got here?” She heard a different voice say.
“P-p-please let me go,” Gyda was terrified now, she thought she was going to die.
“Don’t worry love we’re not going to hurt you, if, you do what we want,” The first man said, Gyda was truly terrified now, she didn’t understand what they wanted to do with her, or her to them.
“W-what do you want me to do?” Gyda asked in a quiet whisper.
“First thing you can do,” said the second man, untying her arms in the process.
“Is to take of that little dress of yours,” He commanded with an evil laugh.
“N-n-no I-I wont do that,” Gyda whimpered, she was starting to cry into the blindfold. The first man pulled off Gyda’s blindfold, Gyda was shocked at what she saw, two large black men stood towering over her kneeling body. The man on the left (man one) was around 60 years old, with a white, scruffy beard hanging from his wrinkled old face, with grey-white diminishing curls on top of his head. He was wearing a scruffy, dirty polo shirt and ripped old jeans. The man on the right (man two) was also quite old, a little younger than the first man, completely bald but with an equally old face, it was obvious to Gyda that these men were two of the towns few homeless.
“I said take off your dress!” man one commanded, slightly raising his voice. Gyda was crying and was too terrified of the men to disobey, she stood up slowly, and released the shoulder strings of her dress, it fell to the floor and with a sudden memory of shock and disbelief Gyda remembered she didn’t bother to wear a bra, bad mistake.

“Mmm, yummy, you little slut not even wearing a bra! You a slut little girl?” Man two asked with an amusing tone.
“N-no I’m not, I’m a v-v-virgin,” Silence from the two men from a moment, bad mistake again.
“No fucking way! We hit the jackpot here man!” The two men were clearly overjoyed, they hadn’t had sex in years and now they have a beautiful little virgin at their mercy. It was a bad mistake by Gyda to say she was a virgin, “but maybe they’ll go easy on me” she hoped more than expected. Man one approached Gyda, she was frightened and frozen to the spot, shaking, he reached out and cupped her small, firm breasts with his huge hands, which made her jump at the coldness and roughness of them.
“Wow girl, these tits are nice,” he said as he squeezed and rubbed her little lumps, squashing them and rolling them around her rapidly beating chest. Gyda looked on expressionless, tears running down her face as the smelly homeless man groped her. He put his finger and thumb on both her nipples and pinched firmly and suddenly, making Gyda flinch.
“Ouch! That izmir escort bayan really hurt, stop it please!” Gyda moaned in a little girl voice, man one laughed at her cute little voice.
“Oh I am sorry girl, here, let me make them feel all better,” with that man one moved his face down to her little right tit and smothered it with his mouth, licking madly all over her breast and nipple, Gyda looked up at the roof as she continued to cry at her situation and at the disguistingness of the mans tongue on her breast. Man two came and stood next to man one and placed his mouth over her left nipple, replicating his partners assault on her young breasts.
“Your right man, these tits are nice,” both men laughed at the girls misery as they continued to maul her little tits with their large mouths for the next two minutes, slobbering all over her little chest.

The two men moved away from the shaken beauty and proceeded to get undressed themselves, nothing was keeping Gyda from running, apart from the immense fear that was pumping through her, she was absolutely frozen to the spot, she wanted nothing more than to scream and charge for an exit but she just couldn’t.
“I believe introductions are in order,” man one said.
“I’m Leroy and this nigger here is Andre, what’s your name little girl?” Leroy questioned.
“G-Gyda, my names Gyda.”
“Gyda? Huh, what the hell kind of name is Gyda?” Leroy laughed.
“It’s Scandinavian! it means Gods!” Gyda showed some fight for the first time, which the men admired.
“Okay calm down Gyda, how fucking old are you?”
“Eighteen,” Gyda blurted, now with more anger in her eyes than fear after them mocking her name.
“Eighteen? And you still a virgin? Damn girl what you been doing all your life, I bet you’re a real tease aint ya?” Andre mocked.
After they had finished undressing Gyda let out a loud gasp, she had never seen a cock with her own eyes before, and Leroy and Andre’s were absolutley huge! Leroy stood in front of her with a 6 inch non erect cock, whilst Andre’s was even bigger at 7 inches also non erect, and both were black as night and about as thick as her wrist!
“Yeh, you like these don’t you girl, never seen a cock like this have you?” Andre asked laughing whilst pulling gently on his slowly swelling cock.
“N-n-n-no,” Gyda was shocked beyond belief.
“Haha, see, she can’t even get her words out, let’s get to work!”. Both men looked at eachover and nodded agreeingly, then closed in.

