Halloween Costume Party Fun

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I am a long time reader but first time writer. I welcome all feedback so that I can continue to grow as an erotic writer and hopefully provide you with better stories. My name and those of the people in my story have been changed. I hope you enjoy.


This first story took place when I was a junior in college, over Halloween weekend. My name is “Ty” and I consider myself a fairly good looking guy, about 6 feet tall, with a slight tan. I grew up playing soccer and tennis and also loved to swim. In college I remained active by playing every sport I could, including broomball (look it up if you don’t know, it’s awesome). I’m not going to pretend I am god’s gift to women, but I did alright with the ladies back in my single days and my college days were some of the best times.

In college I lived in a house with 9 great guys, who I am still friends with to this day. No, it wasn’t a frat. As a house we were hosting a costume party one Halloween weekend, on Friday night, and on Saturday night a house of girls that we were friends with were throwing there own costume party. Unlike other schools, at our college if you were hosting a party then you were supplying the booze and beer. Charging friends $5 to buy a red solo cup for beer was considered a dick move, but I digress. One thing that sucked about this weekend was that I had to stay home on Saturday night to work on a paper due Monday morning. Working on it Sunday wasn’t an option because I love NFL football and planned on being at the bar all day.

Friday night’s party was a blast. The guys and I had dressed up as Chippendale dancers. We had contacted a tuxedo rental place and bought cheap tuxedo shirts. We then cut the sleeves off of them but kept the cuffs of the shirt. We had a good turnout of about 150 people, the police never got called and in the morning there was no visible damage to our house. I had made out with some random chick, but nothing to write about.

On Saturday morning the guys and I had a nice tailgate breakfast and then headed to the college football game. Our team won and I was in a great mood, too bad I had to go home and write a paper. That Halloween night was a little chilly. The guys were all wearing their Chippendale costumes again, probably still soaked with beer from the previous night, and getting ready to leave to the party at the girls’ house. Being the nice guy I am, I drove them to the party and told them to give me a call when they wanted to be picked up.

Around 1am my cell phone rang and the caller ID said it was my buddy Drew. However, when I answered the phone it was a girl’s voice on the other end.

“Where are you at motherfucker,” said the voice on the other end. “We are having an awesome party and you should be here dancing and making out with me.”

I knew immediately that the voice belonged to Alisha, one of the girls who lived in the house hosting the party. We flirted with each other all the time and hooked up a few times my freshman and sophomore year. But I had just gotten out of a relationship with a girl named Carrie a week ago so it had been awhile since Alisha and I had gotten together. Even stranger, Alisha and Carrie were friends, lived together, and were at the same party.

Just to paint the picture more clearly, I should describe both girls. Alisha was a brunette, about 5 foot 6, and weighed around 120 lbs. She had a great ass with the sexiest legs you could possibly imagine. I’m not a real fan of stick girls and Alisha was anything but. She had great curves and her thighs were just the right mixture of muscle and smooth skin. She had a nice set of C cup tits, was a great dancer and when she wanted to ooze sexiness she knew how to do it.

Carrie on the other hand was a thinner, blonde, enigma. When I first met her I thought she was a stuck up bitch. But when I got to know her she surprised me. She was intelligent, a little shy, and naive as to just how hot she was. I loved her blue eyes, tan skin, and B cup tits. We ended up breaking up though because she always wanted to spend our evenings at home and not with our friends. This antisocial behavior finally got to me and I ended things with her.

“Who is this calling me at such a late hour,” I responded to the female voice of the phone, trying to sound mad.

Alisha said, “You know exactly who this is. Why aren’t you at this party getting drunk with us and dancing with me?”

That’s when my buddy Drew grabbed the phone from Alisha. He was laughing hysterically and I could hear the music blasting in the background. He told me that two of our roommates had passed out drunk and he needed me to come over and pick them up. I told him I would be there in 5 minutes, hung up, and drove over to the party.

When I got to the party I found Drew on the dance floor with some girl dressed as a slutty Princess. She wasn’t the hottest thing, but her tits were enormous and practically spilling out of her top. Drew was a breast man so I knew he was in heaven. I walked over to Drew and asked him where the drunk roommates were. He just smiled at me and laughed. canlı bahis The next thing I knew there were a pair of hands around my waist, tits pressing into my back, and the smell of sweet perfume in the air.