Leroy was the first to approach Gyda, he pushed her shoulders slowly down until she was knelt on the cold concrete floor, her angelic face just inches away from his massive, smelly, dirty black cock, which was hardening all the time.
“Never sucked a cock before have you Gyda?” He asked. Gyda shook her head in response.
“I could tell, your way too pretty to be spending your time sucking cock like a whore, go ahead, I’ll let you figure it out”. He said chuckling.
Gyda looked up nervously at Leroy, tears still slowly trickling down her cheeks, she realised that she better do what they want if she wants to get through this in one piece, or even alive. She stuck out her tongue tentativley and softly licked his large cock head, roaming in and around his dirty foreskin covering the giant mushroom, she had to shuffle backwards as his giant cock carried on extending forwards, reaching nearly its full size.
“Oh yes baby girl that’s it,” Moaned Leroy, Gyda took his positive words as a sign that she was doing well, giving her hope that she might get out of here unharmed. Gyda moved her hand up and delicately wrapped it around his large log shaft, instinctively pumping it slowly up and down as she continued to lick all over the now exposed angry purple cock head.
“Oh god yes, get your mouth on it now, start sucking it baby,” Gyda opened her mouth and barely covered the vast mushroom head of his cock, moving her wet tongue all around it inside her mouth, all the while pumping the shaft with her soft little hand. Tears were still running down her face, she was deeply upset with what was happening to her, but far too scared to resist it. Andre had moved over next to his accomplice, he was rubbing his now fully erect 10 inch cock all over her cheek and hair, laughing whilst he smeared her tears and his precum all over her soft cheek.

“My turn now,” Andre said smiling widely. Gyda turned towards Andre, took her hand and placed it on Andre’s shaft, pumping it like she did with Leroy’s, licking the large mushroom head with her little tongue.
“Hey! Get your hand back on my dick!” Leroy grabbed Gydas wrist and placed it back on his throbbing black cock. Gyda began pumping it simultaneously with Andre’s, making them both moan with pleasure. Gyda had started to take Andre’s mammoth member in her mouth, sucking and licking his head in her tiny warm mouth. Andre grabbed the sides of Gydas head, slowly pushing her forward onto his cock, Gyda choked and gagged as he pushed her half way down his long shaft.
“Oh my fucking god that’s it right there, oooooh!” Andre yelled in ecstasy. after 10 seconds he let go, Gyda flew off his cock, coughing and spitting onto the floor, gasping desperatley for air.
“Right Gyda, let’s do something about this virginity of yours,” Leroy and Andre started to laugh in an evil, sadistic manner, Gyda looked down at the floor and started to sob again.

Things couldn’t seem to get any worse for young Gyda, just an hour or so ago she was laying in the park in the hot summer sun. Now she was at the mercy of two disgusting, old, black, homeless rapists, having just given the first two (forced) blowjobs of her life and was now about to be robbed of her precious virginity.

“Lay back and spread your legs wide please Gyda,” Leroy and Andre were playing it cool with Gyda, they didn’t seem like your typical movie rapists, they hadn’t yelled once at her, or threatened her with violence, as far as they were concerned, Gyda was willing, it was only Gydas fear preventing her from repelling.
“D-don’t h-hurt me, please,” Gyda was whimpering, she had been crying for the duration.
“We won’t hurt you babe, now spread em, your gonna enjoy this,” Gyda paused for a second, contemplating her options, lose her virginity, or run and be presumabley killed. She then slowly laid back and spread her legs wide, exposing buca escort her tiny, untouched, shaven pussy to the two tramps. Andre was the first to approach her, he waddled on his knees towards her, stroking his 10 inch monster as he moved. He stopped in between her quivering thighs.
“Your gonna thank me for this later”. Andre grabbed his shaft and began to rub the giant, wet, sticky mushroom head of his cock slowly up and down her slit, making her bite on her lower lip, trying to hide the pleasurable sensations. Meanwhile Leroy had kneeled down next to Gyda’s head.
“Here you go Gyda, suck on your favourite lolly to take your mind off it,” Leroy laughed. Gyda turned her head and proceeded to instinctivley take the head of Leroy’s cock in her mouth, bathing it with her tongue. Gyda didn’t think about it this time, she just did what they told her.

At the other end Andre was still rubbing his cock head along her tiny slit, lubing it up with his precum and what little there is of her juices. Andre grabbed the bottom of his thick shaft, took aim and slowly pushed forwards, but he found it hard to squeeze through.
“Man your tight as fuck Gyda! My God!” Andre yelled out, he pulled his cock back, moved his head closer to her pussy and spat a thick load of saliva onto her tight opening. Moving his cock forward again, Andre pushed harder than before into her, getting his giant cock head into her vice like opening, a loud moan could be heard from Gyda, muffled of course by Leroy’s mammoth cock in her mouth, which she was now sucking on with more passion, pumping it with one hand, spit dribbling down her chin and onto her chest. Andre continued to push, further and further until he reached her hymen, Gyda again screeched as she felt her barrier stretch, resisting him entry.
“Okay Gyda baby, I’m gonna break you in now, get ready, cos it’s gonna hurt when I do,” Andre said in a calm, relaxing tone. Gyda closed her eyes, bracing herself, still sucking on Leroy’s rod. Andre removed his cock up to the head, then in one quick move, thrust forward hard, demolishing Gyda’s virgin barrier, in one instant move, removing her innocence. Gyda spat out Leroy’s cock, screaming in pain, looking down between her legs to see Andre’s chocolate log buried almost balls deep in her cunt.
“Owwww, it hurts it hurts!” She screamed, Gyda was now crying again, a new flood of tears running down her face.
“Shhhh, relax, it’ll get better soon,” Leroy said stroking the side of her face with his wet cock head, smearing tears, spit and precum on her cheek.

After a minute Andre started to move again, slowly pulling his cock out halfway, then slowly moving it back in, pausing again for a minute, then repeating in and out slowly. Leroy moved his cock back to Gydas closed lips, Gyda looked up at Leroy then opened her mouth to resume the sucking of his cock, letting out quiet moans and squeals as Andre continued his slow pumping in her tight little pussy.
“Oh my god, yes! Oh fuck!” Andre moaned in delight, he quickened his pace so he was moving smoothly in and out of Gyda swiftly, her tits were starting to bounce slowly up and down on her chest, inviting Andre to lower his head and take them in his mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling on her small mounds.
“Mmmmmphhh,” was all Gyda could let out behind Leroy’s cock in her mouth in response to Andre’s mauling of her tits. Meanwhile Leroy had grabbed both sides of Gyda’s head and pushed forward, forcing 7 inches of his 10 inch cock down her throat, Gyda gagging and choking, spit running down her chin, tears building again in her eyes was doing her best to accommodate the invader to her throat. Finally Leroy released, only to plunge back in again, then began to fuck her face at the same rapid speed that Andre was now pummelling into her pussy.

All that could be heard from Gyda now were loud gurgles, moans and sloppy slapping noises, both from her cunt and her mouth. Andre was drilling into her at full speed now, he had stopped the assault of her tits and now held both of her hips steady as he fucked her with reckless abandon. Then suddenly Gyda felt both of her holes empty, she threw herself backwards laying flat on the floor, coughing and gasping for air from her throat fucking.
“Get on your hands and knees Gyda,” ordered Leroy, it was his turn at her sweet pussy now. Once again Gyda replied without question, but still a look of fear in her eyes.