“Sorry, I lied. She told me I had to get you over here and I always do what pretty girls tell me to do,” Drew said.

That’s when I turned around and saw Alisha. She was dressed up as a sexy French maid with her shoulders uncovered, her tits pressed together spilling out of her top, and the skirt barely covering her ass. Her legs looked like they went on for miles and she was wearing 3 inch heels so her lips were just a few inches below mine. She handed me a beer, started dancing with me, and whispered in my ear she was happy to see me. We danced for about 5 minutes and Alisha’s hands were all over me. I was getting super turned on and I’m pretty sure she could feel the bulge in my pants as our bodies rubbed up on one another.

As we were dancing my buddy Rich walked in and saw that I was there. He screamed my name out loud as he came over with a tray full of shots and said, “Look who decided to show up, Mr. No Fun who stays at home to write a paper. Drink asshole because these shots aren’t going to drink themselves.”

Drew, his hot piece of ass, Rich, and Alisha each grabbed a shot and Rich handed me the final two. Like an idiot, I took the two shots of Jagermeister and chased it with my beer. The party continued and my plan of staying sober was slowly going out the window. I walked around talking to friends and continued to have a few drinks. Every so often, as I was walking around, I would look up and I always found that sexy French maid, Alisha, staring at me. She would be having conversations with friends or shaking her ass on the dance floor, and every time I saw her she had those “come fuck me eyes” staring in my direction. As I said, it had been awhile since we had hooked up and I had just broken up with Carrie, who was somewhere at the party, so I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I wanted to find out if this French maid was wearing panties under that skirt, but would that be a mistake?

After about my 4th beer, and two more of Rich’s shots, I went upstairs to use the bathroom. When I finished, I opened the door and had planned on returning to the party, but standing before me was Alisha. She grabbed me by the hand and said she needed to talk. Alisha led me to her room and when she closed the door I noticed that she locked it. She sat next to me on the bed and told me that she had heard about my breakup with Carrie. Since this was the first time we had seen each other since it happened she wanted to know how I was doing. I assured her I was fine and after a few follow-up questions the conversation turned to the party going on downstairs. The music was blasting and Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” was coming through the floor boards. Alisha said she loved this song and started to do a sexy little dance. She asked me to dance with her, but I told her I liked the scene from right where I was. This is when Alisha made up my mind for me. She straddled me on the bed and began to give me a private dance. With her legs spread on my lap, she ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head into her tits and started to dry hump me through my pants. It wasn’t aggressive, more of a sensual dance. Either way, my dick came alive and it was begging to be released. Filled with liquid courage and taking this dance as a sign, I reached under her maid skirt and started to grab her ass. Almost immediately I got the answer to my previous question, as I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

As I squeezed her ass cheeks I gave it a quick slap and whispered in her ear, “No panties, what a bad girl.”

She then reached into her top and pulled out a pair of black, lace panties. “You mean these,” she said as she put them to my face. “I took them off outside the bathroom waiting for you to come out,” she said. I could taste her wetness on the lace and the aroma of it was intoxicating. In all the times Alisha and I had hooked up she was never a real kinky girl. In fact, most times she asked me to turn out the lights. This evening’s festivities were bringing out a side of her that I had never seen before, but liked.

Continuing the dance, Alisha stood up and turned her back to me. She then sat back down on my lap, leaned back, and began to kiss me on the neck. I reached back down between her legs and ran my fingers up the inside of her thighs, teasing her a bit but eventually reaching the apex of her legs. Alisha always groomed herself well and I was expecting to feel the landing strip after I ran my fingers up the lips of her pussy. However, when my fingers rubbed over her clit all I encountered was the smooth skin of her stomach.

Alisha broke the kiss and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind, I shaved this morning thinking of you.”

“Not at all,” I responded. “Do you mind if I get a closer look?”

“By all means,” she responded.