Leroy knelt down behind her, big cock level with her little pussy. He grabbed his shaft and guided his tool forwards, pressing slowly at her opening. It was still very tight despite the hard fucking Andre gave it just a minute ago so he shoved harder into her and finally crammed the giant head of his cock inside her tight pussy.
“Ooooo, arghhh,” Gyda let out quietly every now and then as Leroy started to pump slowly in and out, her pussy now getting wet from the sexual stimulation she was receiving, allowing Leroy’s mammoth cock to slide more easily into her.
“Woohoo, wow you’re tight,” said Leroy, clearly savouring the warm, tightness of her pussy with slow, long thrusts.

Gyda was now letting out a quiet little moan with every thrust, feeling a new feeling she has never experienced before wash over her body. Leroy’s strokes got longer and faster, and without realising it Gyda began to push back to meet his thrusts. With each stroke Leroy picked up the pace and Gyda’s breathing increased, moans got a little louder and she rocked her hips backwards faster, almost as if she wanted him.

Andre moved over to Gyda’s front and kneeled down so his rock hard cock was but inches from her mouth. Without even being asked, she extended her tongue and began to lick at Andre’s huge cockhead.
“Whoa, hey Leroy I think we’ve done it! I think we’ve turned her into a little whore!” Andre laughed.
“Yeah she’s fucking me back too,” Leroy agreed. Either Gyda just knew what they wanted her to do, or she actually was wanting this, Gyda’s head was a blur, she didn’t know what to think, she was just going with what her body told her, and that was to fuck these to black, old, homeless rapists.

Andre shuffled forwards so he could get more of his cock in Gyda’s hot mouth, Gyda didn’t resist but instinctivley began to suck and lick all over his shaft and head, creating moans and groans of approval from izmir escort Andre. Soon though Gyda was finding it hard to focus on pleasing Andre as Leroy had began to plow in to her at an astonishing pace, hard and fast strokes, going into her all the way to his balls, which were slapping at her clit with every thrust.
“Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-mmmmm,” was all both Gyda and Leroy could bring themselves to say, as immense pleasure washed over both of them with the intense fucking that was happening.

Gyda was in for a new shock minutes later, she heard animal like grunts coming from Leroy behind her, his pace increased even more, which she didn’t believe could be possible. Leroy grabbed hold of Gydas hair with one hand and pushed with his hips hard and stopped. Then exploded, shooting a giant load of thick cum into Gyda’s hot cunt. Gyda felt the torrent of thick liquid splashing into her and heard the squelching noises coming from her pussy.
“Oh, yes! Jesus fucking christ that was good,” Cried Leroy as he calmed down from his ultra climax.

Gyda looked over her shoulder with panic written across her face.
“Nooo, you just made me pregnant!” Gyda yelled at him, welling up with tears.
“Hahahaha, don’t worry my little fuck toy,” I can’t get you pregnant, I can’t get anyone pregnant, I’m impotent.
“You promise?” Gyda asked in her adorable little girl whimper.
“I promise Gyda,” Leroy said with actual kindness in his voice.

Andre wanted to get back in the action, Leroy went off for a rest after his last ‘session’ with Gyda. Andre kneeled down behind Gyda who was still on her hands and knees, he rubbed the large mushroom head of his cock up and down Gyda’s soaked slit. Gyda found herself actually looking forward to the good fucking that was coming her way.