Hearing this I pushed Alisha forward off my lap, causing her to bend at the bahis siteleri waist, downwards to the floor. I then proceeded to lift up her skirt and run my tongue from the top of her pussy all the way to her forbidden hole. Alisha jumped slightly and let out a little scream, clearly not expecting the ass play. But the scene was making me so horny I just couldn’t resist. For the next few minutes I got to taste that delicious pussy that I had smelled earlier on her panties. As my tongue swirled between her lips and over her clit my nose couldn’t help but to rub up against her ass. As she moaned louder and louder my tongue danced faster and faster. Begging me, “don’t stop,” and “oh yes, right there,” it wasn’t long before I heard Alisha whimper that she was coming. Grinding her pussy onto my face, she was practically fucking my tongue. I had to grab ahold of her hips tightly in order to push her over the edge. When she came Alisha let out a loud, deep moan that seemed to last for a good 20 seconds. If anyone was in the hall they would have definitely known what was going on behind the closed doors. Even as she came down from her orgasm I continued to lick her and with her clit’s sensitivity heightened, her knees finally buckled and she fell to the floor. Turning around to look at me she just smiled and said that was the most amazing orgasm she had ever had. I told her it was my pleasure and that is when her eyes dropped down to my pants and she said she wanted to return the favor.

Alisha crawled in between my legs, looked up straight into my eyes, and slowly tugged at my pants. I lifted my ass up slightly to help her and my dick sprung free and was mere inches away from her face. Then, with a passion I had never seen before from her, Alisha took my cock between her lips and swallowed it. Like a stripper she worked my pole and slid her lips up and down my shaft while massaging my balls with her hand. Occasionally taking a break to lick my balls, she also licked underneath my sack near my ass. I had never had this done to me before, but those nerve endings were firing and enjoyed the attention. I could feel my orgasm starting to build when I heard the worst sound. Outside in the hall, someone knocked on Alisha’s bedroom door and a female voice asked, “Alisha, are you in there?” To make matters worse, it was Carrie. Here I was with my cock deep down Alisha’s throat, the taste of her pussy still on my lips, her shaved pussy facing the door, and my ex-girlfriend Carrie on the other side. Thank goodness Alisha had locked the door.

Alisha and I froze, with my dick in her mouth, for what seemed like forever. I wasn’t going to say anything, hoping that Carrie would think nobody was here and just walk away. But then Alisha pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, “Hold on one minute.” I looked at her with wide eyes as if to say, “what the hell did you say that for.” Alisha then stood up, grabbed her black thong from the floor, and placed it on my cock as she pulled my pants up over my throbbing hard-on. Then she walked over to the door, quickly fixed her hair, and opened the door.

Sure enough Carrie was on the other side of the door, dressed in a slutty nurse outfit. I wasn’t sure what the deal was with all the slutty costumes, but I sure was enjoying it, god bless college girls. Carrie walked into the room, sat down on the chair by the desk, and at that point finally took notice of my presence. She asked what we were up to and in a joking sounding voice Alisha said, “Oh, you know, I was just sucking his dick.”

Again my eyes went wide and Carrie thinking Alisha was joking responded by laughing and slurring the words, “oh, sorry to interrupt.” This is when I realized that Carrie was drunk and had no clue what was going on. Walking over to the bed (again after locking the door) Alisha locked eyes with me, smiled, and lightly licked her lips. She sat down next to me on the bed and asked Carrie what was going on with her.

Carrie rambled for a bit about the party, drinking too much, and then said she was getting horny. Now I knew Carrie was drunk, cause she would never bring this up to me sober, being that we just broke up. Alisha told Carrie to head back down to the party and find a cute guy to fuck. Again Carrie just laughed and said she was too drunk and tired. Carrie then got up from her chair and proceeded to lay down on the floor, as if she was about to fall asleep. It wasn’t the most ladylike position and with her legs slightly spread, I could immediately see that this sexy nurse was wearing a red thong and I could envision the small patch of blonde pubic hair that I had buried my face into many times before. Alisha took notice of the thong too, as she rubbed her hand over my groin area while whispering in my ear, “you miss that pussy?”

Alisha then suggested to Carrie that if she didn’t want to go down and find a guy, that maybe she should go back to her room and take care of her own business. Carrie said she would but she left her vibrator at my place. Alisha then stood up, went to her bedside table, and pulled out a gold, smooth, 9 inch bahis şirketleri dildo. Placing it on the ground next to Carrie, Alisha said, “Well then just borrow mine. I just cleaned it and you can bring it back to me in the morning.” Carrie then grabbed the dildo, thanked Alisha, and then asked if she could just lay there a few more minutes, as she closed her eyes. Alisha said fine and started to walk back towards me. However, instead of sitting next to me, Alisha sat right on my lap, more specifically the tent in my pants.