Andre stopped sliding his massive weapon around in her open slit. But she became worried because the head of his huge cock was resting at her anal hole, not her pussy hole. Surely he wasn’t looking, he must have got the wrong hole, he couldn’t possibly want to…

“Owwwww! No please don’t, stop, it huuurts!” Gyda screamed.
“Shhh baby, just relax, don’t worry,” Andre whispered with half of his cock head buried in her tight anal opening. When she felt it slide into her ass Gyda held her breath and tightly closed her eyes, expecting to be torn apart by the massive rod. But the fucking he had done earlier and her spit had lubed up his cock well. Andre seemingly eased his cock all the way up her little ass, as each inch came easier and less painfully to young Gyda, he left it there for a little while as he made her relax by finger fucking her pussy, slowly pumping her fingers in and out of her tight cunt.

Gyda noticed that it was not hurting at all now, but there was a strange, stimulating, wonderful feeling coming from her little hole. Loud moans were now escaping Gyda’s lips as Andre picked up the pace, now thrusting at a steady pace into her ass.
“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Gyda was shouting at the top of her voice as Andre speeded up again, grasping her hips and drilling into her at top speed.

Andre was fucking her very hard, using the beautiful eighteen year old girl’s ass like he did her pussy. He began to cum hard, and his cock swelled and shot a huge, thick river of steaming hot jizz into her ass.
“Ohhhhh, yeeeeeeees!” Andre yelled as he filled Gyda to the brim. This was all too much for the young girl, as she exploded with the first real orgasm of her life.
“Arghhhhhh! Fuck!” She yelled out as her pussy released it’s juices that flowed with Leroy’s cum down the insides of her thighs. Andre pulled his cock out of Gyda’s red, swollen ass hole, followed by thick globs of cum that ran down to her pussy and dripped to the floor.

Leroy moved over next to Andre who stood up, Gyda got up onto her knees as the two old men slapped and rubbed their slimy, stinky cocks all over her face, their hands were groping her all over her worn out little body, Gyda reached up and grabbed Leroy and Andre’s coks in her hands and started to pump them furiously, she was really getting into this whole sex whore thing now.
“Oooh yes you filthy little slut!” Andre shouted at her, playing with and twisting her hard nipples, making her groan with pleasure. Gyda took Leroys massive hard cock into her mouth and took it deeper and deeper, deepthroating his black meat, he grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her throat with hard, rapid thrusts, taking it out only to cock slap her face or rub his cock on her.

Meanwhile Andre laid down on the floor, Leroy picked her up and lowered her down onto his iron hard dick. Gyda instinctivley bounced up and down hard like she was on a trampoline, enjoying every movement inside her still tight cunt. Leroy took his cock out of her mouth, moved behind her and pressed his cock firmly into her tiny anal hole.
“Mmmmmmm!!” Gyda was moaning in ecstacy as she was suddenly being pummeled by two cocks for the first time, taking them both at rapid pace, fucking back at both of the huge black rods.

After about 5 minutes of this intense fucking, the two old men pulled out of Gyda and stood infront of her Gyda got back on her knees and sucked the hell out of both cocks, stangley enjoying the taste of her ass on Leroys mammoth dick.
“Oooooh, here it comes Gyda baby, open your mouth!” Leroy groaned, Gyda opened her mouth as wide as she could as Leroy wanked his cock infront of her face.
“Mmmmmm Yeah!” Leroy shot 5 thick, creamy wads of cum into her mouth, perfectly landing on her waiting tongue, the last landing half on her chin. Andre shoved Leroy out of the way and shot his own load into her hot little mouth, less accuratley as just one shot of thick gooey cream landed in her mouth, 5 more strands landed on her chin and nose.
“Oh yeah, swallow it down baby!” Gyda closed her mouth and swallowed, she gagged a little but managed to get it all down her throat, she looked back at the two perverts and gave a wide, toothy, beautiful smile.
“Would you look at that, fucking amazing,” Leroy said in awe.

Gyda rolled over on to her back and lay down on the cold, concrete floor of the room in which she was being held. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. She woke up to find the sun shining in her eyes, she put her hand down to the floor, she was laid on the grass. She sat up, she was back in the park, Gyda put her hand down between her legs and felt the slimy wetness, she looked up to the clear blue sky, and smiled.

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