I could not believe what was going on. Alisha and I had been drunk together many times before but never had I ever seen her act this way before. With Carrie still laying on the ground, Alisha began to ask me what my paper that I was working on was about. As she asked me this, she lifted her ass up slightly, slid her hand into my pants, pulled out my dick (and her panties) and then proceeded to lower herself on my cock. Despite her wetness, I slid into her tight pussy very slowly. We proceeded to fake a conversation for five minutes as she wiggled around on my shaft. With her right hand she rubbed her clit and worked by balls. At one point she reached her wet fingers up to my mouth and made me lick them.

As Alisha continued to move her hips, Carrie stirred beneath us and began to wake. Crazed and trying to distract Carrie, Alisha asked Carrie if she was still horny. When Carrie confirmed that she was, Alisha suggested that Carrie just use her dildo and masturbate right now. Carrie again laughed and said, “well, it’s not like Ty hasn’t seen that before.” Listening to this conversation, the head of my dick throbbed inside of Alisha and I thought I was going to shoot my load right there.

Alisha and I were again forced to stand still for a moment and we watched, to our amazement, as Carrie took the dildo, circled the tip with her tongue and proceeded to rub it over the outside of her red thong, with her eyes still closed. With slow, long strokes over her panties, Carrie began to rub her other hand over her tits, on the outside of her nurses outfit. Carrie always had real sensitive nipples and loved when I played and bit them during sex. As Carrie picked up the pace with Alisha’s dildo her breathing became a little bit more labored and I began to see a wet spot appear on her panties. The scene was so overwhelming I almost didn’t notice that Alisha had resumed riding my cock and was actually bent over, getting a closer look at Carrie. I quickly refocused my attention to the site of Alisha’s tight pussy lips gripping my cock as I slid in and out of her. Her juices glistened on my cock as she furiously rubbed her clit. Leaning back, I took my index finger and began to rub her asshole and eventually slid it in to her ass, up to my first knuckle. This sent Alisha over the top and for the second time that night she came all over me, even squirting a little which I had never seen before. Perhaps the most amazing thing was how quiet she was able to be as she came.

If Carrie saw or heard anything I’ll never know because she never said anything. In fact, looking down at her now she had pulled her panties to the side and was now rubbing the dildo across her pussy and had turned on the vibrator portion. She was working herself over really well when Alisha asked Carrie if she needed any help with that. Carrie never responded with words, she just moaned lightly. Alisha took this moan to mean yes and bent down, hooked her fingers into the waist band of Carrie’s panties, and pulled them down and off. Alisha then grabbed the dildo from Carrie and began to eat her out while putting the vibrating tip on Carrie’s clit.

I never knew either of these girls to be interested in other females. Perhaps it was just the alcohol, but no matter the reason I believed I was having the greatest night of my life. I grabbed my still wet cock and began to stroke myself as I watched Alisha pleasure Carrie. With her ass sticking up in the air, Alisha began to shake it back and forth as if inviting me to stick it in her. I didn’t hesitate and positioned myself behind her and slid my dick up and down her lips, coating it in her juices again, and then rammed it inside of her. The force pushed her head and tongue deeper into Carrie’s honey pot. At this point Carrie had to know what was going on as Alisha’s ass was smacking into me, revealing the doggy style position we were in. Carrie didn’t seem to care and was now grabbing Alisha’s head from behind and pushing it further into her. I had also reached around and pulled Alisha’s tits out of her costume. With each thrust her tits swung back and forth so I grabbed onto them and tried to play with her nipples as I fucked her from behind.

We continued like this for a few moments until Carrie said, “Ty, bring that cock of yours up here.” I slid my cock out of Alisha and brought it up to Carrie’s face. She had me sit next to her head and then rolled over onto her stomach and began to deep throat me. Drunk or not, Carrie always had one incredible talent, she was always able to take my entire 8 inches into her mouth. It was incredible because she never gagged and I could feel it hitting the back of her throat. While Carrie continued to suck me off, Alisha remained focused on Carrie’s pussy, now fingering it from behind with two digits.

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